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❀ Broken Hearts | 01

pairings/characters: pjm x reader x jjk
words: 3.6k
genre: drama, angst, occasional smut
trigger warnings: mentions of alcohol, language

“best friends can break your heart too. Especially when they were never true to begin with.”

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“Hey.” His voice was soft against the loud screams of the people around us. The entire airport was crowded, with people rushing to catch their flights.

You promised yourself you wouldn’t cry, or at least try not to.

But when his arms wrap around your smaller frame, you couldn’t help but let the one drop of tear escape your eyes, slowly trickling down your skin. He brings you close enough for you to be able to pick up on every little whisper and every breath over the ear piercing roars coming from the crowded people running around with haste, to catch their flight; the both of you standing in the middle of chaos.

“Don’t worry… I promise- I’ll call whenever I am free. -Ok?“

After high school you had decided to stay in Seoul, studying to become a fashion designer at a prestigious university, while Jungkook was on his way to his first tour after his debut. Which is why you found yourself at the airport today, heart breaking to pieces as you see your best friend, childhood friend and only love leave for a whole year.

“Yeah yeah.” You answer him, sniffling to keep your tears at bay. Letting your body press closer to his, you mumble the rest into his shirt, trying your best to stay composed. “I know you will, I just… ”

Its as if the words get stuck in your throat, the syllables that you have been dying to confess to him since the start of high school. You. Loved. Him. More than a friend, more than any person in the world. You didn’t know what it was, but the only way to describe it was love. You longed to see him everyday, wanting his arms to hold you down as the both of you fell asleep on the couch. Maybe at the start you thought of it as an immature crush, but the way the thought of him clouded your mind every second of the day the past few months could only prove against it. But…


“Just.. I’ll miss you- a lot.”

There’s no way you could just flat out confess, the possibility of it ruining your friendship couldn’t have been worse. It’s never like how stories put it out to be. Your friend never just has crush on you. He went out with a million girls, dated a few, and had countless one night stands, if you could in anyway validate these as him masking his feelings for you then you’d only be living in a dream. He was shameless to put it, he always knew how you felt but he could never figure out how you felt about him; always coming up to you to simply comment about another girl. How did he have the time to do all of this, you had no idea but he did. He did and he hid it well, only to confide to you each time.

The only hope that you held on to, was how over-protective he was of you.

In the past 5 years, you’ve only dated two guys simply because Jungkook didn’t approve of them. He’d be the one to remind you that your skirt was too short, that drinking would only cause irresponsible decisions, that clubs were off limits (unless your boyfriend somehow convinced Jungkook), he’d be the one to warn you every time. Heck even your own dad wasn’t this concerned about you.

He’d fuck around wherever he wanted, but he always had his eyes out for you.

“I’ll miss you too, but it’s just a few months. A few months and-”

‘Flight EK 323: Calling for passengers one last time.’

“Did you really have to take the long way around?”

“We have a lot of stops you know?” He smiled against your cheeks, your fingers wiping the last remains of your tears when you felt his soft lips on you, “I’ll be back in no time trust me.” He pulls away from you with a wide smile, fingers grabbing onto his carry-on instead as he rushes to the gates, screaming a rushed goodbye.

He’ll be back soon, maybe then…

‘Dispatch: Idol Jeon Jungkook caught in a scandal’


Maybe your eyes were just playing tricked s on you. Straightening your body against the cushioned headboard of your bed you grab your glasses just for good measure. Having just woken up as the first rays of the sun entered your bedroom, you got your phone from under your pillow to check on Instagram.

After being apart for a few months, his calls became infrequent as his texts did too. Everytime you’d call him it’d just be met with silence. But you just presumed that he was head deep busy with practice and producing. But this scandal was not what you expected.

He was always cautious, never getting caught by any news source whether it be his late night flings or the moments he spent with you. He was sneaky enough to get past them no matter how exhausted he was, but this time he got caught. That too with a rather sexy model if you had to say, her long legs shimmering under the street lamp as her dress that was so lewdly cut at the right places flaunted every curve of her body which just so happened to be glued to Jungkook’s.

Fixing the glasses atop your nose, you look through each article that had been published in the couple of hours that Dispatch had caught him, completely disregarding the ticking clock behind you since the moment you woke up; the sense of time hits you the second your friend Kyuhyung texts.

Kyuhung [11:38]: Are you going to be here for class today? Or are you too busy dreaming about lover boy?

You [11:39]: He just got into a scandal.

Kyuhung [11:39]: What the fuck?

Kyuhung [11:39]: Your best friend, Jeon Jungkook? The one person who seemingly cares the most about you. The one guy who has been avoiding cameras for years now?

You [11:40]: I guess…

You stared at the blank screen, taking in the words that he just typed. He was right, how could Jungkook have blocked you so suddenly? Kyuhung was a good friend of the both of you, having asked you out the last year of high school you rejected him solely on the request of Jungkook. But he stuck around as a friend, becoming closer to you as the both of you had the same major.

Kyuhung [11:43]: But you’re kidding me right? He’s supposed to be back in seoul by tomorrow.

You [11:43]: I wish I was kidding…

Kyuhung [11:46]: Try to take your mind off this, go out and have fun instead.
Kyuhung [11:46]: Don’t let his scandal affect you.

Maybe if only you could hear his voice. Maybe if you could hear his voice, weeping at the other end, that this was a mistake; that all of these flings of his were just mistakes and he truly only cared about you. If only you could hear him say that would your mind be at ease.Opening the door to your bedroom, your feet creak on the wooden floor. The breeze that enters from the open window past the peach blinds that shielded your room and the outside world tingles every inch of your exposed skin, reminding you that you were awake. Reminding you that Jungkook was stuck in a mess and all you could do was worry.

Why were you back here again? To mope around? To stress over something that wasn’t yours? But who could you blame? It’s not like you had taken up the opportunity and told him how you feel about him. You could’ve, but you decided to let it be. Maybe if you told him he’d stop doing all of this. Your fingers had made their way to toy around with the hem of your shirt, getting lost in your own thoughts as you try to think of exactly what he’s going through.

How all of this would affect his career, his life.

Your phone buzzed in beside you, a loud ring signifying someone’s call. You practically jump on the seat, trying to pick your phone up with your trembling hands as you swipe the screen to pick up the call. You grab the phone holding it up to your ear, in a desperate attempt to maybe hear his voice. For a second your heart stopped, as you held your breath hearing closely for even a single decibel of sound. But to no avail, it turned out to be a telemarketer.


Always calling at the worst time. With a loud thud you drop your phone, today’s definitely not a good day. You missed your early classes, and were simply put drowning in questions that had no answers to them.

Time seemed to blend in, the very concept only becoming a theory to you as you switched the TV on, letting its loud noises

Why were you so worried about him?

Easier said than done. Even if you knew that Jungkook messed around like this all the fucking time, you knew even better just how much this scandal would break him.

Even if he did mess around, he was weak deep inside and you knew it better than anyone. You remember those nights you spent cuddled up in blankets as he talked about how hard practice was. You remember those nights when he’d tell you that he was sane because you were with him, you were with him to thick and thin and you out of everyone knows how it gets. You see every time he’s nervous, softly playing with the tips of his hair or even simply biting on his lips. You remember those nights where you’d stay up late, just to help him finish that one English assignment that he was too lazy to do.

You remember it all because you’ve been with him since you could remember.

But of course the depth of your thoughts could never fight the time and soon enough you spent the entire day in absolute silence, just the annoying TV and your thoughts.

Hunger and anything that seemed normal for a human was unnecessary for you today, cause all you were doing is crying about something you had no control over.


But why?

The sun was setting, a lovely burnt sienna spread across the sky.Your breaths has significantly deepened, as you felt every single bout of air that had entered your body, giving you a dose of relief. But it still wasn’t right. Memories of the both of you, sitting in this very spot. Countless polaroids from your late night adventures. Mugs of hot chocolate, cuddled up next to each other. Even stepping out couldn’t help you.

These thoughts brought back memories more painful, than letting him go. Your fingers instinctively reach to wipe away the drop of tear had streamed down your cheeks, The already reddened skin, now drenched with the salty trails of sorrow. Why must your heart suffer when he didn’t even feel a drop of guilt? Getting up from the spot, your tread your feet to your closet.

The shock that had eventually dispersed to sadness now burned with rage. You’re mind starting trying to sort through years of just listeinging to his whims and half assed excuses. Of course it was illogical, if he’s allowed to do what he wants, then so are you.

What’s the point of sitting here and mourning about someone or rather something that had nothing to do with your life? Fuck- did you just spend the last 20 or so years of your life crying over a person who makes his own mistakes, who plays by his own rules, who thinks he’s better than everyone. Just worrying about him and if he passed the SAT instead of going out with that one cute boy who asked you out. Or how you stayed up every night just listening to him talk about nonsense and comment about your appearance, your personality your everything when you could’ve been asleep and well rested.

