The Eleven
Flight Rising

After roughly a year since releasing the first one, I have finally completed all eleven dragons. After much inactivity, procrastinating, and stubbornness. I did push to finish.

These are also, purely my versions of the deities. Would be alright with me if you agree/disagree with the choices. I’ve been quite inactive with the game as of late, and have given away most, if not all my valuable items/dragons to a good friend who I know will take care of it.

Edit: Added the hi-res version.

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hello! for those of you who don’t know me, this is user Mareep/#23878.

so wow. as of the 10th it will have been a full year since i joined fr! it’s been a wild ride so far, and it’s only appropriate to have a wild giveaway to celebrate. and what’s wilder than wildclaws?

First prize: 

  • Wildclaw scroll
  • Any one gem shop item of a value of 500 gems or less

Second prize:

  •  A Boneyard Tatters
  • Any one gem shop apparel item or familiar of your choice

Third prize:

  • One treasure marketplace gene of your choice
  • Any one gem shop apparel item of your choice.


  • Only reblogs count, and only one reblog per person! You’re welcome to like the post if you want, but it won’t be counted.
  • Please include your FR username and user ID number.
  • You absolutely don’t need to follow me. I don’t even encourage it. But if you want to see me reblog goofy FR posts now and then, ramble about things that probably no one else cares about, and occasionally post dragon sales, you’re free to? Seriously though, this is not a quality sideblog.
  • Giveaway ends on July 10th, i.e. my actual anniversary, at 9 P.M. PDT/server time.

iii think that’s about it. good luck to all, and happy dragoning!


Meet the orphans

Ari, a young mirror warrior, and Sibyl, a delicate fae who receives visions of the future, both found themselves parentless as hatchlings. left on their own, they likely would’ve died, but fate brought them together, and they’ve never been alone since. They survive with one simple rule; trust no one but each other.

Though their early lives were spent traveling from place to place, learning through experience and teaching themselves how to be dragons, they have recently settled in the forest of the mirrorlight promenade, very near the border of a peaceful clan that calls themselves Cumulus.

Hey I’m seeing this in the tag a lot-


If you make a second account/use more than one account if you are found to do that both will be BANNED. 

It is in the terms of service- I’m seeing this so often I’m just thinking people didn’t know? Like, guys, don’t make more than one account! 


To commemorate my FR hiatus, I’m selling off pretty much everybody, starting on page 3. Make me offers, but make them reasonable. There are a ton of XYYs, some are leveled, a few are old (a year or close to it) and I think one gen 1 and one gen 2.They do not come with apparel or accents. Get ‘em while they’re hot, reblog offers here or PM them to Felixitous.

Edit: (19:00 server time) Updated to indicate claimed/sold dragons and prices.

That’s right! This week, my clan will be participating in the Naked Week Challenge!

What is the Naked Week Challenge?

  • Just what it says on the tin! Dragons participating in the NWC won’t wear ANY apparel, accents or skins for the whole week!

But why??

  • It’s an exciting change of pace!
  • At the end of the week, you can challenge yourself to remember your dragons’ outfits.
  • OR, it gives you a blank slate to rethink your dragons’ looks and start over! Get creative!

What are the rules?

  • No clothes for the whole week! Your dragons can get dressed again on Thursday, October 9!
  • You can also choose not to wear accents or skins for the whole week!
  • (Some dragons have scars or custom accents to match their stories, so we can overlook those!)
  • Players looking for a more “hardcore” mode can remove their dragons’ familiars or even - gasp! - their bios!
  • Reblog or share if you also plan on participating in Naked Week!

Have fun! I look forward to seeing those liberated dragons!

EDIT: Everyone’s been really concerned about this interfering with Trick or Treating! But don’t worry - this challenge only runs for a week, while Trick or Treating runs until November 2 :] So you absolutely can do both!