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  • Jungkook: How the hell do you get away with everything?
  • Yoongi: He’s a scheming prick.
  • Taehyung: Also I’m adorable.
  • Yoongi: That too.
  • Taehyung: *chokes*
Scary Movie

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word Count: 1313
Warnings: Fluff, mentions of scary images

Summary: You are part of the Avengers. You have a night off and the team decides to watch a scary movie.

A/N: So I just watched The Conjuring 2 and I wish I had Bucky to protect me :(

It was Saturday, the first night that the team has had off in a while. There were no missions, nobody was under attack; it was just a regular night for the group of people that made up The Avengers to have some fun. Sam was usually in charge of the planning. He would make arrangements for the group to go out or sometimes, with Tony’s help, he would bring the party to the compound. Tonight everyone decided to stay in. The last few days had been rough and no one complained about sleeping in this morning, even Steve. Everyone was shocked, he’s usually up at 5am training hard but not today. No, he slept late, until 6:30am. That’s late for him at least.

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Craig x Tweek with a pen I stole off my cousin. My Tweek is the one with piercings but too scared for a tattoo while Craig is part of the main group trying to stop the apocalypse from happening. Tweek is done with this shit and wants his bf to be safe. While Craig fights literal demons and isn’t sure how Tweek can do protection.

Seventeen As Band/Marching Band Members

Seungcheol: Trumpet

-He’s got the confidence *cough cough arrogance* of a trumpet player
-But also the talent and hard work to make up for it
-He would be shameless in his boastfulness and use any excuse to tell people that he made first chair
-If you genuinely compliment his playing he’ll get vry shy and be all bashful and flattered

Jeonghan: Clarinet

-He looks like he’s nice but is probably talking shit about the rest of the band
-Loyal af to those who earn it but will be neutral and non-expressive if you rub him the wrong way
-Probably joined band because his parents made him but decided to stick through it anyway.
-Is good at clarinet without trying and always gets first chair without actually practicing

Joshua: Euphonium/Mellophone

-Tries his best even when other people are slacking off
-Is generally a chill person in band class
-Is the only person who actually listens to the drum major during marching rehearsals

Junhui: Snare

-Acts nonchalant but takes percussion more seriously than he gives the impression of
-But no one complains bc dang boi you looking fine
-Causes people to miss their dot because they were distracted by his beauty or just plain shocked at his lack of clothing
-People think he’s showing off because he twirls his drumstick between his fingers really fluidly and like all of the time but in reality he does it subconsciously and didn’t notice he was doing it until Flutist!Seungkwan slapped it out of his hand one day

Jihoon: Oboe

-Refuses to do marching because he thinks it’s a waste of time and they don’t march oboe(he refuses to switch instruments)
-Takes AP Music Theory as well as band
-Jihoon: “Well at least I’m first chair”
-Jun: “You’re the only oboe in this class”
-Jihoon: “Shouldn’t you be hitting something”
-Thinks highly of his playing AS HE SHOULD because it’s the most beautiful thing
-The rumor is that after he left his audition into the band the band director had to take a break, cry, and come back to continue auditions
-Coincidentally, his next audition was Percussionist!Vernon so the band director ending up crying after that audition for the complete opposite reason

Soonyoung: Colorguard (I’M NOT EVEN SORRY)

-Is the most hype of everyone and  cannot stay still for the life of him
-Was a dancer until he say flyers for guard try outs and was like “guns? Swords? DanCING WITH FLAGS??? SIGN ME THE FUCK UP”
-Is friends with all the marching band kids and knows everyone’s name in the program
-If you don’t march and are only in band classes then you don’t count in his eyes lol (unless you’re Oboe!Jihoon because he may or may have a small {LARGE} crush on u)
-Is the person who cheers and yells encouragement after each run through
-If you are mean or negative to him or someone he loves then he may or may not “accidentally” whack you in the back of the head with a rifle or swoop your legs out from under you with a flagpole

