flip up lights

Craig x Tweek with a pen I stole off my cousin. My Tweek is the one with piercings but too scared for a tattoo while Craig is part of the main group trying to stop the apocalypse from happening. Tweek is done with this shit and wants his bf to be safe. While Craig fights literal demons and isn’t sure how Tweek can do protection.

what if it really is pale/red vacilation, or All The Quadrants vacilation, and not only do they switch quadrants all the time, as people have suggested, but every week they

flip for it

H34DS 1TS P4L3


Here, have a preview of a little something I am working on for agentverbivore!

signs as shoes
  • Aries: combat boots
  • Taurus: colourful vans
  • Gemini: patterned flip flops
  • Cancer: light up heelies so they can be like a child tbh
  • Leo: pink pumps
  • Virgo: simple nude heels
  • Libra: 8" high gold sparkly heels
  • Scorpio: black heeled boots
  • Sagittarius: white Converse
  • Capricorn: black ballet flats
  • Aquarius: barefoot
  • Pisces: boho sandals