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I can see it now. Bum - high off emotion - busts out the closet prematurely. He immediately scolds himself. Oh, fuck why did I do that? But it’s too late. Ji Eun starts screaming. “What the hell?!?!” Sangwoo sighs. There’s really no way to explain this. Sangwoo makes some flippant comment about well, they were building to this point anyway. He restrains Ji Eun to take her down to the basement where he tells Bum to come along.


Sangwoo finishes fucking her. Ji Eun comes down from her orgasm as Sangwoo announces. “You can come out now, Bum.” BUM??? She thinks. Bum shakily comes forward and the restrain scene from above happens.


Sangwoo realizes murdering someone he’s close to socially really isn’t a smart move for a serial killer with a hit list lord knows how long and let’s her go. He uses her to further fuck with Bum mentally and emotionally.

I’ve seen some posts - a lot of posts? It feels like a lot, the amount of teeth-gritting irritation I get whenever I see one - positing what would happen if Dorian met Fenris, and so far almost every single one I’ve seen has been some variation of “Dorian says something breathtakingly thoughtless and stupid, Fenris enacts violence upon his person.”

Every single time, I think, did these twerps even play the fucking games?

Fenris is a skilled, controlled warrior, whose battle comments are often calm and meditative. He doesn’t lash out physically when he’s angry, except in one remarkable case - when he killed Hadriana, a woman who had abused him for years, after promising not to. Verbally, he’s rude and blunt at worst - even to Anders, who is arguably cruel in what he says to Fenris.

Dorian is a man who fences with words and deflects with wit and sarcasm. His flippant comments are very intentionally flippant; the moment it’s time to be serious, he puts the facade away and speaks thoughtfully. He has a very good grasp of social graces and knows how to interact with others without friction - when he gets into arguments, it’s almost always because he chose to clash with the other person. He knows how to keep his thoughts to himself if he wants to.

It’s ridiculous to think that Dorian, if he met Fenris and possibly recognized him, would blurble on insipidly about meeting him when he was a slave, or the benefits of slavery, or gee, why don’t you think mages are just great??? or anything as vapid as that. Fenris would not attack him the moment he finds out Dorian is an altus/magister, he wouldn’t attack him if he didn’t like something Dorian said, he wouldn’t attack him even if Dorian’s brain was suddenly replaced by pudding and he said something so boneheadedly offensive everyone in the vicinity facepalms.

Fenris isn’t an abused animal with no housetraining and a hair trigger temper; Dorian isn’t a brown-skinned Bertie Wooster.

I’ve seen a few comments from people saying that if Robron do get engaged/married, it’ll be totally out of character for Aaron. And I really don’t understand why that is? Here’s why I think a Robron marriage would be totally in character for Aaron.

For a start, I think someone said something about Aaron once saying that he never wanted to get married. I watch the show in real time, so apart from the Robron storyline, I haven’t watched Aaron’s story since it was first on TV. That means I don’t remember some potentially flippant comment he may have made up to 8 years ago. And even if it was something he said within the last couple of years, since his return to the show, let us not forget that Aaron is still only 24 years old. He is a young lad, and I doubt many boys 24-and-under really think too much about marriage - especially if they’re not in a serious relationship at the time.

But the thing about human beings is we evolve and grow. Our opinions and our views and our goals change. I know lots of people who’ve said they’d never get married or have kids, and guess what? A lot of them have ended up meeting the right person, getting married and having kids. Making some comment in your teens or early 20s isn’t binding for life. People can change their minds.

For me, and in my eyes, marriage makes perfect sense for Aaron. This is a lad who has literally never had stabililty in his entire young life. His mum left him when he was 8, his dad abused him (a secret which he carried for 16 years), he then kept his sexuality a secret, and his first real relationship ended in the worst possible tragedy (while he was still a teenager). THEN he spent two years on the run from the police, only to return and begin an affair with a soon to be married man - a relationship that was about as UNstable as you can get.

But now he’s more settled than he has been in his entire life. The stuff with his dad has been as resolved as it possibly can be - he got justice and his dad is dead, so he knows he’ll never have to see him again. He’s got his own business, he’s got his sister back in his life, and he’s living with his boyfriend (and let us not forget that it was Aaron who suggested they live together in the first place, a big commitment in itself).

Why shouldn’t he want the next step - marriage? Why shouldn’t he want to make that commitment and have that stability? Why shouldn’t he want a “normal” family life when that’s something he’s literally never had?

I’m not saying it’s something he needs. And I do think it’d be far more believable for Robert to propose than Aaron. But Aaron saying “yes” to a proposal wouldn’t be OOC for him at all IMO. I think he’d be shocked, and I think it’s probably not necessarily something he’s ever really thought about. But having the man he loves willing to make the greatest commitment to him when he’s spent his entire life having to deal with all kinds of hideous drama, always feeling like a problem, always carrying secrets, always feeling like he doesn’t really belong… I think it’ll scare him a little bit, that he can finally have that settled life, but I think him saying yes would be the best thing for him.