Simply put it was a waste of time, but there’s no point in being his doll anymore. He made one bad decision, it’s time you make yours.

You lift yourself off the couch, the one place that had seemingly become an abode for your weeping body every time something didn’t go your way. Letting the tv let its noise serenade the house to avoid silence that’d probably would’ve eaten you alive. You make your way to the bedroom, walking past the strewn clothes all over its carpeted floor.

If anyone saw the state your room was in, no one would expect you to be one of the responsible students at uni. With your ivory bed sheets messed atop the bed in the center of the room and papers scattered around everywhere with what you’re assuming is rejected drafts of your designs.

Your closet, nonetheless was in the same condition. Jumbled up with a piece of bra lying on the floor and shirts just shoved inside. You so need to get your life together. Maybe this was a start, just a little rebellious.

You loved the attention that the other men gave you, the rows of guys who’d come up to you just to ask you out. Their hungry stares at your body as you willed to choose who would go home with that night. That very thought didn’t seem to sit with Jungkook for reasons quite inexplicable. You had voiced your opinions a million times, asking him to stop messing around especially after debut and for for the most part he would just nod and maybe forget. But if you ever asked him why he asked you to avoid clubs all he’d say was ‘you wouldn’t get it’

You looked through the various rows of dresses lined up on wooden hangers which surprisingly weren’t as disorganized as you would’ve thought they would be. But the most disappointing part was probably the dresses that were lined up, from pastels to cute skirts you had it all; but in this mess of what looked like a rainbow your eyes scanned for something a bit more ‘oomph’

Something that’d have more of an effect, something that’d leave them breathless something like- that. Your eyes don’t fool you when your fingers touch the lacy black dress that felt -oh so- soft under your touch. If this wouldn’t get the guys swooning, nothing could. It was cut in just the right places allowing the fabric to wrap over skin making each and every pronounce itself.

Making sure to look like perfect eye candy, making the boys imagine the deepest of their fantasies, you finished getting ready. Within an hour you were about to walk out your apartment, your heels clicked loudly against the marble flooring. As you closed the door behind you, fitting your phone and credit card info the lousy excuse of a purse.

You step out into the dimly lit hallway, opting to wait for the elevator than take the stairs considering how high your heels were today. But the elevator sure took its sweet time to reach up to your floor. Your reflection on the metal doors was good enough for you to check up on yourself one last time, fixing the nude lipstick you had chosen using the pad of your fingers just when the doors dinged open and the sight in front of you had your eyes devouring it in greed.

There stood in front of your eyes, a man with lustrous silver hair. Definitely a well built body, considering you could see his muscles bulge from underneath his tight black dress shirt, all of this paired perfectly with a smile that had your heart fluttering. To him you probably seemed weird, taking your time to admire his beautiful feature before stepping in.

“Going down?” You asked, almost in a whisper but the glowing “G” sign on the panel gave you your answer right away.

If only it had stopped there.

“Hopefully on you.” His voice was just loud enough for you to hear, and honestly you couldn’t stop the chuckle that left your lips. Was he actually serious?

“Aren’t those a little dirty to say to a random stranger?” You don’t bother turning around to face him, trying to hold in your laughter instead.

“Seeing as you’re dressed I wouldn’t act so innocent, I mean.. you had to hear it from someone at some point cause darling you look gorgeous.” That very sentence made you giggle, probably the first glimmer of a smile that’s been there in the last month or so.

Even before you could answer him back, you feel his arms lightly touch your waist, pushing his body on to you as he leaned down to your ears. “How about I take you out dancing tonight?” You bite down on your lip as you feel his body heat warming you through the thin fabric of your dress, if it was anyone else you would’ve probably hit them in their face and walked away, but this time you couldn’t help but play along. Your previous thoughts and worries diminished into nothing.

“Isn’t that a lot to ask mr. Innocent face?” You throw back at him, trying to test his patience with the both .The doors open, as you’re about to step out, when his hands pull you back inside by the wrist.

“Do you think I didn’t noticed how you stared at my muscles the second you got on?” His voice had dropped an octave lower, making you shudder with this unknown feeling. “Come on baby girl, it’s all on me.”

And with those words you found yourself in a car with a stranger who, even with his teasing tendencies didn’t seem all to bad. His name was Park Jimin, sounding very familiar to one who had heard before, but obviously your mind couldn’t possible make out who. Just thinking about how many ‘jimins’ walk around Seoul everyday has you distracted enough to pay attention to his little small talk but still detached from your thoughts of Jungkook.

You learnt a lot about him. He’s a singer, although you couldn’t pin down where you’ve heard his songs, but it definitely sounded familiar. He wasn’t self centered, if anything he made sure to constantly ask you about yourself. You found out that he was only a few years older than you, and had decided to take a break from his band for a few weeks.

You couldn’t help but wonder that maybe if Jungkook had gotten breaks like this, he would’ve been here with you. But as he mentioned countless times to you every time he texted. He was never free. He could never make time for you.

Only then did you realize your mind was drifting off again, you needed something to distract you from this, and only alcohol seemed to be the answer. Afree a few more jokes being passed around, the taxi parked outside the club, that had rows of people lining the street just to get in.

It’d be more than just difficult for you to get in, or so you thought. As you walk beside Jimin, trying your best from keeping from falling over the bouncer at the door just takes one look and swings opens the door for the both of you. It definitely delayed you by a few seconds which you could’ve saved dashing down the door, it still proved to be useful considering you didn’t have to wait in a line

Just as you stepped inside the black room streaked in different neon lights, you rushed towards the bar without giving a second glance towards Jimin. In record speed you had ordered three rounds of shots and were only getting riled up by the music as the base of the songs thumped louder around you.

By the time Jimin approached you, you were two shots in deep and your mind began to get fuzzy, never ring able to handle your alcohol well. Two shots were probably enough to get UOU mildly uncoordinated. “Couldn’t wait a few minutes darling?” He asks taking a seat beside you and signaling towards the bartender himself.

“I just needed a few drinks to get stuff off my mind”

“Rough week?”


“Understandable.” His replies were short, but the way he didn’t let his eyes leave you was sign enough that he was genuinely worried. Or maybe you were too drunk? “Why don’t we both get drunk and forget about all our worries for now?”

“I’m way ahead of you.”

“Another round?”

“Yes please”

How did you manage to spend a whole night with a stranger you met in an elevator? God knows! But hell did you enjoy yourself. You enjoyed listening to his wild stories, or even just how he almost burnt his house down. You enjoyed looking at the way his nose crinkled every time he smiled probably from one of your horrible puns. You enjoyed the feeling of his breath just tickling your skin as the both you let the music drown you in your own space, the mess of bodies melting to nothing around you.

You giggle into his chest from what you could’ve sworn is the worst joke of the century, the low rumble of his chuckles as he laughs along with you sending shivers down your spine. You look up to his face, tracing his plump lips with your eyes. You were about to lean in, maybe under the influence of alcohol or maybe to release some stress. But you couldn’t deny yourself of this beautiful hunk of a man. Your lips brushed against each other momentarily, breaths hitting each other’s faces, before a strong hand pulled him away from you. Your face shifted to that signifying great annoyance, looking up to find Jimin and a familiar face.

Your eyes squinted for a second, as you blinked a couple of times to get a better view.


A propos of absolutely nothing, here are all the things I love about the ‘get Erik out of prison’ sequence in XMDoFP …possibly more than the ‘get everyone out of the mansion’ scene in XMA because I’m a sucker for even the slightest hint of dadneto.