Wonwoo: Sousaphone

-Very chill and content with chit chatting with everyone
-Is probably the only one besides GuardMember!Soonyoung and Piccolo!Seokmin who is genuinely happy to be there
-Low key has resting bitch face but as soon as you start talking to him it’s a 180 flip and he lights up completely
-Has tipped over and fallen during runs several times over the years
-Mellophone!Joshua is always the first person to run and help him up
-Clarinet!Jeonghan is always the first one to start laughing and the last one to stop laughing
-If DrumMajor!Chan happens to notice Wonwoo fall while he’s conducting, he can’t help but stop immediately and bust out laughing

Mingyu: Marimba

-Thought about marching in the battery but was like “naw, it’s heavy and I’ll get all sweaty and ugh too much physical effort” so he stuck with front percussion and is very good at it
-Wears low cut tank tops or no shirt at all when on the practice field because “I am not about to get a farmer’s tan that will never go away”
-Still gets a major sock tan and will  complain about it incessantly
-Mingyu: “But it’s so noticeable!”
-Joshua: “When you think about it, we all have terrible sock tans… Is it like our own friendship mark thing?”  
-Jeonghan: “Shut up Joshua”
-Soonyoung: “BE NICE TO HIM”

Seokmin: Piccolo

-Can’t tell if he’s playing his instrument or just screaming
-Always smiling and making stupid faces back and forth with GuardMember!Soonyoung until DrumMajor!Dino catches them and tells them to knock it off
-They stop for like ten minutes then start again
-Enjoys sneaking up on people and then playing the highest note he possibly can directly into their ear
-He did this once to Oboe!Jihoon and never ran away so fast in his life because you better bet Jihoon ran after his ass
-Jihoon may or may not have put rainbow stickers all over his piccolo as a form of retaliation
-Didn’t work though because Seokmin LOVED THE STICKERS and kept them on until the next competition where DrumMajor!Chan was like “no you cannot march with those on your instrument, it’s not uniform with everyone else”
-So that they could all be uniform with rainbow stickers
-DrumMajor!Chan shot him down immediately, but let Seokmin stick stickers all over him because he felt bad that he ruined Seokmin’s fun

Minghao: Saxophone

-This sassy diva omg of course he’s a saxophone player
-Was forced into marching by his parents but stuck with it because he liked the people who marched and wanted to stay friends with them
-Is naturally really good at playing the saxophone and doesn’t have to try very hard
-Wanted to do winter guard during the off season but was too scared of what the rest of the band would think
-Was almost convinced by Percussionist!Junhui to do indoor percussion but Saxophone!Minghao took one look at the fair share and was like “NOPE”
-Always talks to Percussionist!Jun during stand by
-DrumMajor!Chan doesn’t tell him to stop because he knows he’ll just start talking again
-DrumMajor!Chan has no problems putting Percussionist! Junhui in his place tho lol boy gets told off a lot but Percussionist!Jun always has a clap back, even if it doesn’t really make sense
-Chan: “Jun, for the love of God stop talking, and put on a shirt!”
-Jun: “It’s too hot, why don’t you take off your shirt!”
-Chan: “??? No?”

Seungkwan: Flute

-Likes to gossip with Clarinet!Jeonghan but always accidentally warps information or takes it out of context so it sounds weird
-Seungkwan: “Yeah so then Jun told Chan to take of his shirt”
-Jihoon: “this is why I don’t freaking march”
-Soonyoung: “oh but you should!” *spaces out with a derp face because now he’s picturing Jihoon shirtless under the setting sun with the wind blowing his hair*
-Doesn’t take criticism well
-Chan: “Flutes, play louder next time” -Seungkwan: “Maybe you should conduct better next time”
-Is really supportive of the new kids and tells them fun stories to cheer them up when they feel overwhelmed
-Seungkwan: “Yeah and then Wonwoo just tipped right over and everyone kept going”

