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Spur of the Moment (Cisco x Reader) Imagines - Anonymous Request

Cisco starts to distance himself from you and you have no idea why… 


“Hey, Cisco?”


“Is something on your mind?” You asked.

Walking up to your boyfriend, you leaned against the rooftop railings and stared at him as he gazed out at Central City. And while it was an admittedly beautiful scene, you could tell it was the last thing on his mind.

For a moment, Cisco looked as if he was about to respond; but, for some reason, couldn’t. Shaking his head, he averted his gaze and focused back on the view. “I don’t know…”

I don’t know…? That wasn’t a very Cisco-ish answer.

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The Return (Part 2)

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A/N: A part 2 because…Jeff. That’s it. Just because of Jeff. :D

Past Part: The Return

Pairing: Jeff Hardy X F!Reader

Summary: Your struggling to believe he’s here to stay and won’t hurt you again. Jeff just wants to make things right.

Warnings: Swearing? NSFWish?

Word Count: 1800+

You walked through the curtain, adrenaline still coursing through your veins. You defended your title successfully. People patted your back as you walked past them. “Great match.” You looked up and see Jeff standing with his back against you locker room door.

“Yeah. Thanks.” You muttered, tucking your hair behind your ear. Jeff pushed off the door and stepped to the side, letting you open the door.

He followed you in, shutting and locking the door behind him. “Are you ever gonna let me make this right? You haven’t spoken three words to me since our talk.”

You dug through your bag, trying not to look at him. Jeff took a seat on the couch, his arms laying along the top. “I’m not looking to date anyone right now.”

He grunted. “I’m not anyone.” You stopped for a moment. He was right. He wasn’t just anyone. “It doesn’t matter, Jeff.”

You pulled out a pair of sweatpants and a shirt. “It does matter. I never wanted to hurt you. I told you why I did it! I told you I still loved you, even after all these years. I could never get you out of my head. I tried. I really did. I was stuck on you.”

You looked at your boots. “I’m still stuck on you.” You whispered.

You walked out into the parking lot, pulling your suitcase behind you. “Hey! Y/N!” You looked over your shoulder and seen the Hardys making their way to you.

Matt was the first to come walking up beside you. “Can we catch a ride with you? Ours left early.” You bit the inside of your cheek. You really wanted to say no. You really did. You couldn’t say no to Matt, he never did anything to you

“Yeah, sure.” Matt helped load all the bags in the car while Jeff took the passenger seat. You slid into the driver’s side and Matt climbs in behind you.

You honked your horn at the fans lining the outside of the building, waving out the open window as the fans cheered.

You leaned your head against your hand, while the boys chattered back and forth about the show. Your mind was playing over everything after your breakup.

You wiped away your tears with the sleeves of your sweatshirt. You placed framed photos and books into a box. Jeff was seated in the living room watching a football game.

The sound of the announcers told you he didn’t care that you were packing your things or that you couldn’t even stop yourself from hiccuping from your heavy crying.

You pulled your bag over your shoulder and picked up the box. Opening the door to the bedroom, your eyes flicked over to Jeff on the couch. He was now laying on it, ankles crossed, arms behind his head.

You look up, trying to will yourself from crying. “Bye, Jeff.”

He grunted and through his hand in the air, not saying two words to you.

What you didn’t know was tears were welling in his eyes, his hands were clenched as he tried not to go after you.

“Take exit 14!” You were jerked from your thoughts when the GPS sounded through the now quiet car. Jeff looked over at you, raising a brow. “Are you okay?”

You tightened your hand around the wheel. “Yeah. I’m fine.” Matt shifted in the backseat making you look through the mirror, he was sleeping.

“When did he fall asleep?” You asked, flicking your blinker on. Jeff shrugged. “Around twenty minutes ago.” You nodded your head.

“Are you hungry?” Jeff nodded his head quickly. “Starving.”

“Let’s seen, it’s 12:25. I highly doubt there are any restaurants open, but we can get fast food or stop at a gas station and pick something up there.”

Jeff reached around and hit Matt in the knee. “Huh? Are we at the hotel?” He asked, sitting up and rubbing his eyes. “No. We want to get something to eat. Do you want fast food or gas station food?”

Matt slumped back into his seat. “I don’t really care. Whatever you guys want.”

You pulled your bags behind you, Matt and Jeff following. You got paired with the duo for the night. You scanned your keycard and opened the door, pulling your things in behind you. You held the door with your foot, letting them pass you into the room.

You let the door swing shut behind. The boys had quickly shoved pass one other and tossed their suitcases on what bed they wanted. Leaving you with the couch shoved against the wall.

wanted. Leaving you with the couch shoved against the wall.

You sighed and pulled your things to the far end of the room, tossing your bags on the couch and plopping down next to them.

Jeff began pulling the food from the bags as Matt rummaged through his suitcase. “Here. This is your order.” Jeff said, waving the bag of fast food in the air.

You pushed yourself from the couch and took the bag from Jeff. He then handed you your drink. “You don’t have to sleep on the couch you know? I wouldn’t mind you sleeping in my bed.”

“It’s fine. I’ve slept on worse things than a couch.” Jeff frowned. “I’m sure. But really I don’t mind. The bed is big enough to share.”

The night quickly progressed from there, everyone ate, showered and now was getting cozy in their respective spots. Everyone but you. The couch was like a rock. No give, no plush and it was long enough.

You sigh and looked over to the boys. Matt was just closing his eyes, spiraled across the whole bed. Jeff was laying in his bed, one arm tucked behind his pillow, the other laid across his stomach.

You sat up and pulled your blanket with you when you stood up. You shuffled over to Jeff’s bed and just looked at him. He smiled, patting the space next to him.

You crawled in and laid your head against his shoulder. He shifted, wrapping his arm around you. “Are you ever going to let me fix this?” Jeff whispered. You closed your eyes.