  • Why exactly do Charles and Hank have a blueprint of the Pentagon???
  • And how much of the overall plan were they able to come up with just by looking at that? Did they know how many guards would be between the elevator and Erik’s cell?? Or did they have to wait for Peter to ask him if he could do this?
  • Charles was driving and Logan hated it.
  • Charles, Logan and Hank were all crammed into the front bench of that car.
  • Peter’s mother’s car is turquoise.
  • She keeps the chain lock on the door like that’s going to stop Peter doing shit.
  • There was a car ride with Charles, Logan, Hank, and Peter. Did they stuff Peter in the back by himself? Or did someone have to sit next to him? Was it Charles, please tell me it was Charles “he’s a pain in the arse” Xavier.
  • There had to be a moment where they explained their idea to Peter but how much did that cover? Did Peter know he’d have to break the glass like that or did he just come up with that on the fly?
  • Also there’s a truncheon on the guard’s uniform that he steals - he could have just used that but since when did anyone related to Erik ever pass up the chance to be all Extra with their powers?
  • How was Erik not covered in tiny cuts and pieces of glass.
  • MIND THE GLASS means ‘get out of the fucking way,’ Erik.
  • Do you think Fassbender did that pull up all by himself or did he have help
  • Peter had his hair tucked under at the back to make it look short, since guards probably wouldn’t be allowed chin-length hair.
  • Then while Erik is climbing up out of the cell, Peter undoes his hair.
  • Erik is totally up for being rescued, even though it’s by this crazy kid who showered him in glass. “Lol don’t care who this is or what he wants, let’s blow this popsicle stand.”
  • How did those slidey doors work without any metal anyway?
  • How long did it take Peter to work out that anybody he takes on a superspeed run is in danger of whiplash? Or did Charles or Hank casually mention that maybe Peter should try not to break this dude’s neck while escaping?
  • I LOVE Erik’s little quirk of a smile when they stop in the elevator like “holy shit that’s a cool power” before the nausea catches up with him.
  • Peter changing his clothes back - were they just lying in a heap in the corner of the elevator? Because I can imagine him making a little duct tape bag with those wide gaping moments and hiding them there, taped up against the wall like the guard.
  • That guard was not paid enough for that shit
  • Charles, Hank and Logan did not tell Peter who they were breaking out. They probably told him “his name is Erik and he controls metal and we need him” but never mentioned the ‘maybe shot JFK’ thing.
  • “I don’t know karate, but I know crazy” like Erik you really like this kid, don’t you? I see you. You think his powers are cool and you’re joshing with him, even while you struggle not to puke.
  • Evan Peters’ smile is very cute <3
  • “My mom once knew a guy who could do that” Twin faces of “… wait” because both of you are smart little beans.
  • What kind of conversation did Peter have with his mother like “no you’re not alone, there other people out there who can do things like you, I knew a guy one time - well, a few times - who could control metal” but like leaving out the fact that that mutant is his father????
  • Erik robbed of the chance to go down the “and who is your mother, exactly?” road because Charles punches him in the jaw so hard he spins.
  • Peter’s face when the door opens like “hey, see I got him”
  • Peter continuing to make conversational faces at the guard while Charles and Erik bicker.
  • But also nobody else ever bats an eyelid at the guy being strapped to the wall.
  • Erik’s little nod to Charles, like was that actually agreeing “okay we won’t kill anybody” just moments before flinging a bunch of kitchen knives up into the air or???
  • Peter waiting until the very last second, when all the guns have been fired, to say “hey yeah I don’t think this was in their plan, I should probably do something. But let’s make it fun.”
  • He’s going so fast that every step he takes along the wall smashes the tiles
  • He slaps that guy and pokes the other one in the face. The speed he’s going at, that’s two very concussed humans. Maybe a broken jaw.
  • That other guy is getting a plate frisbee-d into his face
  • The bullets have barely left the barrels at this stage and Charles, Erik and Logan are still exactly as they were when Peter started.
  • How do plastic guns work anyway. Don’t guns get hot when you fire them?
  • Haha these hot plastic guns are going to smack these guys right in their faces it’s gonna be great gimme that hat
  • Oh fuck right bullets
  • He zips back to the guys EVEN FASTER than he was going before
  • He moves the bullets and this is where i get emotional because to me at least it echoes a page in the comic Magneto: Testament* where Erik and his parents are lined up by soldiers and shot, falling back into a mass grave. You see the bullets coming towards them and you infer that Erik’s powers instinctively protect him but he doesn’t really even know he has them never mind controls them so everybody else dies. My sappy, over-analytical brain loves that this time it’s his son moving the bullets. And although Peter moves the bullets heading for Charles first, he’s standing directly in front of Erik and smiles at him
  • before zipping away to stand at the opposite side of the room, just in case the guys were in any doubt who just saved their collective bacon.
  • Erik’s face going from “wtf was that” to “holy shit it was him” then looking to Charles like “who tf is this guy because really you could have just waited in the car”
  • And then secondarily looking at Logan like “I don’t know you either, who the fu- ew”
  • Ok let’s get the fuck outta here
  • Did they just casually stroll back to the parking lot, all soaking wet and with Erik in his prison PJs??
  • What was going on upstairs - did they evacuate the Pentagon when the fire alarms went off or when the alarms for Erik’s cell went off? Or is everyone else still getting on with their day? Like Hank is still on the tour or waiting in the car?
  • Holy shit there was a car ride to their airport with Charles, Logan, Hank, Erik and Peter.
  • Did they stop to get Erik some clothes? Or did they bring spares? Like it’s been ten years but Charles still has Erik’s shit lying around the house.
  • The plane has an Xavier coat of arms on the tail holy shit
  • Peter kept the hat
  • “I saw your flight plan in the cockpit, why are you going to Paris?” like they literally told him nothing about the plan just “break into the Pentagon and get Erik” and Peter’s just like “haha yeah ok sounds fun”
  • Logan, just let Erik have the newspaper, he’s been in jail for a decade he has no idea what’s going on.
  • “Take it slow” hahahahahahahahahahaha I wonder what ever happened to that poor car. Can Peter even drive? Like it wouldn’t take him long to learn, and he’d have killer reflexes but like why would he need to drive anywhere???
  • “You’re going to find this hard to believe but you and Charles send me here from the future.” Erik’s face like What The Actual Fuck, it’s been a really weird day today and that’s still the biggest crock of shit I ever heard.

The end, mostly. I could go on like, did Peter ever admit to his mother he helped break Magneto out of jail and what kind of chewing out did he get? That guard who was taped to the elevator wall, like, did he get shot by the plastic bullets? Or was he just totally shellshocked by the whole experience and when people question him afterwards he’s just like “nuh-uh, that guy could be anywhere, listening, and I wouldn’t even know he was there until after he got me so no I ain’t talking.” “you mean Lehnsherr?” “what? No, Lehnsherr’s the least of your worries. It’s his friends you have to look out for.”

*Magneto: Testament is a really good comic. And by good I mean harrowing and intense.

Stay Close to Me

Yuri on Ice poem by Satomi-iko
Translation from polish by me

I hear it
Blade cutting through ice in between the sounds
Distinctive fling
The moment I fill my lungs with oxygen
With uncertainty and fear
And your perfect landing
I scream and breath out

I see it
Crystals of ice shimmering in the air
Forming a mist falling on a smooth surface
Your quiet sigh drowning out in the sound of a roaring crowd

I feel it with my whole self,  your suffering
From loneliness
It seems like, through the sound of music you’re telling a story
Of someone,
Of something
Feeling so distant yet so wistful
Your hands
Your legs
Picturing it, dancing
The beating of your heart
So similar to my own
Something’s grasping my throat
Suffocating, like I’m about to cry
Do you feel it as well?

It was few years ago, yet the feeling stayed the same
I look at you through these moments
It’s time to take the ice to repeat the history
But with a different ending
I squeeze your hand and mindlessly gaze into your eyes
They are not lonely anymore

 We are together
 Now I’m ready 

anonymous asked:

Omg all your drabbles are so good, I get so sad at the end when I realize it's over lol your writing is just so captivating! Can you pls do "i was so sleep-deprived after the night shift that i climbed into bed with you (and you just rolled with it)" or "you keep calling me over to get rid of spiders from your apartment and i’m pretending i don’t know you’re not afraid of them at all because i miss you too" wow most of these prompts could fit nalu so well

I was so sleep-deprived after the night shift that i climbed into bed with you (and you just rolled with it) ~ I’d love to see what shenanigans you’d have Lucy and Natsu getting into with this prompt. - @nalufever

Lucy wakes up warm and tangled beneath itchy sheets and immediately knows that she’s fucked up. There’s a multitude of reasons for this astute observation. The first being that her room should never been this warm back at her apartment considering it’s damn near the middle of winter and her complex’s heating sucks balls. By all means, she should be freezing her ass off or buried beneath several layers of thick blankets. Two, there’s no reason on God’s green earth that she should be awake at—she glances instinctively to the right, squinting down at an alarm clock—nine in the morning on a Saturday, especially not when she finished her shift at the bar at three this morning. Third, and possibly her biggest indicator, is the pair of arms curled tightly around her waist, her back pulled flush against a very warm, very bare chest.

A chest that she recognizes without having to look.

Lips press against the back of her neck, warm breath teasing her bare skin, and Lucy shivers, groaning as she considers the appropriateness of falling asleep in her ex’s bed. Again. With him in it. Yeah, that seems like the exact opposite of appropriate.

“Fuck,” Lucy hisses, half-embarrassed and half just not giving a shit. Her hands come up to cover her face, palms pressed against her eyes, and she rolls onto her back. For the briefest moment, she considers flinging herself out the window, but decides against doing so, unsure if a four story fall would kill her or just leave her a bit flattened.

She doesn’t have the money to pay for those hospital bills.

Beside her, Natsu chuckles, low and throaty, voice still thick with sleep. Lucy resists a shiver, her teeth tugging at her lip almost painfully. She’s heard that laugh countless times before, usually followed by something NC-17 soon after. Of course, that was back when there was a them.

He sits up on his elbow, arm still neatly tucked under her back, the other resting by her side, half-caging her to the bed. “We didn’t do that, if that’s what you’re worried about,” Natsu promises, nudging her with one leg when she won’t look at him.