And I really, really don’t think it’d be out of character. I think this is just a new chapter, and the next step, for someone who has quite frankly had a horrible life!! I also think if you watch his entire story over the course of a few weeks or months or whatever - years worth of drama - it’s not the same as watching it - watching him - grow over the past decade or so, in real time. Because if just a few months back you saw him as some angsty teen who never wants to get married, then suddenly jumping to now, it’s going to be a bit of a shock.

This is just my opinion of course, and I’m not saying that anyone who doesn’t want them to get engaged yet is wrong - not at all! I can totally understand why some people think it might be too soon, but this post was just about the comments saying that marriage would be OOC for Aaron, and why I don’t think that’s the case at all.

Let’s remember that Aaron has a big heart and loves deeply. Marriage might not be something he’d necessarily go for himself (and maybe I’m wrong there!), but I think if the opportunity - a proposal - was handed to him, I think it’d be totally natural and right for the character to say yes.

He deserves some stability, to feel that level of love, and to feel “normal”. There’s nothing wrong with normal!

Aaron knows how much Robert loves him, and some might argue “then why do they need to get married?” - my argument would then be “why not?”. It’s as I’ve already said - stability. Making that binding commitment. And as I also said, while it might not be something Aaron needs, I think him knowing how much Robert wants it (assuming it’s Robert who proposes), I think that’ll be enough. It’ll make him realise that it could be an amazing step for them. It’s creating a foundation and a family life that he’s never had himself (and Robert has lacked for a long time, as well).

These are two people who’ve each had difficulties within their own families, for very different reasons, so I think it’s totally natural and realistic for both of them to want to start a fresh and create a new little family of their own.

EDIT:  @stulot has reminded me that Aaron even suggested marriage to Jackson once! So there you go!

These are just my thoughts on the subject!

You Love Me ft. Gabriel Landeskog

I have never truly fallen in love before.Sure, I had relationships in high school where we casually exchanged I love you’s, but looking back now, Ididn’t understand the weight of those words at 15. Telling someone you love them is not at all casual, it’s quite the opposite really. Three little words are filled with such vulnerability and admitting them out loud can be daunting. It’s not some flippant comment, I love you has a weight like no other.

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So forever ago I kind of alluded to some family issues that I’d been having with a cousin of mine. Well, two, but I disowned one and that’s permanent.

Anyways, the other cousin, after I told him that his flippant comments about sexual assault were not something I would tolerate, unfriended me. I was really upset at the time, because I took it as “I guess he decided he’d rather do that than listen,” but apparently he did it because he was “sick of offending me and didn’t like that I threatened to cut him out of my life over it.” Which is a… valid miscommunication issue, I’ll give it that.

Anyways! Over the course of a few days we’ve been having some pretty difficult discourse about some political things and I’m proud to see him taking into consideration other viewpoints, including my own, and even changing his stance on certain topics based on calm, rational debate/conversation.

And I know that that’s not what it’s gonna take on other issues, and that I’ve certainly avoided touchier topics like racism and xenophobia, but talking about things related to that tangentially from a policy and source-backed numbers angle has been really effective.

So if you’re finding that your family members might be reasonable normally but are still insisting on posting unreasonable things and you have the spoons for it, starting a dialogue with them may help! Depends on the situation, really. I’ve been talking politics seriously with that particular cousin’s father (my uncle) for ten years now, though, so there is a prior base of respectful disagreement to build off of…

Anyways I’ve practically been begging my conservative Facebook friends to give me something to work with and it’s finally paid off and I’m reassured that my cousin is a decent human being, which is a relief. He’s my oldest cousin and he’s been through some real shit and for a long time I was the only one he talked to about it. I didn’t wanna lose him permanently.

I watched civil war and played the citadel dlc in the same fortnight so naturally it was necessary for me to draw these two cutie-pie AIs who can’t quite grasp their human buddies’ obsession with inaccurate cooking. naturally it was wanda and joker who got them the aprons ;)

seriously though these two would get on sO WELL?? imagine EDI trying to convince vision that “organics find it greatly humorous when synthetics make flippant comments about their fictional intentions to commit genocide” and vision is just there like “[thinking about ultron] uhhhhh”

though tbh vision was programmed by Tony Freakin Stark so its more likely that vision would be giving EDI humour tips. EDI hangs out with him for three hours and then is Sarcasm Central for like a week til she figures out the rules and appropriate usage for it.

Milo Yiannopoulos resigns from Breitbart News: 'I am horrified by paedophilia'

Right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos resigns from Breitbart News over comments he made that appeared to endorse sex between ‘younger boys’ and older men. Yiannopoulos had been employed by Breitbart as a senior editor and said that his decision to resign was entirely his own. He apologised to child abuse victims who thought his comments were ‘flippant or uncaring’ but said: ‘I will never stop making jokes about taboo subjects.’


