kinda sorta putting together a lore shop? it might not happen, but i just wanna see if anyone would be interested in it if i did open it up???

since my clan operates a large-scale black market, with several various floors and niches, that’s disguised by the bathhouse, here’s some ideas i came up with. 

-selling items that sound like they’d belong in a black market: 
baku/boar tusks, foo mantles, parda collars, canopic jars, bonepriest venom, kamaitachi sickle claws, podid claws, depin hides, various beastclan items, various scrapmetal/pieces of familiars that drop from the golem workshop, and special order requests!
i figure these items i would sell to clans who collect them! ^^

-escort services! i’ve got a couple dragons who have been slated as actual escorts within my clan, so i would be offering their ~services~, which basically means they’re available for studding! i would also offer p much all of my dragons, but since i have Actual Escorts, they’d be the highlight of this section.

-hitmen services! bonebreaker and skinshredder are contract killers. for their section, i’d basically have an exalt service! buy all ur fodder for 8k and exalt them, which lore-wise would be the equivalent of one of your dragons putting a hit on that dragon. 

i think this could be super fun if i decided to do it, and i could even send an RP-style pm that entailed our dragons making the sale in my market :3

is this something people would be interested in?


The Eleven
Flight Rising

After roughly a year since releasing the first one, I have finally completed all eleven dragons. After much inactivity, procrastinating, and stubbornness. I did push to finish.

These are also, purely my versions of the deities. Would be alright with me if you agree/disagree with the choices. I’ve been quite inactive with the game as of late, and have given away most, if not all my valuable items/dragons to a good friend who I know will take care of it.

Edit: Added the hi-res version.

made my own color update chart! i dont know if i should post this in the thread or not or just have it in the forums somewhere, but i spent a while on it so ill probably post it. i tried to make it sort of easy to understand with the grid, the colored words and the names of colors spaced out (which should give you an idea of both where the original colors are and how much space there is for more colors!)

looking at it now i feel like maize and antique should go next to each other, but am not sure. interestingly, i also found that lemon is a little bit warmer than yellow when put right next to each other, so i think there’s going to be another color there!

also: if this grid is right, it appears that there will be twice as many colors, which is honestly somewhat overwhelming but hey i can’t say i’m complaining


holy CRAP

i never thought that many people would wanna follow my stupid lil dragon blog, especially since i don’t post my own art or anything!

but i’m glad ya’ll are here, so i’m gonna give one of you something AWESOME

that’s right! whoever wins this giveaway will one (1) plague sprite! i don’t care what you do with it, keep it, sell it, give it away, whatever you wanna do with it!


1.) 1 reblog only. likes do not count and make me really, really crabby

2.) this is for the people who have stuck around and helped me get to this point, so unfortunately new followers are disqualified (i will be checking)

3.) make sure to reblog with ur ID and username, and with what blog you’re following from!

and that’s it! i hope this is a suitable prize c:


Meet the orphans

Ari, a young mirror warrior, and Sibyl, a delicate fae who receives visions of the future, both found themselves parentless as hatchlings. left on their own, they likely would’ve died, but fate brought them together, and they’ve never been alone since. They survive with one simple rule; trust no one but each other.

Though their early lives were spent traveling from place to place, learning through experience and teaching themselves how to be dragons, they have recently settled in the forest of the mirrorlight promenade, very near the border of a peaceful clan that calls themselves Cumulus.

I tried uploading this three times and each time my computer crashed. The file is really massive. Oh boy.

ANYWAYS, here’s a stress relief painting I’ve been chipping away at. Tired of staring at it, so I’m gonna call it done. Probably the most time spent on a single painting, standing at around 16 hours. Really love how the face and bubble came out!

would’ve liked to do a bit more touches to the frame, but I am in serious pain right now because of my wrist. Sorry about that.

The original thing was lined by Snfflewyrm on Flight Rising. They are cool with letting me paint over it. Tree mother is also from Flight Rising.



This post is dedicated to ammolight, who so enjoyed the most recent piece.

‘Buy Me’ is a commentary on folksonomy. Pictures of airplanes posted to the “#flight rising” tag do not fit the constructed culture of the greater #flight rising tag. This collection bridges the two worlds by appropriating them into sales posts – a commonly ignored, spam-like feature of the community. The transformation brings attention to the existence of an “us” by recognizing a “them” and then integrating the two.

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