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8. “Because I care about you!” - for h/c

ugh @ellelan i’m sorry but the h/c is VERY minimal no one is bleeding at all 

:( there’s emotional comfort anyway, lots of that. hope that works!

i have like three more of these to do and the momentum from yesterday is gone, but i’ll get to them this weekend! probably! you guys are the greatest!

set after ~*~the conversation ~*~ in 3x10

8. “Because I care about you!”

Night on Maroon Island was a living thing, the darkness filled with all the noise of a thousand things hidden in the earth, in the trees, in the air. Leaves swayed, twigs snapped, streams babbled. It all seemed so loud to Silver, sitting in silence across from Flint by the fire.

Flint hung his head, thumb massaging his palm as though it ached him. A frown was stuck on his face, still imagining - Silver was sure - all the ways the following fight could fuck up for them.

Silver’s own mind had strayed from Flint’s story to voice his own worries, his own plans, but with the rum warming his insides and the fire warming everything else, he inevitably drifted back to the past.

He tried to picture Flint young and in love, but it wouldn’t stick. That man, McGraw - with pale skin and clean hands and, Christ, hair probably longer than Silver’s - might as well have been a character in a made-up tragedy. He was Hamlet’s father, the wronged ghost whispering in Flint’s ear how every act of violence was justified. Or perhaps his Thomas was the ghost, and McGraw was just another dead body on the stage.

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