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Dance Practice|Luke Hemmings Smut



Inspiration(If Any?):Just an idea I had after I finished my dance practice w/ your girlfriend; also inspired by EXO’s growl.

Prompt:You were home alone and practicing a dance which was very sexy and you were also really good at, Luke comes home, he watched you dance as you didn’t notice him and he gets turned on~

Genre:Rough Smut, Shower Sex

Warnings:NC-17, there is indeed smut in this, so if you’re not into that, please scroll past this; profanity as well;

A/N:If you have any requests of your own, please feel free to send them in an ask to me! I do all kinds of imagines and I write for a lot of different things! Hope you enjoy this^.^

Playlist While Writing This(Please excuse your music choice if it weirds you out I listen to everything lol):TheMightyFall!FOB, TheFirstPunch!PTV, KickMe!SWS, Hatefuck!MIW, Made-UpGirlfriend!DesterySmith, DubstepIntro!EXO, Playboy!EXOK, Clocks!OceansAteAlaska, ThatGirl!ATL, MerryChristmasKissyourAss!ATL, ATrophyFather’sTrophySon!SWS, Therapy!ATL, ThePhoenix!FOB, Mine!TaylorSwift,   WhatIsLove!EXOM, SendItOn!SelenaGomezDemiLovatoMileyCyrusJonasBrothers,

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