• someone: john silver is straight
  • jon steinberg creator of black sails: We had to embrace the fact that there would have to be things that were left unsaid and were going to have to exist in subtext and performance and context in order for it to be honest. That felt right. There is, at least to me when I watch it, a significant amount happening between [Flint and Silver] that is all under the surface. We relied on the audience a lot to fill in those blanks and go on the ride with us. I would argue that it’s not a contest, as to which of them felt it more deeply, but I think it was definitely meaningful. Personally, there wasn’t ulterior motives in their affinity for each other. It is genuine and it is complicated, in the way that it’s always complicated when you love someone. It was a complicated relationship with a lot going on under the surface. Starz gave us the freedom to allow some of these relationships to exist without specific labels and to embrace that people don’t always say what they’re feeling and exist in the space that people don’t even know about themselves.

do you think that post-show when he really needs someone to talk to, Silver goes back to Nassau to visit Max? because they both just wanted an end to the war to protect the people they loved, they both lost and gained a lot since they first met, and this whole endeavour began with them scheming together? 

imagine the two of them sitting in Eleanor’s old office (the chair is gone, max burned it long ago) and max tells silver what she hears of the world … especially what she hears about flint, although silver can never bring himself to directly ask … and silver tells her about the Island and Madi teaching the children of the island how to read and write and how they’ve started to trade and gain a form of independence. they talk. they sit. it helps both of them to remember sometimes, where they started   

I just really like the idea of Actual Slytherin Besties max & silver still having tea a few times a year

don’t let it consume me (unless i am brought closer to you)

Summary: Marcus knows he and happiness do not go hand in hand

Rating: T

Genre: Angst (with a happy ending), Denial of Feelings, minor character death (v brief), it’s a bit lighter than this i promise

Words: 1256

A/N: For @provocative-envy‘s birthday!! Hippy Bathday, I hope it’s been great so far!!




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You’re not leaving this wreck / We’re both going down with it

Silver knows that Thomas is alive, but he can’t bring himself to tell Flint.

(Takes place during 4x06 when Flint and Silver think Madi is dead.)

“My friends were my only source of comfort.  My employers had cooled in their support of me, there were no more accolades.  The appreciation and encouragement I had gotten from them in the [past] was gone.  Instead of the “wonder woman” they had led me to believe I was to them, I had become just another employee, an employee with a personal life that could not be ignored.  A new supervisor demanded I remove the pictures of Jeff I had on my desk, I refused insisting they were pictures of my children, my family.  He went on to say that it would not be good for the clinic if anyone were to realize they were being counseled by Jeffrey Dahmer’s mother, it wouldn’t be good for business.

I took another leave of absence, this time a disability leave for the breast surgery I could no longer put off.  When I returned to work, my desk was no longer in the general work area of the office, it had been removed.  I was assigned to a work station in the back room - away from the public and clients.  They had isolated me as if I had some horribly contagious disease that would surely infect others if I were around them - the humiliation was staggering. 

My son’s pictures were gone, taken and probably thrown out.

Moving me to the back room was just the beginning.  It became apparent, after a few weeks of intense pressure and one degrading episode after another, that I was no longer welcome at the clinic.  Whatever I had contributed in the past, whatever I had accomplished - no longer mattered.  I had to take yet another medical leave of absence and, while gone, I was quietly replaced.

I struggled to find another job … But being the mother of a serial killer just wasn’t, and still isn’t, compatible with being a contributing member of society - especially in the mental health field.

I had been branded.  The scarlet letters of MOTHER OF A MURDERER, a serial killer - were irrevocably burned into my life.”

- Joyce Flint, Charles Klotsche’s The Silent Victims: The Aftermath of Failed Children on Their Mothers’ Lives


Steve Harvey taunts Flint resident, Little Miss Flint responds

  • Steve Harvey’s recent jokes about the tap water in Flint, Michigan, have landed him in hot water with city activists.
  • During a radio interview on The Steve Harvey Morning Show Wednesday morning, the comedian aused Flint’s ongoing water crisis in a retort against a caller arguing about the Cleveland Cavaliers.
  • Melissa Mays — an organizer with the grassroots coalition Flint Rising — said that Harvey’s Wednesday comments making light of Flint’s “brown water” are nothing short of “heartbreaking.” Read more (6/16/17)

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