Vernon: Bass Drum

-Thought that being a percussionist would make him popular with the ladies so he auditioned but had no experience playing drums before
-Didn’t think it would be very difficult, but was dead wrong
-He was so bad he made the band director cry, but the director let him join anyway because they needed more percussionists
-He actually worked really hard and got better at percussion and even decided to march
-He wasn’t experienced enough to do snare yet though (which is what he really wanted to do) but was content with being put on bass drum
-Followed the influence of Percussionist!Junhui and also never wears a shirt, but people yell at him for it instead of staring at him lol
-Asks Percussionist!Junhui to teach him how to spin a drumstick between his fingers because he thinks it looks cool
-Spent the next six hours practicing it until he got it down perfect

Chan: Drum Major

-The most responsible even though he’s the youngest
-Commands respect from everyone marching because no one likes to see Lee Chan angry like it’s just not fun for anyone because he’ll pout for days
-Tries to keep everyone on task and is generally successful in this
-Made up his own little drum major salute for right before performing and everyone agrees that he looks so cute while doing it even though he’s trying to be professional and manly
-He’s the glue that keeps everyone from falling apart, and the marching band wouldn’t be nearly as good without him

Don’t think

Title: Don’t think
Pairing: Mr. ArgentxReader
Warnings: Smut, under age pairing, affair.
Summary: Y/N stays at Allison’s house to cover for her when she sneaks out. Now she has her own little secret. 

Originally posted by teenwolfmen

I hadn’t been oblivious to the lingering looks and small smiles that Chris had bestowed on me whenever I hung out with Allison at their house. I’d noticed, I just thought I was insane. He was married. He was my best friends dad. He was…waaaay older then I was.

He liked to kill werewolves. 

I wasn’t one. Yet. I wanted to be one. Derek wouldn’t turn me because my over protective brother Stiles wouldn’t let him. 

Being that he was a hunter was the main reason I was afraid of him, but not the reason I thought he wasn’t casting his eyes over my frame. He couldn’t be. That’s all.

Tonight, I was staying at Allison’s so I could cover for her while she snuck out with Scott for a few hours. I’d brought my favorite pajamas, some popcorn and Me Before You so I could watch it while Allison was gone before I went to bed for the night. 

I rang the doorbell and smiled brightly as Mr. Argent opened the door, his eyes swinging over me in that way I kept telling myself wasn’t actually happening and then he caught my gaze and smiled back. “Ms. Stilinski, Allison’s upstairs.” 

I nodded, another smile as he let me into the house. “You can call me, Y/N, mr. Argent.”

He chuckled. “And as I’ve said before, you can call me Chris.”

My smile turned into a grin and I made my way towards the stairs. I felt his eyes linger on me as I hustled up them and swung into Allison’s room. “Hey!” 

She grinned, putting on a few more dabs of lipstick. “Hi, Y/N! You look dashing.”

“Only for five more minutes, so if you want a picture, take it now. I wanna get in my pj’s.” I giggled, jumping onto her bed and opening up my bag. 

“Well go on then, get all comfy. My mom went on a trip to my grandparents and my dad will probably be in his study all night like he always is. Kitchen is all yours and you can watch any of my movies.” She smiled as she turned around on her chair. “Thank you so much for doing this for me.”

“No problem.” I smiled and then pointed at her outfit. “I like it, how long is it gonna stay on for?” 

She blushed, swinging a nearby pillow at me. “Hush!” 

I laughed and stood up from the bed. “Just don’t tell me the dirty details. I don’t want to hear them twice and Stiles will tell me eventually.” My fingers clutched at the fabric of my shirt, tugging it up and over my head, I slid my skirt off along with it. 

“I’ll keep them to myself.” Allison laughed before standing up to go into her bathroom.

I turned to face my bag and reached in for my pajamas when the door swung open. I spun around in surprise, hands clutching around my exposed body when my eyes latched with Chris’. 

