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Have you heard about the Supercorp drama? What's your opinion on it?

I saw the uproar but haven’t watched the video or read the apologies of anything. So I’m not really going to offer up a direct opinion on that other than the same one I’ve had since the Glee days. 

Any actor, writer, or creator talking about any fandom associated with their show should stay professional, don’t make any promises to fans about characters or stories because they will absolutely disappoint someone with the end result, and don’t belittle the fans. There’s a tactful way to handle things, and when you sign on for fame and being in the public eye–and sign up for twitter–you’d better damn well learn to mind your brand or just keep your mouth shut and stay off social media altogether. 

On the flip side–sometimes fandom needs to step back from the social media too and remember to keep fandom things in the fandom. I’m an old dog from pre-twitter days, and some of the things I’ve seen said or shown to actors about shipping gives me severe secondhand embarrassment. 

In any case, I hope the offending cast members understand how harmful what they did was to an entire group of their fans and learn from the experience. And assuming they do, fandom should remember that people can fuck up majorly but still learn to be better. 

Ultimately, I feel like maybe we shouldn’t be putting so much faith in actors and writers to validate our existence–because chances are, they will always disappoint us in some way when they fail to live up to the expectations we place on them. I’m not saying we shouldn’t continue to be vocal about wanting more representation in the shows we watch because we absolutely should, but there are so many creators who are trying to be diverse and inclusive in less problematic ways, and the absolute best way to get our message across is to support those projects, whether they are on major networks or niche cable channels or youtube or netflix and stop supporting shows that are doing it wrong.

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Do you think of Harry as popular?

i think he’s extremely well known in the school but i don’t know about popular. 

though harry has a great capacity for care and love, he is very resistant to engage in friendships that extend past ron/the weasleys and hermione. he’s even slow to accept the lords and saviors neville and luna as some of his best friends. i think he’s generally seen as nice, most certainly clocked for being as famous as he is but for the most part is just recognized as chill ( it’s why his outbursts are so startling to people. ) 

then again he is also a jock by all standards, one that barely makes it through the season. he’s also described as having perfect skin which is hysterical to me and always will be. – i guess i see it in highs and lows, low being fourth and fifth year where his fame really comes for him with people holding outward hostility toward him for it but then on the flip side he is also very put off by the attention he gets in his sixth year. 

i mean if i went to school with harry and he was constantly messing up my chances to win house/quidditch cup or just in general was at the center of every shit storm i’d probably have some jokes. so yeah, i guess it all just depends who you ask. 

but ‘there’s no need to call me sir, professor’ makes him infamous. ‘the boy who lived after Doing That’ is what he is known as for years to come

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Hi do you think if someone who has anxiety and depression would have some kind of powers if they were a vampire? (sorry for my english I'm czech girl) Also I love your blog. <3

Aw thank you so much! And don’t worry about your english! (it’s honestly probably better than my own and English is my own native language lmao)

I actually mentioned this in a post before!
(but i’ll just copy and paste what i’ve written from there anyway because… what the hell, right?)

      •   Someone with anxiety, who would’ve wished in many situations theoretically “disappear”, would gain the power of actual literal invisibility. 

      •   Mood disorders become empaths in some way or form. Someone that experiences depression could become able to project feelings of positivity and happiness, or with mania perhaps senses of sadness and depression. On the flip side they could be able to take away these emotions entirely, leaving the person completely numb inside.

And the rest of that post can be found here if anyone was interested!

Roam: Pft! Y'know the act of trying to “be cool” only makes you more of a loser, ya nerd.

Teddy: >8O I’m like the flip side of a pillow I’m so cool. 

Teddy: …I’m cooler than that phrase at least.

concept: a hockey bro whose last name is “sweet” so his teammates call him “sweetie” and “sweets” and they kind of lean into it and start to call him “sweetums” and “sweetheart” and “sweet cheeks” and “sweetie pie” and eventually they forget where it started and just refer to him with terms of endearment like “babe” and “honey” and “cuddlebear” and it gets kind of out of control

the lack of word limit on tumblr posts when compared to twitter is rlly helpful bc it fosters an environment for deeper connection w other users + an exchange of ideas that simply cant be parsed or simplified into 140 characters but on the flip side it means that yall have made me read some really dumb shit because some of you dont know when and how to shut the fuck up

Unexpected Aspects of the Types

ENFP: They actually crave schedules and structure like nobodies business, if and only if it revolves around their passions. 

