flip girl

And through the flames, she sees you, Magnus, alive.

the gays fukken stole christmas and saved 2016
Please Watch Flip Flappers This Season

Okay, I know YOI is very popular this season and for a good reason-It’s one of the first anime to feature non-sexualized gay MCs in a positive light and not be yaoi. But you know what else is great?

Lesbian MCs not being used for male gaze.

Meet Flip Flappers.

More impotantly, the lesbian protags,


and Cocona.

Instead of focusing on them getting together, it’s mostly about Cocona realizing who she is and coming to terms with it. That’s not a bad thing, in fact it’s great! We don’t have a lot of those narratives in anime these days (And if there’s anything this show is about, it’s narrative).

It’s fast,

It’s bright,

and it’s funny.

It’s been getting little attention this season, mostly because it’s a magical girl show and going against a heavy-weight like YOI, but with your help, we can finally get it the attention it deserves!

The icing on the cake is that Flip Flappers makes fun of the usuall yuri-bait anime in episode 5 

and seems to recognize their audience in episode 7, were Cocona deals with her changing perception of Papika,(From a little sister, to an idol to an object of lust), rejects them all because they aren’t “her Papika” and accepts falling in love with her.

Just to be warned, there is some fanservice, but most of it’s very short and you can just skip episode 8 entirely if it bothers you (It parodies the angles female mecha drivers get shown from and what they wear.)

Their reactions to each other are healthy (And just like any other relationship has some problems that need to be worked out), but please watch it! The show’s so fun but the fandom’s so empty!

(Also, no male gaze lesbians, 

unlike some shows.)