His widened before he shut them, reaching quickly for the door handle. “Shit! I’m so sorry, Y/N. So sorry. I’m uh…” He opened his eyes so he could find the door handle and I swore that he took one more look before quickly swinging the door shut. 

I cursed under my breath, eyes still wide as I tried to gather myself and quickly slid into my pajamas. Allison popped out of the bathroom a few minutes later and looked around. “Did my dad come in here?”

“Oh, no, I mean yeah just a minute a go, but he was just seeing if…if we needed anything for our girls night.” I smiled and stood up, flicking her hair back a bit. “You look great, you better hurry and find your wolf in the dark.” 

She grinned, bouncing on her heals a bit before she kissed my cheek and rushed to the window. “Thanks again, Y/N!”

I waved a goodbye and grabbed the movie from my bag. I decided to wait a bit before I started it, make it seem like me and Allison were up here talking about boys and painting each others nails. 

A couple hours later, I heard a knock out the door and I quickly stood up, flipped the light onto the bathroom and shut the door. A moment later, Chris opened it and peeked in. “Hey, Y/N…” He glanced around. “Where’s Allison?”

I frowned a bit. “She’s in the bathroom, she wasn’t feeling to great so she’s taking a bath. Probably gonna crash out early tonight.”

He glanced a bit worried at the bathroom door and then nodded, turning his gaze back to me. “I am very sorry about walking in on you like that.” He seemed to be having a hard time having this conversation with me and he refused to make eye contact with me. “I should have knocked.”

I bit my lower lip and cleared my throat, glad that I was on the other side of Allison’s bed, suddenly a bit conscious about the short, tight pajama bottoms I was wearing. “Oh…It’s uhm…It’s fine. I’ll survive.” 

He gave a short laugh and nodded. “Right, well. I’ll be in my study for the rest of the night. If she needs anything, or you, don’t hesitate to knock and get my attention.”

“Thank you, Chris.” I smiled softly, he finally looked up at me and returned it before shutting the door on his way out. 

I popped the DVD into her xbox and then grabbed my bag of popcorn and headed downstairs. 

Once in the kitchen, I pulled the wrapper off of the bag and put it into the microwave. I turned around and walked over to the fridge, pulling it open and opting for a bottle of water. 

“Shoot.” I grumbled when the bottle cap rolled across the kitchen floor and under the island in the middle. 

I set the bottle on the counter and dropped to my knees, bending down to get a good look under the counter before reaching out to grasp the cap. It was just out of my reach so I tried to press closer to it. “Come onnnn.” 

I brought my hand back and shifted my position again before trying to reach out once more. 

The sound of someone clearing their throat made me jump back from the counter, nearly falling backwards. “Sorry. Didn’t mean to scare you.” Chris was standing, a bit awkwardly, by the kitchen island, keeping the lower half of his body angled around the corner. “You know, this moves…” 

Originally posted by glittermerm-moved

I watched in surprise as he slid the Island to the side, reaching down to grasp the cap in between his fingers. “Here.”

I was biting my lip, my cheeks flushed as i reached out to grab the cap, watching as his fingers slid across mine when he let it go. The thought of him watching my bent over form, my pajamas bunched up between my legs made me lose my breath. 

He raised a brow, standing up to move the Island back into place. “Are you okay?” Chris reached a hand out towards me and raised a worried brow. “Y/N?”

I swallowed. “Y-Yeah, I’m fine.” I smiled, reaching up to take his hand. I was planning to use his weight as an anchor to pull myself up, thought he decided to pull me up himself, which resulted in me colliding directly into him. 

There was something pressed against my hip when I pressed into him. It only took me a single moment to realize exactly what it was, but the groan that escaped Chris’ lips confirmed it. 

