To celebrate the non-freezing temperatures, beautiful sunshine, and bottomless potholes that are this beautiful March day, we’ve got BIG news about this summer!

We were asked to perform at this year’s Mo Pop Festival, slated to take place at Freedom Hill Amphitheatre on Saturday, July 12, and after we heard who we’d be playing with, we had to accept!  

We’ll be sharing the stage with this fantastic lineup:

City and Colour
Young The Giant
The Neighbourhood
Trampled By Turtles
Cold War Kids
J Roddy Walston and the Business
Lord Huron
Tokyo Police Club
Bad Suns
Bear Hands
Wild Cub
Hundred Waters

Tickets go on-sale this Friday at 10am at MoPopFest.com!  We’re playing early in the day, so take the whole day off, mark your calendars, and let’s get the whole #FlintFamily together for some sunshine, food, great beer (30 local craft brews!), and some amazing music!  


From sold out show at Pyramid Scheme in Grand Rapids. (Photos by Jeanne Pope)


Hey There Flint Family,

This month has been incredible. Showvember is 3 weeks in and we couldn’t feel more loved and welcomed by all you Flint Family members! It really has felt as if we’ve been hanging out with our closest friends all month.


This weekend we’re ending Showvember with a bang! We hope you can make it and would love to meet/talk/dance with all of you:


THIS FRIDAY - 11.22.13, 94.1 The Edge Presetns: The Loft, Lansing, MI w/ X Ambassadors 

THIS SATURDAY - 11.23.13, Jack White Theater, Detroit, MI w/ Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr


Thank all so so so much for your support, kindness, and generosity. We appreciate every last one of you!



Flint Eastwood


A few months ago, we hosted a pizza party with some of our friends. It was great. Nate ordered too much pizza (we’re still eating leftovers). We played Super Smash Bros and table tennis and generally had a great time! Here’s a little video from that day.

We want to continue to get together and celebrate just existing on this planet in the same space, so we’d like to invite you all to one of our two Flint Family Potlucks, in Lansing and in Ferndale, February 27 and 28, prior to our shows in town those nights!

LANSING - February 27 - 7pm
FERNDALE - February 28 - 6pm

There’s a link below to sign up. We’d like you to pre-register, so we know how many people will be coming, and so we can send some details once we know who’s coming! Your “ticket” will simply be a dish to pass.  You must buy a ticket to the show itself (get em here: FusionShows.com or grab em at the door) to get in!  

We’re really excited to see you all at these shows and really continue building up our relationships with each of you, and just existing together in a place where we can forget about the bullshit happening at home or at work for a few hours!

SIGN UPgoo.gl/oAl4Se

Hello, Flint Family!

As our studio days draw to an end and our EP gets closer to it’s release, we’ve stumbled upon a time of important moments. Moments that wouldn’t be possible without the support and positive words and actions of the Flint Family members who have been there with us every step fo the way. Since we’ve always viewed Flint Eastwood as a project based around community, we figured it’d only be fitting to giv you all an insite into the process we’ll be going through to finish up our release. I’ll be doing weekly (sometimes more) posts, text, photo, and video, on where we are in the EP wrap-up process.

And as always, thank you, thank you, thank you, for your support! We believe that art & community can be an enormous positive force in people’s live and that the only way to make it happen is start from the ground up. Thank you to everyone who has allowed us to meet you and hear your stories. Thank you to everyone that has showed up at our shows ready to dance, and ready to exist in a judgement-free environment. Thank you to everyone who has believed in us. Your support means more than you will ever know!

Stay tuned for more posts coming soon! It’s gonna be a crazy ride - we’re excited for you to experience it with us :)




(& Clay & Mark & Bryan)


Detroit!  Do you have your singing voices ready for tomorrow night?  Majestic Theatre, 7pm, all ages.  $12 if you buy today, $15 at the door.  Come hang with your #FlintFamily and with our friends in Kaleido as they celebrate the release of their record, “Unbreakable”!  An album is an incredible accomplishment, and they deserve the support of their hometown music community!  Let’s make this a night to remember!  

Tickets: http://www.ticketweb.com/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?dispatch=loadSelectionData&eventId=4044524

Re-blog this and show your support!  See you tomorrow night!  


