flinders beach

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Tranquil Flinders Island lies off the north east coast of Tasmania. Beyond the shifting sand dunes of the deserted beaches lies the pristine cool waters of the Bass Strait and sightings of other untouched islands. These islands make up the Furneaux group of 52 islands; of which Flinders is the largest. 

This coastal playground draws visitors looking for a taste of adventure. Pause for a spot of fishing, dive deep into the hidden coves, or escape into the sky-scraping pink and grey granite mountain ranges of the Strzelecki National Park for remarkable views across the half-moon beaches and rolling farmland. 

Flinders Island can be reached via flights from Launceston, Tasmania and Essendon, Victoria or via ferry from Bridport, Tasmania and Port Welshpool, Victoria.

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Photo Credit: Published on Instagram by visitflindersisland.