flip flop flying

So I have no idea how to make comics but I’m trying to learn and I was feeling some strong KH feels and this happened. (Hopefully the canon meeting will contain 200% more hugs tho.)


Dear Reading Slump,

I am writing to ask when are you leaving? I understand that you must visit after particularly good books are done and gone, but why must you stay for so long? I’ve spent my nights trying to read book after book to no avail. I’ve stood in front of my shelves trying to convince myself that I must read a particular book because surely that one will stick. I have opened book after book, read first sentence after first sentence, but there you are, asking me for a snack or a drink or a way to entertain you. 

I understand that we all get lonely sometimes. We all need a companion to egg us on while we binge watch a television show, or talk ourselves into going outside to do regular human being things like meeting up with non-fiction friends. In a way, you are sometimes a friend because your attendance in my life ensures that I do other things that don’t include reading. 

I know what you’re thinking, Reading Slump. You want me to thank you for your services, but actually, no. I need you to piss off. There are about a few dozen books I need and want to read but your constant nagging and hand-holding is starting to wear thin on me. 

Okay, I’m sorry. I may not be going about this the right way. But Reading Slump, old chum. Old Pal. Kindly, just for now and ever more, leave. Just, please, leave me alone. Fade, flip-flop, fly, flee out of here–all of these words are just excuses not to say fuck off, please. 


Your disgruntled hostess. 

P.S. Please put the seat back down when you’re done using the toilet. 

P.P.S. When you’re done with the eggs, please TELL me. 

P.P.P.S. Stop staring at my stack of books. I’m not lending you any. 

she is red hair and hazel eyes. she is high temper. when she was young i remember she would stomp her foot and yell at the play station when her virtual character fell to its untimely death. she would run across playgrounds in dirty plastic-and-foam flip flops, her red hair flying behind her, in tangles with grass blades threaded throughout. she was the laugh that always made you smile, the big glass of milk with cookies on the side. she was the orange soda mustache. flash forward seven years, and you have a girl trying to put her carefree past behind her. she is growing up too fast and now her eyes are smeared with black mascara and black eyeliner and knee high socks. the freckles that still pepper across her face always take me back to those endless summer days playing hide and seek in the forest and catching fireflies at night with the neighborhood kids. now she’s in the room next to me with her angsty music blasted too loud and her laughter spilling into the upstairs hall as she talks to a boy on her phone. she’s knock off doc martens, and black nail polish and a book in her hand. she’s the kind of beautiful that make people stop on the street and stare. she’s the side-comment that makes you laugh until your sides hurt. she’s the open mind you just want to work your way into.
—  my sister the scorpio // sjf
The roller coaster

Note: You’re on a roller coaster with your friends and one of your flip flops goes flying off. When you finally find it, you realise it hit someone in the face…

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Your friends erupted into a fit of laughter as your shoe went flying off your foot and landing somewhere in the crowd below.

“Damn it,” You mumbled. The wind was biting against your face so harshly, you couldn’t be sure where it had landed.

“Stop laughing!” You hit your friend on the shoulder.

“Y/N, you’re the genius who thought wearing flip flops on a roller coaster was a good idea,” One of them called back to you.

You were thankful when the roller coaster came to an end. You hobbled off, trying to walk one- footed so that your foot wouldn’t have to touch the ground.

“I’ll catch up with you in a sec, just need to find my shoe,” You said and your friends snickered before moving on.

You spotted two confused looking men in the line for the ride, holding what looked like your shoe.

They spotted you before you could say anything, “This your shoe?” The one with blonde hair asked.

You smiled sheepishly at him, “Yeah it is… I’m really sorry.”

He laughed, “It’s fine, honestly. No harm done. I’m Steve by the way. This is my friend, Bucky.”

You nodded, “I’m, Y/N. Listen, I know I’m the fool for going on a roller coaster with flip flops on, and I’m sorry it hit you, but could I please have it back?”

You held your hand out expectantly.

“Now, wait just a minute,” Bucky, taking your flip flop from Steve, “You throw a shoe at my best friend and you expect him to just hand it on over to you?”

“Bucky, leave it. It was nothing,” Steve cautioned.

You were taken aback, but agreed, “I suppose you’re right. What can I do to make it up to you?” You asked, turning to Steve.

“Give him a kiss,” Steve’s friend said, smirking.

“Buck!” Steve shoved him, “I’m sorry about him.”

“No it’s fine, really.” You grinned, knowing that neither of them actually expected you to do it.

But before Steve could take the shoe from his friend, your mouth met his suddenly as you placed a quick kiss on his lips.

“I’ll be taking that,” You said when you parted, snatching the flip flop from Bucky. You winked at Steve before putting your shoe back on.

“See you around boys,” You called over your shoulder as you walked away.

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GD is not at Teddy's party? My suspicions are right then. He must have flown to Singapore to personally drag Seungri back to Korea.

I can see it now: Seungri, kicking back at a hotel poolside in Singapore, slurping at one of those fancy cocktails with little umbrellas in them - and then suddenly a goat-screech ricochets across the pool.

Seungri looks up and there is his worst nightmare, mullet and all, sprinting as fast towards him as those floppy goat-legs will allow.


Seungri vaults over a deck chair and makes a run for it, but trips over his flip-flops. Jiyong makes a flying leap and tackles his middle but due to the impossibly large size difference, he only hangs off Seungri’s waist as the maknae sprints around the pool, trying to throw him off. Jiyong screeches all the while, his words juddering with every slap of Seungri’s flip-flops against poolside.










Eventually (a long, long while later) Seungri runs out of breath and they both fall into the pool. Jiyong untwists his hyperflexible arms, grabs him by the ear, and drags him out.

Jiyong keeps Seungri’s wrist zip-tied to the seat arm the whole private-jet flight back to Korea, and sends every incriminating picture he has of Seungri on his phone to TOP, by way of punishment.

Seungri wisely keeps his mouth shut.

Not With You: Chapter Three.

Written with carrotskoalasandbooze. All parts of the story can be found on both of our fic pages. Odd numbered chapters are posted on my blog and evens on Nicole’s.

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I am nothing, if I’m not with you.

First Kisses and Sudden Realizations


“Oh come on, Helbig!” Mamrie calls out with a loud laugh. “Stop pouting!”

The whole group turns their attention to a very much pouting Grace Helbig. She’s angry and pissed off and just in a bad mood all around. But it’s hard not to be in a bad mood when all you’re thinking of are bad thoughts. All the possible scenarios that can come from this stupid thing everyone wants to do.

But most of all, Grace is scared.

“Yeah, Helbig, stop being a paranoid buzz kill.” Grace scowls at Pearl, who just looks like she doesn’t give a shit. She has never really cared for Pearl in the first place, but she does care about Hannah.

Maybe she is the paranoid one of the group. Who knows? But she doesn’t care, because today the whole gang has decided that it would be fun to go cliff diving.

Cliff diving.

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