flipping off paps

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dude but those pap pictures from today... can you fucking imagine neither of you seeing them while you're making out or something like that 🌚👀 but then you realize before he does and you look up a bit to make sure ur right but u literally don't give a shit so u just continue kissing him while flipping off the paps i wonder how insane the world would go 🤔


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Damn. Something is pissing z off. This is the 2nd time he's flipping the paps off. Poor boy

I think it’s pretty clear now why he’s been looking down lately.

I concur.

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Why does everyone dislike louis' friends i mean i heard one nasty thing about calvin but like what have the rest of them done?or is it like some general bad vibe from them bc i dont get it??

okay, i’m gonna try to explain:

stan - said some really disgusting things on his twitter a while ago. i’m too lazy to look them up but he mobbed fans (especially larries) a while ago and said some “problematic” things

calvin - you already mentioned that one story told by coolbreeeze. I met him and Stan and Oli at Louis’ match last month and he said that the 1D fans who ask them for pics are “annoying” and they (calvin, oli and stan) talked about them in a way that made me really uncomfortable (as a 1D fan, standing right next to them)

oli - i don’t like him flipping off paps, at the end of the day they are only doing their job and as long as they don’t mob them i just think it’s disrespectful. plus he gets lots of girls because of louis’ fame so he should accept that there are negative aspects as well

luke - didn’t hear anything bad about him

nizam - didn’t hear anything bad about him either and i like that he seems to have his own life besides touring with louis, i think he studies and posts a lot of nice things on his insta and he just seems to be a really nice guy

obviously i don’t know any of them personally so this is just what i think about them from what i’ve seen/heard

tbh calum probably flipped the paps off bc magazines and shit can’t use pics of celebs w the middle finger.. and also bc he’s a cocky lil shit who turns me tf oN AND NEEDS TO PUT THOSE FINGERS AWAY BEFORE I SIT ON THEM

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I just saw gifs of a video where Lou was drunk flipping off paps... idk if there's more bc like, I'm still looking at my dash and catching up with it all, but what do you make of it? was that just him really drunk or something that what somewhat planned? bc either way, along with the weed thing, it cannot be good for the image they were trying to make for him now. the business man one... is just him being perceived in a bad light again/still... =/

I think he probably wasn’t THAT drunk. 

LOL You definitely wanna announce your drunkenness to the loathsome paparazzi. And no doubt they knew the paps were gonna be there. Just like they knew pix in the hotel suite were being taken. Not only would Louis have to be pretty dumb to get in this predicament by accident, everyone accompanying him (friends, Preston) would have to be pretty dumb too. I don’t think this is a part of his rebranding. Businessman Louis seems to be a new team thing. Partyboy Louis seems to be a Modest thing. 

I definitely think we’re seeing dueling narratives play out which only adds to the confusion of wth 1D is even trying to do. I’m still trying to figure out what I think, honestly. But right now I would say Modest is still playing the 1D is falling apart narrative. And this benefits Modest because:

  • They’re pushing OTRA as a “last chance” tour so they make as much money as possible off it.
  • They want to sabotage 1D’s success going forward, allowing them to save face after losing them as a client.
  • They can also spin it that 1D were a mess from day one, held together only with their masterful management. *throws up in mouth* 

Modest is probably using the contractual power they still hold to get Louis to cooperate (and Zayn with Perrie, Liam with Sophia, Niall with Melissa and Harry in exile) along with some probable dirty arm twisting too. The good news is that there does seems to be a new team on the scene looking out for everyone. This stunt won’t go unanswered. 

listen 2 me harry gave a pap half his hamburger yesterday most celebrities flip paps off or threaten to run them over but harry 2fruity styles gives a pap half of his god damn hamburger

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Okay i get the joshifer thing. They are cute. But what I don't understand is the hate against nicholas hoult. I never read or saw anything bad about that guy. He seems kinda nice on telovision and was ansolutly adorable in about a boy. It's not that i am a shipper for anyone or anything. I'm like switzerland. I love josh and jen both too so don't get me wrong. I was just wondering why you hate the guy so much xd


So, I think this is the first time I got a polite anon actually asking me why I don’t like him, so thank you, I appreciate it. So, this my opinion, I am speaking for myself and only myself.

I wouldn’t use the word “hate”, it’s too strong of a word. I would say it’s dislike. And yes, I thought he was adorable in About a Boy, I even saw Warm Bodies and was mildly amused.

I have never liked him and Jen together and even before Josh came into the picture I thought they were odd, something felt off about them being a couple.

I don’t like that he never protected Jen when the paps got in her face, he seemed to just stare ahead and look like he was walking a runway. I’m not saying he has to rip a camera out of the paps hands or beat them with an umbrella. BUT there are ways he can support his (supposed) girl while still remaining dignified and not opening himself up to law suits. 

There ALWAYS seemed to be paps hanging around when Jen and Nick were visiting each other. We know that Jen can go weeks and months without a pap shot, but everytime she was with Nick they were there? (tip off to fauxmance btw) And that one time Jen and Nick were in London and the paps showed up in a regular neighborhood to catch them leaving Nick’s friends house? Someone tipped them off. Jen was drunk and Nick? Well, he wasn’t and he didn’t seem all that surprised. 

And when asked about her nude leak he replied with “that’s a shame” and a smug smile. Asshole. ASSHOLE.

And then there is this:

That’s Nick’s hand trying to stop Jen from flipping off the paps. This annoys me, don’t try to stifle her anger, don’t physically restrain someone. There are other ways and that whole situation had red flags popping up all over the place.

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Note the secretive smile as he continually flips off the paps while they believe him to be giving a peace sign. 

He’s done this since he was a child starting with a school picture. 

In one photo shoot he flashes a peace sign then coyly shoots the v sign.

It’s his way of not being rude in a playful way.

He never uses it in the UK as it is the epitome of rude there.  lol

This is for the paparazzi only because further into the video he passes some people seated who work for the airlines and seems a bit embarrassed and waves at them instead before turning back to the paps and flipping them off again

Eloquent and succinct.

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I was wondering if anyone else noticed how she was flipping off the paps in that Pink Floyd shirt photo? It must've been hard clutching on to her phone with just the middle finger, but she did because she is who she is. Never lose that sass, cupcake.

That is so special.

I just adore Jen and her love of subtly and not so subtly flipping off the paps.