a thingie thing

Copied from by@millerflintstone (who is my favorite relative of Fred Flinstone)

Nickname: The Transfer Guy!, Mountain, and Capt. Awesomesauce

Star Sun sign: Cancer

Height: 5′7

Time right now: 2:08 PDT

Last thing googled: H.R McMasters

Favourite music artists: Oingo Boingo will always be #1 above all others! 

Last movie watched: Secret Life of Pets

Last TV show watched: Episode 6 of Preacher!

Last book you finished: How Did We Get Into This Mess?: Politics, Equality, Nature by George Monbiot

Current book you’re reading: Paisanos: The Forgotten Irish Who Changed the Face of Latin America by Tim Fanning

What are you wearing now: shorts and a sleepy cat!

When did you create your blog: 2012 i think?

Do you have any other blogs: Not really

Do you get asks regularly? Not at all…. I have thousands of followers but only like 8 of you give a shit on a regular basis

Why did you choose your URL: It’s what I was being called a lot at the time due to work :)

Gender: Male

Hogwarts House: The Jewish one.

Jedi, Sith, or? : uhhh… the Jewish one!

Favourite color: Blue

Your favorite physical feature about yourself: The cat that is conjoined to my chest 20hrs a day!

Average hours of sleep: 2-4

Which side of the bed to you sleep on: left side, cat has the right one

How many blankets do you sleep with: I don’t own a blanket, the cat sleeps on my chest

Dream job: Military history librarian

Followers: way too many… like seriously, there are thousands of ya! Just watching what I post, never liking anything, never commenting, just… there…. but thats ok… enjoy the science, rants, and cute animals :)

There they go.

A bottle of milk is better than a bottle of whiskey

A plastic doctor kit play shot is better than a shot of heroin

A quick cat nap with daddy is better than spending hours sleeping off depression

Flinstone vitamin gummies are better than pills to numb the pain

sucking your thumb is better than cutting your arms

being little is better than being dead