We met some new friends at AltarTV last week, while touring through the wonderful city of Pittsburgh.  They shot this cool live session of us playing Shotgun.  Please share with your friends and support AltarTV!  They’re great people doing great things!  


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Flint Family!

Holy moley - Saturday was amazing. I’m currently at a coffee shop on Woodward, sipping my favorite drink (cappuccino), and I’m still thinking about how humbled we all are to have experienced such an amazing display of encouragement, excitement, and love from such a genuine group of Flint Family members at our hometown headline date last Saturday at The Loving Touch in Ferndale, MI.

It was by far the most heartwarming, exciting, comforting, sweaty, and FUN show that we have ever played as a band. The show sold out and then some. With pistols pointed to the ceiling and voices chanting we felt so at home. It’s hard to describe the feeling - it felt comfortable and like everyone knew each other. It felt like a community. It felt like we were all in it together. For the night we were all forgetting our work problems, our romantic problems, our rent/parent/money/school/pain/loss/worry problems. Like we all decided to take the night off from the big and small things that bother us and we allowed ourselves to be free. 

We felt so privileged to have been able to hug and catch up with all of you!  All of your kind words of support as well as your killer dance moves and bolo ties were all much appreciated. I know we say it a lot, but we truly couldn’t do what we do without all of you and that we appreciate every single one of you.  . For those of you that were there we hope that Saturday was a reminder that community exists - you’re not alone in anything. We hope that you take whatever it is that’s holding you back and turn it into something you can use or or into fuel for what you want to accomplish. We believe in you guys and thank you for believing in us. And for those who couldn’t make it due to distance or other circumstances, we hope that we get the privilege to meet or hang with you another time. We’d love to hug you (maybe at one of our future tour dates?). . We want to give a special thanks to Mike Mains and the Branches, DL Rossi, & The Hounds Below for opening the night for us and to Passalacqua for making a guest appearance in our set. We wholeheartedly believe in what these bands are doing and strongly encourage every one of you to check them all out! . You all mean the world to us! We’re excited to see where the next journey takes us and we’re excited to experience it with all of you.  . Pistols Up, Bryan, Mark, Jax, & Clay (Aka Flint Eastwood)


ps. if anyone has photos/video of the night please share! tag us with #flintfamily and we’ll find em. Thanks so much!




Hey there Flint Family,


We had the privilege of spending the month of November touring across our great home state of Michigan. It felt good to be surrounded by so many kind and interesting humans along the way - some we’ve seen before, others we gladly experienced for the first time.

We’re big fans of when music brings people together and this month felt like nothing but togetherness and unity. We danced, we laughed, we held deep conversations about acceptance and life goals, and drank coffee until our stomachs ached.

One of my favorite moments came in Lansing. After our set I was able to have a conversation with a younger human who attended college in the area. She initially asked me a question that I don’t receive very often: does your family support what you do? I was taken aback - both by the unfamiliarity of the question and the gratefulness I felt that towards my own family. i’ve never taken the time to appreciate all that they’ve done for me. I’ve always supported myself monetarily, but my family has always been the ones to give me the confidence to and emotional support to back me up in any creative endeavor I’ve wanted to get involved in. After my brief moment of self-reflection I snapped back to reality, answered yes, and asked her the same: does your family support what you do? I was surprised not only by her reps one, but her attitude while telling me: an upbeat and vibrant “No”. I went on to ask her family situation - she was from the south and grew up in a hobby that her family had sort of forced upon her. She grew older and she wanted to make her own way - to pave her own path - to follow her own dream. So she went to college across the nation for something that was proving to be challenging, but well worth it. I was amazed by her courage and tenacity. Not many people would have the guts to stand up to the unwanted expectations placed upon them. Most people would find it too difficult and quit.


Her story was greatly inspiring to me - sometimes you gotta get creative and do what you you need to do instead of what you’re expected to do. (I know this story seems a bit vague, but I never want to overstep my boundaries by telling specific details of a story that’s not mine to tell). I love hearing people’s stories. People are so fascinating. 


We’re so grateful to experience such genuine people time and time again in cities that practically feel like second and third homes we’ve traveled through so much this year. We’re excited to see you all again and to welcome new members to the Flint Family 2014. This year is gonna be a wild one!

Up top is a recap of some of our favorite moments during our Showvember tour - Have a watch and reblog if you find yourself!



Flint Eastwood