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Hey guys! I am so unbelievably happy to announce that my secret project is officially finished! After four solid months of work, Table Fables is complete. 

Now, Table Fables is a labor of love - 84 illustrated pages of item tables and generators to make dungeon masters’ lives a little easier. Inside you’ll find a ton of cool things including but not limited to: a full character generator, a disease generator, a kingdom generator, potion generator, a magic items table, a scavenging table, a curse table, a dream table and a ton of other little fun things!

If you want to check it out on Amazon, click here! It’s a super cheap, fun little book meant to make DnD a little more interesting. Thanks for reading! 

That moment when you sit hours on creating a bnha character just to find out, that there is already a canon character with a similar power.

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Mrs Fluffybottom

Prompt:  omg bruh. Imagine Prinxiety where Virgil wants to make something for Roman, but gets super self conscious about it cause Roman’s CREATIVITY for petes sake, and of course it’ll look dumb in comparison to what Roman can make.  OH this is kinda sad but what if something accidentally happened to Ms. Fluffybottom and Roman is devastated, so Verge tries to stitch him a stuffed bunny? X’D ~ @this-is-ske

Pairing: Prinxiety (platonic or romantic)

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cw: Self-loathing, negative self-talk, vivid imagery of a destroyed doll, cursing, headaches, mostly fluff

The absolute worst part about the whole mess was that Princey hadn’t even been angry

Anger, Virgil could’ve handled. If Roman had yelled, or raged at him, or otherwise reacted in the way Virgil had feared, he would at least have been expecting it. It would have made sense. Especially after all the pomp and circumstance with which he’d loaned the doll to Virgil in the first place–and the solemn promise he’d extracted from Virgil to take care good of her. 

Not that he’d done it on purpose, of course. He was just…Anxiety. Ruining things was what he did

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Mass Effect 1 Renegade: “I’m just kind of a dick.”
Mass Effect 2 Renegade: “I’m not always a dick, more just a badass that gets the job done.”
Mass Effect 3 Renegade: “Fuck you, fuck this, fuck that, fuck everything, there’s no hope, I don’t care, fuck that thing over there especially, I stared into the void and it hated me so I flipped it off and cried alone in my bathroom, fuck it I’m done and I’m just gonna spend this whole game depressing everyone around me”

Ok Im gonna try to remember as mUCH as I can! (Also I cut my sister out because I didn`t know if she would want me to post her in it or not) Im also gonna put every little detail I can so I can look back on this and crY

So Taylornation contacted me Tuesday with the whole confidential message so of course I fliPPED out cried and gave them my information RIGHT away. They contacted me like a few hours not even (the same day) that Taylor liked  @stumbleonhometomycats s post on the sideblog we share where she also queued like hUNDREDS of my tour post on there too ajshguhgijrweg. Like rIGHT after I got the dm she texted this to me

so of course I pretended like I didnt know whAT she was talking about because I wanted her to be completely surprised when I told her at the concert and she was and I got her reaction on video ajhguyhijfs which I will show you later in this post. 

So on Wednesday I was looking out for a call from Taylor nation and I took and nap so I put my phone ringer all the way up next to my head so it could wake me up ajhugyhijwcd and it did but I was so out of it and trying to get to my mo that I MISSED the call! So I was just panicking and was like was it even them and I tried calling back three times the third time I left a message and told them my name which was good because like 5 minutes after they called back! So I answered and she said this is Taylornation and to keep everything confidential so I asked if I could tell my mom and she was like yeah of course! So like anyone does I was outside so I ran in the house to my mom and put the phone on speaker. They explained everything and they KNEW I was going to the concert on Saturday! They told me I could bring someone so I was going with my sister so I gave her my information. Then all that was left was to wait for the confirmation dm! Me still not being able to process I was just like ya know theres always a possibility something happens and you dont get that dm! But I still kept in mind that it very much could happen so I wrote a letter to Taylor because I knew if I did meet Taylor I`d blank (which I did but we`ll get to that lmaojhyuijfs) I also put my friend Tati @hoeofmyheart s memes in and envelope and I also sent some of you guys on here an ask on anon saying “If you could say anything to Taylor in 2 sentences what would you say 💛” and put that in a seperate envelope. So there were 3 seperate envelopes tied together in a ribbon! I also put gold stickers, snake stickers and a necklase in one of them and sealed the first letter in the front with one of the snake stickers.