“I know you said you were here to stay, I just can’t shake the feeling that you’ll break my heart all over again.” Tears welded behind your closed lids.

Jeff ran his fingertips up your back, his lips ghosting across your forehead. “I’m not going to break your heart again.”

“Open your eyes and look at me.” You didn’t move. “Come on, Darlin’. Look at me.”

“Slowly you opened your eyes and looked at him. Jeff brought his hand up to your face and brushed his thumb under your eye. “No crying. No tears.”

Jeff tucked some loose hair behind your ear and then cupped your cheek. “I won’t do that. I won’t let you go ever again. You’re mine and I’m yours.”

You leaned forward and placed your lips against his in a needy kiss. You needed to feel his lips again. You needed to feel his hands roam your body, gripping your hips, brushing across your back, pulling at your hair, brushing down your legs. You needed to feel his beard brush across your neck, chest, and thighs, leaving marks in his wake…You needed him with every ounce of your being.

The loud snort from Matt forced you two to break away. “I forget he was in here!” Jeff whispered. You struggled to hold back laughed as you buried your face into his chest.

Jeff cupped the back of your head and buried his face into your hair, laughing quietly. The bed underneath your bodies shook from your laughter.

You use your key to enter the apartment that was once yours. Jeff would be at the gym, which would give you enough time to grab a few things you forgot and give back something to Jeff.

You removed the apartment and mail key, placing them on top of the photo you were giving back to him. It was his favorite photo of the two of you.

If you were being honest with yourself. You didn’t drive all the way over here to grab a few shirts you left, or return the keys. It was because of this photo.

His favorite photo. The one where you were asleep on his lap, your head resting against his shoulder while he played video games, a throw blanket draped around you. Matt took the photo after seeing just how stupid you both looked

Jeff never thought it was stupid. He loved that photo. He always wanted you to take it out of the frame so he could put it in his wallet. You never did. Not until now.

Lodged between Jeff’s cash in his wallet was that photo. You pushed the photo out just enough with your finger to see he folded himself out of it.

“Did you find it!?” Jeff yelled across the parking lot. You quickly pushed the photo back into place, flipped the wallet shut and slid from the car, shutting the door. You waved his wallet in the air, signaling that you did find it.

You would never have thought he would have a photo of you in his wallet. Still after all these years.

You didn’t know why it surprised you really. You still had a photo of Jeff in your wallet. Only it was far better tucked away.

You handed Jeff his wallet and smiled at him when he thanked you for going back to look for it.

“I…I have a photo of you in my wallet still.” You said, looking up at him. Jeff glanced at you from the corner of his eyes.

“I never could take that photo out. Every time I tried I felt like I was taking my heart from my chest.”

Jeff stopped then and opened his wallet, he looked at you from under his lashes before taking the photo of you from his. “I put this in my wallet after we broke up. At first, I told myself it was to remind me as to what I lost, but really it was because I needed to see your face.”

“Jeff, I love you. But I’m scared. I’m not going to lie. I’m scared that if we go down this path again and we don’t make it…It’ll destroy me.”

Jeff looked at you, his eyes glassing over. “I’m not going to hurt you like that again.”

You smiled sadly. “I know. That’s why I want to really, truly give us another chance. No beating around the bush. Me and you together again.”

Jeff smiled and pulled you into his body, he kissed your lips in a rough quick manner. “We tell each other everything. No matter what. No lying. No cheating. Nothing like that. If something has to be said, say it the way it has to be said.”

Jeff nodded his head. “I’m never letting you go. Like I said. You’re mine and I’m yours.”

Calming Kisses// Choi Youngjae (Gender Neutral)

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Pairing: Youngjae x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: It was your first date with Youngjae.

Author’s Note: Hello! This came out of the blue, but I hope you enjoy it!

xoxo Sara

You held onto the leash tightly, watching as the small but fluffy white dog trotted in front of you, sniffing the grass every now and then. You averted your eyes to the side, watching your boyfriend as one hand slid into his pocket, while the other one stayed locked around yours.

You had been nervous to go on this date with Youngjae all day, your stomach doing flips as you laid out your clothes and fixed your hair. It was your first date with him, despite being together for what seemed like ages now, and being alone with him always made you nervous.

Or maybe it was just him who made you nervous.

Regardless, when he picked you up, Coco panting at his side you couldn’t help but feel all of your nerves wash away.

“I’m glad spring is here,” Youngjae sighed contently, watching as the wind blew leaves in every direction, “This is our first spring together.”

“Do you like spring?” You hummed, halting your walk midway so Coco will come back to your side.

“It’s probably my favorite season,” he swung your hands that were intertwined, “The weather is perfect, and flowers are beginning to bloom. I think it’s absolutely beautiful.”

You chuckled softly, thinking of the corny things he would most likely say if it weren’t for you two being in public.

‘it’s beautiful out, but not as beautiful as you.’

“Do you want to get some icecream?”

“You think it’s warm enough for ice cream?” you chuckled, tightening the leash around your wrist as youngjae looked at you, a gleam of excitement in his eye as he tugged you in the opposite direction of which Coco was sniffing.

“It’s never too cold for ice cream, (Y/N),” He smiled down at you. His smile made your heart sting and your mind become hazy, but you loved it. No matter how long you knew him, no matter how long you had been dating him, his smile always has the same affect on you.

“Can we have to cones please?” Youngjae asked as you two arrived at the small ice cream vendor, smiling down at you softly before going to grab his wallet.

“You don’t ha-“

“I’ll pay for both of them, (Y/N),” Youngjae said, flipping his wallet open and fishing a bill out, “I want to spoil you. You’ve never let me spoil you before.”

“Because i feel bad,” you pouted slightly, taking the cone from the man as Youngjae handed him the money, “You don’t have to pay for it.”

“But i want to,” Youngjae said, leaning into you slightly, “And, by the way, you look cute when you pout.”

You felt heat rush to your neck as you looked away, pressing the ice cream to your lips as Youngjae chuckled.

