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Aiden x Reader

Requested by Anon

“Hey, you want a ride?” One of the twins asked as they pulled up next to you.

“To school?” you asked not sure if they were actually going to class.

“Yeah, we have some stuff to do so we might as well go.” Aiden grumbled as he flipped up his helmets visor.

“You’ll be late if you keep walking.” Ethan pointed out.

“Um… thanks.” You mumbled when Ethan took your bags as Aiden helped you hop on the back of his bike.

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bloomsoftly  asked:

if you're still taking shieldshock prompts (I hope you are!!): “Forgive me if I’m misreading things, but do you want to make out?”

“Action figures?” Darcy raises an eyebrow, her eyes on the line of plastic figurines on the table in front of her.

“Action figures,” Tony confirms. “We’re all thrilled to death that they managed to mostly get our likenesses right.”

Darcy picks up the Iron Man action figure. “Your helmet flips up,” she notes, using the tip of her index finger to raise the figure’s mask. “That’s so cool.” She looks down at the rest of the figures. “How much are they selling these things for, anyway?”

“Who knows?” Tony shrugs. “We got a bunch of ‘em free, but I’d guess they’re putting ‘em in stores for twenty, thirty bucks a pop.”

“Highway robbery,” Darcy mumbles, setting the Iron Man figure down and leaning closer to the table to inspect the others. “Getting your faces right was only half the equation,” she starts, peering at the Black Widow figure. “How long did the designers of these things have to study your anatomy to get the bodies right?”

This makes Tony laugh. “I don’t know. I let them in to look at my suit. They didn’t need my body for that.”

He turns to leave the room, and Darcy waves absently to him. She’s busy inspecting the Captain America action figure. “Pretty accurate,” she murmurs, picking the plastic figurine up and turning it over. “Very accurate, actually,” she chuckles to herself. “Can’t compare to the real thing, of course, but it’s a pretty good estimation.” Curiously, she inclines her head to the side. “Why’d they decide to put you in the stealth suit?” She asks the figure, her voice hushed in the empty room. “I mean, not that I’m complaining, because that suit does things to me that I’d probably be ashamed to tell my mom about, but it’s an interesting choice nonetheless.” She wonders if Steve has seen his action figure, and if so, what he’s thought of it.

Briefly, she considers going to find him and show it to him. “Don’t be stupid,” she mutters to herself. “Steve’s got better things to do than to sit around looking at a tiny plastic model of himself.” She looks down at the action figure again. “Don’t you?”

The figure, as expected, says nothing. It just looks back at her with what Darcy calls The Righteousness Stare. “Do you ever smile?” She asks it playfully. “I mean you. I’ve seen real-life Steve smile, once or twice. He’s kind of serious.”

The figure stares back at her silently.

“At first,” she goes on thoughtfully, “I used to think it was just me he was annoyed with. But then I noticed that he’s the same way with everyone. Although,” she goes on, “I think more of it may be directed at me, probably because he finds me annoying.” She shakes her head. “But you’re not annoyed with me, are you? Your facial expression is just for show. I know there’s a smile in there somewhere.”

She raises the figure’s right arm, turning his shield to point outward. “Wonder what I’d look like as an action figure. Probably all boobs and nothing else,” she muses, casting a sideways glance at the Black Widow’s action figure. “If they can make her look all va-va-voom…” She shakes her head, turning her attention back to the action figure in her hand. “So intense,” she laughs, holding the tiny, serious Captain America up to her face. “Are you always this intense, Captain? ‘Yes, yes, I am,’” she goes on, mimicking Steve’s deep voice comically. “Oh, that’s alright,” she says in a normal voice. “I like my guys intense. The more intense, the better.”

She lowers the action figure’s arm, and it continues to stare silently at her. She stares back at it for a good thirty seconds, her expression one of mock seriousness. “Forgive me if I’m misreading things,” she laughs, “but do you wanna make out?”

“I don’t think you’ll get an answer from him.”

His voice startles her, and Darcy lets out a yelp and drops the action figure like a hot potato. It isn’t until a few seconds have passed that she realizes that it isn’t actually the plastic figurine that’s spoken, but the man the figure is modeled after.

“Oh my god,” Darcy mutters, her face hot.

