Flight Rising right now

100+ followers yay~

I didn’t really expect anyone to follow my art here except for a couple of close friends lol Thank ya’ll for stick around!

Thought I’d do a little random art giveaway as thanks. Reblog this post with your username and a link to a dragon of yours that you’d like to have me draw~

3 peeps I choose at random will get art similar to this style (it’ll end up being mostly coffee colored just forewarning lol so if you don’t mind my style have at it)


> Gotta be following me

> Reblogs only

> Flight Rising dragons only please

> Ends 11/22/17

Good luck ya’ll and thanks a ton for the likes and stuff. It’s been awhile since I really got back into FR and it’s been a lot of fun :D

this might sound weird, but i’d love a dragon breed with a focus on its tail. we already have some breeds with special wings (SDs, faes), special horns (imps), special legs (wildclaws) and so forth, but all their tails are pretty basic or an afterthought.

maybe something with a big, long, flat tail? or a scorpion-like tail? pls undel just give me a dragon with a tail that the tail apparel won’t be lost on.