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TFW you can’t possibly look at any more of those magical @orphanblack after party photos because FOMO has you all up in your feels and you remember OB is ending and you’re questioning how that fandom moment could ever be topped and you’re wondering what’s next for everyone after The Final Trip and really hoping that “Someday we’ll find it, the rainbow connection. The lovers, the dreamers and me.”

Scary Movie- Jakob Chychrun

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Sorry this is a few minutes late but I had a mental breakdown and so yeah… People suck ok? Anyway enjoy!

Warning: none

Anon Request: Hei!!! Love ur writing:)). can you write a Jakob chychrun story where you watch a scary movie together and end out making out?


              You weren’t sure how you had let Jakob talk you into this.

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Craig x Tweek with a pen I stole off my cousin. My Tweek is the one with piercings but too scared for a tattoo while Craig is part of the main group trying to stop the apocalypse from happening. Tweek is done with this shit and wants his bf to be safe. While Craig fights literal demons and isn’t sure how Tweek can do protection.

Seventeen As Band/Marching Band Members

Seungcheol: Trumpet

-He’s got the confidence *cough cough arrogance* of a trumpet player
-But also the talent and hard work to make up for it
-He would be shameless in his boastfulness and use any excuse to tell people that he made first chair
-If you genuinely compliment his playing he’ll get vry shy and be all bashful and flattered

Jeonghan: Clarinet

-He looks like he’s nice but is probably talking shit about the rest of the band
-Loyal af to those who earn it but will be neutral and non-expressive if you rub him the wrong way
-Probably joined band because his parents made him but decided to stick through it anyway.
-Is good at clarinet without trying and always gets first chair without actually practicing

Joshua: Euphonium/Mellophone

-Tries his best even when other people are slacking off
-Is generally a chill person in band class
-Is the only person who actually listens to the drum major during marching rehearsals

Junhui: Snare

-Acts nonchalant but takes percussion more seriously than he gives the impression of
-But no one complains bc dang boi you looking fine
-Causes people to miss their dot because they were distracted by his beauty or just plain shocked at his lack of clothing
-People think he’s showing off because he twirls his drumstick between his fingers really fluidly and like all of the time but in reality he does it subconsciously and didn’t notice he was doing it until Flutist!Seungkwan slapped it out of his hand one day

Jihoon: Oboe

-Refuses to do marching because he thinks it’s a waste of time and they don’t march oboe(he refuses to switch instruments)
-Takes AP Music Theory as well as band
-Jihoon: “Well at least I’m first chair”
-Jun: “You’re the only oboe in this class”
-Jihoon: “Shouldn’t you be hitting something”
-Thinks highly of his playing AS HE SHOULD because it’s the most beautiful thing
-The rumor is that after he left his audition into the band the band director had to take a break, cry, and come back to continue auditions
-Coincidentally, his next audition was Percussionist!Vernon so the band director ending up crying after that audition for the complete opposite reason

Soonyoung: Colorguard (I’M NOT EVEN SORRY)

-Is the most hype of everyone and  cannot stay still for the life of him
-Was a dancer until he say flyers for guard try outs and was like “guns? Swords? DanCING WITH FLAGS??? SIGN ME THE FUCK UP”
-Is friends with all the marching band kids and knows everyone’s name in the program
-If you don’t march and are only in band classes then you don’t count in his eyes lol (unless you’re Oboe!Jihoon because he may or may have a small {LARGE} crush on u)
-Is the person who cheers and yells encouragement after each run through
-If you are mean or negative to him or someone he loves then he may or may not “accidentally” whack you in the back of the head with a rifle or swoop your legs out from under you with a flagpole

Wonwoo: Sousaphone

-Very chill and content with chit chatting with everyone
-Is probably the only one besides GuardMember!Soonyoung and Piccolo!Seokmin who is genuinely happy to be there
-Low key has resting bitch face but as soon as you start talking to him it’s a 180 flip and he lights up completely
-Has tipped over and fallen during runs several times over the years
-Mellophone!Joshua is always the first person to run and help him up
-Clarinet!Jeonghan is always the first one to start laughing and the last one to stop laughing
-If DrumMajor!Chan happens to notice Wonwoo fall while he’s conducting, he can’t help but stop immediately and bust out laughing

Mingyu: Marimba

-Thought about marching in the battery but was like “naw, it’s heavy and I’ll get all sweaty and ugh too much physical effort” so he stuck with front percussion and is very good at it
-Wears low cut tank tops or no shirt at all when on the practice field because “I am not about to get a farmer’s tan that will never go away”
-Still gets a major sock tan and will  complain about it incessantly
-Mingyu: “But it’s so noticeable!”
-Joshua: “When you think about it, we all have terrible sock tans… Is it like our own friendship mark thing?”  
-Jeonghan: “Shut up Joshua”
-Soonyoung: “BE NICE TO HIM”

Seokmin: Piccolo

-Can’t tell if he’s playing his instrument or just screaming
-Always smiling and making stupid faces back and forth with GuardMember!Soonyoung until DrumMajor!Dino catches them and tells them to knock it off
-They stop for like ten minutes then start again
-Enjoys sneaking up on people and then playing the highest note he possibly can directly into their ear
-He did this once to Oboe!Jihoon and never ran away so fast in his life because you better bet Jihoon ran after his ass
-Jihoon may or may not have put rainbow stickers all over his piccolo as a form of retaliation
-Didn’t work though because Seokmin LOVED THE STICKERS and kept them on until the next competition where DrumMajor!Chan was like “no you cannot march with those on your instrument, it’s not uniform with everyone else”
-So that they could all be uniform with rainbow stickers
-DrumMajor!Chan shot him down immediately, but let Seokmin stick stickers all over him because he felt bad that he ruined Seokmin’s fun

Minghao: Saxophone

-This sassy diva omg of course he’s a saxophone player
-Was forced into marching by his parents but stuck with it because he liked the people who marched and wanted to stay friends with them
-Is naturally really good at playing the saxophone and doesn’t have to try very hard
-Wanted to do winter guard during the off season but was too scared of what the rest of the band would think
-Was almost convinced by Percussionist!Junhui to do indoor percussion but Saxophone!Minghao took one look at the fair share and was like “NOPE”
-Always talks to Percussionist!Jun during stand by
-DrumMajor!Chan doesn’t tell him to stop because he knows he’ll just start talking again
-DrumMajor!Chan has no problems putting Percussionist! Junhui in his place tho lol boy gets told off a lot but Percussionist!Jun always has a clap back, even if it doesn’t really make sense
-Chan: “Jun, for the love of God stop talking, and put on a shirt!”
-Jun: “It’s too hot, why don’t you take off your shirt!”
-Chan: “??? No?”

Seungkwan: Flute

-Likes to gossip with Clarinet!Jeonghan but always accidentally warps information or takes it out of context so it sounds weird
-Seungkwan: “Yeah so then Jun told Chan to take of his shirt”
-Jihoon: “this is why I don’t freaking march”
-Soonyoung: “oh but you should!” *spaces out with a derp face because now he’s picturing Jihoon shirtless under the setting sun with the wind blowing his hair*
-Doesn’t take criticism well
-Chan: “Flutes, play louder next time” -Seungkwan: “Maybe you should conduct better next time”
-Is really supportive of the new kids and tells them fun stories to cheer them up when they feel overwhelmed
-Seungkwan: “Yeah and then Wonwoo just tipped right over and everyone kept going”

Vernon: Bass Drum

-Thought that being a percussionist would make him popular with the ladies so he auditioned but had no experience playing drums before
-Didn’t think it would be very difficult, but was dead wrong
-He was so bad he made the band director cry, but the director let him join anyway because they needed more percussionists
-He actually worked really hard and got better at percussion and even decided to march
-He wasn’t experienced enough to do snare yet though (which is what he really wanted to do) but was content with being put on bass drum
-Followed the influence of Percussionist!Junhui and also never wears a shirt, but people yell at him for it instead of staring at him lol
-Asks Percussionist!Junhui to teach him how to spin a drumstick between his fingers because he thinks it looks cool
-Spent the next six hours practicing it until he got it down perfect

Chan: Drum Major

-The most responsible even though he’s the youngest
-Commands respect from everyone marching because no one likes to see Lee Chan angry like it’s just not fun for anyone because he’ll pout for days
-Tries to keep everyone on task and is generally successful in this
-Made up his own little drum major salute for right before performing and everyone agrees that he looks so cute while doing it even though he’s trying to be professional and manly
-He’s the glue that keeps everyone from falling apart, and the marching band wouldn’t be nearly as good without him

Snowed In- Prequel to Miracle on 34th Street

Set in the Miracle on 34th Street verse. While it’s not imperative that you read the original story (or the epilogue), it may help to give you a bit of background.