INFP: The “manic pixie dream girl” stigma is so wrong. 90% of them are more along the lines of “embittered memelords” with a splash of off-beat and sensible fashion. 

INTP: They’re actually excellent in social situations that they throw themselves into. Your odd aggressiveness and shouting is amusing and weirdly charismatic. 

ENTP: You’ll have to murder them a thousand times before they’ll admit that they actually DO crave harmony and peace more than chaos; Debate and verbal jousting (and memes) is just their way of getting there. 

ENFJ: The worst time management skills. Worse than all of the P’s put together, bar none. You got stars in your eyes and not a single “no” in your throats and it often leaves you ragged busybodies from over committing yourselves. 

INFJ: Despite their ‘mysterious and secretive nature’ stigma, if you engage them in a deep conversation about their passions, 9 times out of 10 they will splay their soul to you even though you met 5 minutes ago at a college party.

ISFJ: They’re known for being the kindly, grandmotherly type that just wants the best for their friends, but the flip side is they’re all basic bitches that secretly crave being a tool. They’re usually just too nice to go Full Douche™, praise the Lord. 

ESFJ: Despite being known as the social butterfly, the Fe and Si combination sometimes makes for an extremely judgmental, polarizing, and single-minded personality, and can seem like the most socially inept/oblivious person in the room. 

ESTJ: Weirdly enough, more often than not, they’re one of the most socially graceful and self-aware people in the room. That, or they’re utterly cringeworthy. Not really any in between. Just don’t get them started on politics (I’m begging you). 

ISTJ: Despite the ‘emotionless Traditionalist™ robot’ stigma, although they can’t offer consistent emotional output, all of the ones I’ve met are some of the most emotionally stable, mature, and available people I’ve ever met. 

ENTJ: Your responsible, efficient, and commanding CEO of a friend is actually the biggest procrastinator in the game, bar none. It’s hidden under a few hundred layers of self-confidence, but they need the stress of the last minute to feel anything in this world. 

INTJ: Massive internal war between fearless, emotionless sociopathy, and caring so deeply for a select few people that they’d give up every ambition to follow them to the ends of the earth without a single plan. TL;DR, their black and icy hearts are secretly hearts of gold and they absolutely abhor that about themselves. 

ESFP: Your favorite quick-talking, loud-mouthed, social explosion with all the friends is probably pretty lonely on the inside. Almost every ESFP I’ve met has huge commitment issues (big and pretty accurate stereotype), but few people realize it usually comes from self-knowledge of their sporadic nature, and they keep people at an emotional distance as a result, so they don’t end up getting hurt. Advice: letting people in and trying to make it work is infinitely better than loneliness in a crowd. 

ISFP: The EXTJ’s WISH they could be as soul-crushingly terrifying as your favorite superwholockian, equestrian painter friend when somebody’s crossed their family or friends. 

ESTP: The “sex, drugs, drinking, and more sex” cliche with ESTP’s is so dumb because literally every ESTP I know doesn’t care about alcohol or sex more than any other person I’ve met, but they ARE infinitely more obsessed with ultimate frisbee and bridge jumping. 

ISTP: The calm, rational, logical side of Ti is thrown completely out of the driver’s side window when they’re behind the wheel, because these hoes have the worst road rage I’ve ever seen, without exception.

