flint tattoo

im laughing can u imagine the origin story of toby’s little moon tattoo in the show 

what if flint got it after he became a pirate? had to blend in. he cut his hair, pierced his ear, got himself some nice rings

then he saw all the kids had tattoos too… it’s kinda like an initiation thing. like when they made dufresne get one after he became a qm

one day he pulls joji to the side like ‘’listen i need a tattoo. a big one. something with the english flag burning or.. or a skull with a crown.. something powerful’’ joji as always is super expressive and vocal. when he gets the tools out and gets to work flint nearly jumps out of his skin at the touch of a needle

‘’ok maybe just like a little crescent moon on my arm you know that works too’’ 

tell me this isn’t exactly what happened look at his dweeb face and that fearsome tattoo

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“Come on,” Silver prompts, craning his neck to catch Flint in his periphery. “What is it? Don’t tell me the fearsome Captain Flint is flinching at the sight of a little blood. I’ve seen you dig a bullet out of your shoulder with your fucking fingers for Christ’s sake, you cannot honestly be–”

“It’s not the blood–when did you get that?”

Strands of hair fall out of Silver’s grip and back over his ear as he struggles in his chair to catch Flint’s eye. “When did I get what? What are you talking abou–”

There, behind the curve of cartilage and almost invisible under the red smears, is a small tattoo. “That,” Flint says. 

There’s a shivering silence, before Flint presses his thumb over it and Silver breathes a single; “Oh.”

linvro  asked:

How about this for something Black Sailsy? The title 'Just Tattoo Of Us'. Just came across it and thought of you :)

I should write another story in that pirate aesthetic series where silver and flint get drunk and tattoo each other. I know that show is more just people designing tattoos from each other, but these are drunk idiot pirates who would insist on doing it to each other themselves

And Flint would try to do something cool and put effort into it so Silver would end up with a somewhat shaky, small like gun or noose or snake or something vaguely threatening on his ankle

And Silver would be absolutely shit at it and tattoo on the inside of Flint’s thigh a small 🙂 Flint would be like “i am a SERIOUS PIRATE CAPTAIN SILVER FUCK” so Silver would do a small ☹️ next to it or maybe just give the first one mean eyebrows so it looked like 😈

undiscovereduniverse replied to your post“so im still trying to decide on a black sails tattoo and at this point…”

I support the ‘I love James Flint McGraw’ tattoo asjdklfjs

sjuul listen mate don’t test me ILL DO IT and i’ll get a tiny little note tattooed under it saying (**this message has been approved by tumblr user undiscovereduniverse bc she’s a shameless enabler) and then you’ll be permanently CALLED OUT on my FLESH FOREVER

alienskeleton replied to your post“so im still trying to decide on a black sails tattoo and at this point…”

get one of flint’s long ass inspirational speeches and then perform it w/ passion when people ask “whats ur tattoo say”

oh no catch me dramatically acting out the freedom in the dark speech 5 times a day for the rest of my life and crying every single time. how long would it take me to die of dehydration do you think