Lucy’s hands slide from her face, eyes narrowed as they lock with his. Natsu’s smile widens when she looks up at him, his lips pulling back to reveal teeth. His green eyes go soft, almost. There’s something weary there, almost sad, and Lucy’s lips twist into a dim smile. “Shut up,” she tells him, voice cracking slightly.

She hates this awkwardness; she hates how things aren’t as awkward as they should be.

For God’s sake, she climbed into his bed last night while he was asleep. It’s been almost three months, this shouldn’t be happening. Moreover, he should have kicked her out already.

But Natsu’s gaze is friendly, curious and almost worried about her. “Long night?” he murmurs, fingers absentmindedly fiddling with the hem of her shirt, tips of his fingers ghosting over the bare skin beneath.

“You don’t know the half of it,” she whispers back, giggling slightly when Natsu’s teasing fingers brush higher on her waist, barely touching her ribs. He tries not to smile, but does a terrible job of it. There have only been a few times in her life when she’s seen that smile disappear entirely.

The last time was about three months ago.

Natsu makes a sound that’s almost sympathetic as he drags a light finger along her bottom rib. “Freed ditch you to go make out with his boyfriend, again?” His eyes flicker, amused, and Lucy groans, flinging her head back onto his pillow and glaring up at the ceiling. Glow in the dark stars blink back at her, untouched since she last saw them. She thought he would have taken them down by now.

“Oh, yeah.” She rolls her eyes, back arching off the bed when Natsu shifts beside her, tugging his arm out from under her back. Lucy watches as he hesitates for a moment, then rolls so that he’s hovering over her completely, hands pressed to the bed on either side of her, his knees knocking against hers briefly. “He disappeared for almost an hour,” she tells Natsu when he stares down at her, eyes searching hers for something—anything. She smiles up at him. “I’m pretty sure they weren’t just making out, though.”

He chuckles, lowering more of his weight onto her when she doesn’t immediately shove him off. Lucy rolls her eyes, but smiles nonetheless. “What an… asshole,” Natsu breathes against her ear, lips pulled into a cheeky grin.

Lucy breaks into a fit of surprised giggles, not expecting the surprising innuendo. “Natsu!” she chides, slapping at his naked chest half-heartedly. He just laughs. Lucy huffs, pouting as she stares up at him. “You are so…” Something. He’s something.

Something she misses a lot.

His expression goes soft as he drops onto his elbows, hovering only an inch above her. Fingers brush along her neck, sweeping her hair away from her skin. “Remember when we used to do that?” he jokes, smile turning positively wicked.

Lucy snorts, looping her arms around his neck without a second thought, fingers weaving through his hair easily. He sighs above her, nosing at her cheek. “Make out in the alley behind the bar?” she asks. A surprised gasp tears from her as Natsu’s lips brush along her jaw, touching but not quite kissing. “No,” she mumbles, tilting her chin up to let him peruse her neck. “I remember our go-to being the freezer.”

“A horrible decision really,” Natsu breathes against her throat, placing butterfly kisses along the length of her neck. A low sound pulls from his throat as Lucy tugs at his hair, and she almost doesn’t catch it. One of his hands slips beneath her shirt, drawing nonsensical shapes from her hip to her ribs with slow, practiced fingers.

Teeth press against her neck briefly, nipping at her and Lucy sighs, eyes slipping shut as he works his way down, slow, more patient than she’s ever seen him before. “You’re the one that always pulled me back there,” she replies, giggling when he smiles against the underside of her jaw.

“You never said ‘no,’ ” he reminds, lips trailing down her neck as Lucy’s hand slide down his back, nails drawing thin, teasing lines from shoulder to hip. He swears under his breath as her hands surge back up onto tangling in his hair, the other cupping his cheek gently, thumb brushing against his skin.

Lucy hums for a moment, considering this, then leans up to press a butterfly kiss against his chin, his stubble rough against her lips. “I didn’t, did I,” she agrees, nipping at his chin before flopping back onto the bed. Natsu growls down at her, fingers curling around her hip bone and squeezing.

His lips hover above hers, breath nervous and shallow. He wets his lips and Lucy can hear him swallow, he’s so close. “Why did you come here last night?” he breathes against her.

He doesn’t need to elaborate. Lucy knows. He’s farther away than her apartment. He always has been. Coming over used to be more of an inconvenience than anything else after the night shift at the bar. But he would always be there waiting, giving her a tired smile when she finally walked through the door, a smile on his lips and arms waiting for her to fall into him.

“I just wanted to go home,” Lucy tells him honestly, nervous fingers brushing against his skin.

Natsu releases a shaky breath, but it seems to be what he needed to hear. He surges down suddenly, lips sealing over hers in a sloppy, tender kiss. His nose bumps against hers, but Lucy only smiles, her grip tightening in his hair as she feels Natsu’s lips moving against hers.

He jerks back suddenly, only for his mouth to go back to her neck, his teeth dragging down her neck roughly, much to her surprise. Lucy squirms beneath him, arching into his touch. “Stay for breakfast?” he breathes against her skin, pressing his lips to her skin in an open-mouthed kiss, sucking briefly before biting down.

“Only if you make pancakes.” She gasps, head thrown back as his hand slips beneath her thighs, lips and teeth still working her tender neck. He pulls away with a wet pop, smiling against her throat.


Broken and Cursed

Characters: Y/N (reader), Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel, Metatron (mentioned), Naomi (mentioned), Crowley (sorta).

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: Selfloathing, Self-blame, hurt!Sam, canon typical violence, s8 spoilers (but is that really spoilers anymore?)  

Word Count: 2400ish

A/N: This is a rewrite of the end of the season 8 finally. I loved the scene in the church, and I hope that I haven’t butchered it completely by inserting a reader into this moment between the brothers. I used some of the dialogue from the episode, and I do not claim to own any of that.  

This is 1 out of my 13 entries for @mamapeterson / @mrs-squirrel-chester’s Album Fanfiction Challenge where I chose the album “Smoke and Mirrors” by Imagine Dragons. The song prompt for this fic is: Shots

You clasped your hand over your mouth, staring into thin air as Cas disappeared before your eyes, and Dean called out to him to no avail. This had just gone from bad to worse, and the panic you had struggled to hold in ever since your talk with Naomi was getting harder and harder to contain.

“Goddammit!” Dean snarled, making you jump slightly. Not so much because of his reaction, but because you knew Dean tended to speak before he thought when he was angry. He said things he didn’t mean, things that Sam always ended up taking to heart. You didn’t blame Dean for it. They were brothers, and it was part of who they were. It had been part of who they were long before you had met them. Long before you had fallen in love with Sam, and long before he had pushed you away out of fear of what his love would do to you.

No matter how hard he had pushed though, no matter how much it had hurt, you hadn’t left. Not really. You had kept in touch with Dean, and the second Sam had started showing signs of being ill, Dean had told you and you had reentered the brothers’ lives completely. You had moved into their new found home with them, but you had given Sam his space because you thought that had been what he needed. Standing outside the old church with Dean yelling towards the sky, you weren’t so sure. You were terrified of losing him, and the nagging feeling you could have done something to prevent things coming to this weighed heavily on your heart.

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Seokjin Scenario: Cheap Thrills.

Request:  A scenario where Reader and Jin are heirs to a rivaling company. You both pretend to hate each other infront of your family but are secretly going out and one day something happens between the two of you(a baby). You’re both forced to reveal your relationship to both your parents (which causes more problem with each other) however the results ended up in to having a merger turns out it was th best decision for both company.

Genre: Romance / Drama

–I see the host wasn’t as selective as I thought he would be – you laughed softly, mockingly, taking a little sip from your cup of water and side eyeing Seokjin, who was passing by your table with his father at his right.

He smiled, fixing his tailored suit jacket. –Obviously not, since we have the unpleasure of meeting –

He said nonchalantly, and you smirked, smoothing down your dress and not bothering in looking at him anymore, it was hard to attack him verbally while looking to his eyes.

–Are things so bad at home that you came for free food? – your mother laughed softly next to you and Seokjin’s father turned red with what was most probably anger. –That wouldn’t happen if you just stepped out of the way of my family and let the business to people who clearly know what they’re doing better than you–

–Oh you wish that dear – This time Jin approached you, standing behind your chair and bending down to speak close to your ear, and you pretended that his closeness didn’t affect you at all. –We’ll be around for a while so get used –

–You’re disgusting, and clearly not aware of the sense of personal space – you frowned at him standing up, and your mother did so as well.

–Don’t lose your time Y/N, they’re hopeless – she was saying but your head was only focused on the light dizziness that took over you, so much that you had to hold onto the edge of the table while feeling the blood leaving your face.

You saw Seokjin’s eyes change, the slightest bit, a hit of worry clouded over them but he couldn’t approach you, not right there in front of everyone, so you steeled yourself and swallowed harshly.

–Yes, they are – you retorted, but it didn’t sound as bitter as you wanted it to be, you turned around quickly to search for the bathroom. You’d been feeling nauseous since the morning and you supposed the strong smell of the food served at the party made it all wrong.

