flipping off paps

tbh calum probably flipped the paps off bc magazines and shit can’t use pics of celebs w the middle finger.. and also bc he’s a cocky lil shit who turns me tf oN AND NEEDS TO PUT THOSE FINGERS AWAY BEFORE I SIT ON THEM

anonymous asked:

I was wondering if anyone else noticed how she was flipping off the paps in that Pink Floyd shirt photo? It must've been hard clutching on to her phone with just the middle finger, but she did because she is who she is. Never lose that sass, cupcake.

That is so special.

I just adore Jen and her love of subtly and not so subtly flipping off the paps.


Note the secretive smile as he continually flips off the paps while they believe him to be giving a peace sign. 

He’s done this since he was a child starting with a school picture. 

In one photo shoot he flashes a peace sign then coyly shoots the v sign.

It’s his way of not being rude in a playful way.

He never uses it in the UK as it is the epitome of rude there.  lol

This is for the paparazzi only because further into the video he passes some people seated who work for the airlines and seems a bit embarrassed and waves at them instead before turning back to the paps and flipping them off again

Eloquent and succinct.