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Headcanon on the first time Han flies Leia in NHI? :)

Han Solo and Flight


Leia’s asked him often but Han can’t remember how, or when or why, he decided he wanted to fly. He just thinks of this older kid everyone called Bobby Dee, “Dee” for DiMaggio on account of he could smash a baseball. You’d see the thing spring its skin in mid-air, sometimes, trailing comet-tails of string. Or clear the fence to hit the church across the street—lotta stained glass, smash, that was no good, run for your hides. From his branch in the tree Han could see, and still remembered, the looks on the other kids’ faces when Bobby’s swing connected. Something magical, for them, in the crack of the bat. For a minute they’d gape after the ball and love Bobby Dee’s talent, or at least wonder at it, but then they’d turn back to him with…something in their eyes. Envy, maybe. Accusation.

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I thought that some people might appreciate a list of original lesbian/sapphic VOCALOID songs (plus some that could be interpreted as such!)! i tried to find the highest quality videos with english subtitles and ones on youtube, but… with how youtube is now, i wasn’t entirely successful, i’m sorry! if you have any others to add then please do!

EDIT: i added a key to show which songs are NSFW and which specifically are sexual or have nudity! if i missed any please feel free to message me or send me an ask or something!

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