You pressed a hand drenched in cold water to your forehead and waited a few minutes for you to calm down before going out again, and you found Seokjin outside, focusing on his phone and trying to dissimulate the fact that he was waiting for you.

–Are you alright? – he asked in a whisper. The hallway was empty and you walked slower than usual.

–I don’t feel too well, but I’m a little better now – His eyes focused on you with the usual warmness and tenderness that he looked at you in private, when nobody else was seeing and you didn’t have to conceal the feelings you had for each other. He took the few steps separating you and his hand caressed your cheek gingerly.

–You’re so pale Y/N – you rested your face on his palm and nodded, rejoicing onto the touch for a few seconds before stepping away and looking to the other direction.

–I’ll be alright, much better when I see you later – you smiled to yourself, caressing your perfectly styled hair and Jin laughed under his breath. Walking away from you to the opposite direction.

–I’ll leave before the clock hits twelve, so you won’t have to wait long for me, it’s a promise –

It didn’t matter to you anymore that all your dates and escapades were in secret, you always did the most of those moments and you’d been craving for Jin’s company for a week already. You nodded with the smile still on your lips, Seokjin was wearing the tie you’d given him, the one that matched perfectly your dress and whoever looked at you would think that it was an unlucky coincidence the fact that you were dressed as a couple, even your mother had laughed at that, oh if she knew, the you had fallen in love with the only man you weren’t supposed to.

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i really have to study but i can’t stop thinking about the fact that last thing nathaniel ever heard/felt/said was literally all love…. like his dismissal of bartimaeus was an act of love. his entire sacrifice was an act of love, really. his last words were subtle ways to say ‘you mean everything to me’.  then you have bartimaeus who wanted to tell nathaniel how he felt but they were sharing a mind so it probably wasn’t words just a feeling of exasperation, and annoyance, and love. i’m so fucked up. he went through his entire life deprived of warmth and compassion, especially recently, and bartimaeus probably returned nathaniel’s final gift with a gift of his own: a feeling that nathaniel was loved. someone stop me

ilona-the-hedgehog  asked:

Hey, I really like your stories! They're amazing! I just wanted to ask, could you maybe write a sonamy oneshot thing with werehog Sonic? I've just been in that mood lately 😅


Sometimes, we all just need some fluffs~ :)

And thank you~<3


Amy kicked her feet off the side of the couch, holding some tea as she looked out the window, humming slightly to herself as she saw the sun going down…

Tails and Professor Pickle were talking on boring subjects again, and she was getting restless to see Sonic again…

They hadn’t known his whereabouts, until at least another piece of the world was put back together.

All she needed was that lead…

She slowly turned to look at Tails and Professor Pickle, seeing that they were in no way paying attention to her anyway, she slowly walked backwards and against the wall, crawling slightly to then stealthily opening the door, and closing it lightly~

“We’re almost there, Sonic!” Chip called out, flying through another city they were rushing to pass, as Sonic ran on all fours, keeping up wtih Chip.

“Finally.” he didn’t mean to sound like he was grumbling, but with his new found deep, raspy voice, that’s just how it was now.

Suddenly, a horde of monsters spawned in the rear of where they were running, and Sonic skidded to a stop on his spiky shoes, and turned around.

“Hold on…” he swung himself around.

“Huh? What’s the hold up, Sonic?” Chip stopped to look behind him, before flying back near his face.

“Hmm… something doesn’t feel right.”


His eyes widened, “Amy!” he took off without another second of hesitation.

“Woah! It’s that girl again!” Chip kicked up his feet, getting ready to burst off, before springing out into the night to follow Sonic.

The hordes were being creepy as they walked slowly up to her, their arms up as if to grab her, but she swung them by the base of their waist and they were flung left and right with each powerful hit.

“Leave. Me. Alone!!” Amy cried out, not in the least afraid, but still wanting to get through to Sonic. “Soooniiic!!!”

Suddenly, from behind her, a large figure jumped over her, landing in front of her as she looked around before covering her head.

He roared out in front of the hordes, and they all immediately stopped advancing.

Once getting their attention, he smirked, and threw his arms out, taking them down one by one in a frenzy of moves.

His stretchy arms even punched out one that tried to leap for Amy, as she cried out in surprise, before rushing over to sonic’s back, and moving with him as he swung around.

“What are you doing here?” he tried to turn his head back to look at her, before refocusing on the battle.

“I… I was lonely! No one was paying attention to me.” she explained, as Sonic shook his head, letting out a groan as his eyes drooped down.

“You couldn’t have waited till after this was all over?” he commented, before flinging away the last monster and stomping a hand to the ground, as they all were flung in the air.



He turned around to see Amy had also been bounced into the air, and quickly reached up to pull her to him, before swinging a long arm out and slamming all the other monsters into dust against the side of a building’s wall.

He panted a moment, breathing heavily, before seeing his work there was done, and sighing.

He turned to look down at Amy.

“If you wanted to see me, couldn’t you have waited till the morning?” he cocked his head to the side, loosening his hold on her and raising his arm from her to the side.

He consciously made that decision, as he looked to his arm, and then to her.

“Ohh~ Like I said! I couldn’t wait any longer! I missed you~” Amy swished her body left and right, before throwing her hands down and up back to her face, being somewhat cute.

“…Ughh…” he looked away and scratched a clawed finger up to his head.

“…But… I don’t look like… myself.” he put the hand down and slowly up to his eyes, showing some sorrow in that fact as he looked over his hand.

Amy stared a moment, seeing his expression change at the appearance of his scary looking, new hand.

“Wouldn’t you rather be comforted by me..? and Not some… monster.”

She bent her eyelids back, seeing he was having some problems with that.

“You think I care so little as to only look upon appearances and images?”she placed her hands confidently to her sides, and leaned over to look up at his face, as he quickly looked down to her, amazed by her answer.

She giggled, jumping in front of him when he turned his head away, putting her hands behind her back as she swayed in her usual manner.

Flirty or whatever you want to call it, it certainly brought Sonic’s attention back to her.

Chip hovered close behind, but dared not interrupt the slight quarrel between the two.

He was highly fascinated at how she could break through Sonic’s walls and surprise him anyway! So interesting…

Could Sonic be influenced by Amy more than he let on?

Chip tilted his head, pondering the moment a bit, and putting his hands near his mouth, thinking about it…

“Whether Sonic comes in black, white, or blue! I’ll love you no matter what you look like, sound like, or even smell like! haha!” she slightly teased, but nodded her head to show that she meant it to some degree.

Sonic stared down at her a moment.

Realizing she meant it, his hand slowly came down, before he seemed to grow nervous and folded his arms, leaning back and avoiding her gaze by looking away.

It was a typical Sonic position, and she smiled when she recognized it.

For a moment, this large… fluffy frame suddenly faded into her hero, and in her mind’s eyes, as he looked back down, tensing his mouth a bit, she imagined a blush with hearts in the background.

She giddily twirled in her imaginings and jumped into Sonic’s arms.

He fell back a bit, but caught himself, and lightly patted her back.

“Alright, alright. I’ll take you home.”

“You mean it?!” she looked up, growing excited. “Will you carry me?”

“Uh…Ummm..” he looked at his dangerous hands…

He looked down at his hazardous way of running too…

He looked back up and thought, before sighing and drooping his arms down.

“Okay.. just this once…” he groaned, and turned around, before gesturing a thumb to his back.

“Hop on.”

“Ah! Y-… You want me to ride you..?” holding her fists up over her mouth and nose, she lifted a leg up to shy away from it.

“A-are you sure..?”

He looked away, sweat dropping.

“It’s only awkward when you make it awkward, Amy.”

“He’s right!” Chip suddenly flew in, as Amy was taken aback at his presence, almost having forgotten him. “You should just hop on! No questions asked.” Chip held up a pointer finger, and shook it around as to lightly scold her for second-guessing it.

She nodded, “R-right.” she carefully came up behind him, looking around for a safe way to mount, before seeing Sonic reach a hand back.

She stepped on the hand and smiled to him, gaining some balance, she jumped on his back and positioned herself to ride him.

He felt his now, longer and more ragged quills shift under her, and the sensation made him roll his shoulders back, not liking it for a moment.

“Are you comfortable?” Amy blinked down at him, as he suddenly flinched, his eyes growing wide and turning back to her.

“Ah… um. I’m fine.” he didn’t want to tell her what he was feeling, so he ended up just nodding and looking away. “I’m going to charge off now… get ready.”

“Right!” she held onto his ears, making his upper lip twitch at her tug, but got on all fours and wiggled his shoe into position.

“Chip.” he called out, head close to the ground as Chip flew off, spinning around to throw up a ‘thumbs up’ and then took off to show the way.

“Hold on, Amy!”


Sonic bolted off as Amy slightly felt herself fling off him for a moment, but gripped her legs to his waist and held on.

It was like riding a huge gorilla!

It made her laugh at how uncomfortable it was, his spines poking into her every now and again.

