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So this episode has proved again 3 things.

Mon-El is on the hero path as he chose metaphorical death for the greater good. Valor is rising.

Karamel is endgame. Necklace + ILY + Cloud parallels = epic true love.

Mon-El will return to Supergirl in season 3. Kara thinks of him when he needs strenght. And the writers have set up a story? Where is he going? Will he be a hero? (*cough* Legion of Superheroes *cough*)

Btw, the cure for lead exposure? That gives Mon-El permanent immunity? 2 options in comics: Flight Ring or superserum produced by the Legion.

Can’t wait to season 3!!!


@lgbtincomics‘s Pride Month Challenge | Favourite gay male character


(I’m pretty sure that I love him more than 70% of everyone who’s ever written stuff with him)

(I doubt I’ll be able to do one for everything but I’d like to at least for week one… And while I’m running late, better late than never, right?)