Steve is standing just inside the doorway, leaning against the frame. His arms are crossed over his chest, and unlike his action figure, he’s grinning. “Tony told me they’d arrived,” he starts, motioning to the action figures on the table. “I thought I’d come in and see how mine looked.”

Darcy looks down, her face burning as she realizes in her surprise, she dropped Steve’s figure on the floor. She bends down to pick it up. “I’m so sorry,” she apologizes, speaking more to the plastic in her hand than the flesh and blood man in front of her. She holds it out to him.

She can feel his eyes on her as he takes it from her hand, and she moves away from the table, her intention to leave the room and possibly beg the carpet outside of the common room to swallow her up.

“It’s pretty accurate,” Steve says.

“That it is,” she says, scrubbing a hand over her face. “Steve, look, I didn’t mean—”

He holds up a hand, and she falls silent immediately. He’s gone serious again, and he raises the figure to his ear, a look of concentration on his face. “Hm,” he starts. “That’s interesting.”

Puzzled, Darcy shakes her head. “What?”

He looks at her, the corners of his mouth twitching. “It seems I was wrong.”

“About what?”

“I didn’t think you’d get an answer from him,” Steve explains, holding the action figure up to his face and peering at it closely. “But apparently, I misspoke.”

“You’re making fun of me,” Darcy mumbles, feeling the flush rise to her cheeks again. “And it’s fine, because I deserve it.” She turns away again, but Steve’s hand on her arm stops her.

“No, no, I would never do that,” he says. She turns to face him, and incredibly enough, he looks sincere. “I think he just wanted you to know that he wasn’t ignoring you.”

“Oh?” Darcy crosses her arms over her chest. “Well if he wasn’t ignoring me, then why didn’t he speak?”

“Maybe he just wasn’t quite ready to talk yet,” Steve answers, offering her a small smile. “Maybe he was just a little intimidated by you.”

“Intimidated by me?” Darcy scoffs. “He’s Captain Freaking America. Why would he be intimidated by little old me?”

Steve shrugs. “Even Captain America gets intimidated sometimes,” he explains. “Especially when it comes to talking to women who are beautiful, and intelligent, and fascinating.”

Darcy’s cheeks grow warm again, this time for an altogether different reason. She keeps her arms crossed over her chest, though. “He told you all that, huh?” She asks, dubiously.

“He did,” Steve nods earnestly. “He told me something else, too.”

She narrows her eyes. “What?”

“He said,” Steve starts nonchalantly, “that he doesn’t think he’s made of the right stuff to make out with you—”

“Oh,” Darcy says softly, her arms falling to her sides. “I’ll just go—”

“—but that he wouldn’t be upset with me if I did it instead.”

She stares at him. Her voice has apparently flown off into the ether.

“That is, if you actually wanted that,” Steve continues, still in that maddeningly nonchalant tone of voice.

Darcy doesn’t know how long it will be before her voice comes back. Her head works perfectly fine, though, and she nods it enthusiastically.

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Lunchtime Drabble: Training the Inhuman (10/?)

Lunchtime Drabble: Training the Inhuman (10/?)
Pairing: Avengers x Reader for now. Relationships develop as I go.
Word Count: 1057
Warnings: short reader, fluff, fighting, and a little angst.

Originally posted by asosyalbey

Y/N slowly opened her eyes and found herself in darkness still and cold. She was laying on a cold, hard floor in a dark place. Not a lot to go on. She took stock of herself, nothing felt broken. She had a headache but that wasn’t a shock considering how hard she’d hit her head on the Tube rails. Forcing herself to sit up, Y/N tried to see more in the inky blackness of the room, but could hardly see her hand in front of her face. She stood, letting her hands drag along the wall she had been leaning against. She didn’t bump her head on anything, so she took and chance of began to move around the perimeter of the room, using the wall as a guide. She made it down the wall, took a left turn, found a door (locked of course), and a few more turns gave her the layout of a small square room. She bumped into no furniture, so she assumed it was empty and sat back down on the cold floor.

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Hear me out you guys- space lesbians. 

