Things my High School Teachers said to me compared to my University Lecturers
  • High School: If you have to pull an all nighter, cancel your weekend plans, I don't care, just get your assignment finished!
  • University: Remember, your social life is important. You have to look after yourself first of all.
  • High School: Don't talk! You're supposed to be studying!
  • University: Ok, now everyone get into your study groups and talk about what we've just gone through.
  • High School: When you answer the phone, you say your name... *I start stuttering* What are you talking about? What are you saying?
  • University: It's okay, take your time.
  • High School: *completely ignores mental illness even when explicitly told that I have x, y and z*
  • University: Ok, so all of this stuff is new, it's scary, you'll all be experiencing some degree of anxiety, and those of you that may experience it more than others, we have services available, and every lecturer will help you the best we can. You can go see the counsellors and they can help you make an access plan that they will pass on to us. We won't be able to see the reason that you have this plan, and we are under no authority to ask questions, just allow it.
  • High school: *Can't tell anyone about my gender identity on fear that I'll be kicked out.*
  • University: We'll try our best to help and support you in any way that we can, there's even someone trying to start up a support network for trans* students. They're a bit older than you, but maybe you'd like to meet up and talk?
  • High School: You'll never succeed at university if this is how you behave!
  • University: You're doing really well, keep it up!
  • High school: If you don't hand this in, you get a zero. You have one draft, if you fail this, you fail the topic.
  • University: The Student Learning Centre is always open, they have 'drop in' sessions and will be more than happy to help you draft, read, re-read, plan, and study for your assignments and tests. If you don't hand it in on time, you lose 10% each day, and if you get between 45-49% for this topic, you'll get to take a make-up test. You only need 50% to pass.
  • High school: Kill yourself to get this assignment in
  • University: DON'T KILL YOURSELF for an assignment! It's not worth it!