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After dinner podium family shenanigans… or when the super extra patriarch choreographer wants to one up his pair skate and dreams up a family skate routine.  Next episode: at the rink!

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For @skyriazeth

I remembered the First Day of knowing you …

One fine day. Red opened her DA website “oh a new watcher,” le clicks new Watcher.


“????! WHAT IS THIS. A SENPAI-” realises age of Sky “-A SMOLPAI FOLLOWED ME?!”

Oh ya here’s your SwapFell babies in doll forms =w=

Useless Paint Tool Sai Tip

Hi friends.  Sometimes I have to zoom in extra tight to do lineart to get all my little details in.  But then I zoom out and it looks disgusting.

Here’s a way to help with that.

First minimize your canvas.


After that select “New view” from the “View” dropdown menu.

Now there are two!  Line them up however you want and you can zoom/rotate each individually.

This step is optional, but I find it helps to invert one of the “views” because small errors are easy to spot when it’s mirrored.  So put that shit in reverse (if you want.  I don’t own you).

(Also possible by pressing “H” for fast flipping)

Yay!  Now you can get super close and personal with your drawings while monitoring what the full piece looks like on the other side.

This also helps if you love your drawing so much, you just want it everywhere on the screen.


I wanna apologize to everyone I owe tags to! I promise to get to them this weekend. (Maybe late tomorrow.. err today.) My pinning ceremony today and my graduation tomorrow have had me pretty stressy and busy. Trying to organize my family/friends/classmates to do anything is a headache! But on the flip side YAY my first ‘degree’ is over! Thank you so much for your patience loves! I hope you guys are having a grand time! 

xoxoxoxo - L


Description: Sam x Reader. Sam walks into the middle of a witch’s house…
Words: 845
Warnings: none
Author’s note: No request to this little tiny one (Just a quickie I was half way through and couldn’t leave!!), basically was just playing around with 3rd person. It’s NOT up to my usual standard, but I may revisit the general idea in my normal perspective at some point!


“Bones. Cow bones and other big bones that I’m really hoping aren’t human! There’s a few exotic herbs too but nothing that was in that hex bag.” Sam muttered down the phone. “Whatever, it’s a dead end.”

“That’s just gross, man. Okay, I’ve got to go. Get back to me if you find anything else.” Dean replied before hastily hanging up.

Sam buried his phone back in his pocket and decided to make a final sweep of the townhouse. He and Dean had only found out about the area due to an anonymous tip to Judy Mills regarding some general strange goings on.

Sam was carefully searching through the last dresser in the bedroom. He hated rooting through drawers, especially when the owner was still alive, but it was surprising how often the most surprising secrets were hidden in underwear drawers. He just finished when he heard the front door to the house open and close.

“Yeah! I know, you wait until I see him next… He was just absolutely bang out of order!… Exactly!”

Sam heard an animated female voice coming up the stairs, in a blind panic he looked around for a hiding spot. The wardrobe was too small for his large frame leaving the only option as getting under the bed. He barely fit but most of him could squeeze in.

“I’m going to kill him I swear!… Yeah, I know, I know… Okay… See you soon, sweetie! Bye!”

The bedroom door opened as he tucked his last foot in as far as possible and he heard the footsteps nearing. He held his breath as the bed sunk down inches from his face with the weight of somebody sitting down.

“I know you’re there, Mr Winchester.” She said coolly.

With that, Sam felt a force drag him out of his hiding place feet first, before releasing him in a heap in the centre of the floor.

“You left the drawer partially open and I knew you’d be coming soon anyway.” The woman said with a dry smirk.

Sam pulled out his gun in one swift movement, aiming it directly at her chest.

“Sam, there’s no need for that, geez, I was the one who contacted Sheriff Mills.”

Sam blinked a few times lowering his gun a small amount, but still gripping onto it tightly and regarding the woman with suspicion. She was quite petite and had a soft look about her, looks could be deceiving, but she wasn’t tensed to fight, at least.

“God, I’m honestly, honestly not going to hurt you. Look, peace offering!” She said getting to her feet and offering him a hand. “I’m Y/N.” He swallowed, aware of how dry his mouth had become before he cautiously took her hand and got to his feet.

“You’re a witch?” He said raising an eyebrow. The evidence was clear but Sam didn’t see the harm in it… Yet. She gave him small nod.

“Let me rephrase that. You’re a witch and you want me to trust you?” Sam added.

“I wasn’t the one breaking and entering.” Y/N said with another smirk before sighing. “Look, I have never killed, I get ingredients from natural sources and I have a day job. I’m not the bad guy, that’s why I called Judy, but I couldn’t exactly say what the problem was and who I was outright, you and I both know I’d either be institutionalised or worse.”

“So what? You’re a vegan witch?” Sam retorted with a sarcastic smile.

“Well I guess that’s one way of putting it. I eat meat though, it’s just my freaky business that I keep clean.” The woman laughed. 

Sam regarded the woman carefully. He had seen many a witch and demon, many that claimed to be friend when really they were foe, but Y/N seemed to be different. He decided to bite.

“So, what was it you were so desperate for us to know, then?” Sam said.

“What? We have a listener? Finally!” She grinned. "I have this cousin, also a witch, but not exactly high on the morality scale. She has been ramping up her magic more and more lately and I’m worried she’s going to hurt someone.“

"So what are you asking?” Sam said, letting his gun relax entirely by his side.

“I’m asking for help in shocking her out of it. No killing her, just some good old fashioned scare tactics, I don’t think she realises hunters won’t hesitate to kill her if she slips up.” As Y/N finished the last sentence she looked sad, almost nervous.

Sam stayed quiet for a moment, Y/N seemed sincere, but that didn’t mean her cousin was. He bit his bottom lip very slightly as he debated with himself. If he could stop the witch before anything happened, no one needed to be hurt. However, how could he be sure the second they’d left that she would not go back to old ways…

Sam let out a sigh before digging into his pocket for his phone.

“Fine. Let me call my brother.”