Regina and Henry move into their new apartment and meet Robin Locksley, and his kitten, Roland.

For the anon who requested “Snowed In” combined with a Neighbors AU from my prompt list.

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Don’t think

Title: Don’t think
Pairing: Mr. ArgentxReader
Warnings: Smut, under age pairing, affair.
Summary: Y/N stays at Allison’s house to cover for her when she sneaks out. Now she has her own little secret. 

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I hadn’t been oblivious to the lingering looks and small smiles that Chris had bestowed on me whenever I hung out with Allison at their house. I’d noticed, I just thought I was insane. He was married. He was my best friends dad. He was…waaaay older then I was.

He liked to kill werewolves. 

I wasn’t one. Yet. I wanted to be one. Derek wouldn’t turn me because my over protective brother Stiles wouldn’t let him. 

Being that he was a hunter was the main reason I was afraid of him, but not the reason I thought he wasn’t casting his eyes over my frame. He couldn’t be. That’s all.

Tonight, I was staying at Allison’s so I could cover for her while she snuck out with Scott for a few hours. I’d brought my favorite pajamas, some popcorn and Me Before You so I could watch it while Allison was gone before I went to bed for the night. 

I rang the doorbell and smiled brightly as Mr. Argent opened the door, his eyes swinging over me in that way I kept telling myself wasn’t actually happening and then he caught my gaze and smiled back. “Ms. Stilinski, Allison’s upstairs.” 

I nodded, another smile as he let me into the house. “You can call me, Y/N, mr. Argent.”

He chuckled. “And as I’ve said before, you can call me Chris.”

My smile turned into a grin and I made my way towards the stairs. I felt his eyes linger on me as I hustled up them and swung into Allison’s room. “Hey!” 

She grinned, putting on a few more dabs of lipstick. “Hi, Y/N! You look dashing.”

“Only for five more minutes, so if you want a picture, take it now. I wanna get in my pj’s.” I giggled, jumping onto her bed and opening up my bag. 

“Well go on then, get all comfy. My mom went on a trip to my grandparents and my dad will probably be in his study all night like he always is. Kitchen is all yours and you can watch any of my movies.” She smiled as she turned around on her chair. “Thank you so much for doing this for me.”

“No problem.” I smiled and then pointed at her outfit. “I like it, how long is it gonna stay on for?” 

She blushed, swinging a nearby pillow at me. “Hush!” 

I laughed and stood up from the bed. “Just don’t tell me the dirty details. I don’t want to hear them twice and Stiles will tell me eventually.” My fingers clutched at the fabric of my shirt, tugging it up and over my head, I slid my skirt off along with it. 

“I’ll keep them to myself.” Allison laughed before standing up to go into her bathroom.

I turned to face my bag and reached in for my pajamas when the door swung open. I spun around in surprise, hands clutching around my exposed body when my eyes latched with Chris’. 

His widened before he shut them, reaching quickly for the door handle. “Shit! I’m so sorry, Y/N. So sorry. I’m uh…” He opened his eyes so he could find the door handle and I swore that he took one more look before quickly swinging the door shut. 

I cursed under my breath, eyes still wide as I tried to gather myself and quickly slid into my pajamas. Allison popped out of the bathroom a few minutes later and looked around. “Did my dad come in here?”

“Oh, no, I mean yeah just a minute a go, but he was just seeing if…if we needed anything for our girls night.” I smiled and stood up, flicking her hair back a bit. “You look great, you better hurry and find your wolf in the dark.” 

She grinned, bouncing on her heals a bit before she kissed my cheek and rushed to the window. “Thanks again, Y/N!”

I waved a goodbye and grabbed the movie from my bag. I decided to wait a bit before I started it, make it seem like me and Allison were up here talking about boys and painting each others nails. 

A couple hours later, I heard a knock out the door and I quickly stood up, flipped the light onto the bathroom and shut the door. A moment later, Chris opened it and peeked in. “Hey, Y/N…” He glanced around. “Where’s Allison?”

I frowned a bit. “She’s in the bathroom, she wasn’t feeling to great so she’s taking a bath. Probably gonna crash out early tonight.”

He glanced a bit worried at the bathroom door and then nodded, turning his gaze back to me. “I am very sorry about walking in on you like that.” He seemed to be having a hard time having this conversation with me and he refused to make eye contact with me. “I should have knocked.”

I bit my lower lip and cleared my throat, glad that I was on the other side of Allison’s bed, suddenly a bit conscious about the short, tight pajama bottoms I was wearing. “Oh…It’s uhm…It’s fine. I’ll survive.” 

He gave a short laugh and nodded. “Right, well. I’ll be in my study for the rest of the night. If she needs anything, or you, don’t hesitate to knock and get my attention.”

“Thank you, Chris.” I smiled softly, he finally looked up at me and returned it before shutting the door on his way out. 

I popped the DVD into her xbox and then grabbed my bag of popcorn and headed downstairs. 

Once in the kitchen, I pulled the wrapper off of the bag and put it into the microwave. I turned around and walked over to the fridge, pulling it open and opting for a bottle of water. 

“Shoot.” I grumbled when the bottle cap rolled across the kitchen floor and under the island in the middle. 

I set the bottle on the counter and dropped to my knees, bending down to get a good look under the counter before reaching out to grasp the cap. It was just out of my reach so I tried to press closer to it. “Come onnnn.” 

I brought my hand back and shifted my position again before trying to reach out once more. 

The sound of someone clearing their throat made me jump back from the counter, nearly falling backwards. “Sorry. Didn’t mean to scare you.” Chris was standing, a bit awkwardly, by the kitchen island, keeping the lower half of his body angled around the corner. “You know, this moves…” 

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I watched in surprise as he slid the Island to the side, reaching down to grasp the cap in between his fingers. “Here.”

I was biting my lip, my cheeks flushed as i reached out to grab the cap, watching as his fingers slid across mine when he let it go. The thought of him watching my bent over form, my pajamas bunched up between my legs made me lose my breath. 

He raised a brow, standing up to move the Island back into place. “Are you okay?” Chris reached a hand out towards me and raised a worried brow. “Y/N?”

I swallowed. “Y-Yeah, I’m fine.” I smiled, reaching up to take his hand. I was planning to use his weight as an anchor to pull myself up, thought he decided to pull me up himself, which resulted in me colliding directly into him. 

There was something pressed against my hip when I pressed into him. It only took me a single moment to realize exactly what it was, but the groan that escaped Chris’ lips confirmed it. 

He pushed me back quickly, watching the blush and wide eyed expression I had. “Y/N…It’s not…” There was a pause and he bit his lip, trying to figure out what to say. “You’re…you’re a beautiful young lady, but it’s no–” 

I kissed him, capturing his lips with mine, my hands on his chest. For a moment, he caved, he kissed me back and he gripped my hips, trying to pull me closer to him, but all to soon, he pushed me back. “I can’t.”

My eyes shot to his, hands still resting on his chest. “I’m sorry, Mr. Argent..” I moved to step back. “I thought I saw…I don’t know…” I cleared my throat. “I-I’m gonna go back upstairs.”

The hands on my hips didn’t move, in fact when I went to pull away he tugged me back to him, letting me press against the hardened member straining against his jeans. “You saw right, Y/N.” He growled, his voice low. “You drive me crazy, every inch of you. Those bright eyes and that smile…Your skin looks so fucking smooth.” 

Chris swallowed, his fingers sliding against the exposed skin under the shorts I wore. “I’m a horrible person for having the thoughts I have about you. If anyone my age ever thought of my daughter the way I’m thinking about you right now….” 