“Are you getting nervous around me, (Y/N)?” Youngjae teased, “We’re always together, why is today any different?”

You looked away, gripping his hand tightly, hoping he would get the hint. He looked around, realizing that; not only were you showing affection to each other, but you were the only two of the normal group out in public.

“This is the first time that we have ever gone out alone together,” you mumbled softly, “We’ve never been out alone together, let alone on a date.”

“You’re nervous because this is our first date?” He questioned, voice and smile both as soft as the wind that you felt against your skin. You nodded, beginning to bite the cone as Youngjae nodded.

“Don’t be nervous, okay? Is there anything I can do to make you less nervous?”

“Well, I don’t know.” You began to nip at the cone constantly, hoping that it would half the embarrassing conversation you were in the middle of with him.

“I have an idea,” Youngjae said softly, pulling you over to a bench in the park you two were currently in. You sat down, looking at him with questioning eyes.

“Are you nervous because of the PDA?” Youngjae asked, slipping his hand from yours as he sat down next to him. “What if I kissed you?”

“That would make it worse,” you sighed, running a hand through your hair, “How would kissing me make it better?”

“When i kiss your cheek, it usually makes you feel better, or it makes you calm down, at least.”

“Because we’re in the privacy of your bedroom most of the time,” you sighed.

“Let me try, okay?” Youngjae said, pressing a hand to your cheek. Without any hesitation, he pressed his lips to yours, eyes fluttering shut as he kept a firm hold on you. Though you didn’t want to admit it, you felt your body becoming less tense at the feeling of his soft lips. Your eyes closed slowly, but opened not even a second later as Youngjae pulled away from you.

He smiled at you, leaning back in his seat as he let a chuckle fall past his lips.

“Told you so.”

Sweet, Sweet Victory

You’re a could’ve-been Olympic gymnastics champion now training someone else for the US team. He’s the current Women’s Head Coach who wants to take over her training. You two have a competition to decide who gets their way.

also known as

“Fuck You for It”

author: sugardaddytonystark (formerly buckysbackpackbuckle)
pairing: Lance Tucker x Reader
word count: 5186
author’s note: I threw a little bit of the movie Stick It in here too for plot reasons. I hope you don’t mind!

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Ok first of all, EVERYBODY BLAME @nifwrites for this, it’s all her fault and she knows it (jk ilu bb c:)

She wrote a breathtaking soulmate AU fic titled We Intertwined and I was inspired to say the least. This will be a multi-chapter (estimating 25-30 or so) Gladio soulmate AU, but if you think because it’s a soulmate fic there’s gonna be hella fluff, you’re dead wrong. Expect lots of hurt, angst, difficult situations and…there may be a death or two along the way. Either way, I hope you enjoy and are as excited as I am to take this little adventure.

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(Dean’s is way longer because I already had it written before I decided to make this a preference. I don’t know why most of them are in grocery stores? Sorry about that. Also, I’d love to take any request you have here...)


“Dean!” you waved the candy bar around in his face, his expression dropped and he looked at you, half wondering if you were really being serious. “Please! I really want candy right now. Dean! Dean! Dean! Dean, please! I’ll love you forever.” 

“Well, in that case,” he snapped sarcastically. 

“Please, Dean!” you begged. 

“Alright, Y.N, God! Stop with the eyes!” 

“Haha! Yea!” you exclaimed, laughing as you put the candy bar on the counter, dropping a couple Reece’s cups for Dean. “Can we get coffee later, too?” 

“Sure, princess.” he rolled his eyes sarcastically. 

“Your sarcasm is excruciating.” You covered your heart and slipped a five dollar bill into his closed fist. 

“Keep it.” he handed the bill back to you. 

“You two are adorable.” the young girl behind the counter blushed, looking at you and Dean. 

“Us?” you asked, peeking out from behind Dean’s arm. The girl nodded. 

“Thanks.” Dean bobbed his head in the air, flipping through his wallet for a ten. 

“How long have you been married?” she asked, waving your items over the scanner. 

Dean looked over his shoulder at you, tucked behind him. “Five years.” he blurted. 


“Sam!” you called quietly. “Sammy! Come on!” you sighed as you turned the corner and saw the tall man looking at a box of something. 

“What is this?” 

“I dunno. Hey, Dean said he’d rip us a pair of new ones if we didn’t get to the check out line right now.” I reported. “So we better- Are those chocolate covered strawberries?” you asked, walking slowly to Sam to look at the box he was holding. 

“Guess so. You want them?” 

“Uh, hell yes.” 

“Will you share?” 

“I bet if we both give dean the puppy dog eyes he’ll buy them for us.” you said, taking the box. 

“He can’t say no to you.” Sam stated. “Not with your eyes.” 

You heard snickering behind you and turned to see an old man hunched behind you. “Sorry.” he said hoarsely. “You two remind me of my wife and I when we were your age.” 

“Oh, we’re not-” you started but Sam smiled softly.

“Thank you.” he beamed. “Have a nice day.” 


“Ooo!” your sister squeaked. “Hello, baby sister!” you could smell the champagne on her breath when she slung her arm around your shoulder and placed a slobbery kiss on your cheek. 


“I am Castiel, angel of the Lord.” Cas intorduced himself. You groaned but luckily, your sister was too drunk to comprehend what he just said. 

She gasped. “Is this Cas? The Cas? The Cas you never shut about?” she laughed, waving her hand and spilling a little golden champagne on the floor. “Is he your boyfriend?” she tried whispering but it wasn’t working. 

“No.” you said. 

“I bet he is. You’re her boyfriend, huh?” 


“Come on. Cas, you’re her boyfriend.” She nodded at the angel. He nodded. “Look,” she pointed her glass at Cas. “He says you’re together.” 

“Is that how it works?” Cas asked. “I promise to watch over you, Y/N.” 




“Oh, come on. You’re being ridiculous.”

“No.” His voice was steel.

