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Hi Koti!! I was wondering if you could tell us about the military training in Awaken?? I'm still slightly shocked Faen managed to haul Piras up by himself, although I'm pretty sure that's just his strength, it kinda piques my interest about the military system.

I guess his super strenght was part adrenaline, part giving no shit about Piras breaking his back.

The Imperial Guard training is pretty much what you’ll see in every military, the only important differences I can think of are their martial arts training, and the lack of survival training (as some people suggested in the comments a while ago) - there are no wild areas in Nova!

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this is more of a derse siblings question really, but how do you think rose responded when dave told her he knew he was bi?

I see a lot of people acting like she’d rub it in Dave’s face that she knew all along or whatever but I think Rose would recognize that it was probably difficult for him to come to this conclusion and she would be very supportive. Any jokes on the matter would be done to make him more comfortable, not to mock at all.

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For the palette challenge, I would love to see Chat with 200 and/or Ladybug with 202, if you don't mind.

These were really interesting and fun to do; thank you for the challenging request!!

Artwork ©: alazic02

Do not repost.

300 follower milestone palette requests open ‘til November 14th

throws new AU concept at you

OMG this was complicated

who’s the person on the bottom?

I’ll let you figure that out X3

Downcast & ? belong to me

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Hiiiiii! Do you mind writing about sarada discovering how to use a cell phone and she's continuously calling sasuke? Thank you!!!!!

Cell Phone

The phone vibrates in Sasuke’s pocket and for a moment, he doesn’t know what it is as he crouches low and glances around for a target. A moment later, he realizes that the sound and vibration was coming from his pocket. Cautiously, he picks out the phone from his pocket and flips it open to answer it. “Hello?” he calls out to it, not realizing to place it near his ear. 

After a minute of silence, he finds that it was vibrating in his hand again. But before he could get out a single word, he hears a loud static sound come through followed by loud thuds and a screeching howl. He stares at the phone in horror as he wishes he could see through the phone with his eyes to be able to see through to the other end.

“PAPA, HI!” Sarada shouts through the phone. More thuds along with some clanging of what seems to be kitchen pots in the background noise. The phone line goes dead and Sasuke stops in the middle of walking as he just stares at his phone. Somewhere back home in the village of Konoha, his young four-year-old daughter was creating havoc in the house. 

Immediately, he dials Sakura’s number and is relieved when it is answered. “HI PAPA!” Sarada shouts. 

“Sarada…” he warns. “What are you doing with mama’s phone? Where is mama right now?”

“Mama is sick. I’m making her soup,” Sarada announces proudly.

Sasuke was just about ready to have a heart attack and drop the phone on the ground. “What do you mean sick? Is she besides you?”

“Mama is sleeping in her bed,” Sarada answers.

Sasuke sighs. “Sarada… don’t do anything. Papa will come home right now.”

“But the soup!” 

“Papa will help you make soup.”

“Okay!” Sarada shouts into the phone.

When Sasuke returns home later that day, in a record time of 42 minutes, he is dismayed to find that the whole living room and kitchen had been flipped completely upside down. In the corner was the house cat, hissing at him when he entered the room. Sasuke could see that the cat’s poor tail had been stepped on and hair was all over the carpet. Empty pots and pans were strewn out on the floor alongside several wooden spatulas and spoons. In the center of the whole mess sits Sarada with a tiny pot on her head, worn like a cap, and a spatula in her hand. 

“PAPA, YOU’RE HOME!” she shouts happily. 

Sasuke sighs and picks up Sarada in his arms as he removes the pot from her head. “You didn’t hurt yourself, did you?”

Sarada shakes her head. “But I stepped on MooMoo and he’s very very very very very mad at me today.” She gives a sad pout towards the cat’s direction and Sasuke wonders when did they name the cat MooMoo. “I thought the cat was named Momo.”

“Papa, that was last week. Mama accidentally added an extra O to his dish bowl so now he is MooMoo. Like a cow!”

He nods. “Speaking of mama, let’s go see her.”

“The soup!” Sarada tugs on his hair. “We need to make the soup first. I already got all your pots out.”

Sasuke stares at the mess in the living room and kitchen. “Yes… on second thought, let’s clean this all up before Mama wakes up and sees it.”

Imagine Draco asking you on a date

Originally posted by thetimelordsofbaskerville

(he’s gorgeous btw)

“Y/N, love, want to go to Hogsmeade with me next weekend?” your friend Draco asked offhandedly. 

You raised an eyebrow at him. “What, like a date?”

He nodded. “Yes, like a date. Obviously.”

Tapping your chin, you pretended to think about it. “I dunno Draco, I might be busy next weekend.”

He scoffed incredulously. “With what?”

“Going on a date with a gorgeous prat?” you offered with a smile. 

He smirked. “Oh, well, then I’d hate to interrupt.” After a pause, he added, “How about after lunch?”

“Yeah, that’s good. I think I’m free them,” you answered, casually flipping through your book.

“You’d better be,” he murmured to himself.