I looked up at him slowly, biting my lip as I pressed against him, rotating myself to grind into his pelvis. He groaned, gripping my flesh tighter. “Is it awful, the dreams I have about you? Thinking about how you’d feel kissing down my neck and touching my chest?” 

His voice hitched. “Y/N…Be careful.” 

“You need to kiss me or let my hips go, Mr. Argent.” I tilted my hips up again, rocking my heat against his own, letting a soft whimper pass my lips. 

“Fuck.” Chris groaned, reaching down to clasp his hands around my ass, he lifted me up, setting me on the kitchen counter, wrapping my legs around his waist. “This is wrong.”

His lips traveled down my neck and across my chest, making quick work removing my shirt. I moaned softly, keeping my hips moving against his own. “Mr. Argent…” My voice broke with a soft wimper towards the end. 

His eyes lifted to catch my gaze. “Do you want me to stop?”

I shook my head quickly from side to side. “No…I want you to fuck me.” 

I watched his Adam’s apple bob at the word, felt his hard member twitch against my leg. His lips parted in surprise, but before he could hesitate, I reached down to run my hand over the front of his jeans. “Please?”

The hesitation dissolved from his face instantly, eyes casting down to watch as I rubbed my hand against him, his breath quickening. “Stop.” He ordered, making me instantly cease my movements. I worried that his senses hit him again, that he was going to send me back to Allison’s room. 

“Get down.” I did as he said, jumping down from the kitchen counter, my chest pressed against him. I parted my mouth to say something, but before I could he grabbed my wrist, pulling me out of the kitchen and into his room around the corner. 

He shut the door behind him, hitting the lock, his eyes turning from the door to me. He raked his gaze over my topless form, smirking softly. “You’re overdressed.” 

I wasn’t going to be told twice, instantly, I hooked my fingers around my pajama bottoms and slid them down along with my panties, letting them both fall to the floor. “Is this better?” 

He growled, walking towards me in a way that could be considered an animal ready to take down its prey. He used the look on his face to make me back up until my knees pressed against the edge of his bed. 

Chris placed his hands on my shoulders, shoving me back so I landed on the soft blankets. I watched with excitement as he tugged his shift over his head, undoing the belt he wore. 

A few moments later, he loomed over me in nothing, but his boxers. As he got on the bed, he stopped between my thighs, leaning down to snake his tongue through my folds. I whimpered, bucking my hips up in surprise. 

He grinned lightly, eyes capturing my gaze. “I’ve barely touched you and yet…” He pressed a finger into me, sliding it in as deep as he could. “You’re soaking wet.”

I moaned. “Please, keep going…Keep touching me.”

Chris caved, pulling his finger back only to add another, slipping them both back in as his thumb twirled around my clit, watching every movement I made, taking in every whimper and moan. The way my breath quickened whenever I was close to the edge, only for my whimper to continue when he stopped his actions so that I couldn’t find my release just yet. 

His free hand reached up, grasping my breast in the palm of his hands. I thought back for a moment to the time I slept with Jackson, the way he touched me was nothing compared to the expertise and rough handling of Chris. The way he knew just where to touch me, what to do and how to move to make me shiver and moan out loud. 

He pulled back, removing his fingers, bringing them to his mouth to lick them clean as I fell back onto the sheets, moaning in disappointment. That was until I looked down, my eyes taking in the sight of his boxers straining to confine him. The small wet spot from his own excitement starting. 

I bit my lip, sitting up so I could reach a hand forward, looping a finger around his boxers. I tugged them down, watching his member spring from the fabric. My gaze turned up towards him, he watched me closely, his tongue reaching out to wet his lips. 

My body shifted so I was on my knees in front of him, my hand wrapping around him, giving a few slow strokes before I pressed my lips to the tip, parting them to slide down, enveloping him in my mouth. He groaned, his hand gripping my hair, entangling his fingers in the strands. I let him guide me forward and backward, hollowing my cheeks to suck softly, my tongue swirling around the sensitive flesh. 

He picked up my pace, bucking his hips at the same time until he suddenly jerked back, cursing under his breath. 

I wiped at my mouth, sitting up to look at him. Chris panted softly, shifting his gaze away from mine. :This has gone far enough, Y/N…I think you should go back upsta–”

His words halted in his mouth, replaced with a growl as he watched me lay back on the bed, spreading my legs, my hand resting between them, a finger swirling around my wet heat. 

Chris’ hand reached down, gripping the base of his member as if trying to control that brain as well as his own. He shuddered, eyes attached to the way I was touching myself, his lips parted. “Y/N…”

“I can’t do it all by myself, Chris.” I pleaded, biting my lower lip. 

With another groan, he reached out and grabbed my hips, sliding me down to him, my legs wrapping around his waist as he aligned himself at my entrance. 

Another curse left his lips when he slid in, his fingers gripped at my hips while he stilled himself. “Dammit…Y/N, you’re so fucking tight.” He groaned, pulling back before sliding back in just as slow as the first time. 

I shuddered at his words, wanting him to say more, I bucked my hips up against his. “Faster, Mr. Argent…” 

With a grunt, he leaned forward trapping my hips beneath his. “What was that?” He smirked, pulling back agonizingly slow before following the same pace to push back in. “What do you want, Y/N?”

I shut my eyes tight, moaning once again. “Faster…I want you to fuck me faster.”

Chris stilled himself, running his fingers up the front of my stomach and over my chest, pinching my nipple between his fingers. “Such a dirty mouth…”

Before I could ask again he pinned my wrists above my head and picked up his pace. He drilled into me as if he had no intentions of stopping, using every bit of energy he could muster up to keep his hips moving as fast as they could.

He molded his mouth over mine to stop the string of moans and curses that passed my lips. His tongue swirled around my own until he bit down lightly on my bottom lip, his hips snapping forward until he was sheathed completely within me.

The feeling of both of us hitting our ends at the same time made my head dizzy and I let it roll back against the bed with a loud moan while Chris connected his lips to the center of my throat, sucking on the soft flesh.

“Look what you’ve made me do, Y/N…” He whispered against my skin, pulling back until he slid out of me, his body shuddering. “I can’t control myself around you now.” 

I moaned in response as he settled next to me on the bed, both of us catching our breaths. “You can’t say anything about this…To anyone.” 

I nodded, glancing at the clock. Allison would be sneaking back in soon. “I wouldn’t dream of it…” I rolled over, capturing his lips with my own. “I should go upstairs…in case Allison wakes up.”

He nodded, biting my lip. “Yeah…you should go before I start over thinking all of this.” 

I slid from the bed, tugging my shorts and shirt back on. “Don’t think

I Can’t Wait to Hear You Scream PT. 33

Summary: David gets a chance to prove himself while on a run.

Note: There is a season 4 Easter egg in here, and I’m overly proud of it for some reason.


“Women must not depend upon the protection of man, but must be taught to protect herself.”

- Susan B. Anderson

“I guess what scares me the most now is the thought that I won’t be able to protect you.”

- Julia Hoban


You walked cautiously into the two story house, looking around the open space of the foyer.
The place was messy and things were thrown around the room.
It looked as if it had already been ransacked a couple of times.
David walked slowly in front of you, you could see him looking around carefully to see if he could spot anything useful as a weapon.

“I hope this place is empty.” He said softly to you, trying to keep his voice down.

“Maybe it is, it looks like it’s already been scavenged anyway.” You said, trailing off from him into the kitchen.

David made his way back over to you in a hurried manner.
You peeked around the corner of the doorway.
Once you saw nothing, you headed further into it, trying to find anything worth taking.
The dining table had been flipped over, the chairs thrown around the room, and every cabinet door stood open.
You let out a sigh, looking up at them.
you approached the counter, hopping up onto it as gently as you could to not make much noise.

“What are you doing?” David asked.

You glanced back at him, “Just looking, it’s worth a shot. Just keep a look out for anything.”