How the Avengers Would React To Their New Recruit Being Deaf/Having Hearing Aids

(Requested by Anon)
They might be worried at first, worried that it would be a disadvantage and put you in danger. Steve would be the most cautious with you but also the most supportive aside from Clint. Clint would be amazing, keeping you with him on missions when possible and always talking to you in sign language.

Wanda would try to talk to you in your mind and that worked quite well too. Tony would always flip up his helmet to talk to you so you could more easily read his lips but admittedly sometimes he’d get frustrated and just yell at you to be faster but Steve quickly got him to stop.

Bucky and Steve would make a deal to always keep and eye on you and they’d get Peter to always be in range to snatch you out of danger if really necessary.

After your first big battle, Peter would report back to Steve saying you didn’t need help at all, and you were really capable. This, of course, wouldn’t surprise Natasha or Clint who never doubted you and actually found it quite helpful on missions when they could do sign language to you and keep maximum stealth. 

So although some of the Avengers might have some doubts at first, they’d quickly just see you as another member of the team - a valuable one at that - and would be very happy to have you.


(A/N): I couldn’t think of any other title I am so sorry

Request:OMG. Can you write an imagine where the reader is really short (5'0) and she’s new to the team and everyone isn’t sure about her fighting, especially on a mission. but when they go, she totally kicks ass and they’re all shocked!? especially Bucky. and he like BEGS her to be his partner is crime? THANK YOU ❤️❤️ ILYSM

Warnings: some swearing

Originally posted by imnotapipedream

    “So shortstuff,” Tony smirks as he slides up to your desk using a chair, casually leaning back against it as it slides along the floor. “We got a mission today, think you and your tiny legs can handle it?” You grit your teeth in restraint, forcing a tight lipped smile as you do so. 

   “Pretty sure Tony, I was chosen for this program for a reason you know,” 

   You had in deed been elected into the Avengers by a not so dead Fury. The team needed some more players and apparently you were the first pick, despite your height. You had thought this was going to be a great time, maybe make some friends, get some more training, stuff like that. But the day you walked through those doors you knew every hope you had for this team flew out the window.

    As soon as the doors closed behind you everyone had stared at you in shock, after all you were miniscule compared to most of them. With Nat, being the shortest, coming in 7 inches taller than you. You had hoped they would accept you despite your height but as soon as Tony Stark, the ass of the group, laid eyes on you he had burst into hysterics, laughing so hard you thought he may die. 

   “Oh my god,” He breathed out, wiping away at the imaginary tears in the corners of his eyes. “They’re so tiny,” Everyone flushed at his words, having all thought the same thing only Tony had the guts to vocalize it and unfortunately for you he still did to this day. 

   “You sure? I don’t want you getting tired or-” You abruptly rise from your seat, glaring at the man before you as he simply smirked coolly. 

   “I’m going on this mission,” You growled, your tone more than dark. “And I’m going to kick ass,” With that statement you turn on your heel, marching off to your room to sulk for a few hours. 

   You did have to admit, the comments did sometimes get to you. It wasn’t easy being on a team of literal giants after all. But you had to be strong, you didn’t want to look like a complete baby in front of all your teammates, knowing their ridicule would only get worse if it did so instead you kept it bottled up, waiting for the perfect moment to explode. But now was not the time, you could use this anger to your advantage, perhaps use it on the mission that you had in a few hours. So instead of exploding like you so desperately wanted to you kept it in, instead electing to hang out in your room and cool down a bit. 

    Everyone eyed you warily as you prepped for the mission, placing your weapon of choice in your good hand, the other clenched tightly in a fist. You knew they were all thinking the same thing, why the hell are they coming with us, but they just wouldn’t vocalize it. 

   “(Y/N),” Bucky whispered from beside you, a pleasant smile upon his face. “You think you’re ready for this?”

    “Why? Because I’m too small?” You snap, causing his smile to fall, replaced by a rather confused and curious look. 

    “I was going to say because It’s your first mission but uh-” 

    “Oh god Bucky,” You bury your face in your hand, attempting to hide the blush that coated your cheeks. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to snap like that, it’s just that Tony has been-”

    “I know,” Bucky’s smile returns as he nods his head to your apology. “I know how…stressful he can be,” You offer a small, apologetic smile, muttering a quiet ‘yeah’ as you do so. “But really? Are you doing okay? Any first mission nerves or anything like that?” You wouldn’t admit it but yeah, you were stressing a bit. This was your first mission and as far as you knew it wasn’t going to be easy as Tony had told you time after time again but you were hoping that you did well enough to not get teased at the end of the night. 

