Black Sails - Season 3 Episode 4 : XXII. (2016)



Civilization finally returns to Nassau. Flint, Silver and Billy encounter a new enemy. Scott finds a place with the new regime.
Title : Black Sails
First Air Date : Jan 25, 2014
Last Air Date : Mar 26, 2016
Number of Episodes : 28
Number of Seasons : 3
Genres : Adventure, Drama
Networks : Starz
Casts : Toby Stephens, Hannah New, Luke Arnold, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Tom Hopper, Zach McGowan, Toby Schmitz, Clara Paget, Hakeem Kae-Kazim, Ray Stevenson


I wonder… if the civilization of Nassau isn’t exactly what I tried to achieve all those years ago. If resisting it doesn’t set me in opposition to everything I once understood to be good and right. To forgive. To make order of chaos. I wonder if the pardons are the victory and that the most enlightened thing that I can do is sit still. Accept what appears to be inevitable and let this be the end of Captain Flint.

Black Sails XXII

Warning: SPOILERS!

A few thoughts on the latest episode (one more warning: emotions!).

1. Intro. How fucking beautiful is this island? I want it to be THE Treasure island…

2. Flint & Silver‘s relationship is developing, just the way I thought it would, together they are the force that can “compel” people “to any end”. That’s why it will be such a shame when Silver betrays Flint (and it WILL happen).It’s beautiful though, for now.

Also, how can such a connection be reduced to something sexual? I’m sorry. 

2. Silver’s treasure island black wife… that won’t be Max’s privelege? The daughter of that almighty woman though? They seem to have such an irrefutable connection already.

OR am I being too primitive thinking that the showrunners will end up leading us to everything Mr.Stevenson wrote? Aren’t there more significant connections bewteen Black Sails characters than marriage (remember Blackbread and his ‘Mary”, Flint/Thomas, Jack freeing Anne from her so-called marriage)?

3. Billy/Flint is developing, although it seems that we’ll have to wait for something substantial a little longer. @billybonesflint followers, please know that I’ll never stop doubting Blint! There’s plenty of Blint in this episode (keep reading)! Flint seems to be concerned about Billy, and the fact that it’s still a trio, not just Flint&Silver diplomatic duet, makes me think, as always, that Billy plays a bigger part in all this than anyone realizes…

4. Ben fucking Gunn!? Whaaat? Isn’t it too early for that? Maybe it’s not… Definitely not! What if his story could be fully revealed! How great would it be!? I don’t wanna guess, let’s just wait!

Also, is it wrong that I’m kind of shipping Billy/Benn? (I know it is!) I can only hope their connection will make Flint (kind of) jealous?:D

5. Blint.

a) Flint is obviously worried when the tribe captures Billy (there’ll probably be a separate post on @billybonesflint).

b) Billy is once again presented as a beautiful romantic figure that needs to be saved and cherished and loved.

c) They are so close… so close… Billy speaks his mind and Flint is so protective of him when he talks to Silver.

I’m not particularly enjoying this Silver wants to think/ Billy wants to fight thing, but OK, whatever, it’s still obvious Billy is not just strong and hot, he is also incredibly smart.

ALSO we see the subconscious sequence right after Billy/Flint scene… Now that we know Miranda is actually a mother figure for Flint, this “I miss you” line can only mean Flint is still lost and he needs something to guide him… Miranda is leading Flint to his true self. Which is inevitably connected to Billy… I truly believe it.

6. Jack/Vane. Is it okay that I almost cried when I watched them hug? Even though they will definitely see each other again… but still… My second favorite brotp! *nervous smoke break*

7. Vane/Blackbeard, seeing them fight together and form a really powerful alliance… It could be the only thing that’s as hot as Blint. I love them! I love Blackbeard! *please stop being so awesome, Blackbeard!

8. Eleanor/Woodes - everything is predictable here, he’s smart, she’s smart, they’ll try to subdue Nassau, they’ll fuck, she’ll choose Vane eventually… I’m still enjoying it though.

9. Mr.Scott. Such a twist! I want him to be OK!

P.S. Is it Saturday already?