He nodded back and turned around, keeping his eye out for any movement.
It was dark inside the cabinets and hard to see whether or not anything was in them, and you didn’t have the luxury of having a flashlight with you.
After a moment of searching, your hand hit something and you grabbed it.
you pulled it from the cabinet to see it was a bottle of aspirin, it wasn’t a bad find at all.
This sort of stuff wasn’t easy to come by, whoever looted the placed must have skipped over it completely or just assumed they wouldn’t need it, which was stupid, but lucky for you.

You made a clicking noise with your tongue to get David’s attention, he turned around and you tossed the pill bottle to him, hearing the rattle it made as he caught it, almost dropping them to the floor.

“First find, not a bad one either.” You said, turning back and making your way to another cabinet as you balanced yourself on the counter top.

David slipped the pills into a bag that you had given him to collect stuff in.
You followed the same procedure, sticking your hand into the cabinet, your hands fumbling around in the dark trying to find anything that you could.
The next thing you managed to grab was a half empty pack cigarettes.
You had smoked on and off throughout your life, and they weren’t much of a necessity to you.
You threw them to the ground as you hopped off the counter.

“Is it empty?” He said, reaching down to pick up the box.

“No, it’s not.”

He looked into the box and seemed to light up at the sight, almost as if a prayer had been answered “Can I have them? I haven’t smoked in months, and I need it.”

You shrugged, “Usually stuff like this has to be worked for, it’s considered a luxury. But just to show you how good you could have it, I’ll let you keep them.”

“Thank you.” He said gratefully as he stuffed the carton into his pants pocket.

“Yeah, but you better not fucking tell anyone where you got them, better yet, don’t even be seen with them. If Negan finds out, I’m not gonna be able to help you.”

He nodded, “Yes ma'am.”

Once the kitchen was looked over and you found nothing else worth taking back, you made your way to the upstairs part of the house, there were a bunch of books laying on the ground and stacked in piles near the wall.

“Jesus, is this a library?” David commented, picking up one of the books to look at it.

“Hoarders is more like it.” You rolled your eyes, kicking a stack of books out of your way.

A lot of the times, better stuff could be found in bedrooms, because people who usually looted houses never paid much attention to personal rooms.
It was always the food and booze that got cleaned out quicker than anything else.
You made your way up the narrow staircase with David behind you.
You walked over to a small bathroom to have a look inside, not a whole lot was missing from it.

“So, what kind of stuff do we get?” He asked, leaning against the wall, flipping the light switch up and down.

“Literally anything useful. We have a community to take care of, so things that might otherwise be looked over by people who live on the go, we take.” You said, looking through the cabinet under the sink, “Here’s something.” You said with a smile as you handed him a whole tube of toothpaste.

“It’s new.” He said, dropping it into the bag that hung around his shoulder.

“Yeah, people don’t worry about this kind of shit anymore, but like I said, we have a community and we do our best to bring back some sense of normality to the situation. Things like this can be bought for points.” You said, continuing to look through the cabinet.

He nodded, “Makes sense. I guess that’s why I have to keep the cigarettes a secret?”

“Exactly.” You said, handing him a few feminine hygiene products and shampoo that you found.
You finally stopped and looked up to him, “Look, don’t think that just because I did something nice for you means that you are getting it any easier than anyone else. My comment about you trying to screw me over still stands.” You said, your tone getting serious as you ran a hand over your gun.

“I didn’t think you giving me the smokes made you soft. It was a nice gesture, that’s all.” He said, putting the items you handed him into the bag, giving you a look.

“Good.” You said plainly as you stood up, and pushed past him to make your way down the hall.

You came up on a closed wooden door that had something written on it in chalk.


“Shit.” David whispered, running a hand over the writing.

“Sounds like we’ve got a live one.” You said, pulling your gun from it’s holster.

“I don’t know about this. Those fucking things make me nervous, I don’t seek them out.” He said, letting out a shaky breathe.

“No shit, but you never know what might be in here.”

“Fine.” He said, shaking his head.

You opened the door slowly and making a scrunched face as the door squeaked.
You mouthed the word ‘shit’ to yourself as it continued.
You walked in slowly, your gun in hand. The room was even messier, boxes were stacked around the room.
you moved cautiously around them, crouched low and keeping at eye out for the stray walker.
But you heard, nor saw anything.
David was so close you could practically feel his breathe on your neck.
You looked around for a moment more and you still saw nothing, so you stood up straight and let out a breathe.

“Well, I don’t see shit.” You said as you looked in one of the boxes to see a bunch of china, half of it broken into sharp pieces.

You both looked around the room for a moment, looking through countless boxes of useless shit.
You looked over to the window to see the afternoon sun shining into the room, the window was halfway open.
you thought that maybe the dead one crawled out the window somehow.
You walked over to reach your hand out to shut it.
Suddenly there was a loud crash as a box tipped over and you turned to see a walker hurl itself towards you.
Before you could get your gun up, it was too late and it crashed into you, knocking you to the ground as the gun fired, the bullet shattering the window pane as it went through, while the gun was slung from your hand.

“SHIT!” You cried out in panic as you had your knee and hands pushing against the stomach of the rotting corpse that was desperately trying to bite your face.
you breathed heavily trying to remain as calm as possible, and grabbing for your gun, but it was damn near impossible as the thing I top of you was literally dead weight.
The gun was too far away, and David stood there, frozen in fear and unmoving.
You continued trying to pus the corpse off of you, but it was no use, it was like a rabid fucking dog relentlessly trying to attack you.
You let out another panicked scream as you tried to squirm away from it, your fear starting to grow out of control.
Nothing in this world scared you more than these things.

“DAVID! GET THE GUN! FUCK-” You tried kicking at the corpse, your arms were already getting shaking from holding it off of you and your terror was rising with each breathe and each failed attempt to get it off of you.
You couldn’t hold it much longer, “GET THE GODDAMN GUN, DAVID!” You bellowed as loud as you could.

With shakey hands, he lunged for your gun, getting it in his grip before standing back up and pointing it out.
You closed your eyes tightly.
Two shots rang throughout the cramped bedroom.
Your eyes still shut tightly, the struggling had ceased.
From a moment, you thought you were dead.
You figured that was it, it was over, that he had shot the walker and shot you.

But you slowly opened your eyes back up to see the limp body now laying on top of you.
The black mush that was it’s brains were now splattered all over the wall.
You pushed it off of you quickly as you sat up backing yourself into the wall, obviously shaken and groaning in fear.
You had been through a lot of shit, but nothing ever compared to almost being eaten alive by one of those things.
You breathed hard as you looked down at yourself, running your hands over your arms, legs and stomach, needing to check yourself for bites and also being completely petrified of finding one.

You were so shaken by it that you didn’t even notice or care about the fact that David still had your gun in his hand.
You could hear all the commotion from downstairs as you heard people rushing up the staircase.
There you were, a bloody mess sitting on the ground, visibly scared for your life, and a man whom you were in charge of, standing over you with your own gun.
It wasn’t the best time for anyone to come in, it was a sight to see.
It was alos an infuriating sight for Negan as he busted through the doorway, Lucille in hand and his men flanking him.
You looked up suddenly as Negan charged towards David, knocking him into the wall and the gun from his hand, ready to kill as he brought Lucille over his head.

“No!” You yelled suddenly, jumping up and forcing yourself towards him.

Negan’s hand on David’s throat, “What the fuck do you mean no?!” Negan growled back, Lucille still raised, ready to come down on David’s skull.

“I got attacked by a walker!” You said, pointing back to the body, and trying to step in front of Negan.

He shifted his eyes to the ground where the body laid, and looked back to you, “Then why the fuck does he have your gun? There was more than one fuckin’ gunshot, darlin’ and all the goddamn screaming. It was heard throughout the whole goddamn neighborhood.”

You nodded and breathed out, still trying to catch your breathe, “It surprised me and knocked the gun out of my hand, I tried to shoot it, but I missed. He shot it, if he hadn’t I’d be bitten right now.”

Negan gritted his teeth and lowered Lucille, looking to David, “Is that fuckin’ true, did you save my wife?” He growled in a sarcastic tone.

“Yes, sir.” David choked out, Negan’s grip still tight on his throat.

Negan sniffed, a grimace still on his face, “Dwight, why don’t you take our new friend for a walk.”