However, she was used to her own spines, and it didn’t bother her very much, nor hurt.

However… he wasn’t used to another piggy-back riding him, and so with each foot or hand fall, he felt her weight shift a bit, and it bothered him.

“Wee! Haha! Giddy up!”

“I’m not a horse…”

-A while after the adventure-

“You were SOOO fluffy! Hehe~ Hey! I have a question?” Amy spread her arms out, holding her already eaten ice cream cone and then put her legs down from leaning back and up to look sincerely to him.

He had also finished, and ate the cone, looking slightly bored before raising an eyebrow to her. “Hmm?”

“Can I get another piggy-back ride? It shouldn’t be so off now that you’re the right size again. After all!”

“Ha-ACK!” He choked a moment on his cone and beat his chest, swallowing it before turning to Amy, looking a bit worried…


“Please?!” she moved up to him, her hands down in front of her. “I really enjoyed that! Haha! And I think it’s fun.” she cutely looked away, remembering the moment.

“…Uhh…” he looked away, remembering it as anything ‘but’ fun…

“Please?” she looked to him again, tilting her head.

He suddenly remembered her words again… looking back to her.

No matter what I look like… she’ll always see me as Sonic.

He thought about how that really pulled him through those tough times…

“…I can’t dispute.” he shook his head down, sighing, before shrugging and getting up. “But again.” he held a pointer finger up, then turned his head slightly to an angle.

“This is the last time.”

He wiggled his finger around, a signature move by her beloved hero~

“Right! Hehe~” she grinned, as he turned and she hopped on as fast as she could, making him wobble back cause he wasn’t expecting her to just leap like that.

His spines bristled up a little and she giggled at their pokes, before he lowered them for her comfortably.

“S…Sorry.” he seemed a little embarrassed by that.

“Not a problem! After all, I’ve lived with my quills forever too, you know!” she wiggled her head up through his quills to get to peek over his shoulder to him, as it took every bit of self control not to spike his quills up again.

He reached back and bent down, grabbing her legs and looking forward, thinking where to go…

It could just be a joy ride, after all, he could take her home at anytime now…

He looked down.

The sensation… wasn’t as bad as the first time.

He took off, “Hold on!”


For some reason, those words resonated in Sonic…

As he ran, he suddenly found that the closeness didn’t bother him so much as before.

After all, he wasn’t scary. He didn’t have claws. And he sure as heck didn’t have so many sensitive, long quills like antennas to deal with!

 As Amy’s hands held closely to his neck, she pushed up a little to look just a little over his head, and smiled at the view.

He was rushing by some lovely scenery to keep her occupied, and of course, he enjoyed the terrain too.

He took a second to look down at her hands… then up to her face.

Her wide open smile filled him with some sense of accomplishment, or some fulfilling desire to make sure she was happy and pleased.

He smiled too, but hid it as she looked down to him, seeing his head had moved slightly.

She smiled, hoping he was admiring her beauty, and then continued to laugh as he took off.

Even with her against his quills, he was slowly becoming used to the intimacy, and who knows?

Maybe the experience could be helpful in the end? (~<3)

Flaws and All

Title: Flaws and All

Rating: K

Pairing: Zimbits

Words: 2190

Summary: Jack receives the images for his first ESPN body issue, and something doesn’t sit quite right with him.

Read on AO3 here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/9224600

Jack is sitting on the couch when it happens. He’s watching a documentary on the History channel that he’s seen a dozen times before, and more of his attention is on watching Bitty struggle through his French homework. His boyfriend is making many exaggerated groans and sighs of frustration, but Jack refuses to help. So he just watches with an amused smile until the moment Bitty will fling his pen down and announce he’s finished.

Except Jack’s phone pings with an email before that even happens. He leans forward and swipes it off the coffee table, noting with mild interest that it’s from Annie at PR. He shifts back, crossing his long legs underneath him again, and swipes it open. He reads it in silence. It’s only a short email, but by the end of it, his fingers are trembling.

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I Bet It Stung (M)

Originally posted by jackandjael

Genre: Smut/Angst

Summary: When there’s sexual tension between you and your potential boyfriend, You come up with a reckless plan to deter an awkward hookup. Finding a fuck buddy. The thing about reckless plans though, they’re bound to backfire badly. Hopefully you can come back from this. (Mark x Reader, Bambam x Reader )

Warnings: Piercings , Boys who Dab, Underage alcohol use

Word count: 9,684

Written by: Smutty Jaefairy

A/N: Here’s some Mark and Bambam (No dabbing, sadly)  smut and drama. This was fun to write. The title is  a song from Tegan and Sara’s So Jealous album. I  listened to it on repeat while doing this, give it a try if you like breakup music. I hope you guys enjoy it :’)

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anonymous asked:

So I have recently discovered I am weak for SF!Paps... and as I adore the way you write him, would it be okay to ask for an imagine? Does he have any insecurities about the relationship, and if so, how does the S/O find out? I remember in a breakup imagine he mentioned "no one wanting a mutt drooling after them" is all and it piqued my interest (and broke my heart hahaaaa...)

(*I’m happy that you like the way I write him!  I had forgotten that I even wrote that part.  x]  The imagine is Drunken Insecurities and the Almost Break-up in case anyone is wondering. )

SF!Papyrus: Who wants a mutt drooling after them?

He most certainly does have insecurities.  After all, he’s spent his life being berated, so he doesn’t have much self-worth.  The fact that you could actually want to be with him–and be in it for the long haul–is unfathomable.  He’s had plenty of flings and one-night-stands, sure, but he’s never pursed anything lasting and never expected more than just an escape from his thoughts.

Until you came along.

He’s waiting for the other shoe to drop.  He’ll act confident on the outside, making perverted remarks with that lazy smirk, or dragging you against him with an arm around your waist.  But even as he tells you how amazing you are or makes some sort of sexual pun, it feels as if there’s a part of him that he’s guarding.. a part of him that’s trying to keep you at arms’ length. 

You find out about these insecurities one night at Muffet’s–the one on the Surface.  Papyrus has been drinking, but when he gets up to pay the bill (and talk to Muffet a little as the two of them have become friends over the years), two other humans take his spot at the table to talk to you.  They’re flirting, and of course, you insist that the seat is already taken, but they make a few rude comments about the fact that he’s a skeleton monster.  Papyrus overhears and it takes every ounce of his willpower not to pummel them with a series of bone attacks or blast them away, but.. he settles for being utterly terrifying and placing a hand on each of their shoulders while glowering down at them, magic wisping in one of his eyesockets.  

“i believe they told ya this seat was taken,” he growls through clenched teeth, and the two humans practically trip over themselves in an effort to leave.  It’s not surprising; Papyrus probably looks like the grim reaper.  

Back at his house, Papyrus can’t seem to get what they said out of his head.  He’s worried because he’s always thought it.. that you would be better off with a human, that you might only be dating him for the novelty of dating a monster, that you could do so much better than him, that you really will get tired of a mutt like him drooling after you, that this will all amount to a fling and he’ll be forgotten the next moment..

After all, you’re an attractive person; you could get anyone you wanted.  Why would you settle for someone like him?

He pulls out a cigarette and lights up, but he really needs another drink, so he goes to the kitchen to spike some BBQ sauce.  

“Okay, what’s the matter?  You’ve been acting different since those guys showed up at Muffet’s,” you finally decide to point it out and cross the room to stand in the doorway, watching him mix his drink.  He doesn’t smoke inside unless he’s really bothered (Blackberry hates it), so you know something’s wrong.  

“nothin’.  my buzz is just wearin’ off.”  He shrugs and takes a long swig of the drink, followed by a drag of his cigarette.  Having his two favorite vices in each hand makes him feel a little more at ease.. but it would be better if you were in his arms instead.  

“Really?  Are you sure you’re all right?  What they said didn’t piss you off, did it?”

“nope.  they’re just some idiots that wanted in your pants. they’d say anythin’,” he comments, smoke seeping past his fangs as he speaks.  

He’s not about to say anything; he’s good at keeping his insecurities buried, and he’s not about to lay them on you and have you bail right then and there.  Instead, he pushes all of them aside and takes one more long sip of his drink, before he sets it down on the counter and tosses his smoldering cigarette into the sink.  “i know you’re mine, so i’m not worried,” he assures you with a lazy smirk, seeming more like himself.  He steps closer to you, opening his arms and pulling you against his chest.  You start to speak again, but he silences you with a long kiss.  You can taste the smoke, the sweet BBQ sauce, and the strong alcohol in his mouth, but with the skillful way his tongue moves against yours, you discover that you don’t care.  You feel drunk off his kiss, and when his fingers tilt your head back so he can delve his tongue deeper into your mouth, and his pelvis presses into yours, well.. you forget what you were even concerned about in the first place.    

Concerning Renarin's future character arcs

So I’ve noticed that a lot of people seem to like the idea of Renarin sacrificing himself for the greater good, and while it would be really in character for him, I for one would be disappointed if this happened.