   “Not really,” You give Bucky a smile hoping it looked more convincing than it felt. Bucky smiles back and you’re sure your heart flutter just a bit, or perhaps that was your nerves? Either way your heart quickened it’s pace just a bit at that moment. 

   “Okay ladybug,” Tony called to you, motioning you over to the descending ramp of the Quinjet. You grit your teeth as you stomp forward, completely disregarding the soft look Bucky was giving you, like a sweet and concerned puppy. “We got agents on all sides, take them down and we’re golden, think you can handle that?” You nod curtly, keeping your gaze dead set on the ground below you, refusing to look at any one of the Avengers. “Okay then,” Tony’s helmet smacks down onto his face, the eyes suddenly bursting with life. “Let’s do this,”

    3 hours. 3 hours you’d been fighting these things. 3 hours of kicking, punching, shooting, and harming these agents in anyway possible. You were growing weak, your limbs growing tired as your lungs craved a break. You had tapped into your anger long ago and it was slowly seeping out of you as you worked your way through the agents, mounds and mounds of them to be exact. 

    You couldn’t even see where the others were or how they were faring all you were focused on was getting rid of these agents and being able to go home and eat your weight in cold foods. 

   With a quick flick of your wrist you snap the neck of some agent in your arms, not even blinking an eye when they slid out of your grasp and onto the floor. You whipped around, preparing for more agents to come at you but none came, in fact, the entire area was full of wounded agents, all on the ground gasping and clutching at certain body parts or not even moving at all. 

   “Well Damn,” Tony mutters as he lands beside you, his suit nearly scaring you enough to attack him. Nearly. “I didn’t know you had it in you kid,” Tony’s helmet flips up, revealing his well renowned smirk.

    “They fought the hardest and longest of us all,” Steve praises as he too appears beside you, clapping a hand against your shoulder as he does so. “I’m proud of you,” Steve gives you a smile, causing a blush to alight your cheeks. 

   “Thank you,” You whisper timidly, not quite knowing how to respond to the praise. 

   “You know what?” Clint suddenly joins in, throwing his bow over his back, locking it onto his quivers. “I think we’d make an excellent team (Y/N), our fighting skills mesh well and-” 

   “Nuh-uh,” Sam pipes in, landing with a soft thud onto his feet. “(Y/N)’s good on the ground, I’m good in the sky, it’d be perfect-” 

   “Guys,” Nat slinks up, placing an arm around your shoulders, smirking softly at the rest of the team. “I think they wanna pair up with me, we’re both kick ass fighters and-” 

    “Actually,” Bucky suddenly pipes in, his voice masking everyone else’s. “I think (Y/N) and I would make a pretty great pair…right?” Bucky’s tone is hopefully as he stares at you, his puppy eyes twinkling brightly as he speaks. 

    Bucky had been the kindest to you since you arrived and you had to admit, the idea of being his partner was rather alluring. 

    “Right,” You give an affirmative nod, smiling at the soldier softly. You can hear everyone whining behind you but you really didn’t care, not when Bucky was smiling that happily towards you, not when Bucky Barnes was directing that smile towards you. “I’d really like that,” 

Jo dragged her foot along the pavement as her bike came to a stop in front of a bar, she flipped her helmet visor up as she looked at the building. She didn’t have to ask Blair where she was going- it was one of the few bars in the city without a crowd of motorcycles in the parking lot, making her black Harley look out of place.

Walking inside with her helmet tucked under her arm, she flashed the fake ID she hadn’t used in years to the bouncer. She quickly spotted Blair, she already had a guy hanging over her. Jo rolled her eyes, how Blair claimed to have a problem with guys was beyond her. She considered leaving for a moment but Blair had a habit of attracting creeps, attractive creeps but creeps nonetheless. She sat down at the bar, close enough that she could hear if Blair was getting into trouble but hopefully far enough away that she wouldn’t be noticed, even though the red and white helmet on the bar in front of her would be a clear giveaway if Blair spotted it.