Dwight, with his gun still pointed at David’s head, motioned him forward.
Negan’s grip on his throat loosened, allowing him to pass by.
David shot you a desperate look and you nodded, giving him the okay to go.
Dwight shoved him out the door and left you alone with Negan.
He ran a hand over the thick stubble that was beginning to turn back into the beard you had become so accustomed to.

He turned his head towards you and bit his lip angrily, “We’re you fuckin’ bit?”

You shook your head quickly, “No. Trust me, I checked.”

He nodded and let out a sigh of relief, “It seems like something is trying to fuckin’ take you out, darlin’. After everything, now you’re getting attacked by goddamn roamers.”

You smirked, trying to lighten the situation, “I know, but I’ve got nine lives, remember?”

“Like I’ve said before, I’m really starting to fuckin’ believe that, darlin’. When I heard those shots, I thought you either blew his fuckin’ brains out, or he fuckin’ got the upper hand on you.” Negan said, furrowing his brows, his free hand tightening into a fist at the thought.

“If he wanted to, he could have. He had the chance, Negan.”

“Yeah, that’s what fuckin’ concerns me.” He breathed out.

“He didn’t though.” You protested, your lips parted.

He ignored you, picking the gun off the floor and handed it back to you, “Keep your fuckin’ guard up at all times. Eyes are gonna fuckin’ be on him. I’m not too fuckin’ sure about his place here.”

“I will, but you gave me the job.” You said I confusion.

“I fuckin’ know that, darlin’. But I might not fuckin’ be around everytime something happens. Just fuckin’ be careful.” He said, starting to get annoyed.

You looked up at Negan, you understood that what had happened could have been a dangerous situation, but David didn’t try to kill you, nor did you really think he would.
You studied Negan’s face, you could see the anger fading and you knew that he wasn’t making a fuss about it because you couldn’t handle yourself.
He knew more than anyone that you knew how to handle yourself, probably better than any of his men.
You were catching the feeling that Negan was jealous.
You bit down hard on your lip, to keep the smile you felt coming on.

“Yes, Negan.” You managed to force out without so much as a smirk.

You thought it was extremely cute that he seemed to be jealous of your attention being on another man, and the fact that another man had saved your life.
There were so many times that you had been jealous of the other wives, and you still held jealousy that there were still other wives around, and now he was finally experiencing the jealousy that you so often felt over him.
It pleased you to see him get territorial over you.

“Did you find anything in here.” He asked, propping Lucille back onto his shoulder.

“I found a bottle of aspirin, some toothepasteband other things. That’s about it.” You said shaking your head. You didn’t mention the cigarettes you had given to David.

He nodded and motioned you to follow him, “Well, that’s better than fuckin’ nothing. This neighborhood is pretty much fuckin’ empty.”

You glanced back at the body of the walker that laid on the ground.
You stopped at the doorway, and looked down to see a couple pieces of chalk on the floor.
you bent down to pick one up, you closed the door and begin to scribble on it.

“Darlin’, what the hell are you doing?” Negan called from behind you in an amused tone.

Once you were done you stood back, “There was a message written on the door about the walker, now I’ve left my own message.”

The new message that was scribbled in the door read: DEAD WALKER INSIDE WAS TOUGH, BUT I WAS TOUGHER.

You threw the chalk to the ground and headed over to Negan, he gave you a smirk.

“Really fuckin’ poetic, babydoll. Can we go now?” He asked.

“Yeah, let’s go.” You answered back, following him down the narrow staircase.

Not a whole lot had been picked up from the small neighborhood, anything that had been gotten wasn’t of much importance.
There was a lot of furniture, hygiene products and very little non-perishable food items found, but it would be taken back to the sanctuary to sell to anyone who had enough points to buy.
You walked out with Negan as his men were packing up the vehicles with the finds for the day.
You saw that Dwight had put David to work helping load up the supplies.

The ride back was a quiet one, not much was spoken between anyone, it gave you a bit of time to catch up on some sleep.
You were struggling to keep your eyes open.
You finally leaned over onto Negan’s shoulder as you drifted in and out sleep, you half expected him to push you off of him, but instead, he propped his feet on the dashboard and put an arm around you and let you lean into his chest.

You were woken in a state of shock as you were being shook roughly and hearing Negan’s voice saying, “Get the fuck up!”.
Your eye snapped open as you looked around quicky, wiping your eyes. You didn’t realize how deep you had fallen asleep on the ride back.

“What?” You said in raspy tone, climbing out of the truck behind him.
You were back at the sanctuary and you had to rub your eyes even harder when you saw the body laying near the weapons storage building.

“What the fuck?” You whispered to yourself, now fully awake.

You looked over to Negan who was scolding Simon, “When the fuck did this happen?!” Negan growled, pushing Simon back into the stone building.

“I don’t know, boss. Fat Joey was supposed to be watching him.” Simon answered back nervously.

“Fat Joey? You put Fat-fuckin-Joey in charge, and you see where the fuck that got us?! He’s fuckin’ dead.” Negan shouted, pointing down to Joey’s body.

You shook your head wanting to know what the hell was going on in that moment, but you knew better than to interrupt Negan in front of his men.
Your breathing became heavy as you watched Negan get so pissed.

Negan suddenly grabbed Simon around the collar ofhis shirt and slung him down into the ground, “I should bash your fuckin’ brains in right now, Simon. But that’d be too fuckin’ easy. You’re gonna take some of the fuckin’ men, and you’re gonna go out and you’re gonna fuckin’ look for him. Do you fuckin’ understand me?”

Simon clenched his jaw and nodded, “Yes, sir.”

“Good.” Negan growled before he pushed him,down into the dirt, “Somebody move this fuckin’ body out of here. Feed him to the fuckin’ dead ones.”

You backed up as Negan prowled over to you, his face was full of anger as you had so often seen.
He stood in front of you, gripping Lucille.

“What the hell is going on?” You said in a desperate low tone.

“Daryl is fuckin’ gone.” He said blunty, gritting his teeth.

“What?” You hissed, “How?!”

“If I fuckin’ knew it would be goddamn fixed, (Y/N). You gather David and the there ones, and you keep them under your goddamn watch until this is figured out, and don’t let any of them get your goddamn gun again. Last thing I need is for you to fuck up, too.” He narrowed his eyes at you.

You were taken aback, and a bit offended that he assumed you were gonna fuck up, “Well, I’m sure I’ll do a better fucking job than Simon.” You scoffed.

“Cool your goddamn attitude and just do what the fuck I say.” He growled back, leaning down to you.

You took in a deep breathe and nodded, “I will.”

He gazed down at you for a moment, daring you to show your attitude to him again at the moment, but you knew better.
You lowered your gaze and became submissive to him, not wanting to catch his bad side.
He gave you one last look before leaving you.
You ran a hand through your hair and looked around for David and spotted him unloading one of the trucks.
You watched for a moment as Dwight and Arat began to drag Joey’s body towards the entrance of the sanctuary where the chained walkers were kept.
You made your way over to the truck where David was helping one of the men pull a couch out the back of it.

“David, let’s go!” You called, ushering him towards you.

He let go of the couch, and exchanged glances with one of the other men, before slowly making his way of over to you.
He noticed the intense look on your face and dropped his head like a dog who had gotten yelled at, before looking back up to you.

“Sorry one of them asked for my help-”

You put up a hand to cut him off, “Don’t worry about it. The place is kind of on lock down, so you and the others are gonna have to stay with me for a while.”

“What’s happened?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.

“It’s not your business, just be glad it doesn’t involve you.” You said in a calm tone as you walked him to the main building towards the kitchen.

“I was just curious.” He shrugged.

“That’s the kind of shit can get you killed.” He cut your eyes to him.

He nodded slowly and didn’t say another word as you went to gather Katherine and Ben.
Your head was in a whirlwind, you weren’t able to understand exactly how Daryl could escape, there were so many people here that it seemed damn near impossible for him to just escape.
You didn’t wanna admit it, but it seemed like Amber and Randy weren’t the only ones that weren’t loyal, someone had to help Daryl escape.
You need to be on your guard more than ever, and you’d be keeping and eyes open, that’s for sure, especially for Negan.
You’d do whatever necessary to protect him.


