The Marianas Trench concert was AWESOME yesterday with Kerrin, Shantel, Kaitlin, and Devika. I left the crowd early, but I still managed to listen to them at the park. Technically it was my first ever concert, which I guess is sad to the others who have been to tons. I didn’t get any photos or autographs though - maybe next time. What I did get was getting to touch Josh Ramsay’s hand and being nearly 2 feet away from his face. But shit, fan girls.


  • standing in front of you with lack of consideration, even when you were clearly there hours before them
  • it’s like life and death
  • bitch, move
  • constant screaming, especially when none of the band members are on stage yet
  • holding up posters or stupid masks, blocking everyone behind’s view - bitch
  • if you’re close to an aisle BEWARE
  • lastly, no personal space whatsoever

It’s understandable you’re excited and it’s a great moment for people. Some even cry because the experience it so amazing. But some things are just so unnecessary.

Tip: If you’re going to hear a concert or stand in line a couple hours before the show, come prepared. Especially in the heat - so water bottles, food, sun glasses, hat or umbrella perhaps, sunscreen, money etc etc.. Don’t come too prepared, you don’t want to carry a bunch of stuff all day.