flint tattoo

One of the most satisfying/cathartic things about black sails is the way it completely spits in the face of this idea of being a “good victim”. I’m sick of stories where lgbt characters have to be sad, saintly, pure martyrs in order to be sympathetic and palatable to audiences, as if homophobia is only awful when its directed at soft nice people. Stories that clearly exist so that straight people can sit there feeling sorry for us and be like, “those poor gays, life is so hard for them” and pat themselves on the back for being so open minded. 

Flint isn’t a saintly martyr, he’s not a “nice gay”, he’s angry and violent and complicated and shockingly awful at times, but it’s never like those things make his reasons for being that way any less significant. He gets to be sympathetic and horrifying at the same time, one doesn’t negate the other.

And I just really love the way this show deals with anger and trauma. There’s no false cheerful message that a person can just will away their rage. It’s there and you can either acknowledge it and try to understand it or you can ignore it and pretend its not there, but it is there and it will still effect you, just in ways you won’t understand. This show really helped me in a lot of ways, but one of those ways was helping me allow myself room to be angry. Not even necessarily “be angry”, but to look at and accept the anger that was already there, which actually has helped me start to be more calm and open.

And its not like the story is without kindness or optimism as well. There’s this sort of subtle, quietly compassionate core at the heart of black sails that compliments all that angry gay revenge in a way that’s incredibly beautiful and complicated. I think flints “freedom in the darkness” speech encapsulates that perfectly.

How about this? Flint calls Silver “Sol”.

Because John Silver’s real name is Solomon Little, short Sol. And el sol is the sun, in Spanish. And obviously, he’s the sun of Flint’s life. Which also fits with Flint’s half moon tattoo. And Silver, the little shit, totally gets all this, because he speaks Spanish – but that’s just a happy bonus.

im laughing can u imagine the origin story of toby’s little moon tattoo in the show 

what if flint got it after he became a pirate? had to blend in. he cut his hair, pierced his ear, got himself some nice rings

then he saw all the kids had tattoos too… it’s kinda like an initiation thing. like when they made dufresne get one after he became a qm

one day he pulls joji to the side like ‘’listen i need a tattoo. a big one. something with the english flag burning or.. or a skull with a crown.. something powerful’’ joji as always is super expressive and vocal. when he gets the tools out and gets to work flint nearly jumps out of his skin at the touch of a needle

‘’ok maybe just like a little crescent moon on my arm you know that works too’’ 

tell me this isn’t exactly what happened look at his dweeb face and that fearsome tattoo

Jenny/Vastra Flower Shop & Tattoo Parlor AU
  • Jenny is the florist of a quaint little flower shop in London.
  • Vastra is the human who opened her own tattoo parlor next door.
  • Jenny decided to be a good neighbor by going over there with a welcoming bouquet of flowers. What she didn’t expect, however was to be so mesmerized at the sight of a tall, leather clad Vastra with tattoos peeking out fro her sleeves and shirt collar. Vastra, meanwhile, was amused to see a cute florist blushing in her parlor as she nervously offered her some flowers.
  • Vastra was genuinely surprised when Jenny was able to recognize her t-shirt for the band Torchwood. They then began talking about all the bands they like, along with other various topics. The two of them seemed to hit it off quite well, smitten as they both were.
  • Vastra also visited Jenny at her shop the next day, bringing coffee and pastries for them to share.
  • A few weeks after their meeting, Vastra asked Jenny if she would fancy going to see a live performance by Torchwood with her, since she had an extra ticket. Jenny gladly took her up on that offer.
  • They both had a a blast at the concert before Vastra surprised Jenny with an impromptu picnic in the park, where they kissed for the first time under the moonlight..
  • Jenny and Vastra going to see each other at their respective shops every chance they get and Strax, Vastra’s assistant, growing most annoyed with their excessive flirting.
  • Vastra having a pet iguana that she lets roam around her shop, knowing that she usually doesn’t move far from her favorite sunny spot near the window.
  • Jenny showing Vastra all the different types of flowers in her shop, excitedly telling her what they each mean, where they come from, and many other random facts about them. Vastra really adored the way Jenny’s face would light up with this incredibly bright smile and her undying dedication to her work.
  • Jenny and Vastra sniffing flowers, causing Jenny to sneeze from the pollen. Vastra laughed at her until she too started sneezing up a storm.
  • Vastra getting spooked when a bumble bee suddenly flew out from a cluster of flowers and nearly stung her. Vastra pouting grumpily at Jenny, who couldn’t stop laughing afterward.
  • Vastra pulling Jenny in close for a kiss among the rows of beautiful flowers.
  • Jenny making adorable flower crowns for Vastra to wear, even though she complained that it was “ruining” her image, whatever that meant. Still, Jenny knew that Vastra loved its because deep down she was actually a big softie.
  • Vastra liked to draw as a hobby in her spare time and would sketch pictures of Jenny with her flowers, which Jenny thought to be very flattering indeed.
  • Vastra would also doodle random pictures and tattoo designs on Jenny’s skin when they’re spending a lazy weekend morning in bed together.
  • Jenny slowly tracing her fingers along Vastra’s tattoo’s on her arms, chest, and back as she admired their impossibly intricate and unique patterns.
  • Jenny and Vastra getting matching couple tattoos to commemorate their love. Jenny was nervous since she never had a tattoo before, but Vastra reassured her that was going to be fine and tried to do it as gently as possible.
  • Despite her superior height, Vastra enjoyed being the little spoon most often.
  • Jenny fussing about how messy Vastra’s pigsty of an apartment is and resolving to clean it up herself, because Vastra is completely hopeless at it.
  • Jenny was equally concerned to find that the only clothes in Vastra’s closet were old t-shirts, leather jackets, and leather boots. Jenny then dragged a reluctant Vastra along to go shopping in an attempt to diversify her wardrobe.
  • Jenny and Vastra riding Vastra’s badass motorcycle through the city, feeling the adrenaline rush in their veins and their hair flowing free in the wind.
  • Jenny staring at Vastra’s delightfully muscular arms and stomach while she work on repairing her motorcycle, dressed in a tank top stained with oil.
  • Jenny and Vasrea having a night out in a pub with Vastra’s friends. The more Vastra drank, the more flirtatious she became, but it also made her more aggressive toward anyone who even so much as look at Jenny the wrong way.
  • Jenny and Vastra growing their own garden together. They arranged their flowers to look like a rainbow for Maximum Gayness.
  • Jenny introducing Vastra to her parents who, surprise, are not so horrible and homophobic in tis universe as they are in canon. They are actually quite supportive of Jenny, and were thrilled that she was finally bringing someone home. They also embarrassed Jenny from the very beginning after Vastra first set foot in their house, causing her to groan internally the whole time there. Jenny’s dad gushing over Vastra’s motorcycle as if he’s a ten year old kid and begging her to let him ride it just once. Jenny’s mum telling Vastra the story of how they discovered Jenny was gay and roasting all of Jenny’s previous girlfriends, while Vastra was listening intently to every word, too amused to even be jealous of Jenny’s exes. Jenny’s parents eventually sent them off on their way with a blessing and several dozen sweaters that her mum knitted for Vastra to keep her warm.
  • Jenny and Vastra driving up a tall hill to watch the sunset together. They accidentally proposed to each other when they both pulled out a ring at the exact same time.
  • They both lived happily ever after together.