So on Friday my mom was planning our trip to New Jersey because we live in long island NY so it would be a longish trip. So her and my dad were planning on staying in the city while me and my sister went to MetLife so she was looking at trains and the only option was gonna get me there at 5:15! and taylornation told me to be there BETWEEN 4-5 and right around this time while I was PANICING Taylornation dmed me that me and my guest were confirmed! So I literally BEGGED my parents to drive us because by car it only takes about 2 hours to get there. She finally AGREED! So fast foward to SATURDAY we left at 1:30 and got there around 3. While I was walking to willcall (where I had to go to get the envelope) I SAW SOFA @lov-eswift so we hUGGED and talked and she got glitter in my hair ajhyijkwhd I also got to meet @whyisntketchupasmoothie whos so nICE I love bELLA!!! So after me and my sister walk to willcall. We got there early so they didnt have them yet. So I texted @stumbleonhometomycats and was like where ARE you??? And she sent me her location and Im a dumbass so I didnt know how to use that lmaooo then finally my sister showed me but by that time Megan was going to find Sofa. So I went to find them both and didnt sEE them so I called Megan and she was just like “Im right in front of you” lmaoooo so we hugged and she squeezed me sO tight shes so soft yall she LOVES me We talked and then I finally pulled out my phone to record and was just like Taylornation contacted me and when I tell you she fell out she fELL out 

So after that Megan said she told her friends she thought something was sus because I literally talk to her all the time but that whole ass week I didnt talk to her as much lmaoksijhguyijkvef So I followed Megan and her friend to her car and she did the macarena to delicate and put glitter on my face after I said I wish I put glitter on my face because shes sOFT and loves mEEEE. Then she yelled at me at like 3:50 to go to will call and check for the envelope lmaooo They didnt have the envelope until closer to 5. After I got the envelope me and my sister walked to where we had to go and people were congratulating me! We also passed @whyisntketchupasmoothie and @ofrunningfoxes  who were so sweET and told me she would love me!

We were the first ones there and after a while everyone was there and we lined up. We went backstage and the man that led us told us to leave everything on the table and give him any letters or gifts or anything so I gave him the letters! We then walked in its like this very short hall with a few of taylors outfits behind glass and ahead is the rep room enTRANCE! So we walk in and rep room is so small so as soon as youre in you HEAR Taylor and idk man I just was nOt ready for that. I freaked out as you do got nervous and sat on the other side of the room opposite of where Taylor was lmaoooo there were people there to take Polaroids of us since we weren’t allowed to bring a camera so we took some of those. There was also like fOOD and alcohol which idk if we were allowed to touch any but no one attempted or asked so it just sat there ajhguthvjes so there were only 2 groups left and the other group was still taking pictures so we waited next to the small like square area covered by a curtain where Taylor was and I sAW glimpses of her GOD! So after that group I went in and Taylor yelled “hey how have you been!!!” and had her arms wIDE open so I went to hug her and she grabbed me and roCKED ME then she looked me straight in the eyes and was like “you look prettier in persone !” i was shOOK and she turned to my sister and asks her if she want a hug and that she looks good in yellow! Then she turned back to me stARING STRAIGHT AT ME AND I WAS LOOKIGN AT HER AND MY GOD SHES THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PERSON IVE EVER SEEN???? LIKE????? EVERYONE SAYS IT BUT SHE LITERALLY IS SO MUCH PRETTIER IN PERSON AND I DIDNT EVEN KNOW THAT WAS POSSIBLE???????? SO she talked to us about the show and that we had to get ready for the rain. I was staring up at her I kid you not mouth open with my hand on my chest LMAOOO Then I asked her who she would want on the iron throne in GOT and she was like pondering and put her hand on her waIST SHES SO CUTE and she was like idk i like them all I would have to think about that. Then she was like who would you want and I was like I dont watch it akjhyguhjfd I only asked because Megan said she forgot to ask at her session lmaosjhjkehf THEN I asked her what her favorite vine was and she was like “Oh I cant remember “ lmaooooo I totallY forgot to tell her it was my fiRST concert but I put it in the letter ahyjwkhbhjsf Then she asked if we wanted to take a picture and I asked for the picture if we could do a cheek kiss and she was like “yeah sure! Do you want to kiss mE on cheek? Or do you want me to kiss your cheek” jshghjkfs i lOVE HER so I was like you kiss mY cheek so she bent down and kissed my chEEK!!!!

