The Eleven
Flight Rising

After roughly a year since releasing the first one, I have finally completed all eleven dragons. After much inactivity, procrastinating, and stubbornness. I did push to finish.

These are also, purely my versions of the deities. Would be alright with me if you agree/disagree with the choices. I’ve been quite inactive with the game as of late, and have given away most, if not all my valuable items/dragons to a good friend who I know will take care of it.

Edit: Added the hi-res version.


Matching portraits for @auto-sukukaja (user Doki) of his dragons Sandbar and Cacao for Nature’s Secret Santa! All your dragons are joy and wonderfullness and I had such trouble deciding who to draw, but the colors on these two were too much for me <3 

Enjoy, and happy holidays! 


Meet the orphans

Ari, a young mirror warrior, and Sibyl, a delicate fae who receives visions of the future, both found themselves parentless as hatchlings. left on their own, they likely would’ve died, but fate brought them together, and they’ve never been alone since. They survive with one simple rule; trust no one but each other.

Though their early lives were spent traveling from place to place, learning through experience and teaching themselves how to be dragons, they have recently settled in the forest of the mirrorlight promenade, very near the border of a peaceful clan that calls themselves Cumulus.

I’m dreaming of…..a GREEN Christmas?! 

That’s right, folks! I live in the 3rd snowiest city in the continental US, and you know what I see when I look out my window?

I don’t see snow, that’s for sure! Flamecaller and the Heat Miser are making their rounds to keep everyone nice and toasty this winter. Let’s keep it that way!

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I tried uploading this three times and each time my computer crashed. The file is really massive. Oh boy.

ANYWAYS, here’s a stress relief painting I’ve been chipping away at. Tired of staring at it, so I’m gonna call it done. Probably the most time spent on a single painting, standing at around 16 hours. Really love how the face and bubble came out!

would’ve liked to do a bit more touches to the frame, but I am in serious pain right now because of my wrist. Sorry about that.

The original thing was lined by Snfflewyrm on Flight Rising. They are cool with letting me paint over it. Tree mother is also from Flight Rising.


holy CRAP

i never thought that many people would wanna follow my stupid lil dragon blog, especially since i don’t post my own art or anything!

but i’m glad ya’ll are here, so i’m gonna give one of you something AWESOME

that’s right! whoever wins this giveaway will one (1) plague sprite! i don’t care what you do with it, keep it, sell it, give it away, whatever you wanna do with it!


1.) 1 reblog only. likes do not count and make me really, really crabby

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