flip flop sandals

I was riding in the car with my mom and I had three pairs of shoes with me (boots and plastic flip flops and sandals) and my mom kept telling me to give my shoes to the homeless and I was being selfish for having 3 pairs when the homeless people didn’t have any. Finally she grabbed them and threw them out the window at a homeless man.

The signs as types of shoes

Aries: ballet flats

Taurus: converse

Gemini: flip flops

Cancer: running sneakers

Leo: slippers

Virgo: combat boots

Libra: rain boots

Scorpio: stilettos

Sagittarius: sandals

Capricorn: short heels

Aquarius: cowboy boots

Pisces: crocs


The Council stresses the importance of practical safety for all supervising representatives, advocates and active field agents in all allied factions. This includes demonstrating mindful behavior towards all ladders, whether ascending or descending. The Council Organizational Board for Safety and Hazardous Conditions (COBSHC) has asked all employed Venetian supervisors to stress the following points whenever encountering any ladder, regardless of height:

  • The usage of proper footwear. Open-toed sandals, flip-flops or bare feet should be discouraged.
  • No jumping. Yes, “no fall damage” is a thing, but it sets a poor example and dangerous precedent. If any allied agents insist on “jumping down”, they must fill out the following liability waiver forms before proceeding: CV-10 or CV-10x, CV-50H. CV-99 may be filled out after proceeding (and only if death occurred as a direct result of this action).
  • If this is the agent’s first time encountering a ladder, it is up to the supervisor to demonstrate the proper CoV-approved mounting and dismounting stances. Should the supervisor neglect this duty, the agent reserves the right to file a complaint.
  • Safety first. This is not a race. Remember: It Only Takes A Rung.