Title: The Unwavering Heart of a Winchester

Author: violue
Artist: kelisab
Pairing (s): Dean/Castiel, past Dean/Others, past Castiel/Others, past Sam/Ruby, background Ruby/Others, mentions of John/Kate
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 86,778
Warnings: past character death, alcoholism, explicit sexual content, depression, past child abuse,angst and fluff warring for dominance, infidelity (not Dean or Castiel), top/bottom!Dean, top/bottom!Castiel, and… okay just go read the warnings on the fic.
Summary: There’s no point in mincing words. Sam is dead, and without him Dean is a drunken shell of who he used to be. When he finally pulls himself out of a growing pile of whiskey bottles, Dean finds it hard to go back to his life. With one flippant comment from a friend, Dean thinks he might finally have a way to make peace with the loss; Sam was an organ donor, and Dean’s going to find the recipients, talk to them, and see how their lives are better because of his little brother. For the first six stops on his road trip, things go mostly according to plan, and then he meets the man who has Sam’s heart. Dean had hoped he might find peace on this trip… he never expected to find love.

fic link: HERE!

art link: HERE!

Okay okay okay but we’ve neeeever seen Laf really, truly show how they’re feeling, like every time they’re in an upsetting situation they just make little flippant comments about it (e.g. “peachy,” “excellent planning, me”), generally followed by high risk behavior (e.g. the trip to the library, frankensteining JP into Will’s body) – which is pretty typical for someone who doesn’t express their feelings outright. So seeing them lose control of that this episode was really new and interesting and heartwrenching and i just want more of it

A recent interview from The Guardian has upset some people, and I thought I needed to address it publicly to try and clear the air.

Firstly, I apologise for any hurt that my flippant comment has caused. I’ll try to provide some context which hopefully will change the way in which it is being viewed, but I have to also accept that being followed and quoted is something new for me and I am going to occasionally say or do things that make people unhappy. For that I am sorry, your opinions are important to me.

The incident in question occurred when I was on the street, feeling rather exposed in my underwear for the shoot, and an older black man cat called me as I was walking behind the team. I replayed the incident to the team once we were set up for the next shot, and jokingly said some semblance of what appeared in print. It was in relation to being cat called by black men significantly more than by white, but perhaps my tone and wording didn’t convey this clearly. It was also meant to play into the idea that black men like bigger women, but the humour of that doesn’t come through. To further add context, the team included two talented black women - so it was clearly not something intended to cause offence.

Effyourbeautystandards is for everyone - every colour, every race, every sexuality - for all genders and all types of bodies, physically able or not.

I am not a perfect human being, I am still growing and learning, and the title of “role model” is not one that I have chosen - it was thrust onto me, despite my reluctance. I am doing my best to live up to what that means, but at times I will slip up. I don’t speak for everyone, but I will continue to try my best to speak UP for everyone.

The people who truly deface our neighborhoods are the companies that scrawl giant slogans across buildings and buses trying to make us feel inadequate unless we buy their stuff.

They butt into your life, take a cheap shot at you and then disappear. They leer at you from tall buildings and make you feel small. They make flippant comments from buses that imply you’re not sexy enough and that all the fun is happening somewhere else. They are on TV making your girlfriend feel inadequate. They have access to the most sophisticated technology the world has ever seen and they bully you with it. They are The Advertisers and they are laughing at you.

You, however, are forbidden to touch them. Trademarks, intellectual property rights and copyright law mean advertisers can say what they like wherever they like with total impunity. Fuck that. Any advert in a public space that gives you no choice whether you see it or not is yours. It’s yours to take, re-arrange and re-use. You can do whatever you like with it. Asking for permission is like asking to keep a rock someone just threw at your head.

You owe these companies nothing. Less than nothing, you especially don’t owe them any courtesy. They owe you. They have re-arranged the world to put themselves in front of you. They never asked for your permission, don’t start asking for theirs.

—  Banksy
10 Things that Make Me Happy

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1) Compartments—like pockets and boxes and organizers and folders and things that just efficiently use space and present stuff beautifully.   

2) Thunderstorms at night when you’re the only one awake in the house and it’s fucking vicious…moments like these quiet my mind

3) I have a particular kind of humor—I joke with people I like by trying to predict/shape a person’s reaction before they can. “Oh you need to go? Hang up. You won’t, will you? ;-)”  and with non-sequitur absurdist flippant comments. When someone not only appreciates the joke but can play the game right back…that’s euphoric.

4) Being independent—I don’t only mean this in the sense that you get to decide what you want to do. But the true feeling of liberation that comes when you earned the right to run your life because you are providing for yourself. 

5) Minimalist fashion. Minimalist design. Minimalist art.

6) Blaring music so loud and then laying on the ground and feeling the vibrations through the floor.   

7) Crisp autumn sweater-and-shorts days when the breeze just smells like leaves and fresh dew

8) Quality writing with quality phrasing, poetic phrases, pithy figurative language that touch the exact connotations 

9) That one day in the month when I am exactly in control of every minute detail of my aesthetic—polished un-chipped nails, clean brows, a watch on my left wrist facing at the exact angle where I can read easiest, a hair tie above that, earring in the right ear (the left one buzzes when I play violin. that one is not that too complicated), an unadorned necklace, sleeves rolled above the elbow, etc. etc. Most days I’m too busy to care or too lazy to do this, but once in a while, when the stars align… 

10) Cool, crisp bed sheets.

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