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Hi, this isn't a question but I read the author's note below the page and I wanted to say that it's a pleasure reading the adventure :) I can understand how it's hard for people to realize when they first see a character that it's just a starting point and not necessarily how they will remain as you as the author know how they will develop as the story goes forward. Keep going and I hope to see how everyone develops and shapes from here on :D

Thank you so much! They indeed have so much to learn, I’m so glad you’re going with us in this adventure hahah! I promise it’ll be rewarding :)
Thanks for your message <33
Here’s the update for those who haven’t read it yet!

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Should I ship Faen/ Piras?

Hm. I don’t know.

I wouldn’t ship them now, if you want my personal opinion - I can’t ship unhealthy relationships. I can assure you this isn’t “i behave like an ass because I like you” sort of thing.  When I ship something during the comic, you’ll see it for sure :)!

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You should never have to apologize for writing flawed characters! Those are the only kind who are interesting to read!

I’m only kind of sorry, since it’s done purposely. I don’t think there’s a word for that… I’m happy you think they’re interesting! Thanks for the vote of confidence :D!

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None of the backgrounds are working still. :(

Hey again! I’m sorry to hear that, I’m not sure how to solve your problem.
I’ve tried in firefox and chrome from several unlogged computers, and I’ve also tried from an Iphone, and they download perfectly.
Do the smaller images (avatars, iphone bg) work?

…I have no idea what the cause could be :(

If it keeps failing, you can go to http://www.awakencomic.com/comic/ch5-page-31/ and right-click + view image over the preview pic I posted below the page. It’s in the original size, so you can just save it to your computer from there.

Here are some others.

Please send me a chat message if you need anything else!

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okay but that poledancing piras reminds me of drunk poledancing Yuri from yuri on ice omg

The initiative most likely came from there! I jumped on the bandwagon because Piras knows no shame! He’s up for all kind of things, specially if it’s for a good cause ;D

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Sooo, i was wondering if you have ever considered doing an animation opening of your comics? Because, well your animation are really REALLY good!! And that would be so cool to see your character come to life :D

Heyy! Thank you!
I have considered it - it’s one of my dreams/ longterm plans :)
Right now I don’t have the time, as animations are extremely consuming, but I’m really hoping I get to work on a teaser/trailer for the comic in the future. I’ve set it as one of my biggest goals on patreon too!
The ideal would be to make one later on, when the comic has introduced some more chars that are important to the plot :) That’s the ideal plan at least haha!

Here’s my patreon in case someone would like to help me out on my way there. It’s a big goal, but I believe with patience (and lots of support) it can be achieved :)

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Hello! I am co-creating a comic and while many aspects are coming together, its lacking an overarching plot. There are a few subplots and smaller conflicts, but it needs a bigger picture plot to tie it all together.

Finding a Big Plot Within Smaller Plots

You might be looking at the problem backwards. Instead of trying to find something that ties them together, try to connect each subplot one by one and see what it becomes. 

Take two of your conflicts/subplots (just 2) and write them out in detail. Label one A and the other B, and then ask yourself: How could A cause B? And when you’ve exhausted yourself trying to come up with an answer, flip the question and ask: How could B cause A? 

A good plot is made up of lots and lots of cause-and-effect relationships. If big chunks of your plot just happen, without one thing flowing into the next, it becomes episodic. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but even episodic stories need that flow of cause-and-effect to make them cohesive and compelling. So if you’re lacking that thread that weaves everything together, start by making small connections between pairs of conflicts/plots.

Connecting two conflicts that seem completely unrelated is easier said than done, but if you approach it with an open mind, it can actually be really fun. Do your best to ignore all other aspects of your story and just focus on the two things you chose to start with. If neither subplot includes the same characters, then find ways for those characters to connect. Make one of them related (perhaps distantly) to another one, or give two of the disconnected characters a connection from the past - an experience they shared, or a relationship that went south. Once you have two characters from each subplot connected in some way, it becomes easier to think about how each of their plots may affect the other one. 

It’s also possible that the two plots don’t even need character connections to make that C&E relationship. An extreme example could be a group of friends destroying some supernatural nexus, and that destruction creates a wave of side effects that cause chaos for people that have no connection to that original group of friends. So you don’t need a character connection to bridge two subplots, but if you’re stuck, it can be one way to get going. 

It’s challenging for me to give specific suggestions not knowing what type of story this is, but my basic nugget of advice is to make C&E your mantra. With any conflict, understand what caused it, and then further, understand what effect it will have on other characters or plot elements. You’ll likely create even more scenes and conflicts based on that kind of thinking. 

But if you do manage to connect two of your conflicts that previously did not relate, challenge yourself further by adding a 3rd one that you’ve got sitting out there in limbo. See if you can somehow fit that into this new puzzle you’re creating. 

Sometimes a plot will come together when a writer starts with one idea and builds on it, but other times plotting happens when we take the randomness of our brainstorming and carve the edges of each piece so it fits nicely into another one. 

I don’t know if this helped at all, but if you start asking the right questions - what caused this, and what effect does it have - then I think you start coming up with answers that naturally fill in the gaps. And you’re in luck that you’re a co-creator. You’ve got more than one brain to tackle it, which trust me is very valuable. I’ve cowritten before and the ideas two people come up with together, by one person expanding on another person’s idea - that is something difficult to replicate when you’re working completely by yourself. 

Good luck!