Would it be a cool scene? Yes. It’s always emotional and inspirational when a character does something selfless. But Renarin doesn’t do what he does (running into the duelling arena, the whitespine hunt) because he’s selfless. It’s because he’s so desperate to be useful. Because he feels an innate need to prove himself. Because he lives in a society that’s taught him he has no purpose as a lighteyed man, as a Kholin, if he can’t fight. Adolin and Dalinar  accept him, sure, but he doesn’t accept himself.

Believe me, I get why so many people see Renarin’s need to help as a good thing. It is a good this. But I think I can safely say we’ve all been in situations where we have to help ourselves first. And yeah, it’s frustrating, but we can’t always fight everyone else’s battles as well as our own. Self care is really important. Plus, Renarin’s current behaviour is reckless and stupid, and would probably do more harm than good in a lot of situations.

So at the moment, when Renarin is flinging himself at every Chance To Die Honourably that presents itself, we need to view this as the dangerous thing it is. Renarin needs to value his own life. Hopefully when we begin to see more of him on page, he’ll learn to love and value himself. Frankly, it will be a beautiful character arc to read, and it would be cheapened if Brandon finished it off by having Renarin once again put himself in danger to prove something.

Tl;dr - Seeing Renarin learn to love himself is more important to me than getting a cool scene where he sacrifices himself for others

Trollhunters Gem AU - Cracked

Summary: Jim’s gemstone is cracked during the Battle of the Bridges, and he throws any semblance of humanity to the wind in order to finish the fight

Toby had watched as it happened.

When Jim was locked in combat with Bular under the bridge, the troll had picked him up and slammed him, gem-first, against one of the beams. The effect had been immediate. Jim’s entire body had flickered upon impact, a clear sign that his gem had been damaged.

They were too far away to help. They had only been able to watch as the Lapis Lazuli that had been chosen as Trollhunter struggled to fight off the vicious Gumm-Gumm, and watch they did. They saw as Jim out-maneuvered his enemy, stabbing him in the chest and sending him plummeting through burning sunlight and into the canal. Jim was victorious, but the ominous flickering of his form reminded them that he hadn’t emerged unscathed.

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it took me forever to think of a prompt but, Kai at med uni shenanigans

You are just ASKING for this pun.


Kai slams the textbook shut with a resounding thunk and only thinks about flinging it out the window of his dorm for a moment before deciding better, and dropping his forehead on top of it instead.

The sound is loud enough to draw his roommate’s attention away from his DS.

“Anatomy?” His roommate asks.

“Anatomy,” Kai groans. “It’s insane that they’re making me take this class again now. Fuck, I hate anatomy.”

His roommate looks at the ceiling, then closes his DS and slides it under his pillow. He rolls off his bed and grabs the back of Kai’s chair, pulling it away from the desk.

“C'mon, Aukai. Let’s go.”

“Go where?” Kai asks, confused.

His roommate grins. “We’re gonna pre-game.”


They’re lucky to have a dorm supervisor that doesn’t mind the occasional bender, and even luckier to have one with a decent stash of alcohol. Kai is through half a bottle of almond-flavored tequila when his roommate declares, “OKAY, AUKAI! What are you studying?”

Kai takes another shot before answering. “The knees!” he declares, loudly.

His roommate pours himself and Kai another shot and leaves both the small glasses on the table.

“Okay, okay,” he repeats. “For every answer you get right, you get a shot.”

“If I die from alcohol poisoning, you get to break the news to my family.”

His roommate just snickers.

“Okay okay okay…uh.”

“Stop saying okay, man!”

“Okay! Alright, uh, name the parts of the popliteal fossa.”

“Popliteal artery, popliteal vein, small sephanous vein, tibial nerve, common fibular nerve, and popliteal lymph nodes.” Kai slams his hand on the table and cackles before downing both shots. “Bitch!”

His roommate scans the textbook in his lap and hoots. “Damn, and you’re worried about this class? You dumbass.”

“Shut up and pour me more shots.”

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So I was wondering if you could write a Saeyoung X MC fic about her moving in with him and them experiencing all these first, like going to bed together, eating dinner, waking up in the same bed etc etc. all the fluff and cute stuffs, maybe a little ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) sexy time as well.

This isn’t as fluffly as you probably wanted, but I hope you enjoy this! I love doing insecure Saeyoung, idk why.

Five Years

Your eyes were closed, you didn’t really need to open them since you couldn’t see him with his face buried between your legs under the covers, plus, you could see the entire galaxy with just the sensations he’s been causing you with his skilful tongue, you just needed to focus on the waves of pleasure flooding your whole body. You grabbed the sheets and bit your lip, muffling a moan, and then, finally, you opened your eyes. Only to find a pair of golden satisfied eyes staring at your blushed face.

“You can scream if you want, you know?” Saeyoung said, crawling over you. “I would enjoy a lot…” he kissed you deeply. “Oh, by the way, good morning, roomie!”

“Good morning, roomie.” You giggled, noticing his actual good morning greeting to you didn’t involve words… he just made his way to between your legs and did his magic. “Should I say ‘thank you, roomie’ for this… welcoming greet?”

“You can thank me later.” You knew what this implied, you could see all over his grin, but he was right, this had to wait. It was going to be a busy day for both of you, there was still a lot to unpack.

You don’t really remember when you two decide it was time to move in together. You just caught yourself stuffing one of his cars with a bunch of boxes and next thing you know, here were you. You slept over a few times, you made him breakfast before, and it wasn’t that different now, was that bad? I mean, was it bad how natural everything felt? How it felt like this  was just one of many first nights you’ve been there?

“I’m still working on my device to hack into you, so until then, you have to tell me what you’re thinking…” he said, noticing you were spacing out.

“Is it okay… not to be nervous right now? I mean, are you nervous about… this?”

“Come on, MC, it’s me! I’m always nervous! I almost panicked last night thinking I forgot the box with your stuffed animals… WHICH I didn’t, so don’t need to look at me like that!” yeah, you almost panicked right there too.”But… I’m glad one of us is mature enough to be totally chill about this, maybe I’ll relax soon seeing you relaxed?”

“I hope so.” You smiled, he smiled back, and your eyes were locked. “Saeyoung, turn off the tap, you’re wasting water!” he started washing the dishes again.

And then it began the round 2 of unpacking. Saeyoung was shocked at how many glasses you had, why did you need it so many? He only had a plastic cup for over 3 years! He was also fascinated at the fact you brought almost a library with you! So… many… books! Looks like “The Expert Playboy” would have to get out to make some space for your much more interesting collection.

“Oh hohoho, MC! Look what I found!” he was fidgeting a bunch of photos on his hand and looking at you with a teasing tone. Oh no… “You were on a band?” OH NO!

There were boxes and bubble wrapper everywhere, but neither of you cared about the mess, you were too busy looking at your photos. “So… I gotta ask, which era represents more your career? The… cheerleader phase or… the grunge phase?”

“Bite me!”

“If you insist…” and he actually went to bite your shoulder, you defended yourself shoving the pictures on his face. “Wait, hold on! Who’s that?”

“Who? Oh, this one? He was my boyfriend…” Saeyoung fixed his glasses to look at it better.

“Hmmm… guess you always had a thing for guys with glasses, huh?” you laughed and he smiled softly, but then he got serious of a sudden. “What was him like?”

“He was… really sweet. A little pretentious, but… yeah, he was cool.”

“Why did you break-up?”

“Hum… it was… it didn’t really happen for a reason. We were almost finishing high school, and… I guess we both noticed there wasn’t much of a future for us…” you didn’t like the course of this conversation…

“Future? I’m very nervous about the future, MC…” he was looking down “You,me, Saeran, the RFA… it’s just… What if one day you wake up and realize there’s no much of a future for us?” oh no…

“Saeyoung this is… this is completely different! This was just a high school fling, you are… you are… my soulmate, I loved you from the moment you appeared on my life and I’m even living with you now! I want a future with you so much!”

“You do…? Oh, MC… this is…it’s just everything is terrifying, you know?”

“Of course I do! But you have to be positive about it… think… think about your life, let’s say, 5 years ago, would you ever think that you would be here? With Saeran beside you? And… someone like me to love you the way I do?”


“See? You can’t… predict how is it gonna be, you just have to wait for good things to happen, because they do happen, Saeyoung! I know they do happen for good people! And don’t waste your time trying to convince me you’re not a good person, I know you are!”

He smiled, you could see his eyes were glossy due to some tears fighting to roll down.”I will be happy, right? I will be happy with you and my brother and RFA, and we’re gonna be this big loving twisted family forever, right?”

“Only if you want to…” you hugged him, he cupped your face and planted a passionate kiss on your lips. It wasn’t romantic or lustful, it was just… someone desperate to feel all your love, and did you want to give him.

“So… what did you expect your life to be five years ago?”

“Hmmm… I wanted to be a big hit with my amazing synth album! And… I just wanted to be happy, maybe sharing my life with someone I love and trust, and it would be a bonus if he had red hair and cute glasses. Can you imagine?”