I scowled, “I’ve never asked you for anything before. And this means the world to me.”

“You asked me to pass the bacon this morning,” Dean smirked.

“Not funny. This is serious.” I tried a different tactic. “I’ll make it up to you. I’ll bake pies, do your laundry, free back massages, your pick. Just…please.”

“Still no.”

I threw up my hands in exasperation, “How can you be so selfish? I’ve done anything and everything for you and Sam. I’ve never questioned your judgment. I’ve always had your back.” My voice got small, “Do you not trust me?”

“Trust has nothing to do with it, sweetheart.”

I crossed my arms and set my chin, “Fine. Then I’ll just go without you.”

Dean’s face went dark, “Um, no you won’t.”

I met his gaze, “Look me in the eyes and tell me if I’m lying. I’ll do this, one way or the other. I’ll take off and it could be hours, days even, before you find me.”

“I’ll lock you in your room.”

I smirked, “Please, like that would stop me.”

He huffed, “I’d keep you in my sight at all times then.”

“Really, Dean? Even when I’m showering?”

A smile quirked at the corners of his mouth, “That would be the best part.”

I smacked his arm, “Cut it out. The bottom line is, this is going to happen, with or without you. I’m willing to suffer the consequences of my actions.” I did my best impersonation of Sam’s puppy dog eyes, “Please, Dean. Just…please?”

He stared at me for a long, long time. I held my breath in anticipation.


“Fine?” I was shocked.

“Meet me in the garage in ten minutes.”

I happily skipped down the hallway, stopping in front of Sam’s door and rapping on it in an upbeat manner. Sam swung the door open and looked at me with questioning eyes.

“You owe me twenty bucks.”

His eyes narrowed, “Show me.”

I gleefully swung Baby’s keys in front of his eyes and Sam smiled. “I can’t believe you talked him into it.” He dug out his wallet and flipped through the bills, “He must really love you.”

“I love him too.”

Sam tilted his head and smiled a bit, “No…you know what I mean.”

I snatched the twenty from his hands and scrunched my nose at him, “Sure, that would be the day.”

“You’ll see that I’m right!” Sam’s voice echoed after me as I scurried back down the hall, anxious to get to the garage where Dean was waiting. There wasn’t any time to think about things like that. For now, Baby was waiting. And I was the one with the keys.

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Making a Moment (Part 2)

Summary: Dipper finds out he and Mabel might have FEELINGS for each other, so tries to set up a situation where a relationship could develop naturally. Problems arise.

[Part 1]

[AO3 Link]

Operation Mentor

Summary: One of them will ask the other to teach them something, and during the teaching process the instructor in question will assist the learner by taking their hands and demonstrating proper technique, and the contact combined with the sharing of an important passion will lead to a ‘Moment,’ finally.

Step 1: Figure out a skill to be taught

Dipper hadn’t always had the most confidence in himself and the things he’d defined himself by, and while he’d gotten better about it, code-breaking, physics problems, and biological anomalies weren’t skills you taught by sidling up behind someone and grabbing their hands. Even if they were, if Mabel had asked to know more about those things he’d likely start a full on lesson plan and forget the romance entirely.

So he had to learn from Mabel, and luckily most of Mabel’s proficiencies were craft related. He figured pottery was too on the nose, and she probably didn’t have a clay wheel in her dorm room anyway, but he had an in with his earlier agreement. Since he had promised to ‘help’ her with her clothing design, there was plenty opportunity to ask to learn some beginner knitting techniques. Frankly, it was a bit embarrassing that he was completely clueless about the practice when he had a sister who’d been making her own clothing since she was 8.

So, all he had to do was ask her how to knit, and then learn. Sounded simple enough.

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Batman has a secret weapon in his arsenal, one he only pulls out on the toughest and most dangerous of criminals. He comes across a particularly nasty little fish, one who’s killed and will kill again. He has information Batman needs, Jim Gordon looks away in sympathy and wanders away so he won’t have to witness this necessary cruelty.

Batman slinks close to the criminals who is now beginning to sense that he is about to see true terror. He shifts uncomfortably as the Batman removes the cloth over his mouth in anticipation of his confession. Sweat beads on the unsavory man’s head as the Batman reaches slowly into a pocket on his belt, all the way in the back. The criminal is certain he will not be walking away from this, at least not with all his wits about him. The dark gloved hand returns with a small, black object between his fingers, approximately the size of a wallet.

Actually, the criminal blinks, it is a wallet. The wallet flips open and there unfolds an obscene number of pictures of various costumed children, all smiling into the camera. The Batman smiles as he points to one picture in particular with a menacing grin on his face. The criminal blanches as he realizes that this is much worse than he had every imagined. He wished the vigilante would break his fingers, punch his face, something, anything but this.

“Would you like to hear about my children?”

Not 15 minutes later, a horrific scream cuts through the night and soon the man is spilling all of his secrets just in the hopes that the Dark Knight would cease in his torture. The caped man smiles and begins to wind up the dozens of photos he had been proudly showing off (though he must admit he is a bit disappointed. He was in the middle of describing the amazing way Dick could perform a quadruple summersault but that was for another time). The Commissioner comes back just as the wallet has returned to it’s safe haven and for that he was greatful. The last time he’d been subjected to that treatment he’d nearly dived off the top of GCPD to escape.

He drags the still screaming man away by the handcuffs, telling himself that it was a necessary evil, something they needed to do to get the tough ones to talk. Still, he thought as he glanced over his shoulder to see the vigilante gone, most likely to use the screaming man’s information and probably check up on a Robin or two.

The most fearsome event of Gotham city was not the arrival of the mysterious Batman, but the man’s growth into a powerful father of young children who he would tear apart to protect. Jim, for a moment, imagined the man skulking around the place he called home, reading the paper while wearing socks and sandals and his children running around gaily. The sheer horror of the thought nearly causes hardened veteran, Jim Gordon, to burst into tears.