Kiss Challenge : Hiding/hoping not to be caught kiss

A/N: Welcome another Aussie to the page

Words: 1524


You peek around the threshold of your seven-year-old sons bedroom door. Hovering on the edge of his bed, Micah has his hands clamped over his wide blue eyes. Despite his recent trip to the barbershop, his thick blonde curls are wild and untamed.

It is seven o'clock on a Saturday morning and a highly competitive game of hide-and-seek was underway in the Courtney household.

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Sweet Dreams, My Little Poppet (Papa!Ardyn & F!Reader drabble)

Prompt: Ardyn comforts F!Reader after she has a nightmare.

Author’s Note: Jellybean here again! I really, really, really enjoyed writing this little drabble! It was really fun having Mod Toast read this as I typed. I like hitting people in the feels, so it gave me a good laugh. With that, I hope you enjoy reading! :)

Tagging @themissimmortal​ & @landrissian​ for more Papa!Ardyn. ♡

When you woke up screaming, your father, Ardyn Izunia barged into your bedroom, exclaiming your name. He flipped the light switch up, and once the lights turned on, you could see that he had a visage of concern. His red-violet eyebrows furrowed while his usually smiling lips had curled into a frown. Your father noticed tears streaming down your pudgy, reddened cheeks. He had a sharp intake of breath. And finally, when he saw the terror in your eyes, he quickly made his way to your bed and took a seat right beside you.

“P-Papa… I… I-I… you—” you managed to choke those words out while in between sobs. Without a word, he wrapped his arms around your tiny frame and pulled you towards him to cradle you against his chest.

Hiccups escaped you while you continued to cry. Upon feeling your body quake as you were in his arms, Ardyn’s embrace tightened a bit. Seeing you like this… suffering… it made him sad. Angry, even. When you came into the picture, you were the most important thing in the world —  his world. You changed his life, and he was willing to do anything for you. As long as he knew that you were happy and safe, he felt satisfied. He loved you from the bottom of his heart.

“There there, little poppet,” you heard him speak with a soothing voice as he held you. He rubbed at your head gently in hopes to calm you down. “Papa is here… Papa will keep you safe. Nothing will hurt you as long as Papa is here with you.”

Hearing those words helped you relax a bit. It soon became easier for you to breathe, and after a few moments, he loosened his hold on you. As you laid against him, you looked up at him to see that he was staring back at you with a ghost of a smile. You returned with a small, crooked grin of your own.

“Do you feel better now, my child?”

A nod came from you. “Y-yeah…”

Your father gave a content sigh. “I am happy.”

Once knowing that you were alright, he returned you to where you once laid. While you sat back on your bed, staring at one another face to face, he asked, “Would you like anything before you go back to sleep?” He decided against asking you what you dreamed about.

You thought about it for a minute or two and eventually answered. “Can you sing like you always do?”

The smile on his face returned. He nodded happily. “Of course, darling.”

Laying back in your bed, you watched your father as he began to sing the familiar lullaby you knew ever since the first time he sang for you. As several seconds passed by, your eyelids grew heavy and you soon drifted off to sleep, your smile still remaining on your lips.

After finishing the lullaby, your father stood up from your bed, adjusted your blankets and planted a kiss on your forehead. With a hum, he went over to the light switch and turned the bedroom’s light off. As he exited your room, he whispered, “Sweet dreams, my little poppet.”


AEハチロク vs EK9

Fujiwara Takumi vs

Tomoyuki Tachi

With their newly formed team easily taking on their challengers, the Toudou Racing School has one last trick up their sleeve before accepting defeat from Project D. One of their graduates gladly accepted the challenge to defeat them. Sudo warned Ryosuke to not battle the professional driver since his team is still very inexperienced to race against someone of that level. Ryosuke ignored his warning and let Takumi race him to settle the score with the TRS. Tomoyuki handles his car perfectly on these technical roads of Happogahara, but he’s very quick to overlook the reputation Takumi has as a driving genius. 



Originally posted by tvscene

Pairing: Eric x reader
Prompt: Based off of this imagine. Reader wants to even the playing field between her and Eric after he finds out one of her fears. Only things don’t go as planned
Fandom: Divergent series
Word count: 3918
Warning: Language, mentions of quite a few fears and phobias (if you are worried that there may be something you might find triggering feel free to message me or ask for a list of the mentioned phobias), spider(s), let me know if I missed anything.

A/N: Hey guys! It feels so good to write and post it literally feels like it’s been forever. Hope you enjoy, let me know what you thought!

“Come on, just tell me one!” You pleaded to Eric as you watched him type away at his computer, trying his best to ignoring you.

“What part of no don’t you get?” He growled slightly rolling his eyes at you. “Don’t you have a job to be doing right now?”

You had been in his office for the past half an hour trying to get him to confess what his fears were to no avail. Typically you could care less about something like that, but a few days ago while you were getting a tattoo Eric had figured out your fear of needles. He had overheard you confess your apprehensions to your artist from the room next door where he was having his own work done. Whatever it was that he was having done got finished before your tattoo was even at the halfway point. Instead of leaving he made himself comfortable in the room that you were in watching you struggle to keep a straight face.

He teased you the whole time as you squirmed a little in the chair and stared up at the ceiling trying to block out the sight and sound of the machine. You had hoped that he would forget about it after everything was said and done and you went your separate ways but that was not even near the case. He had tormented you constantly since then, driving you to want to figure out at least one of his phobias in order to return the favor.  

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Winchester brothers-Wild Part 4

Title: Wild Part 4

Pairings: Winchester brothers x feral reader

Word count:1005

Request:Please please please continue wild, I love it so much

Request:Wild? Pretty pretty pretty please? Like maybe she’s feisty when she’s injured so they have to pin her down? And I really like the name Skye so maybe you could work that in? Please?

Request:Are you going to continue the feral reader? (OhmygoshifthereaderandDeanfellinlovethatbwawesomw.)

Request:Are you continuing the feral reader story? And if so can you ?. :3

Request:More doll faces and wild

Links:Wild,Wild Part 2,Wild Part 3

You had been with the Winchester for quite a while now. You hadn’t spoken or retained any human actions yet but you were getting closer and closer and less feral… okay, so that was a bit of a stretch. 

You had came to adore the brothers, being insanely close with them. It took only a short amount of time to warm back up to Sam after the incident of him locking his door when you were asleep in his bed. 

Sam had assured you that he wouldn’t do it again.

Sam had gotten up, telling Dean he was heading to bed as you perked up from Dean’s lap. Dean was just about to hand Sam his iPad back before they saw you shoot up and scatter off. 

‘’Where’s she going?’’Dean chuckled, Sam laughing too as he shrugged. 

‘’I’ll go check’’Sam yawned, sleepily walking out. He noticed you were sat by his door, palming it as he looked down at you. 

‘’Okay, okay, hang on’’He chuckled in amusement before pushing the door open. He watched as you jumped on his bed and jumped on his bed, nestling yourself under the covers and savouring his strong scent. 

‘’Where am I supposed to sleep?’’Sam chuckled, watching your head peek above the blanket. You just stared at it, making him laugh harder as he went to close the door but hear the growl rip from your mouth. 

He froze half way, hands up in defence before turning back around. 

‘’Okay, okay. Easy. I forgot, I’m sorry’’He apologised softly. He slowly climbed in beside you, careful not to squish or hurt you but found himself relaxing when you curled up into his side. 

He gently laid his arm over you, letting you curl up into him as he turned off the light and closed his eyes. 


A flash rippled through the room followed by a loud boom. You jumped, scrambling away from Sam and got the sheets twisted around your body. The thunder boomed again, your body scrambling back once more but only to get more tangled before you hit the floor with a thump and dashed away from the torn sheets. 

You escaped through Sam’s open door and hoped that heading towards Dean’s room would be more quiet. 

Dean had been told countless of times that leaving his wires out would cause harm to you. Dean of course never listened since you barely went into his room. 

Another clap broke through, your head bashing off of Dean’s desk and sending you into his wires. You gnawed and whined, panicking even more as you got tangled in the wires. 

You darted out of Dean’s room, ready to run out of the bunker completely even with wires trapping you. 