No training wheels

A/N: Just a very short Stiles x Delinquent I came up with.

I do not own Teen Wolf or it’s characters. Sadly.


“What the hell is this?” you asked at the sight in front of you. Stiles was astride a motor bike, revving the engine entirely unnecessarily. He may have had only the visor of his helmet flipped up, concealing most of his face, but you saw his eyes crinkle in a way that looked like a kid at Christmas. “Where’s Roscoe?”

“In the shop. Long story,” he said with a roll of his eyes.

“What, are you telling me that duct tape finally gave out?” You leaned in closer to his face smirking as you said the last word almost scandalously. “Shocker.”

“Ha-ha,” he said sardonically before tossing a helmet your way.

Catching it, you raised your eyebrows at him. “Woah. Okay. Thanks for the warning. I know I’m awesome, but what do you think I am? Some kind of superhuman? While flattering, please give me a heads up next time. I prefer not to get knocked out by a flying helmet.”

A blush stained what you could see of his cheeks and the back of his neck, his eyes wide as he muttered apologies, and something about ‘forgetting sometimes’.

“Want me to drive?” You raised an eyebrow at him. “Stiles, this is a big kid’s bike. No training wheels.”

“You know how to drive this?” He sounded surprised before he rolled his eyes, looking straight ahead. “Why did that surprise me?”

“I dunno. You’re slacking, buddy.” You pulled on the helmet, smiling at his muffled grumbling as you gave him a pat on the shoulder playfully before climbing on behind him, wrapping your arms around his torso. Leaning your chin on his shoulder, you smirked as he turned his head just enough to look down at you and raise an eyebrow. “Come on, Stilinski. Let’s ride.”

He chuckled, reaching up to swat your visor down, doing the same to his before settling in and taking off.

The Siren and the Insomniac

Title: The Siren and the Insomniac

Chapter No./One Shot: Chapter 24

Original Imagine: 

Imagine you’re part siren and you live in the Stark Tower. Your bedroom is next door to Loki’s, and you become annoyed with him because he stays up all hours. So after many futile arguments with the god, you use your power through the walls to put him to sleep. When the time comes for you to move out, Loki begs you to stay, claiming he can no longer sleep without you.

Author: Starrynight35

Rating: M

Notes/Warnings: Language, fluff

Thank you for all of the comments and reblogs! Your feedback is always appreciated!

We are nearing the end of this story, but I have a feeling I will be writing some one-shots of these two after I am finished with this… I won’t be able to let them go so easily. If you’re interested in reading them, go to my writing blog. It’s all Loki. ;) @starrynightfantasies

Chapter 24

Natasha was looking at Raidne with the most intense affection she had ever seen in a woman’s eyes, and it was making Raidne incredibly uncomfortable, but she needed Natasha’s strength at that moment. She smiled as innocently as possible, and Natasha beamed back at her as if Raidne had just proposed.

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Caberg Modus Motorcycle Flip Up Helmet At GhostBikes.com £202.49

The Caberg Motorbike Helmet is packed with features…

Specifications include

  • Manufactured, designed and tested in Italy
  • P/J Dual Homologation allows you to ride with the chin bar in the up position - A lever on the left side of the helmet holds the chin bar in the up position preventing it from accidentally closing
  • Double visor system with anti scratch treatment
  • Inner sunvisor, with UV 400 and anti-scratch coating
  • Clear visor is a double lens Pinlock with anti-scratch and anti-fog
  • One air vent on the chin guard and two on top guarantees great ventilation
  • Two air extractors in the back of the helmet remove hot and stale air
  • Fully removable and washable inner liner
  • Breathable and hypoallergenic liner
  • Reflective detailing on the back of the neck for increased night visibility
  • Equipped to accommodate the Caberg Just Speak System
  • Liner is shaped so as to easily seat glasses and sunglasses
  • Removable wind guard
  • No tools quick release visor system
  • Double anti-turbulence nape shield
  • Under varnish decoration
  • Thermoplastic outer shell construction
  • Micrometric adjustable buckle
  • ECER 22.05 P/J Homologation
  • Weight: 1700 +/- 50g