Character A is injured. Character B works in the ER.

This was bad. Sirius should be asleep to be fresh and ready for his interview tomorrow, but instead, he was sitting in an uncomfortable ER chair next to his best friend, his eye swelling, his lip throbbing, and his chest on fire.

In Sirius’ defense, he had warned the other guy that he would punch his lights out if he kept talking. He’d even been kind enough to give the asshole two punches before serving the guy’s ass on a platter.

“You’re a fucking idiot, Padfoot,” James said, even though he was holding a cloth against his split eyebrow. Sirius rolled his eyes and barked out a laugh that turned into a pained gasp. Bruised rib then.

“Hey, I told the guy—“

“Yeah yeah, you’re a real saint. You could have just walked out of the bar,” James retorted, but his smile gave him away. 

“You know, you’re right, but when some dick hole starts spewing filth, well, I can’t just let that slide,” Sirius says with a small, ginger, shrug.

“That’s truly noble, my friend, but a black eye isn’t going to look so great for that interview,” James chided. Sirius didn’t have a reply for that. It wouldn’t look good, and he needed to make a good impression on Dumbledore.

“Potter?” a voice called, clear across the relative chaos around them. James and Sirius looked up to find an unfairly attractive woman with dark red hair scanning the room.

“That’s me!” James called, lunging out of his chair before sitting back down with a sharp his. Bruised ribs for him too then. Sirius really should have seen the asshole’s friend swinging a chair. Hindsight and all that shit.

“Damn, Prongs, if you don’t make a move—“

“Are you kidding? I’m totally going to make a move! Shit, how do I look?” James turned to Sirius, and fuck, he looked so earnest it hurt.

“Great, Prongs, really, you look like a catch,” Sirius said with his best impression of a straight face. James scowled.

“Yeah, fuck you, I hope they decide that you’re injuries aren’t severe enough for meds,” James grumbled as he stood again. The woman was watching the two of them, and looking at her longer, Sirius could tell that she was probably exhausted. Her hair was pulled into a haphazard bun and the bags under her eyes were impressive.

“Love you too,” Sirius called after his best friend with a wide smile. The pain in his lip was worth it.  

James had only been gone for a moment when a smooth male voice called “Black.”

Sirius looked up automatically and his blood froze. A man with dusty brown hair and eye circles that rivaled hot-redhead’s was standing by the check in counter, looking down at what Sirius assumed were his intake forms. 

Say what you will, Sirius Black remembers every partner he has. Maybe not last names, but he has a knack for faces, and he and that face had become well acquainted in undergrad.

Remus Lupin had been in his sophomore literature class. He’d been wickedly smart, with a humor that was subtle but cutting. Sirius had fallen head over heels for him, and they’d hooked up a few times, had studied together, had even been on outings that could be called proper dates, but then Remus had dropped off the face of the damn earth.

Remus finally looked up from the clip board and scanned the room, his eyes gliding right over Sirius.

“Black? Sirius Black?” He called again. Sirius felt his stomach lurch and he raised a hand slowly. Finally Remus’s eyes met his own.

“Yeah, that’s me,” Sirius said slowly. He was vain, sure, but not vain enough to think that Remus would remember him from six years ago. Still, he had to admit that Remus’s utter lack of recognition hurt. Remus looked back down at the clip board, obviously waiting for Sirius to get his ass out of the hard plastic chair. 

Actually standing was easier said than done. Sirius felt a deep stab of pain in his chest and had to pause to catch his breath.

“Woah, okay,” a soft voice said, closer to Sirius than he expected. A broad hand cupped his elbow and Sirius sucked in a sharp breath when he looked up to see Remus hovering over him.

“You okay?” he asked, brows furrowed. He looked older than Sirius remembered him. Up close, there were scars on his face, and the dark circles under his eyes looks like dark bruises. His face was lightly lined, far more than would be expected of a person in their late twenties.

“Well, I can say I’ve been better, doc,” Sirius quipped as Remus helped him stand. Rather than let him go, Remus towed him over towards the beds that lined one of the emergency room walls.

“Hey, doctor, anyway you could make him prettier?” Sirius asked the red head who was standing over James. His best friend flashed a rude hand gesture while the doctor snorted.

“I’m not in plastics,” she said dryly and Sirius’s brows shot up.

“Oh, Prongs, I like her,” he said.

“Okay, on the bed first, then you can banter,” Remus said, exasperated already. Sirius smirked and levered himself down, hissing at the change in pressure on his chest.

“What’d you two get into?” the other doctor asked as she scribbled something on James’s chart.

“Oh, just your average night of revelry,” James said with a smirk. The doctor pursed her lips but didn’t say anything else.

The next hour was one Sirius wished he could forget. Remus and a pretty blond had helped him out of his shirt and looked him over. He’d been sent for x-rays and CT scans, been prodded and checked over.

Having James helped pass the time, but now his best friend was getting his own CT scan and Sirius was left waiting in the hospital bed. He pressed the call button on his bed remote idly, hoping that someone funny would show up.

The curtain opened to reveal Remus, annoyance etched into his features.

“Is something wrong?” he asked, looking Sirius over for signs of distress.

“I…uh, just bored,” Sirius grimaced. Remus’s frown deepened. “Sorry, I thought a nurse would show up,” he said weakly.

“Well, we’re understaffed at the moment, and honestly, nurses don’t have time for this kind of thing,” Remus said. He waited a moment before turning.

“Hey, wait! While you’re here,” Sirius said before he could stop himself. Remus paused and turned back. He didn’t say anything, just raised his eyebrows, waiting.

“Uh, sorry, this is probably fuckin’ weird, but, do you remember me?” Sirius asked. Remus stared at him for a few moments and Sirius felt his stomach clench uncomfortably.

“I only ask—we had a class together, once, and, well, we—“

“I remember you,” Remus said quietly. Sirius blinked at him.