You jumped at the clap of thunder, something sharp splitting through your side as you backed away and sent the table crashing to the ground. You began to roll around, smashing everything in your path before the whole room was a mess. 

You heard heavy footsteps, backing away into a shadowed corner. 



The two brothers stepped into the room, both with slightly lowered guns as they gave each other a nod. 

‘’Where’s…damn we really need a name’’Dean grunted. ‘’Where is she?’’Dean whispered. Sam shook his head before flipping the switch up. Light burst around the room as they both took in the scene before tucking their guns away when they realised this was you. 

‘’Hey…kid?’’Dean called, stopping as he tried to think of how to address you. ‘’Why did she run out, I thought she was with you?’’Dean muttered as they both started to look through piles of clattered objects. 

‘’She was, the thunder must have scared her’’Sam stated as he moved a piece of broken wood.

Another clap of thunder echoed through out the room, your body jumped and causing a pile of books to fall over you. 

Sam and Dean raced towards you but you darted out, lashing out at Dean. 

‘’Whoa!’’Dean yelped, his eyes wide and shocked. ‘’What was that for?!’’He yelled, never having been worried about you hurting them. 

‘’Dean, she’s hurt’’Sam pointed out, ‘’and she’s trapped and frightened, animals attack when their scared, remember when we first found her? she attacked because she was scared’’

‘’Good point. Now what?’’Dean hissed as they both stayed put. 

‘’We do what we did before’’Sam shrugged. Dean groaned, closing his eyes as he moaned.

‘’Fine, but this time she’s scratching you’’Dean grunted before they silently counted down before both of them leaped towards you.You dodged them arms, crying out when you ran across the room with Sam hot on your tail. Dean went the other way, now out in the hall as you ran as fast as you could but suddenly felt someone grab you and hoist you up. “Okay, easy sweetheart’‘Dean grunted.

You growled and hissed at them, the two of them stronger than you. 

Sam pinned you down as Dean tried to get a look at your wound. 

‘’I can’t look, she won’t stop thrashing’’Dean snapped. 

‘’She’s strong’’Sam growled back as he grunted silently before keeping his head over yours. ‘’Hey, hey… (y/n), look at me’’Sam whispered, your body stopping when you heard him call you by a name. 

‘’(y/n)?’’Dean questioned. Sam blushed before shrugging. ‘’I like it’’Dean chuckled. 

‘’You’re okay, alright. We’ve got you, you’re safe. I know you’re scared and the thunder is scary but you’re gonna be okay. It can’t hurt you’’Sam soothed, slowly loosening his grip.

You calmed down, still shaking from the thunder as Sam sat you up. 

‘’C’mon, let’s get you out of these you messy pup’’He chuckled, starting to untangle you. You mewled slightly, rubbing your head into his palm as he chuckle. ‘’I know you’re sorry’’He smiled, caressing your cheek. ‘’It’s okay, we all get scared sometimes’’.

Dean looked up, his face full of concern as he called Sam. Sam turned around, his smile dropping when he saw Dean’s concerned and panicked face. 

‘’What is it?’’Sam asked.

‘’This doesn’t look good, Sammy’’

Does anyone know a good plumber? I did one of those stupid rituals and now my shower is leaking. And there’s a faceless guy in my kitchen.

Does anyone know a good plumber? I fucked up one of those stupid ritual things that everyone is doing and now my shower is leaking and also there’s some faceless guy in my kitchen. My landlord comes tomorrow and he’s going to kill me, especially because I also have a cat and I’m not even supposed to have pets.

It all started when I was drunk messaging a girl on Tinder and she said that the only way we would meet up was if I did this weird ritual thing where I summon a ghost or some shit. I think she called it Mea Culpa or something.

Actually, her exact message was,
the decaying flesh will not rest i am the alpha and omega i have seen the burning cities consume the earth hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh [LINK TO RITUAL INSTRUCTIONS] our souls meet when darkness spills mea culpa mea culpa mea culpa kkkkkkkkkkkkkkggggggg

She was a weird chick.

At least, I think she was a girl. I couldn’t really see her face. Her picture was just a black background with two shiny dots that kind of looked like eyeballs. You could sort of see some features, but it looked like her face was gray and I couldn’t really see her mouth. But she had really good skin. I wasn’t about to rally for a pizza face.

So, anyway, I weighed the pros and cons of spooky rituals vs trampoline booty as best I could on five shots of Patron.

It was totally worth it.

I set my cell phone to 3:26 am, but since my phone is a 2005 Motorola Razor that was dropped in the toilet several times, it went off at 4:00am. FUCK.

I decided to go through with the ritual anyway. I was also supposed to have a friend during this thing, but my bestie recently got incarcerated for selling heroin on the corner of Patterson Park and Eastern Avenue. Shout out to my main man, Roscoe.

Anyway, I sat up and turned off my alarm, but the moment I turned it off I drunkenly passed out again. I woke up 20 minutes later and actually got out of bed this time, stumbling around the room in the dark because apparently you’re not supposed to turn on the lights, because if you do a GHOST WILL POP OUT OOOH.

I was supposed to find a candle and light it, but my hangover just made me trip over one of the several candles I placed on my floor. Eventually I gave up and flipped the lights on, grabbing a candle from my desk.

I squinted out my window to see what my ghetto Baltimore neighborhood looked like at 4:20am. The street was empty except for some rando wearing a black robe and a giant pointy black hat. He was staring up at me through the window. I couldn’t really see his face. You know, Baltimore has gone to the fucking dogs. First gang wars, now an updated KKK. For God’s sake.

I lit the candle and looked at my phone. I was supposed to knock on my bedroom door 66 times, the 66th knock timed on the 4:06, but since I had fucked everything else up I just did a “Shave and a Haircut” knock and then walked into my hallway. My bedroom door is opposite the stairs, and looking down that dark stairwell was pretty spooky. I thought I saw something move on one of the lower steps.

For the next step, I was supposed to close my eyes and walk forward while chanting, “mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa”, which is Italian for “my Culpa”, which is probably some kind of shitty Italian car. I tried to close my eyes and walk forward while talking about Italian cars, but my cat, Fish Sticks, ran under my feet and I ended up tripping over him and falling down the flight of stairs.

At some point the stupid candle went out as I flailed down the stairs, but I was too concussed to care. I rolled up from the ground, groaning, and decided that I would just continue to go through the motions, which meant hiding in a closet and waiting for the ghost to play hide and seek with me. I chose the kitchen pantry because I had some opened potato chips in there, so I made my way back.

As I stumbled, I heard several soft whispers behind me. I spun around, hoping that I was right about Fish Sticks knowing how to talk, but there was no one there.

Except for the figure standing in the corner.
I stopped, blinked, and it was gone. I really needed to lay off the Patron.

As I honed in on the closet, the alcohol and concussion finally caught up with me and I stumbled to a stop, doubling over and vomiting watery Patron all over my kitchen floor. FUCK. My ass was landlord grass. The hellish combination of alcohol, concussion, post-vomit and a looming eviction notice caused my emotions to go haywire and I unleashed a violent sob, mucus and tears rivering down my face.

I heard a noise outside the kitchen.
My eyes fell on the kitchen window and I spied that stupid gang member/KKK dude in my backyard, still staring at me. I must’ve looked like an idiot, weeping in front of my kitchen pantry. Too ashamed to confront him, I just crawled into the pantry and shut the door. It was so cold in there it damn froze my man-titties off. My air conditioner was probably broken. I definitely needed to call the landlord, but that would mean sedating Fish Sticks and stuffing him in a suitcase under my bed.

At this point, I realized that I needed to reevaluate my life. Maybe I shouldn’t drink as much. Maybe I should give Fish Sticks to a good home. Maybe I should find women with intellect and poise. Maybe I should move out of my shit neighborhood where KKK people roam around at 4am.

After going through an entire existential crisis in my pantry, I decided to say fuck it and end the stupid ritual. That Tinder girl wasn’t even that hot, anyway. And besides, I still had like seventy more ritual things to complete, which included lighting eight more candles, stabbing a Japanese doll, and spinning around in a circle while screaming, “YOU’RE IT, YOU’RE IT!”
This was all supposed to culminate in me going to my basement, sitting in front of a mirror, and looking into the mirror but not actually looking into it, which made absolutely no fucking sense.
As I got up to open the pantry door, I heard a low moan coming from behind the door. I froze. I prayed to God it wasn’t my landlord.

