flip ups


terrible tiny man/ dinosaur. i hate this. this probably isn’t canon but it is in my heart.


If I’m going to surgery, I’m going in style. I got my Star Wars PJs, one of my Star Wars shirts and Simpson’s underwear along with Bombas socks and I’ll have my Sorel slippers on. because that’s how I roll mother flippers.

See you hopefully on the flip side doped up and cut in all the right places. And not in the wrong ones.

Much love,


@fenton-to-phantom and I were talking about ghosts betting on the legendary battles of stubbornness between Danny and Clockwork and ghosts having casinos for gambling.

Imagine that. Imagine what kind of gambling they’d have.

In the Ghost Zone, Tarot is actually a form of gambling. Ghosts and their buddies bet on what cards will show up for them as a way of guessing what events will happen to them. Whoever is the most accurate gets the money. Then the ghost can bet against the card reader whether or not these events will actually happen. But the tarot card readers are tricky, so beware if you take that bet. They can make anything sound like the cards they flipped up for you.

I feel like relationship goals is dating a guy and then when he dumps you to date his hotter older brother who is also a drug dealer who can afford to get you a lung transplant but maybe that’s just me

a quick sketch of celica!! if anyone knew anything about her can u tell me about it.. asking for a friend

I have really bad pareidolia - hearing imagined patterns in white noise. I constantly hear things that don’t exist. I sit up lots of nights, listening to these phantom sounds in my fan. 

I brought it up to my therapist yesterday, because I was hoping for some sort of ‘trick’ to ignore it and go to sleep, and you know what? Apparently, most people hear music or rhythmic, repeating phrases. Nice, gentle, calming type things. She said it’s very normal and there’s nothing to do about it, and just sit back and learn to enjoy it.

Then I informed her that I don’t hear music; I hear the screams of the damned. Shrieking, moaning, hollering, bawling… eerie screeches of agony and fear all night. The occasional voice that comes through is not… necessarily pleasant.

My therapist said - and I quote: “That’s not okay, dear.” Then she suggested that i get rid of my fan because, “you never know when you’ve accidentally opened a portal to Hell until it’s too late.” (I love my therapist, btw)

I bought a white noise machine on my way home, and now have a fan up for sale.

Anyone interested? :)

signs as predebut exo

aries: chen




leo: baekhyun



scorpio: chanyeol

sagittarius: suho