“Oh my! Who could tell you were a psychic? Or… half psychic since the synth album was a flop… wait! So there was a synth phase too? Show me the photos!”


“I’ll find them, MC, mark my words!” and he attacked you, tickling your sides “Tell me and I’ll show you mercy, MC!”

You were under him, squirming and tearing between your laughs. You would much rather let him torture you like this than keep seeing him so insecure and afraid. You both had still a long way to go when it comes to his problems, but for now… it was good to laugh and focus on the present.

“What did I tell you? I knew these two were incapable of unpacking everything without getting distracted!”

“Hmph.” You knew those voices.

“Vanderwood! Saeran! Nice to see you, guys!” you greeted them, trying not to show your embarrassment for being caught like that…

“Good to see you again, MC.  I must say I’m disappointed, I had no hopes for him, but you… I thought you were better than… this.” Vanderwood said on a very judgemental way.

“Why would you even think that? Haven’t you know me?” you asked, your answer made even Saeran chuckle a little.

“Alright, you two, quit shitting around! I don’t know if you forget, but this place is mine too, so let’s organize it before the day is over, okay?” both you and Saeyoung squealed a little, Saeran was so cute scolding you. “Stop looking at me like that, you… freak duo!” oh my! Listen to him trying not to cuss you out completely… so adorable!

Vanderwood’s diligence and Saeran’s  complaints made you two finally get back to work, but you kept slacking off as Saeyoung kept hugging you and trying to bite you. So Vanderwood assigned tasks for you two in different areas to keep you two separated.

When the day, and the work, were over, you begged Vanderwood to join you and the twins for some dinner and maybe a movie. Now all four of you were on the couch, Saeyoung was trying to cuddle you, but you were embarrassed doing in front of Saeran and a guest.

“Hey… thanks for what you said early… I’m… I’m not that scared anymore.” Saeyoung whispered.

“You aren’t?”

“No, I mean… I’m just…super excited for all things to come, is it okay to feel like this? Like, I’m so… eager to imagine how my life’s gonna be in 5 years, knowing that… you’ll be here with me” he held your hand. You were so happy you wanted to cry and kiss all over his face.

“Well… I know it’s gonna be amazing, for sure! But for now… I’m just thinking what’s about to happen in 5 minutes…”


“Well, I didn’t forget your… warm welcome this morning, so… I’ve been thinking how to repay, because you know… we should share our fairs equally at this house from now on…”

“I couldn’t agree with you more! I really value harmony between parts! Especially my parts…”

“Oh God, that was awful, Saeyoung!” you laughed.

“Yeah, and try to talk lower you two, we’re listening to everything!” Saeran said.

“Sorry, gentlemen. I just remembered we… have to vacuum my bedroom. You know.MC? Because there will be a lot of sucking and blowing?” you didn’t even have time to blush or say anything about his bad puns, he just carried you away, a thud could be heard. 

“Oh no, MC! It looks like you banged your head. Mc, how’s your head?” 

“Well, I’ve never had any complaints!” 

“Hell yeah!”

Vanderwood and Saeran looked at each other.

“Gross” they said at the same time.


Jack Maynard had a reputation, one of being a player and someone who never stuck with a person for long. He never really had relationships, only flings or moments with a person. He never committed, instead choosing to flit from person to person.

Joe Sugg was not like this. He had had very few relationships, but they had all been meaningful, and he waited to find that connection with someone before doing anything.

So when he felt a connection to Jack, Joe knew he was in trouble.

Because you don’t fall for a player.

It’s the number one rule in love.

And yet, Joe had decided to break that rule.

He didn’t tell anyone though. Because he didn’t want to deal with the pitying, the looks they would send his way, and the words they would try to soothe him with.

Instead, Joe ignored his feelings. Pushed them to the side.

Yes, it was hard, since he and Jack spent so much time together, but it didn’t matter. Joe refused to get hurt by someone like Jack. It had happened before, only once, and he vowed to never have it happen again.

So he would watch Jack jump from person to person, enjoying himself and all that those people had to offer. And he would sit there and listen to Jack go on about his catch from that weekend. He would laugh along with him about the unfortunate moments. But Joe would not think about the other things.

Like how Jack’s laugh made him laugh, because it was so infectious. Like how he loved the shift in Jack’s eyes depending on his emotion; the blue varying from a lightness like the sky, to a darkness like a churning ocean. Or like how Jack’s smile, the one he had when he was around the boys, the one that was so carefree, made Joe’s heart warm. He wanted to be the one to put that smile on Jack’s face.

And the hardest one to not think about? How when Jack would touch him, only friendly little touches, Joe’s skin would light on fire.

Because he couldn’t think about that. Because he couldn’t like Jack. Because Jack was a player.

“We need to find you a girlfriend, mate.” Conor decided one night while the boys were all hanging out.

“Why?” Joe looked over at him, pulling his eyes away from Jack who had been laughing at something Caspar had said.

“Because you haven’t had a girlfriend in…well you haven’t had once since I’ve met you.” Conor shrugged.

“I’ve been on a date though.”

“That’s sad.”

“Shut up.”

“He’s right,” Caspar joined in the conversation, “Joe, it’s been ages since you’ve had a girlfriend.”

“I just haven’t found anyone worth dating.” Lies. Joe couldn’t help but glance over at Jack, who was already watching him, a small smile on his lips, his blue eyes shining with mischief.

“I can help you,” The younger Maynard supplied, “I mean, I know some girls.”

“We know you do.” Josh drawled, rolling his eyes.

“I can find someone for you too, Josh!”

“I’m good. I don’t need your help finding a girl.”

“You wound me.”

“You’ll get over it.”

“Focus, boys!” Oli interrupted Josh and Jack, “We need to find Joe a girlfriend.”

“I don’t need a girlfriend!” Joe blushed, sinking into his seat. “Nor do I really want a girlfriend.”

“So sorry,” Conor patted Joe’s arm, “I didn’t even consider that. Boyfriend?”

“What?! No! Just…no one.”

“We don’t care,” Conor shrugged, “I mean, you’ve seen us with Jack.”

All eyes turned to look at Jack, but he simply shrugged, taking a sip of his drink. The younger man had never hid the fact that he liked both genders, and it was true, none of the boys cared.

“I know guys too. If that’s what you prefer.” Jack’s tone was different, more questioning, as he spoke to Joe, but he only blushed deeper, trying to disappear into the couch.

“Why can’t I just be single?”

“Oooh,” Caspar finally said, “You like someone!”

“He does?” Oli looked over at Joe, who had found a sudden interest in his lap. “He totally does!”

“That’s why he doesn’t want us to set him up.” Caspar grinned, “Who’s the lucky person?”

“It’s no one.” Joe shook his head. “There’s no one.”

“You’re a shit liar, Joe. Now tell us!” Josh demanded, but Joe kept his lips sealed.

“We have ways of finding out, you know.” Conor spoke lowly, leaning in closer.

“Piss off.” Joe finally spoke. “I’m not telling you lot.”

“Oh, you will.” Oli smirked, “One day. It’ll slip.”

Joe was very aware of the fact that Jack remained silent the entire time.

The boys didn’t let up on their pestering, asking Joe various questions to try and figure out who he liked, but he refused to let them find out.

Because that would be admitting to his feelings for Jack, and he couldn’t have feelings for Jack, because Jack was a player.

And players hurt people. It was part of who they were.

“Any of these lovely ladies catching your attention?” Jack asked Joe, leaning in close to speak into his ear, so he could be heard over the loud bass of the club. He was referring to the group of girls looking their way, waving their fingers in the two boys direction.

Joe watched as Jack smiled cheekily over at them, eyes darting between his options.

“No. Go ahead with any of them.”

The younger man shifted his eyes over to Joe, and he wanted to look away, because he didn’t want to get lost in the swirling pools of blue, but there was something in Jack’s eyes this time that held him there.

“Still hung up on that secret crush of yours, then?”

“I don’t like anyone.” Joe replied, the words rolling of his tongue easily. He had said them enough.

“Sure you don’t. Conor meant it though,” Jack said, referring to the conversation a couple weeks back, “We won’t care if it’s a guy. You should know that by now.”

“That’s not what I’m worried about.”

“Then what are you worried about?”

“Getting hurt.” Joe admitted, and he didn’t know why he was telling Jack of all people this.

“I’m sure if this person knew you liked them, that things would work out.”

“I think you’d find out you were wrong.”

“Why’s that?”

“Just the type of guy he is.”

Jack didn’t reply to that, instead he just stared at Joe, who felt his cheeks grow warm. He had been so good at keeping his feelings hidden, at denying them. But yet here he was, telling Jack almost everything.

“I think,” Jack finally spoke, shifting closer to Joe, “You’ll find that some people will change if the right person comes around.”

Then, without saying anything else, he turned and disappeared into the crowd, leaving Joe confused.

Part 2