The card from his wife reads: Dear Daniel, You must be a fine young man to have written Byron such a terrific letter - you’re the best 3rd cousin we’ve got! Have a great ‘05! Hugs, Cousin Peggy. P.S. He’s also the best person to be married to in the whole world!

This letter from Byron says: To Daniel: Sincerely glad to help you see the Ryder Cup. Golf is a great game. Thanks and best wishes. Byron

A copy of his first book. Signed: To Daniel, Happy days. Cousin Byron Nelson.

A copy of another one of his books. Signed: To Daniel: Many people have learned to play golf from this book. Have fun. Byron Nelson.

So yeah, I’m related to him you dumb cunt. Get fucked 420

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me singing muther by letlive. i was too lazy to bother with garageband so photobooth and yeah. if i sound a little lost at times it’s because he was doing pure screaming and i wasn’t sure how to finish the line.