“You do?” he asked, honestly surprised. Remus nodded, stepping closer to the bed and tweaking the curtain behind him.

“You’re hard to forget, Sirius,” Remus said with a small smirk. Sirius felt his heartbeat quicken.

“Why didn’t you say anything?” he asked quietly. 

“Because it was years ago?” Remus said, “Because we went on maybe three dates and then never saw each other again? And because I’m your doctor and you’re my patient.” 

“That—those were dates?” Sirius asked, unable to stop his smirk. He felt somewhat giddy, which could have been the excitement of realizing that his long harbored crush considered their previous meetings dates.

More likely, the pain killers were beginning to kick in. By the look on Remus’s face, he thought so too.

“Well,” he started with a sigh, looking away to hide his smile, “it was a long time ago.” the doctor stood and no! No nononono!

“Hey—wait,” Sirius leaned forward and grabbed Remus’s hand (which he thought was very impressive considering that hand was dancing so much) “We should do it again! Well,” Sirius found himself giggling, “well, not IT, or, we could, if you wanted, but only if you wanted, I’m all about consent.”

“Oh, okay, that’s the medication,” Remus said with another, really really, cute smile. There was an odd mixture of relief and disappointment in his tone.

“Yeah,” Sirius sighed, but that’s not what he meant, “Wait, no! Like, yeah, I can feel them, they’re great, good shit, top notch, but I mean it!” Remus raised his eyebrows and they started to mesh together. Weird.

“I mean like, yeah, Remus, I kinda—like, REALLY KINDA, like actually totally, want to date the crap out of you,” Sirius said with his best serious tone. 

“Okay, well, once you’re not hopped up on pain meds and come to your senses,” Remus started.

“No wait, but really, I’m serious!” Sirius said quickly. he looked around as much as he could without letting Remus’s hand go and grabbed his wallet. He flipped the bifold open and held up his ID. “See? I’m Sirius! And also serious.”

This time Remus did laugh, a snorting, small chuckle that flooded Sirius with warmth. He felt like he was floating above the bed, but Remus’s hand was anchoring him, keeping him from floating away.

“I really, really want to try again,” Sirius said, staring at Remus’s eyebrows, which were currently tangoing up his forehead, “you’re crazy talented eyebrows be damned.” Remus looked down at him, mouthing “eyebrows” and heaved one more sigh.

“Okay, look, I’m not saying yes or no while you’re high as a kite,” Remus said, serious, but there was a hint of a smile around the corner’s of his mouth. He pulled his hand away slowly, and there was nothing Sirius could do because Remus’s hand melted and then became solid again around a pen he was suddenly holding. He scribbled on a piece of paper for a moment and tore the scrap off the larger sheet.

“I’m going to put my number in your wallet, and IF you can remember any of this, call me,” he said, tucking the paper into Sirius’s wallet.

“Okay, that’s cool, yeah,” Sirius said slowly, “I’m all for that, just…” he trailed off, staring at his wallet.

“Yes?” Remus asked patiently.

“I just need to know…what language you wrote that shit in, so I can google translate it later,” Sirius said, looking from his wallet to Remus with wide eyes.

“I don’t know Egyptian pictures,” he said, obviously concerned. Remus laughed again, louder this time, and Sirius felt like there were bubbles popping in his head. It was great.

“I have faith in you,” Remus said, still chuckling. Sirius felt his eyes start to droop and realized for the first time just how tired he was.

“Okay…I’m gonna, nappy bye,” he slurred with a smile. Remus nodded.

“Okay, you nappy bye. I’ll come check on you in a little while.”

“Yeah you will,” Sirius said, or tried to say. He was ninety percent sure he said it, but the room had gone dark and fuzzy and warm and he could tell Remus later, just in case.


Dad Crocker: *flips open wallet*

Dad Crocker: *proudly points to a seemingly endless chain of photos pouring out the wallet*

Camera: *pans down to follow the procession of pictures, displaying a few dozen kids, trolls and cherubs, a couple of leprechauns, hundreds of consorts, thousands of carapaces… all partaking in activities sorted by descending order of ‘quality time’ rating, like baking, mushroom farming, roughhousing…*


AU at the airport. Naruto is carrying heaps of luggage with him, and being the stubborn and broke college student he is, there is no way he’d pay the excess baggage charge, and he’d rather die than to throw anything away (mind you, those are limited editions of cup ramen). The impulsive Uzumaki bargains with the staff so much that he’s sent to the interrogation room. Surprisingly he finds a raven-haired man there already arguing with the officer. 

‘I repeat: I am born with those eyes. I am NOT sick.’ 

‘Sorry Mr. Uchiha, but you must provide medical proof or we have rights to refrain you from boarding the plane.’ 

And this is where Naruto steps in, ‘Hey I know this man. He’s my childhood friend, and you know what, I’ve always loved his special eyes.’ 

Then he brings out //lots of // photos of their young selves, much to Sasuke’s embarrassment and relief, until the officer finally lets them go. 

Turns out they’re on the same flight back to the neighborhood they grew up in. And because Sasuke’s fingers moves on his own to flip out his wallet (and definitely not because he wants to show gratitude thank you very much), Sasuke settles Naruto’s baggage charge and during the flight they fill each other in on the things that happened during their years apart.

Man Dissolved in Acidic Water After Trying to “Hot Pot” Soak in Yellowstone National Park Hot Pool

He and his sister were trying to “hot pot,” or soak in the water.

An Oregon man who died in a Yellowstone National Park hot spring and dissolved when he fell into the boiling, acidic water, was looking to soak in the water, park officials said in a report.

The report, which followed a Freedom of Information Act request from KULR, found that Colin Scott, 23, was looking for a place to “hot pot,” or soak in the streaming waters—a practice forbidden by the park—with his sister in June. He “was reaching down to check the temperature of a hot spring when he slipped and fell into the pool,” the report said, quoting his sister Sable Scott.

