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The boys with some queer-y flags :D
Let me know who you want me to do next, what what you headcanon their sexuality as/what’s portrayed in the show!

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much love to all of my fellow snakes 🐍💚🐍💚🐍💚🐍💚🐍💚🐍💚

i went to flint pride yesterday and it was great!! i went with my boyfriend and best friend. everyone had flags and a lot of people wore them as capes, it was cute. i got a bisexual flag and wore it as a cape and my best friend got a transgender flag she wore as a cape. there were lots of performances, there were singers and rappers who spoke about the flint water crisis and black lives matter and police brutality, there were a lot more trans/non-binary resources than i expected which was really cool!! and there drag queens and dancers, and the drag queen invited kids to get up on stage and dance too and everyone was just so happy and it was great!!


One can hope…

(I’m going to be really sad if Silver is straight though please don’t make me sad)

I put up the other two again for reference! 

I’m so happy with the progress between my first try and now (it helps that I finally understood the basics of shading)

Feel free to use any of these as icons, just don’t forget to credit me if you do :)

Who has a tub of ice cream and a box of tissues ready for the season finale?

I made a post the other day about how Flint willingly let Silver rise to power and fully supported him in his new role in season 4, but I only just realised that Flint’s behaviour is sort of mirrored by what Silver says in the 4x09 flashbacks about pride no longer being an issue between the two of them. Meaning they were on the same line regarding this subject. Flint didn’t feel pride in the sense that he didn’t need to have a bigger role than Silver in the war; Silver didn’t feel pride in the sense that he felt he could let part of his guard, the image he was presenting to the outside world, down when he was alone with Flint. There was genuine friendship (at the least) between the two of them, from both sides. 

yourareunearthlything  asked:

for the fic prompt meme: 25. “My nightmares are usually about losing you.” silverflint (kill me with the angst Gemma ♡)

Ack, sorry dear, I don’t know if this is as angsty as you would have liked (although lbr anything set during canon has angst inherent). Coming at you with some more of that weird, intense intimacy! Hope you like it! Set after 3x6

“My nightmares are usually about losing you.”

Flint finds Silver right where Madi said he’d be – lying in a private hut, alone, attempting to glare his pain into submission and failing.

Silver glances up when Flint arrives. He looks startled, and exhausted. “When did you get back?”

Flint approaches the bed, trying to keep his features unconcerned. He’d been on the last boat launched from the Walrus when they made it back to Maroon Island. Even from here, he could hear his crew outside the hut in camp, where they’d been talking and eating and settling in for almost an hour now. He needs Silver focused and able for the days ahead, but he also needs him not mad and defensive. “Not long ago,” Flint says. “How are you feeling?”

Silver’s face changes. The bleary-eyed weariness melts to anger as quickly as dusk becomes night. “I fucking told her not to tell everyone –”

“She didn’t tell anyone,” says Flint. “She told me.” Madi is a smart woman, who knew when to pick her battles, and this is something Flint would have figured out on his own anyway. “Answer my question.”

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watsonrules  asked:

hey you drew recently flint with a pansexual pride flag, i was just wondering why, i never thought of that possibility!! i mean i was always between him being bi or gay but pansexual never ocurred to me

I haven’t really based it on much, not given it much thought, he just seems like someone who wouldn’t really care? If he sees an attractive person, then that’s what they are, no questions asked. But I think I’d put him as demiromantic too?

People are complicated and are never really either or, or 100% something. Flint seems like one of those.

And bi and pan can be very close depending on how you choose to interpret the sexualities. Bi is liking two (or more) genders, not just men/women. Pan is liking anyone, not basing their attraction to what’s in their pants or what society labels as male or female.

Now in the 1700s he would be seen as a molly, or any other term for gay then. Because bisexuality didn’t have a word and wasn’t seen as a “thing” back then.

This got unnecessarily long, but I hope I answered your question? <3

May I introduce you Liam Anderson, Charms teacher at Hogwarts who liked all of his student and saved Lily Luna’s life when the Dark Magic was reborned ?

May I introduce you Taranee Jones, Muggle studies teacher and Teddy Lupin’s best friend ?

May I introduce you Izzie Flint-Wood, daughter of two Quidditch stars and Lucy Weasley’s best friend whose the only ambition was to play in the Holyhead Harpies team ?

May I introduce you Circé Avery, James Sirius’ soulmate, who was a spy for the third Order of the Phoenix ?

May I introduce you Astoria Greengrass who fought during two wars against Dark Wizards and worked with Hermione for the Muggleborn’s right ?

May I introduce you Scorpius Malfoy, little cinnamon roll passionate about Muggles who was deeply in love with a Weasley ?

May I introduce you Albus Severus Potter, son of the chosen one and top of his class who would rather had died than betray his friends or his family ?

Some of them are Ocs, some are canon but THEY ARE ALL IN SLYTHERIN.

Because not all the slytherins are evil.
Because not all the slytherins are cowards.
Because Slytherins can be heroes.

And the Next Generation are here to prove that to us again.

Do you know Neville Longbottom, war hero, ex-auror, devoted husband and father who was loved by basically all the student at Hogwarts ?

Do you know Victoire Weasley, Gryffindor Queen, who cares about everything  and everyone too much and who always put the other before herself ?

Do you know Jessica Flint-Wood, born as a boy who still afraid of people who might not see her as a “true woman” ?

Do you know James Sirius Potter, who sometimes seemed rude because he didn’t know how to deal with his feelings but who could give his own life to save an other one’s ?

Do you know Hugo Weasley, the genius with the highest grades of the school who still had to deal with anxiety and inferiority complex ?

Do you know Arizona Shacklebot, who always need to prove that because she’s beautiful it didn’t mean she’s stupid and weak, even after she became a teacher ?

Do you know Lily Luna, a girl who always knew exactly what she wanted in life even if sometimes it’s just having a good time with her friends ?

Because not all the gryffindors are the fearless hero of the story.

Gryffindors can be afraid but gryffindors can also be caring, smart, ambitious, or loyal. Gryffindors are a lot more than just brave.

Gryffindors are our everyday heroes.