Then after the picture was taken she made a kiss sounD actually kiSSING MY CHEEK Then as I was leaving she hugged me aGAIN called me sweetHEART and to have a good time!!! She smelled so gOOD and I smelled like her the whole ass night I even smelled like her this morNING We left and they handed my sister two autographed pictures. Then someone gave me a paper with instructions on how to get my picture and specifically said “Dont lose this” So right outside I saw mama swift talking to someone and the girl was just leaving. So I asked for a picture and she said “Only if I get a hug first!” SHES SO CUTE 

We took the picture and then she talked about the rain then we left backstage and I lOST the card the man told me not to lmaoguhjevfsc So I told the man that took us back there and he asked someone to go look for it and he came back handed me it and said “would this be it” and in the back of my head I was just like i hOPE so I hOPE no one else lost theirs and I go home and load someone elses picture asjhguyhcd. Like only I wOULD lose something like that. Then we left to go to our seats. I told Megan and Sofia everything I could remember and they both freaked and Megan said she was screaming in the bathroom almakijuekfs


Coffee pt. 2 (C.H)

Hi guys! Thank you all so much for the love and patience - and all the asks. They never fail to make my day. It’s a little longer than part 1, I’m sorry! I hope you guys like it, and please, please let me know what you think! This piece was very inspired by this ask, so thank you so much: 

OH MY GOD ! I’m in love with coffee, amazing idea! So glad you did sth with Calum and his real profession and i just love the whole plot <3 hope there will be more parts to it exploring their date and i can’t stop imagining like a fancy label party and y/n just pulls off the sexiest dress and just a lot of fun haha <3 anyways, love you xo - anon

Part 1, Part 3, Part 4 , Part 5, Part 6 


Warnings: Language |Smut (Please be mindful if you’re under 18)

I widened my eyes, carefully stroking my mascara brush along my eyelashes.

“Man,” Nadine muttered from behind me, splayed out on my bed as she flicked through a magazine. “I so do not envy you tonight.”

I shot her a dry look in the mirror. “Thanks, Nads.” I scoffed, eyes flicking back to my reflection, trying to get the mascara perfect.

“Getting all dolled up on a Friday night, spend the whole evening on heels, making polite business small talk with stuck up producers and managers - all while not being allowed to drink.” She went on, ignoring the scowl I sent her way.

“I’m allowed to drink.” I shot back, lifting the mascara away from my eyelashes. Nadine scoffed, rolling her eyes.

“But you won’t.” She informed me, and I let out a sigh.

“No,” I grumbled in agreement. “I won’t. It’s not professional.”

Nadine gave dark chuckle, lying back on my bed, lifting the magazine back up.

“Oh look,” she cried, flipping it around. My eyes lifted to stare at her in the mirror, flicking down to look at what she was holding. “It’s your boyfriend.” She sang, and I rolled my eyes at her. 

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llazybonezz  asked:

Whooooooooooooooooa your art is so good. Dayum, keep up the great work! Looking forward to seein more :)

I really love your art style, by the way! It’s so pretty and expressive!

The Quiet Game/A Pretty Picture (Connor M. x Reader)

AN; this is so fluffy and cute I’m getting flustered!!! enjoy babes!!!

WC; 981

TW; fluff overload, groping

You rolled your sweatpants up, smearing paint on your legs by accident. Your hair was up in a messy bun, and you were wearing a paint covered shirt. You took the clean paintbrush from behind your ear with a smile, bending over to pick up your paints from the sheet covered floor. Your music was blaring throughout the whole house.

You dipped your paintbrush in yellow paint and stepped forward, humming along to the song playing in the background. The brush ran across the canvas, blending yellow streaks with orange and red strokes. You were painting a sunset, the one you had seen at the Orchard with Connor. You would forever have the sunset image locked into your memories, you had seen it when Connor proposed to you in a tall apple tree.

