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Leave This Town Pt 7 (Mechanic!Bucky AU)

Characters: reader, Bucky, Surprise Avengers! :)

Summary: After leaving the small town life behind, you’ve worked hard to make your dreams come true. When something unexpected brings you home, you’re brought back to the place where everything changed. Timing is everything and now there just might be a second chance with the man you left behind. 

Song Inspiration: Angela by The Lumineers

Warnings: Fluff! Tiny bit of angst. Mentions of death.

Word Count: 3.2k

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**This fic is for @bionic-buckyb ‘s 5K AU Writing Challenge**

A/N: Oh my gosh, this fic has taken over everything and I just can’t stop myself from adding more parts but I don’t want to?? I’ve been so excited to get to this part so please let me know your thoughts! I adore you all. <3

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Two Years Later

Warm, salty sea air caressed your face and tousled your hair in the early light. Resting your mug of coffee on the porch railing, you let your gaze wander over the sprawling city toward the rolling hills and beyond. It was in the stillness of the morning where you allowed yourself to marvel in the fact that you now called this place home. In a few weeks, it would be two years since you arrived Los Angeles without a clue and barely a plan. It was amazing to think back on the path you had taken, the struggles you’ve had, and the sacrifices you have made.

Pressing the mug to your lips, you took a sip and felt a presence behind you seconds before a pair of muscular arms wrapped around your waist.

“The ocean is that way, you know,” he teased, hooking his thumb in the direction behind you.

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     Before the Space Shuttle carried us to Mach 25, before the X-15 tore through the High Desert sky, before the X-1 punched through the sound barrier, there was this airplane. A small, fabric covered Fairchild whose top speed was just over 100 mph was the NACA’s (NASA’s predecessor) first airplane. As I photographed this airplane, I wished I could travel back to 1928 and tell the builders that they were fabricating the matriarch of the fleet that would touch the lives of billions.

     Before 1928, the NACA was performing flight tests using borrowed military aircraft. Fairchild FC-2W2 serial number 531 became the first ship they would actually own. “NACA 26″ was responsible for everything from validating wind tunnel data to researching icing effects by flying with water sprayers forward of the leading edge of a vestigial airfoil segment attached to the wing strut.

     In 1936, the NACA had logged 593 hours and 20 minutes of flight time when they transferred her to an even younger government agency. The National Park Service would take ownership of the bird and she would become their first aircraft. After the transfer, she was given a new engine, propeller and the civilian designation, N-13934. In this new role, she flew over 700 hours along the Outer Banks of North Carolina, bringing groceries to the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and supporting remote camps of workers fighting beach erosion.

     Through the decades, the aircraft moved from hand to hand, flying for the Office of Indian Affairs Navajo Agency in 1942, then being sold into private ownership for only $300. From 1945 to 1970, the aircraft changed hands six times, being used for crop dusting, cloud seeding, skydiving, and even being crashed and restored. In 1996, she was purchased by Greg Herrick’s Yellowstone Aviation of Jackson, Wyoming, where she was lovingly restored. While most of her NACA/NASA successors rest on museum duty, this bird still flies today, based out of the Golden Wings Flying Museum in Blaine, MN.

What if there were intermixing flight clans? Like for example what if there was an Nature/Wind flight clan. They are complete nomads and carry with them the most strongest potions and powerful herbs that can heal any sickness. They tell stories at night and every time they pass by it smells like spring. Its rare for them to stay in one city for more than a week.

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Steve gets an wedding invitation from Thor for his wedding and Steve thinks about how he let him get away but there's time for him to confess his feelings before Thor gets married.

“Are you sure you want to go through with this? Steve asks. He’s only heard of arranged marriages in books and movies- fairytale stuff. He thinks about the literal castle he’s seen in his friends’ pictures and decides that if he hadn’t met Thor at college in Manhattan, it would make perfect sense. Thor’s from a small country named Asgard and from what Steve’s seen, it’s just as wonderful and magical and beautiful as he is. 

“Yes, I am.” Thor says with a air of stubbornness that Steve recognizes all too well. “This marriage has been set up for over two decades at least.” He closes Steve’s hand around the tiny white envelope containing the invitation to his wedding. His fingers are warm on Steve’s skin and he can’t help but look down at where their hands touch.  “Here, it wouldn’t be the same without you there.”

Steve swallows hard. “I just don’t get why you have to, you know? You don’t love her.” He doesn’t love you either, he thinks, yet

“I don’t know her,” Thor says. For the first time there in Steve’s doorway he looks a little defeated. “But it’s my duty as the prince to do what’s right for my country.” Steve feels the little space of rational he had inside his heart jump out of the window. 

“But it’s not like you’ll have actual duties, right? When you’re king? It’ll be like England.”

