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Someday I will stop yelling about how much I love TMNT 2, but it is not this day! So let’s talk about how great Donnie was in this movie because wowee he was perfect

I mean, Donnie saved everyone

Last movie? He flipped an armored car with his bo, went shell-sledding, saved the city, and yelled about tiramisu. Like, already he’s amazing and precious and must be protected, but then, in TMNT 2, he: 

  • jumped out a plane with no parachute
  • steered said plane to a semi-safe landing (IE: NO ONE DIED) after Rocksteady blew the snot out of the cockpit 
  • came up with a retromutagen 
  • made exposition adorable 
  • two words: THE BATTLETRUCK
  • let Leo throw him under the bus re: the retromutagen and took major heat from Raph for it because he’s loyal and didn’t want to make a bad situation worse 
  • tracked Bopsteady via isotopic signatures which probably aren’t words but whatever, it’s Donnie, he can do it 
  • weaponized his puppy-dog eyes (forget Fenris, Donnie wins this contest)
  • hacked an alien war machine – like omg Donnie this isn’t Independence Day and you are not Jeff Goldblum but you just did it 
  • did a diva turn 
  • carries a peashooter in his pack because why not, he’s got everything else in there
  • busted in the front window of Police HQ and tased two cops to get Mikey and Raph out safely 
  • did a little stompy thing when his basketball team scored 
  • seven words; “when I say go, you say Knicks!" 
  • did not kill Mikey at any point in the movie 
  • used Raph as a surfboard 
  • immediately knows what April needs before she sneaks into TCRI 
  • tased Mikey when April called 
  • was the one turt who did not insult any of his brothers, and only jumped into the argument to defend Mikey 
  • did not react when he literally grew new bones (I am honestly a bit terrified to find out what his pain threshold is)
  • said the words "and boatloads of heart” with actual sincerity – like omg Donnie no why are you more precious than rubies and gold?
  • saved the world with his cute lil drone 
  • got the final blow against Krang because Raph never said he had to stop being the badass so Donnie just kept on rocking it 

And on a more serious note – the fact that 2016!Donnie has had so much success, and been able to take such a major, plot-driving role, really makes the sidelining of Donnie in TMNT 2012 stand out by contrast. It’s been so long since 2012!Donnie was allowed to be relevant to the plot, much less vital, and it’s really, really nice to see 2014/2016!Donnie get so many solid wins (because he was extremely important in 2014 too – it’s his security measures that give them any kind of warning before the Foot Clan attack the lair, and he’s the one who shuts down the chemical’s release during the final battle). I just wish 2012 Donnie was given the same chance (and not told to try harder by the one brother who should know better). 

We don’t deserve Donnie but here he is anyways, so let us love him and protect him (and keep him away from the Pop-Tarts). 


Sinead had, blessedly, agreed to join him for dinner tonight at his parents. It was an
hour-and-a-half drive to the O’Neill estate. Seamus sat in the back of the car, flipping
through some papers, knee bouncing up and down.

The sun was just starting to set, casting everything into a faintly golden light as he
looked up and saw gabled stone rising up from a rolling, green hill. 

“There it is,” he said, pointing out his window. 

It was a sprawling, four-story mansion of stone, backdropped by the rolling Irish hills, sitting
atop several acres of perfectly manicured lawn and English-style garden. Ivy scrambled up
the west side of the house, and two of the huge chimneys were smoking away up into the
clear sky. 

The car passed a gate and down a gravel causeway, past oak trees and square hedges
and a marble statue or two, then it came to a stop at the front steps. The driver got
Seamus’ door for him, and he got Sinead’s door, helping her out of the car.

With a breath, he turned toward the huge house looming up above them, casting him in its
long, dark shadow.

“Right then.”

Seamus started up the steps and pushed open the huge oak doors and into the towering
entryway. A staircase spanned in front of them, two doors to the left and right of it. Another
huge hallway snaked away to the left. The ceiling was a vaulted, gothic style, and the floors
were polished until they shone and positively squeaked.

Brannigan was just rounding out of the hall to the kitchen. He was a stately, almost
classically English man, and his hands were outstretched for his coat.

“Welcome home, sir. You’re early.”

“I am. I wanted to see everyone first,” Seamus said, allowing the other man to take his coat. 

“–And who’s this?”

“Ah– Brannigan, this is my intern, Sinead. Sinead, the family butler– Scott Brannigan.”

“Pleasure to meet you. Would you like me to take your coat?”