Search and rescue rangers who looked for Scott found his body in the pool, along with his wallet and flip flops, but their recovery efforts were thwarted by a lightning storm. The next day, they could not find any remains because of the acidic water quality.

“In a very short order, there was a significant amount of dissolving,” Deputy Chief Ranger Lorant Veress told KULR.


Sister Winchester - Forgotten

Pairings: Sam Winchester x Sister Reader, Dean Winchester x Sister Reader

Y/N = Your Name

Y/I = Your initials 

Word Count: 2453

Summary: You wake up in a field with no memory. After a while you have an episode of memories crashing into your head and find a picture of you with supposedly your two brothers. Afterwards you walk to the closest town and find a job as a waitress. Searching for your past life and you put posters around the town asking if anyone had recognised them. However as you were losing hope a bizarre series of events will lead you to finding some answers. 

A/N: Back to Sister fics again and a big thanks to ri-spn once again for her lovely editing and fact checking skills. Also if you every want a part two of any of these fics in order to get some closure please feel free and ask for it. I would love to share more of these stories with you x Love you long time xx

You peeled your eyes open and squinted at the glary grey cloud covered sky as you laid on your back in the soft grass. You couldn’t remember what exactly happened or how you got there. In fact, you couldn’t remember anything at all. You lolled around on the grass waiting for you to gather your energy and memories. You had a snippet of memories float into your mind of you driving away from a motel in a stolen car to Salem. Next there was a cloud of sparkling powder blown in your face and flashes of a deteriorating house, dried herbs and blood taken from your sick and exhausted form. Then just black for what felt like months.
Now you were waking up in small clearing surrounded by forest. You felt drowsy and sick. You went to call out for help but you had forgotten how to talk. You went to get up, but you forgot how to move your limbs. You had forgotten your name, your age, your parent’s names or if you had any other family. But slowly you started to remember some minimal memories and now you could move and stand, however you were like a toddler learning to walk again. It took a few tries but you got there. However, you still didn’t know how you had gotten to where you were or, better yet where to go next. You had the scare of your life when you found a gun and a switch blade in your back pocket. What kind of person am I? Am I in some sort of danger? You thought as you quickly dropped the dangerous weapons as overwhelming thoughts filled your mind. A lump in your jean’s pocket made you discover and pull out a wallet. Inside you found out what your name was, Y/N Winchester. Then you were confused when there were other ID cards behind the first one, stating other names and ages. Apparently, you were a wildlife ranger, a member of the FBI and a student at Harvard, (according to your library card). Behind a plastic window there was a small faded photo of you laughing next to two larger men leaning on a sleek black car. You flipped the photo over to see messy handwriting labelling the photo, “The Winchester Siblings: Sam, Y/N and Dean with ‘Baby’ at Bobby’s house, 2014” You felt dizzy and found yourself on the ground as memories crashed to the forefront of your mind:

Black leather seats of an old car.
State names on sign posts on vacant highways.
A toy army soldier stuck in a pocket of the car door.
The initials SW, DW and Y/I carved in jaggered lines.
Motel rooms, an old journal and faded photos.
Guns, knives and salt.
Black Smoke, hex bags and strong liquor.
Neon vacancy signs and weary bodies.
Tomb stones and cross roads.
The melody of your favourite lullaby.
A woman’s scream and a father’s shouts.
A house fire and hospital waiting rooms.
The piercing stares of Yellow, Green, Brown, Red, Black and Blue eyes.
An angel in a trench coat.
A squat king with an English accent
Metallica T-shirts and cassettes tapes.
Plaid shirts and pentagram tattoos.

You woke up gasping for air as the episode of memories finished. You were feeling so confused and hopeless. You had so many questions and yet no one to answer them, what had happened? Where were you? Where was your family? Who were you? You felt lost and sad. With creaking joints, you grabbed the gun and blade thinking they might come in handy whilst you pushed up off the ground. You began to wonder through the forest until you came to a set of train tracks and followed them until you came to a small town. 

You sheepishly walked into an old diner, checking your new surroundings as a bell at the door jingled making you jump. “You okay darling, you look lost”, an older waitress looked at you worriedly and poured you some coffee inviting you to take a seat, “I think I am” you admitted. You flipped open your wallet and pulled out the photo of you with the two boys before passing it to her, “Do you recognise these men? … I think I am supposed to know them, but I just can’t seem to remember who they are.” The woman sadly shook her head and handed the photo back, “Don’t worry you’ll remember them sooner or later or they will find you hun.” She smiled “But for the meantime do you have a place to stay? It looks like you have been roughing it for a while” she sympathised. You shook your head whilst taking a sip of the bitter beverage. She pulled out her own wallet and handed you some green notes, “Take this and go get yourself a room down at the motel down the end of the main street. Then come back here tomorrow morning and I’ll get you some breakfast”. You took the money gratefully before walking out the diner down the main street and to the motel. The next day you returned and met the woman again as she served you pancakes for breakfast. As you ate she offered you a temporary job as a waitress until you found your feet. You took the job and hadn’t looked back since. You turned out to be a fantastic waitress and people would return purely to be served by your warm and friendly nature. You had boys that hung around, too shy to ask you on a date. You had people who would only be served by you. Patrons who you knew their usual orders off by heart and others who would only have you to make their coffees because you knew how to make it just right.

You felt like the town had adopted you whilst you looked for your real family. There was always someone having you over for tea and checking up on you. When you weren’t working, you were at the library researching into finding your family. You put up posters around town asking if anyone recognised the men in the photo that lived in your wallet. However as warmer months went by they faded the posters then the winter rain and snow and snow rolled in and made some of the poster’s ink run. However, you were never contacted from anyone who recognised your supposed brothers. It wasn’t too bad you thought. Why should you be upset over people you don’t even remember?, but there always seemed something missing in your apple pie life and you couldn’t put your finger on it. Like a hole right in the middle of your chest but you didn’t know how to fill it.