Thor gives a tiny sigh and pushes his way past Steve into his apartment, grabbing Steve’s hand and dragging him along. He sits Steve down onto the couch and places his two giant hands on either side of Steve’s shoulders. “I know it may be hard for you to get it, but this is what I have to do. This is what I’m expected to do. This is important to me…” Thor trails off, biting at his lower lip. “You’re important to me. I just want you to support it.”

Steve opens his mouth to respond but he can’t force the lie out. He can’t support Thor in this when he’s been so desperately in love with the guy for years and years. He can’t support this when not only does he love Thor, but he knows that Thor isn’t even going to be happy. It’s probably the dumbest thing Steve’s ever done but he manages to say, “I can’t support this.” He shakes his head gently and looks Thor right in the eyes so he knows Steve means it. “Because I’m so in love with you that I couldn’t bear to happily stand by and let you marry someone else, especially someone you don’t even love.” 

Thor’s hands tighten around Steve’s arms just slightly before he lets them slide down and cover all ten of Steve’s fingers. “I’m sorry,” he says after a beat. Then he’s up and gone. His invitation fluttering in the breeze and Steve gaping in his wake. 


Steve’s going to miss his flight. If he does, he has to take about six transferring flights to get to Asgard. Surprisingly, Thor still wants him there. Unsurprisingly, they never spoke about Steve’s confession again. The feelings are still there, it’s just that now Steve knows there’s nothing else he can do about them. He gets out his boarding ticket for the millionth time and checks his gate once more. He’s still looking down when he runs into a solid wall of warm muscle. “Oh! Sorry! I’m sorry!” he starts without even looking up first. He bends to pick up his boarding pass from the floor and when he looks up, he’s greeted by a bright familiar smile and shining blue eyes. 

“W-what are you doing here?” Steve knows he’s just staring at him with his mouth wide open in shock. His heart thunders in his chest. 

“Coming to get you,” Thor says, easy as anything and smiling brighter than the sun after a week of rain. He takes a step in closer to Steve, grabbing hold of his carry-on bag and setting it to the floor. 

“Your wedding is tomorrow!” But Thor just takes another step closer to him and cups his face in both hands. Steve leans into the touch, his own hands coming up to rest on Thor’s shoulders. He practically has to stand on his tiptoes to reach, but Thor’s so soft and warm and close that he doesn’t mind.

Thor gives him a smile. “My wedding is cancelled.” Then he leans down and gives Steve a kiss. 

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you were into j-rock when you were a teen

def confirmed!

anonymously make an assumption about me and i’ll confirm/deny it

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so im currently halfway through a 24hr plane journey (and suffering) but honestly? sid & g in any au taking a long ass flight and when they transfer, standing by the departures information board, geno with both their bags and his arms wrapped around a very sleep deprived sid who is leaning heavily into geno's chest and just mumbling quietly as g tries his best to read the changing info on the board, nose buried in his bfs hair!!!! softe boys

Ohhhhh myyy god!!!!! Sidney and Geno post-honeymoon, Geno kissing his husband’s face constantly and holding him close as they wait to board.

“You tired, baby? You want sleep?”

“Little bit,” Sidney murmurs, smushing his face on Geno’s chest.

“Sleep on me,” Geno says, squinting at the departure board as he pets Sidney’s hair. “I’m see how long we delay.”

“I can’t fall asleep on you,” Sidney complains, even as he closes his eyes.

“Shhh,” Geno says, eyeing the board.

Three times more, on 8 April, 10 April and 7 May, Stevens destroyed two enemy aircraft in one night. By November he had gained fourteen night victories –far more than any radar-assisted pilot –and had been promoted to flight lieutenant; he then transferred to another Hurricane squadron, No. 253. On 12 December the award of his DSO was announced. Three nights later, alone as always, he took off on another sortie from which he did not return.
—  They Flew Hurricanes, by Adrian Stewart
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Airport au

“Sorry sir, your flight has been delayed until 10:30 tomorrow morning.”
Sid felt his stomach drop, there was no way he would make it home on time now. Feeling desperate he asked,
“Are there any other earlier flights you can transfer me to?”
The lady gave him a apologetic smile and shook her head,
“All flight have been delayed because President Trump has arrived and the airspace is restricted.”
Sidney sighed and handing her his baggage to check, he was in for a 13 hour wait. 
“You waiting too?” Asked a voice behind him.
Sid turned around to see a tall man who he would have thought to just arrived at the airport if he had not seen him on his layover flight a few rows up. His hair was miraculously not greasy and he didn’t reek of airplane. Sidney felt slightly more disgusting in his traveling outfit of a sweaty ball cap, ratty tshirt and sweats.
“Uh, yeah my flight was moved to tomorrow morning.” He hesitated, “Now I’m not going to make it on time for my sister’s birthday.”
“That is-” the guy exclaimed ending the sentence with a word that sounded suspiciously like a curse, “Come! I am Evgeni but you call me Geno. I’m buy you a drink.” 
He gestured cheerfully to the cantina just past security and started walking to it in long strides. Sidney scrambled to follow,
“You really don’t have to-”
“No, is what you do when flight delayed. Have drink and be grumpy.”
When he thought about it, a beer did sound pretty good so Sid nodded,
“Alright, I’m Sidney by the way”
Evgeni, Geno, gave him a charming grin as he removed his shoes and put them on the convetor belt, “Nice to meet you Sid.”
God, he was so screwed.

