askcharliefoxtrot replied to your photo: Tiff: Freelance is a real job .-. Tiff: ART DOES…

Kat only unicorns shit glitter what are you doing.

I am a unicorn so clearly this is normal.

I cannot tell if I should have less followers from this absurdity due to people being horrified, or I should have more because being a sick fuck is so popular on the internets…

rippyripcord-deactivated2012060  asked:

What kind of music do you like?

I used to almost exclusively listen to metal*

Yes I really have that outfit

Then I kind of grew up and stopped caring about music snobbery

Now I don’t really listen to a “kind” of music. More I have stuff I don’t really like. I really can’t stand slow love song ballads most probably. I don’t really care for electronic/game sounding sort of music, which is kind of sad because that is most of the pony fan music I have heard so I don’t really listen to any of that…

The odd trend my music seems to take overall is “is this fun to drive to”. Idk, I am weird.

ask-fizzy replied to your post: I secretly envy your art and plot your demiiiiiiisse (okay I’m kidding I do envy your art though)

Oh, also I think you’re awesome and want to talk to you more but I have the hardest time starting conversations ‘cuz I think I’m creepy. :P

I’m sure I am worse.

I hang out in creepy chat with other creepy people all day and talk about potato porn and stuff

I am horrible at keeping up conversation by myself though