It had been 8 months since you had put up the posters and now you felt defeated as you finished pulling them down. You were walking back to the diner with your head down as you observed the pavement, clutching the posters tight across your chest. Until you walked straight into the back of someone. You fell over and the posters in your hands dropped, “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to have you fall …are you okay?” a mechanical voice asked in a concerned tone. You kept your eyes down as you gathered the posters around you, “Oh no please don’t worry it was my fault, I should have been watching where I was going…my mind was somewhere else…” you trailed off, shaking your head. “Sorry again” you sincerely apologised as you stood up and continued your walk to the diner. But as you got up and looked into the man’s face it was like you were meeting someone from a reoccurring dream… Blue eyes. An angel in a trench coat, floated across your mind like that day in the clearing. You shook your head, there’s no such things as angels you thought as you kept walking.

The man turned around and watched you walk off, his mouth was gaping open. He was pale as if he had seen a ghost, “You alright Cas?” a gruff voice came behind him. “Y-yeah I’m fine Dean, I think I just saw…no, it couldn’t have been… Don’t worry” Cas stammered in reply, still taken a back. He stopped himself from admitting that he thought he had recognised you because the boys were still devastated after your disappearance. He didn’t get a good look at you so he wasn’t 100% sure. But he remembered that voice and those eyes, It could have been Y/N, he thought.
“Well I’m starving, is there a diner around?” Dean stated pulling Cas from his thoughts, “Yeah there’s one on the corner.” Sam recommended. The three of them started walking towards the diner but Cas trailed behind when his eye caught a stack of discarded posters in a bin, the same ones you had been carrying. He slowly walked up to the bin and picked one up, as the brothers walked into the diner.

Meanwhile you were in the backroom getting changed into your uniform. You pulled your hair into a messy bun and secured it in place with a few bobby pins. You secured your name tag to your cotton uniform top and wrapped your apron around your waist. You pushed open the back door and stepped behind the counter as you saw the backs of two men walking to a booth. One was shorter with hair to match and the other tall with longish hair. You didn’t recognise them so they must have been from out of town you thought whilst filling up a fresh pot of coffee.

“Hey I reckon Pete is finally going to ask you out Y/N” one of your fellow waitresses teased, “He’s been here all afternoon waiting for you to clock onto your shift” she continued. You just smiled and laughed, “Well that is very sweet of him, but unfortunately I’m not in the mood so I’ll have to pass”. 

You appreciated the girls trying to cheer you up. They knew you were giving up looking for your family and knew how important that was to you. The coffee pot was half full when you pulled it out of the machine and made your way out from behind the counter to the usual patrons. You were pouring the blushing Pete some coffee when the man who you walked into was running past the diner windows. His trench coat flew behind him as he clutched one of your posters in his hands. He pulled opened the door as the bell tinkled and ran past you whilst slamming the poster in front of the two unknown men. They were all staring at the poster in disbelief as you walked up behind the men in the trench coat and interrupted them, “coffee?” you sweetly asked. The three men turned around, eyes bulging and it was then that you recognised them making you drop the coffee pot in surprise. You grabbed your head and dropped to your knees as memories flooded into your head,

Black leather seats of Baby whilst Dean drove and Sam sat shotgun.
State names on sign posts on vacant highways as you joked with Cas in the back seat.
A toy army soldier which Dean had stuck in a pocket of the car door when he was a kid.
The initials SW, DW and Y/I carved in jaggered lines for Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester and Y/N Winchester .
Motel rooms, Dad’s old journal and faded photos of your family.
Guns, knives and salt you used against monsters you fought alongside your brothers.
Black Smoke of demons, hex bags of witches and strong liquor used as a sedative when you sewed your brothers up.
Neon vacancy signs and weary bodies when you finally found a place to stay after a hunt.
Tomb stones of your parents and cross roads where you attempted to make deals to bring them back.
The melody of your favourite lullaby, Hey Jude.
Your Mothers scream and your father’s shouts for Dean to take you and Sam outside.
The old house on fire and hospital waiting rooms as you waited on news of your injured love ones.
The piercing stares of the Yellow eyed demon, Green eyes of Dean, Brown eyes of Sam, Red eyes of Crowley, Black eyes of demons and Blue eyes of Castiel.
Castiel, the angel in his trench coat.
Crowley, the squat king with an English accent
Metallica T-shirts and cassettes tapes belonging to Dean.
Plaid shirts of Sam’s and pentagram tattoos which you all shared.

“Y/N!, Y/N!… Sweetheart c’mon wake-up… there we go honey don’t worry we got you, we got you now”, a voice in which you hadn’t heard for what felt like a lifetime but recognised as Sam’s swirled around your head bringing you back to consciousness. You blinked your eyes until your vision was no longer blurry. Three men looked down on you with worried and tired eyes waiting to see your reaction to the surprise reunion. You burst into tears as you recognised the men who around you were the same from that photo. Your brothers Sam and Dean and the angel who sat on their shoulders. You had finally found them. Dean pulled you in for a tight hug when you started to cry and he finally got to hold you again. You inhaled his rich scent of whisky and gun powder as Sam kissed the top of your forehead and patted your back smiling. You were all crying on the diner floor as your clothes soaked in the spilt coffee and tears. None the less it was the happiest you had ever been. You felt that hole inside your chest finally fill with the returning love of your real family. “God we thought you were dead Y/N. You went for that hunt and you never came home… we looked up, down and across the country for you but we couldn’t find you” Dean confessed as you sobbed into his chest. “It’s alright bug, we got you now. No one is ever going to separate you from us again. We are family and we will always find our way back to each other.” Dean promised and with that he picked you up and put you back on your feet. You walked past your boss still crying and fell into her embrace as you thanked her for everything she had done for you. She whispered back into your ear, “I told you they would find you darling”. Your brothers thanked her and then you walked out the diner and over the road to where Baby was parked. Sam sat in the back with you as Cas rode shotgun and Dean drove back home and back to your old life.