Reylo Modern AU idea: Rey and Ben are both unaccompanied minors at the airport.  Rey is on her way to another new foster home, Ben is coming back from visiting Han, who moved across the country after he and Leia split up.  Both of their flights out of the transferring airport get cancelled, and the flight attendants stick them both in the dreaded ‘unaccompanied minors’ room while they find new flights for them to get on.  They introduce the two, thinking that because they’re both the only unaccompanied minors stuck at the airport, they’ll get along.  Not so: almost as soon as they are left alone, Rey and Ben get into a fight, and the younger Rey runs off.  Ben then has to hunt through the airport to find Rey, who has all but disappeared.

Bonus: Once Ben finds Rey and they make up, they become fast friends, and spend most of the next twelve hours or so together until a flight becomes available for one of them.  When he gets home, he demands that Leia find and adopt a girl he met named Rey.  Leia is mostly very confused.

Hartoficathon X: Delays

Swarto, SFW, SFF, 1.198 words.



‘Flight 942 to London has been cancelled due to severe weather conditions. Please talk to airport personnel for further options.’

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Hannah groans, as the rest of the passengers in the departure hall seem to go through a similar kind of reaction, “Sorry, excuse me, I’m sorry,” She mumbles as she starts pushing through crowds of people, “Sorry, can I just -”

“Oh shit, sorry.” A blonde girl apologises as she nearly knocks Hannah over with a large black rucksack, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you there.”

“Happens, I’m kind of short, don’t worry about it.” Hannah dismisses the apology, “Sorry, I’m kind of in a rush, could I just -”

“Yeah, of course, sorry.”

This is a lot of apologising. Hannah thinks to herself as she gives the stranger a last smile before continuing to push her way through the mass of people.

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[20140728 mydaily] Exo TAO injured during filming for the Laws of the Jungle

During the shooting for LotJ, Tao injured his right foot on the spikes of coral reefs. He received immediate treatment from the local doctors, as well as check-up and further treatment during his flight transfer in Singapore and after arriving in China.

SM expresses:‘it was fortunate that he wasn’t injured too badly, but after we arrived at Changsha we still insisted that Tao should visit the hospital to receive examination and treatments.’ On the topic of Changsha Exo’s Concert on the 27th of July, SM staff says, 'Tao felt that the concert was a promise between him and the fans, so he wanted to be on stage. So we did our best to accomodate him and tried to not put more stress on his conditions. We were able to carry out the concert successfully.’

cr: 韩国me2day

Sarla Thakral (1914-2009)

Art by Anya Baker (tumblr)

In 1936, Sarla became the first Indian woman to earn her pilot’s license. She soon accumulated over 1000 hours of flight time, earning both her class A pilot’s license and her airmail pilot’s license.

World War II ended civil flight training and Sarla transferred her aspirations from flying to art.  After her first husband’s death in 1939, Sarla enrolled in Lahore’s Mayo School of Arts (today the National School of Arts).

After the Partition, Sarla moved to Delhi.  There she remarried and built her own clothing and jewelry company.  

He's out.

They just came in his room and told him he can go home.

Now he has to get to the airport and make sure they remain true to their word about transferring his flight home.

But he’s out!

Kylux Airport AU

Cross-posted on AO3. This time instead of filth, it is fluff. Blame @kawaiilo–ren <3 Hux is on a business flight. Kylo is a stranger who falls asleep on Hux’s shoulder. Hux is not amused, but less annoyed than he would like.


Kylo smells faintly of cigarettes, and of something that reminds Hux of dried dates, of evenings still filled with a summer day’s scorching, terrible heat. He huffs a quiet breath, shaking his head. He’s about to once more shove Kylo off, when Kylo stirs from his sleep.
Good. Hux will give him a tongue-lashing that the boy won’t ever forget.
“I’m sorry,” Kylo drawls, voice soft and deep.
Hux forgets what he’d wanted to say. Kylo moves back, takes out his earphones and from beneath his lashes glances at Hux.
“You’re comfortable,” Kylo adds and a faint blush warms his cheeks. Hux stares at him, incredulous.

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