  • zoe: you guys are going to go crazy for malec in 2.18 ;), it made me really emotional!
  • matt: for everyone that's worried, stay tuned. i think you'll be really happy :)
  • todd: joys, tears, love, the malec in 2.18 is simply amazing
my reaction to ACCEPTING ANXIETY

- that title though - the last one was excepting anxiety, and this is Accepting Anxiety… love.
- Roman’s 30 second recap of the last video was gr8
- “You made that joke in the last video” “I know, it was just to re-establish where we are in the present timeline.”
- nice Stranger Things reference Thomas
- “No, the room just varies based on whatever your current location is” brings up so many questions. Are the decorations just for this specific room since Thomas spends so much time there, or are they a part of Anxiety’s room that follows wherever Thomas goes? If the latter, what happens if Thomas is in a room with no place for curtains? What happens if he’s not in a room large enough for all of these decorations?? The rooms must look like a mess if Thomas leaves his living room ever. Also, what happens to the decorations if Thomas leaves the living room while one of the sides is in their room? Does everything just shake and start to change while they shriek “nOT AGAIN”?
- Patton has freaking arachnophobia, which means the sides can have phobias, which makes me wonder what the other side’s phobias would be. Would Logan even have a phobia, knowing that most phobias are highly illogical things?
- “Those are just silly cartoons, they’re not even realistic! But if need be I WILL destroy them for you Patton.” awwwwwww
- Patton really has a serious phobia here which again, is it only because he’s Thomas’s emotional side? I am really fascinated by the potential for the rest of them to have phobias.
- That eyeliner tho
- Thomas immediately freaks out about his outfit and hair once Anxiety shows up, not when he enters Anxiety’s room. So where the heck was Anxiety?? Does he have to make eye contact or something with Thomas for the effects to kick in? Is proximity not enough?
- If only it was that easy to comb hair
- “quack.” “duck out?” “quack quack” PATTON PLS
- Princey stumbles over his words in this - is it because they’re in Anxiety’s room or because he liiiiiikeeeeeees someone and doesn’t understand those are his feelings towards them and has trouble being nice to them because of it??
- Both Logan and Roman have points, but they’re not saying them in a way for the other to actually hear them
- the eyeshadow that they’re all accumulating is really fascinating in that it’s showing up more and more as they argue. Roman’s is almost as dark as Anxiety’s by the time the room visit is over. Also, Thomas himself didn’t aquire any eyeshadow, which makes sense given that he didn’t really argue or talk negatively in this video, just acted as a moderator between the sides and told those speaking negatively (*cough* ROMAN *cough*) to shut up. However, Patton had eyeshadow, and he was nothing but encouraging towards Anxiety. Therefore it could also be that he accumulated it because of his fear towards the decor.
- a cotton headed ninny muggins
- Roman had a point, but he then he went too far and started calling Anxiety names (creepy cookie is the name of my new cookie company I just now decided)
- Anxiety is being self-reflective and bringing up good points. He becomes better for this. The next episode is Roman being self-reflective and becoming better for it.
- Logan that’s a fairly dark tangent. also, you startled Anxiety????
- he’s such a nerd he made a chart
- “ow loud noises!!!” Patton just described how all of us who deal with auditory overload feel most of the time
- “There’s ways that I can work on that, Anxiety, but I’d rather work on it with you than without you at all!” this sentence can be used for many, many things in life and it is a very good line.
- Yeah Logan’s eyeshadow is also getting really dark after he spoke for a solid thirty seconds without stop
- “EE - equals MC SCARED” good line.
- that echo tho
- Anxiety would be a splendid breathing coach
- Anxiety’s eyeshadow is lessened outside his room and the other sides eyeshadow are totally gone
- “the great spider threat of 2017” pATTON PLS
- Brad Pittiful. Wow. Roman has really outdone himself.
- Anxiety looks exhausted
- He has totally made a pros and cons list of himself. That’s why he was able to immediately be like “here’s another pro of me I know you guys just finished telling me some but you missed this important one”
- I mean. we all knew. the name. it was time. it made sense.
- “You’re great Patton” YES
- “Logan? Shut your ever-flapping gob talker, okay?”
- I have not seen anyone theorize about this name
- Virgil.
- “Why is that so funny?” “Um.. because… well, it’s not.” SHUT THEM DOWN THOMAS
- okay Thomas it was amazing you brought light to anxiety disorders and put up helplines. Thank you for this.
- Princey buy your own posters
- Patton you are the most amazing beam of sunshine and ily2.
- Who drew that card??

All in all, a solid video.