He pushed me back quickly, watching the blush and wide eyed expression I had. “Y/N…It’s not…” There was a pause and he bit his lip, trying to figure out what to say. “You’re…you’re a beautiful young lady, but it’s no–” 

I kissed him, capturing his lips with mine, my hands on his chest. For a moment, he caved, he kissed me back and he gripped my hips, trying to pull me closer to him, but all to soon, he pushed me back. “I can’t.”

My eyes shot to his, hands still resting on his chest. “I’m sorry, Mr. Argent..” I moved to step back. “I thought I saw…I don’t know…” I cleared my throat. “I-I’m gonna go back upstairs.”

The hands on my hips didn’t move, in fact when I went to pull away he tugged me back to him, letting me press against the hardened member straining against his jeans. “You saw right, Y/N.” He growled, his voice low. “You drive me crazy, every inch of you. Those bright eyes and that smile…Your skin looks so fucking smooth.” 

Chris swallowed, his fingers sliding against the exposed skin under the shorts I wore. “I’m a horrible person for having the thoughts I have about you. If anyone my age ever thought of my daughter the way I’m thinking about you right now….” 

I looked up at him slowly, biting my lip as I pressed against him, rotating myself to grind into his pelvis. He groaned, gripping my flesh tighter. “Is it awful, the dreams I have about you? Thinking about how you’d feel kissing down my neck and touching my chest?” 

His voice hitched. “Y/N…Be careful.” 

“You need to kiss me or let my hips go, Mr. Argent.” I tilted my hips up again, rocking my heat against his own, letting a soft whimper pass my lips. 

“Fuck.” Chris groaned, reaching down to clasp his hands around my ass, he lifted me up, setting me on the kitchen counter, wrapping my legs around his waist. “This is wrong.”

His lips traveled down my neck and across my chest, making quick work removing my shirt. I moaned softly, keeping my hips moving against his own. “Mr. Argent…” My voice broke with a soft wimper towards the end. 

His eyes lifted to catch my gaze. “Do you want me to stop?”

I shook my head quickly from side to side. “No…I want you to fuck me.” 

I watched his Adam’s apple bob at the word, felt his hard member twitch against my leg. His lips parted in surprise, but before he could hesitate, I reached down to run my hand over the front of his jeans. “Please?”

The hesitation dissolved from his face instantly, eyes casting down to watch as I rubbed my hand against him, his breath quickening. “Stop.” He ordered, making me instantly cease my movements. I worried that his senses hit him again, that he was going to send me back to Allison’s room. 

“Get down.” I did as he said, jumping down from the kitchen counter, my chest pressed against him. I parted my mouth to say something, but before I could he grabbed my wrist, pulling me out of the kitchen and into his room around the corner. 

He shut the door behind him, hitting the lock, his eyes turning from the door to me. He raked his gaze over my topless form, smirking softly. “You’re overdressed.” 

I wasn’t going to be told twice, instantly, I hooked my fingers around my pajama bottoms and slid them down along with my panties, letting them both fall to the floor. “Is this better?” 

He growled, walking towards me in a way that could be considered an animal ready to take down its prey. He used the look on his face to make me back up until my knees pressed against the edge of his bed. 

Chris placed his hands on my shoulders, shoving me back so I landed on the soft blankets. I watched with excitement as he tugged his shift over his head, undoing the belt he wore. 

A few moments later, he loomed over me in nothing, but his boxers. As he got on the bed, he stopped between my thighs, leaning down to snake his tongue through my folds. I whimpered, bucking my hips up in surprise. 

He grinned lightly, eyes capturing my gaze. “I’ve barely touched you and yet…” He pressed a finger into me, sliding it in as deep as he could. “You’re soaking wet.”

I moaned. “Please, keep going…Keep touching me.”

Chris caved, pulling his finger back only to add another, slipping them both back in as his thumb twirled around my clit, watching every movement I made, taking in every whimper and moan. The way my breath quickened whenever I was close to the edge, only for my whimper to continue when he stopped his actions so that I couldn’t find my release just yet. 