I cracked open the door to see the gang member/KKK guy standing in the kitchen, staring at me. I finally got a good look at him. He definitely didn’t have a face. I guess getting your face taken away is part of a gang ritual now.

He didn’t react to my presence— he just stared. I didn’t know how the hell to deal with gang members or faceless KKK members, so I just stared back. We did this for about five minutes before I slowly inched out of the kitchen and back upstairs. He turned to watch me as I went, but didn’t move.

So after that I went up to my bathroom to take a shower and now my shower-head is leaking, which I blame on the stupid ritual. So if you guys know any good plumbers in the Baltimore area, I would really appreciate it.

what if it really is pale/red vacilation, or All The Quadrants vacilation, and not only do they switch quadrants all the time, as people have suggested, but every week they

flip for it

H34DS 1TS P4L3


Road Trip...Epilogue!

I am so glad you guys have enjoyed this little weekend series that has happened.  I hope that you enjoy the way I’ve decided to wrap it up, and I hope that you will continue to enjoy all of the things to come with some other ideas I have planned.

So, for your enjoyment, here is the epilogue to Road Trip, comin’ ‘atcha!

(Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12)

Lugging your suitcase out of your room, Matthew jumps up off of the couch to help you as you blow at a piece of hair that has fallen into your face.

“You think this’ll be enough?” you huff, feeling Matthew slowly peel your hand away as he wraps his long fingers around the handle at the top of the bag.

“Yeah.  Yeah, I think you’ve got enough,” he chuckles, hefting it up at his side as he bends down and places a chaste kiss on your forehead.

“You know my parents have a washer and dryer, right?” he grunts, slowly moving towards your front door as you grab your coat, scarf, and slip your feet into your boots as you bent down to zip them up.

“A girl wants options, sweetheart,” you coo, smirking as you raise back up and flip the lights off in your den.

“Do you need so many clothes, though?” he pants as you follow him out the door.

“It’s an entire month for the holidays!” you squeal, secretly enjoying his reactions as you close your door behind you and lock it.

This last duration of filming had been particularly rough.  Just as you had predicted, you and Matthew hadn’t had as much free-time with one another as you had over the road trip, and as soon as the two of you were caught holding hands in public, the cameras were thrust into your face as fans both relished in and bashed your relationship.

“And besides,” you add as you start down the steps to Matthew’s car, “you shouldn’t have shown me all of the wonderful thrift shops around here.”

But all Matthew could do was smile.

Since returning home, you had had multiple phone calls from your family about your new sense of style in public.  How you may or may not have put on make-up, your hair haphazardly thrown on top of your head, or your over-sized shirts falling off of your shoulder as Matthew leans in and kisses the bare skin.

I believe your mother’s phrase from your last conversation before changing your number a month ago was, “I raised you to be better.”

Watching as Matthew slings your overstuffed suitcase into the trunk of his car, he closes the door with a slam as his chest heaves lightly, his sparkling eyes connecting with yours as a broad smile graces his face.

“They’re gonna love you,” he muses.

“You really think so?” you ask.

You had been nervous ever since you had agreed to meet his family.  The two of you had tried to plan three separate weekends, all of which had gotten canceled because of last minute filming corrections and many unplanned late-night sessions of running after imaginary bad guys and shooting off realistic gunfire.

“Uuuuuh huh,” he coos, striding towards you as he snakes his arms slowly around your waist.

“And if they love you half as much as I do, you’re in for life,” he smiles, placing a warm, light kiss on the tip of your nose as you wrinkle it and giggle.

“For life, huh?  Sure you want me around that long?” you joust, snaking your arms around his neck as you hold his gaze.

You saw a flash of something very brief behind his eyes before he slowly leans his forehead down to yours.

“Positive,” he whispers, relishing the way his warm breath tickles your skin as the cool fall wind begins to kick up around the two of you.

“We uh…” you begin, snickering lightly as your skin begins to pucker against the cold, “we should probably get going.  A four hour drive is no joke when family is waiting for you.”

“We’ve survived longer,” he smiles, placing a kiss against your lips as you feel your knees grow weak.

It astounded you…how you could never grow used to his warm lips against yours.

“I’m nervous, Matthew,” you admit.

“I know,” he lulls, pulling you close into his body as you sigh, resting the side of your head deep within his chest.

“But they’re gonna love you,” he reassures you, placing a kiss on top of your head as you nuzzle your nose into him.

“How do you know?” you whisper.

“Because you love me,” he whispers back, moving his hand up under your chin as he raises your gaze to his.

And as your eyes connect with his again, his fingertips brushing along your cheek as you raise up to your tiptoes and slowly connect your lips once more, your heart begins to flutter in your chest as a realization wafts over your being.

You realize that home isn’t a place.

You realize that home is a person.

And you would follow your home wherever he went.

It's Wrong [a Tate Langdon imagine]

Request: Could you do a one shot where Tate’s girlfriend get caught in the crossfire of the school shooting?
a/n: i had a dream about this once…

School sucks. That’s what Tate and you decided. But then an odd request came up. He made you swear not to come to school today. Jokingly, you agreed; thinking it was about some stupid thing, like a pep rally. Something you both hated. So, you went against your boyfriend and came.

You definitely did not expect this to happen; someone shooting up the school. Luckily, you’re in the library with six or seven other people so you aren’t alone. You hide behind a tall bookcase, trying to control your heavy breathing; forehead pressed against book spines. Silent tears escape your eyes when you hear the doorknob jiggle wickedly.

All you want is your dorky blond boyfriend. You can’t die without him. Slowly, you reach in your dirt brown boho bag, pulling out your flip phone. It lights up as you dial his number, holding it to your ear. There’s one…two…three rings before it goes to voicemail. “T-Tate, I’m here at school and-and there’s a shooter and I n-needed to tell you something before-” the door starts to shake violently and you can’t help but sob. “I love you! I love you so so much…” You cry into the speaker; the message cuts off.

Watching the silver knob turn slowly, your body shivers. You sink to your knees, covering your mouth when a gunshot rings out. Y/S/C cheeks are drenched with water as you quietly sob. Why is this happening?!

Footsteps clomp closer and closer to your spot, making you tremble. You turn your head, crying. The footsteps stop right in front of you and you squeal. “P-please don’t kill me!” You beg, knowing deep down it most likely won’t work.

The gun drops to the floor with a clang. “Y/N?” The shooter whispers. Your eyes widen, know that gravelly voice. “I told y- UGH, OH GOD! I TOLD YOU NOT TO COME! WHY DID YOU COME?!” Tate shouts, pulling the ends of his hair. This just fucked everything up.

Unwrapping your cream sweater from your body, you stare up at him; eyes squinted. “T-Tate? What the fuck?!” You scream, tears dripping off your chin. “Was this why you didn’t want me to come today?!” You accuse, gesturing to your boyfriend’s outfit; all black, jeans and a shirt under a long trench coat with combat boots. Guns in the waistband of his pants.

He pats his pants, rolling his dark orbs. “Yes, okay, this why I didn’t want you to come; is that what you wanna hear, babe?!” He yells, yanking his blond locks. Tate shakes his head, peering at you with red puffy skin around his eyes. Now he has to rethink his entire plan. “I want you to leave…leave and go somewhere; your house, my house. Somewhere I can find you.” He orders, pulling you up and kissing the crown of your head.

You look him up and down through watery eyes. “I… I love you but I don’t think I’ll ever forgive you for this…” You mumble, tears racing down your face. When you touch his cheek, he sniffles, nodding understandably. “How many?” Your voice cracks.

He hangs his head, “Fifteen.” Suddenly you’re pulling his hand. “W-what are you doing?” He asks. His nose scrunches and he snorts, blinking repeatedly. Damn cocaine.

In a hurry, you drag him outside. “Fixing your fucking mess!” You scream, looking around for a sign. You have no idea how to fix this.