You hoped Connor remembered the sunset too, since this was a gift for him. It wasn’t really a surprise, since he had seen it before. He just figured it was getting sold to one of your very many costumers, even though it looked familiar.

You couldn’t hear the bear feet padding gently down the hall, but you saw Connor stopped in the doorway out of the corner of your eye. You didn’t turn to look at him because you didn’t want to break your focus. Connor thought you hadn’t seen him, so he leaned up against the door with a loving smile on his face. He stood there for a few minutes, wondering why you hadn’t seen him. The confusion turned to a bit of frustration, so he walked into the room, stepping to the beat of your song.

“Hey, babe.” Connor called loud enough for you to hear him over the music. He furrowed his eyebrows when you didn’t answer, but fully understood what you were doing when you started to giggle.

“Oh? So you’re just going to ignore me, yeah?” Connor mumbled, turning your music down a bit. You had done this to Connor before, and it had become a slight game between the two of you. Connor had to try to get you to say something to him, anything at all counted. You lost if you talked, but won if Connor gave up.

Connor suddenly cleared his throat and started belting out the lyrics to the song you were playing, flinging himself across the room as a dance. You turned and watched him, a huge grin on your face. You wheezed when he ran into the wall and fell to the ground, panting. Connor’s pout turned into a smile as he watched you laugh. You looked up and wiped a tear, raising your eyebrows at the way Connor was looking at you. You shrugged and turned back to your painting, your face turning pink.

Connor managed to make you feel like you were his everything, despite being together since high school. People say high school relationships don’t last, but you and Connor were living proof against that opinion.

“Okay, wow. I think I deserve to win for those epic dance moves.” Connor mumbled, walking up behind you. You shook your head no and heard Connor dramatically gasp from behind you. You felt Connor really nearby, a weird warmth radiating from him.

“You’re so sexy.” Connor grinded on you, groping your boobs. You turned bright red and snorted, not letting him win that easy. You were a bit shocked, since he had never taken the game this far before.

“No?” Connor pouted, backing up. “Give me attention, woman!”

You turned around and smiled at Connor innocently. Connor smirked evilly and hugged you, reaching behind you to grab your cheap paints. You felt confused when Connor smeared his hand on your forehead and then stepped back quickly. You realized Connor had just smeared paint on your forehead and you smirked as well, grabbing pink paint and sauntering towards him.

“Oh, oh god.” Connor mumbled, walking around a blank canvas to hide. You jumped over the canvas and knocked Connor over, exploding pink paint all over the both of you. You smeared the paint onto Connors forehead with a large grin on your face. You heard Connor growl playfully as he grabbed a nearby pallet of different paints, throwing them at you. You laughed and reached over for a bucket of hot pink paint, dumping the whole thing on him. His eyes were wide, and he was laughing.

“Payback time!” Connor cried, flipping you over so he was on top of you. He tickled you like crazy, making you squeal and squirm. Pink paint was everywhere, with a mix of some other colors.

“O-o-okay!! Stop!” You laughed so hard it hurt your sides. Connor stopped tickling you and leaned back over you, hovering above your lips. Connor placed his forehead on yours and kissed you, mixing the pink paint on his forehead with the blue paint on your forehead.

“I win.” Connor whispered, sitting up quickly with a smirk.

“I hate you.” You mumbled, smiling at the pink paint in his hair and sitting up.

“Love you too, babe.” Connor snorted, pulling you into his arms and looking at the ‘blank’ canvas nearby.

“We made a beautiful painting, by accident.” You mumbled, looking up into Connor’s eyes.

“I’m sure we can make some other beautiful things by ‘accident’ if you know what I mean.” Connor smirked, raising his eyebrows.

“Okay,” you decided. “Let’s get to it.”

“Wait, really?”

“Yep. Let’s go take a shower, hm?”

Let’s just say you two had hung that painting up in your daughter’s nursery nine months later when she was born. There was mostly light pink paint splattered on it, with specks of purple, yellow, and blue. It was a pretty picture, overall. A pretty picture, just like your small but still growing family.