His free hand reached up, grasping my breast in the palm of his hands. I thought back for a moment to the time I slept with Jackson, the way he touched me was nothing compared to the expertise and rough handling of Chris. The way he knew just where to touch me, what to do and how to move to make me shiver and moan out loud. 

He pulled back, removing his fingers, bringing them to his mouth to lick them clean as I fell back onto the sheets, moaning in disappointment. That was until I looked down, my eyes taking in the sight of his boxers straining to confine him. The small wet spot from his own excitement starting. 

I bit my lip, sitting up so I could reach a hand forward, looping a finger around his boxers. I tugged them down, watching his member spring from the fabric. My gaze turned up towards him, he watched me closely, his tongue reaching out to wet his lips. 

My body shifted so I was on my knees in front of him, my hand wrapping around him, giving a few slow strokes before I pressed my lips to the tip, parting them to slide down, enveloping him in my mouth. He groaned, his hand gripping my hair, entangling his fingers in the strands. I let him guide me forward and backward, hollowing my cheeks to suck softly, my tongue swirling around the sensitive flesh. 

He picked up my pace, bucking his hips at the same time until he suddenly jerked back, cursing under his breath. 

I wiped at my mouth, sitting up to look at him. Chris panted softly, shifting his gaze away from mine. :This has gone far enough, Y/N…I think you should go back upsta–”

His words halted in his mouth, replaced with a growl as he watched me lay back on the bed, spreading my legs, my hand resting between them, a finger swirling around my wet heat. 

Chris’ hand reached down, gripping the base of his member as if trying to control that brain as well as his own. He shuddered, eyes attached to the way I was touching myself, his lips parted. “Y/N…”

“I can’t do it all by myself, Chris.” I pleaded, biting my lower lip. 

With another groan, he reached out and grabbed my hips, sliding me down to him, my legs wrapping around his waist as he aligned himself at my entrance. 

Another curse left his lips when he slid in, his fingers gripped at my hips while he stilled himself. “Dammit…Y/N, you’re so fucking tight.” He groaned, pulling back before sliding back in just as slow as the first time. 

I shuddered at his words, wanting him to say more, I bucked my hips up against his. “Faster, Mr. Argent…” 

With a grunt, he leaned forward trapping my hips beneath his. “What was that?” He smirked, pulling back agonizingly slow before following the same pace to push back in. “What do you want, Y/N?”

I shut my eyes tight, moaning once again. “Faster…I want you to fuck me faster.”

Chris stilled himself, running his fingers up the front of my stomach and over my chest, pinching my nipple between his fingers. “Such a dirty mouth…”

Before I could ask again he pinned my wrists above my head and picked up his pace. He drilled into me as if he had no intentions of stopping, using every bit of energy he could muster up to keep his hips moving as fast as they could.

He molded his mouth over mine to stop the string of moans and curses that passed my lips. His tongue swirled around my own until he bit down lightly on my bottom lip, his hips snapping forward until he was sheathed completely within me.

The feeling of both of us hitting our ends at the same time made my head dizzy and I let it roll back against the bed with a loud moan while Chris connected his lips to the center of my throat, sucking on the soft flesh.

“Look what you’ve made me do, Y/N…” He whispered against my skin, pulling back until he slid out of me, his body shuddering. “I can’t control myself around you now.” 

I moaned in response as he settled next to me on the bed, both of us catching our breaths. “You can’t say anything about this…To anyone.” 

I nodded, glancing at the clock. Allison would be sneaking back in soon. “I wouldn’t dream of it…” I rolled over, capturing his lips with my own. “I should go upstairs…in case Allison wakes up.”

He nodded, biting my lip. “Yeah…you should go before I start over thinking all of this.” 

I slid from the bed, tugging my shorts and shirt back on. “Don’t think

Scary Movie- Jakob Chychrun

Originally posted by ryanhartman

Sorry this is a few minutes late but I had a mental breakdown and so yeah… People suck ok? Anyway enjoy!

