flips all the allens and lavis

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oMFG just Imagine Allen sucking Lavi's dick while being Fucked by Tyki omfg AO3, I just love your nsfw

Okay, this might’ve gotten a touch out of hand. Just a touch.

So very NSFW under the cut. You have been warned.

Lavi ran a hand over Allen’s cheek, tracing the line of his jaw as he smoothed over taut skin. “You okay, Al?”

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Title: Heathens - Pacifism AU

Rating: T

Fandom: D.Gray-man

Characters/Pairings: Tyki Mikk, Wisely Kamelot, Road Kamelot, Allen Walker, Lavi

Summary: Tyki challenges Allen to another poker match, but with Wisely there all bets are off in their efforts to ensure that they’re not the losing cad. It sucks having a mind-reader in the family.

Excerpt:  “Wisely, come on. Don’t do this to me. Aren’t we - what did you call us - brothers born of misfortune? How could you abandon your brother like this?”

Notes: Excessive use of Portuguese because I’m a sucker for languages, lots of cute fluff, and everyone’s casual abuse of what family actually means (it means you don’t cheat your adopted uncle out of home and house in cards, but don’t Allen that) Also written because @liketolaugh-dgm wrote a Pacifism AU piece and I am so weak. Translation of words at the bottom.

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the ot4 playing "uno" tho

Are we talking about the DGM ot4? BecAUSE Y E S °u°

*Kanda has no idea what’s the game about so the first time he plays he tells everyone his cards like “so if we’re playing with blue and I have red, blue and yellow I must use blue right? and if I also have an eight like that one…I can use it right? Not that I have those cards…”

*Allen being the little shit that keeps using the “Wild draw 4″ and “Draw 2″ cards but just against Kanda.

*Not even 10 minutes have passed and Kanda already has half of the deck.

*Lenalee is the one that changes the colour everytime her turn comes, the other ones complain about this except Kanda because he basically has like 5 cards of each colour.

*Lavi uses numbers more than anything else, but all his cards are of the same colour and it’s not the one being used, he’s the first one to say “Uno”.

*Kanda and Allen then stop fighting with each other and attack Lavi instead using the “Skip”, “Reverse”, and “Draw 2″ cards. Lavi doesn’t play for basically 5 turns and he ends with more than 10 cards.

*Lenalee gets angry with Kanda when he uses a “Skip” card against her and so she takes revenge with a “Wild draw 4″ card.

*The game continues for hours because no one wants to lose, the one that says “Uno” gets immediately “attacked” by the other ones.

*The game ends when Kanda screams “fuCK THIS RAINBOW GAME” and flips the table. It’s 3:30 am.


*At some point Timothy appears and helps Allen using Tsukikami, it doesn’t really work but he loves to see them play and feels comfortable there so somehow between all the screams and complaints he falls asleep [Allen carries him back to his room].

*After that night Kanda refers to the game as “the infinite rainbow of hell” and in no time Allen, Lena and Lavi are using that nickname.

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Oh my god the way you wrote Allen's fighting style He would totally have the most unpredictable, fast, and slightly ridiculous way of fighting. And like, the other exorcists are just going "huh?" But it's so efficient??? So, say they ask him to train them his in style, but most of them aren't flexible enough and then it's just a flexibility contest, but one Allen definitely wins at. Lenalee a close second, but Allen is freakishly flexible and they're slightly horrified.

Oh my goodness my biggest headcanon is that Allen is so flexible it’s to the point of repulsion. Like, when you’re too flexible and you can’t even believe that you’re really seeing this person bend themselves this way like it’s not possible but they’re doing it right in front of you 

Like, he can stretch his leg up, over, and even level with his head with no strain at all - it absolutely appalls Kanda. Allen’s the type who - when he gets really comfortable or maybe kind of cold - will wrap his legs around while he’s sitting. I can’t find an image to show yall, but basically crossing your legs at the knee, and then tucking that same foot behind your calf as well. He would totally do this just to piss Kanda off because “that’s really fucking gross beansprout.”

Allen would be thrilled to teach everyone else because it’d remind him of the good times of the circus where he did flips and stunts and crowds stood on their feet to cheer for him and Mana. But, Allen’s been doing this for long, it quite escapes him that normal people are not that flexible. 

Lenalee by far is the best at it, especially legs wise, but she can’t contort her torso nearly as much as Allen can. Kanda, for all his stick-up-the-ass behavior, is pretty limber too, but he absolutely refuses to join in on the lessons. Lavi is good at the balancing acts - I mean he flies on a hammer he should be - but bending himself into a pretzel? Absolutely not.

Timothy would be the next best, but because he’s a child who spends half his life clambering over anything and everything - he’d take to Allen’s lessons like a natural, and he loves them because whenever he leaves his body he always comes back feeling slightly odd, and flexing and stretching himself, readjusting himself, always makes him feel better.

And I just love the image of Allen guiding lil Timothy into a handstand, carefully walking backwards and Tim followed him unsteadily. Timothy learning cart wheels and back flips, front flips, one-handed stunts and how to break your fall Allen-style which involves and unnecessary amount of rolling and twisting. General Nyne would be so exasperated because “You’re teaching him things I can’t guide him on later.”

Just…  Allen and Timothy doing all sorts of flips in the training rooms to everyone’s delight. Allen teaching Timothy the old routines he and Mana used to do, because Timothy is just the right age and Allen just the right height now.