Warning: none

Anon Request: Hei!!! Love ur writing:)). can you write a Jakob chychrun story where you watch a scary movie together and end out making out?


              You weren’t sure how you had let Jakob talk you into this.

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Kiss Challenge : Hiding/hoping not to be caught kiss

A/N: Welcome another Aussie to the page

Words: 1524


You peek around the threshold of your seven-year-old sons bedroom door. Hovering on the edge of his bed, Micah has his hands clamped over his wide blue eyes. Despite his recent trip to the barbershop, his thick blonde curls are wild and untamed.

It is seven o'clock on a Saturday morning and a highly competitive game of hide-and-seek was underway in the Courtney household.

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The Life You Deserve - Part 5

Pairing: Dean x Reader, OMC!Ryan x Reader
Summary: Dean goes to a bar with Ryan and the reader and realizes Ryan isn’t anything like he thought he was.
Word Count:  1100
Warnings: language, angst, longing, drinking.
A/N: This is from Deans POV  Beta’d by @nighttimenoodle
Previous Parts: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

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Taeyong & #18: “It’s late.  Shouldn’t you be asleep?”

Y’all really like Taeyong and Jaehyun don’t you? Not that I’m complaining but nearly all of my requests are for them. Anyway, as always, thank you for requesting! 

Warnings: Mentions of illegal activity, allusions to death.

Generally, you didn’t mind Taeyong keeping parts of his life from you. You understood that it was dangerous, and it was better if you didn’t know things. But lately he’d been different, colder even. Not towards you, per se, but overall. His temper had been shorter than usual, sudden outbursts from the misstep of someone in the house. You wanted to help him, but you weren’t sure how when he never told you anything.

You assumed it had to do with work, the very work he did everything in his power to keep you out of. You knew you shouldn’t meddle, but you didn’t like seeing him like this. You just wanted to help him feel better. You’d gone to bed about an hour ago, which he begrudgingly joined you, but ultimately ended up leaving once he thought you were asleep. You were a bit upset that he would leave you after you’d gone to bed together, but put it aside for the sake of finding out what was wrong with him.

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Snowed In- Prequel to Miracle on 34th Street

Set in the Miracle on 34th Street verse. While it’s not imperative that you read the original story (or the epilogue), it may help to give you a bit of background.

Regina and Henry move into their new apartment and meet Robin Locksley, and his kitten, Roland.

For the anon who requested “Snowed In” combined with a Neighbors AU from my prompt list.

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AEハチロク vs EK9

Fujiwara Takumi vs

Tomoyuki Tachi

With their newly formed team easily taking on their challengers, the Toudou Racing School has one last trick up their sleeve before accepting defeat from Project D. One of their graduates gladly accepted the challenge to defeat them. Sudo warned Ryosuke to not battle the professional driver since his team is still very inexperienced to race against someone of that level. Ryosuke ignored his warning and let Takumi race him to settle the score with the TRS. Tomoyuki handles his car perfectly on these technical roads of Happogahara, but he’s very quick to overlook the reputation Takumi has as a driving genius. 


anonymous asked:

Caretaker, I would like to give you a lantern. It's not a terribly special lantern. S'got a slot for a candle, and a bit you can flip up to light a wick if you want to use the oil bits. It's a black lantern, and heavy. I know you have the stars, but i figure everyone needs a good, solid lantern now and again.


What Are You Hiding? Part 2/3

Gabriel got out of the shower, pulling on his clothes as thoughts ran rampant through his mind. He had been so confused on what happened with Jack about 30 minutes earlier and used his time in the shower to think about if he did anything wrong.

Gabriel had always thought there was something wrong with Jack, something the blonde wasn’t telling the Latino. He always thought him and Jack were close as they were roommates and a few wrestling matches plus they were so nice to each other. Jack always joked with Gabriel and was so hands on, always touching his arm. They both always tried to impress each other and Gabriel thought it was obvious he was flirting with the younger man.

Gabriel had never been very flamboyant but he was sure that the people he was in charge of knew he was gay. There were some comments and homophobia but he was always quick to smush it down and took care of the asses who thought he couldn’t do his job because of his choice of being out and how he was born in general. He had always found his roommate attractive but there’s a strict no fraternizing rule. Gabriel hated the rule and he wanted to just dip Jack into a kiss.

But he was hiding something and Gabriel had picked up on it really quickly. He had three younger sisters who he always helped when he could tell something was wrong with them. A guy or girl had broken up with them, someone was bullying them, they were stressing out, he figured out their signs and was always quick to help. He loved them. Gabriel exited the bathroom, holding his dirty clothes and grabbing the rest of his items before heading back to his shared room with Jack. He passed some people on the way, waving hello to them before he finally got to his room.

“Jack, you in here?” Gabriel muttered as he opened the door, yawning to himself. He was still a bit tired from the medicine but the drugs would wear it out quickly. The drugs always broke down any medicine that came into the system quickly. It was a blessing and a curse. There was no chance of being hurt by poison in the blood stream if needed but pain killers would wear off quickly. It was mostly a curse.

“Yeah.” Jack said from where he was on the bed, turning over in his bunk to look at the new arrival. Gabriel grinned at the younger man, nudging him with the back of his hand. The room wasn’t very big, having a bunk on each side of the room and pressing against the wall, a small wardrobe near the end of the bunk and a desk that was pressed against the other one plus some space for other items. The rooms weren’t very big and were perfectly symmetrical.

“You okay? You ran off back there.” Gabriel said as he moved to the bottom of the bed, sitting on the edge as he rested a hand on Jack’s leg.

Jack flinched a bit, making Gabriel pull his hand back. “Sorry, you can put your hand back.” Jack mumbled as Gabriel smiled before just resting his hand on his own lap.

“I want you to be comfortable. You seem to be upset about something.” Gabriel said as Jack shrugged, keeping his pillow tight to his chest. Gabriel was observant and always seemed to notice how Jack used his second pillow to cuddle with.

Jack didn’t think Gabriel caught on but he saw how Jack needed to hold something when he laid down. Jack let out a chuckle, looking away from Gabriel. “It’s nothing sir, you really don’t have to worry about it.” Jack said and Gabriel laughed the slightest bit.

“You don’t have to call me sir when we aren’t working.” Jack and Gabriel had already started using each other’s first names a while ago but before that it was just Reyes and Morrison and they still used it in private. It was an unspoken connection where they only called each other by their first names in private.

“But don’t avoid the question, how are you doing?” Jack sighed as his smile fell. “I’m just going through a rough patch right now. No need to worry Reyes.” That made Gabriel frown, his head cocking to the side. Jack never called him Reyes in private. Something was wrong and Gabriel wanted to help. But he would let Jack tell him if he wanted when he wanted.

“Alright. Always feel free to talk to me if you ever want.” Gabriel said before standing up and patting Jack’s leg gently, noticing he didn’t flinch this time. Gabriel walked over to his bed, grabbing the items he just tossed and moving over to the shared hamper on Gabriel’s side of the room. There were trash bins underneath each desk and a small bookshelf on Jack’s side of the room. It made the room even.

“The hamper is filling up. I’ll go and do the laundry soon so make sure that you are prepared and have extra clothes.” Gabriel said, receiving a small grunt in response. Gabriel sighed internally as he glanced out the small and high window that let him see it was dark out.

“Well, I guess we will be going to sleep now. Goodnight Jack.” Gabriel said as he pulled his shirt off, Jack shuffling behind him. Gabriel walked back to his bed, getting on the bunk as he turned to look at Jack, reaching up and flipping the light switch off.

“Goodnight… Reyes.” Jack muttered as the room was immersed in darkness, both men trying to slip into sleep.                                                                           

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