flight transfer

okay so

i just got outta myanmar. i took a three hour flight to singapore and now i’m waiting for a few hours to take a transfer flight to seoul, which is like 7 hours. and then from seoul i gotta fly for 11 hours to la.

chapter five of attb is done, it just needs to be looked over by my lovely friend and lifesaver min, and then it will be posted when i get back. i’m nearly done with 6, hopefully i can have that done before i end up in seoul. and then MAYBE i’ll have chapter 7 halfway done on the flight to la.

finishing 6 is guaranteed though. but yeah.

japan was fun, seeing my cousins there was fun, myanmar was fun, seeing my cousins there was fun. ill uh. talk more when i get online

Cyrus R. Gladen (1920-1998)

Cyrus R. Gladen was born on Nov. 4, 1920 in Bemidji, MN but grew up in the nearby farming community of Guthrie. After graduation from high school in 1938 he enlisted in the US Army at Fort Snelling, MN in the chemical warfare branch.

After basic training he was assigned to Hawaii and served in a 4.2 chemical mortar company. In late 1940,Cpl Gladen took and passed the Army’s college equivalency exams, which credited him with 2 years of college and he applied for flight training.

Transferred to the Air Corps while awaiting orders, he completed the aircraft mechanics basic school and was assigned to the 45th Pursuit Squadron as the assistant crew chief on the P-40B Tomahawk of the squadron CO Capt Aaron Tyer. On Dec. 7, 1941. Cpl. Gladen was on duty at Hickam field as Cpl. of the guard where he formed a squad armed with BARs and directed fire upon attacking Japanese aircraft for which he later received the Army Commendation Medal.

Returning to the US on the first returning ship, he reported immediately for flight training and graduated with the class of 42G from Moore Field in Mission, Texas on Aug. 5, 1942.

After being transferred back to Hawaii, 2nd Lt Gladen proudly reported for duty to Maj. Tyer now CO of the 15th Pursuit Group who assigned him to his old unit, the 45th Pursuit Squadron. Gladen served with the 45th for the next 6 months gaining valuable experience and flight time.

In March 1943, Lt Gladen was transferred to the 44th Fighter Squadron on Guadalcanal where he met up with a number of his friends from the 45th who had proceeded him to the combat area. Cy was assigned as wingman for 1Lt Bob Byrnes in the 44th‘s “Shark Flight” consisting of flight leader Byrnes, element leader 2nd Lt Dale Tarbet and Cy’s Moore Field buddy Mack Bunderson, Tarbet’s wingman.

Cy saw his first air combat in April and scored his first victories over Guadalcanal on June 16 when the Japanese made their last large scale 100+ aircraft raid. “Shark Flight” scored 6 of the 44th’s 20 victories, the wingmen dropping 2 Zeros each and Byrnes and Tarbet 1 Zero each. On this mission, Cy was flying P-40F #111 “The Reckless Prostitute” and smoked his first Zero after Byrnes missed. Byrnes quickly flamed another then passed the lead to Cy who had spotted a third, which he hit with a 3 second burst in the cockpit and left wing. Cy was able to fly close formation on the Zero observing the pilot dead in the cockpit. He followed in down until it crashed into the sea between Savo Island and Lunga Point. He later reported the Zero was painted in green camouflage and had 2 stripes and the rear fuselage. Flying numerous missions throughout June, July & August Cy didn’t get a chance to score again until August 31 when his flight, operating from the 44th’s forward base at Segi Point on New Georgia, attacked a formation of Val DBs diving on a group of transport ships in Barakoma Harbor. In the ensuing combat, Cy hit at least 8 Vals (the last of which coated his Warhawk with oil blinding him) and was hit by a Zero which put 40 holes in the tail of his P-40F #115 before his wingman “Red” Fox shot it off his tail. Cy landed his bullet riddled and oil drenched P-40F at Segi with 6 rounds of .50 cal ammo left for his guns.

His final credits over the Vals were 3 confirmed, 2 probable and 3 damaged. Cy continued to fly missions in the worn out P-40s until Dec. 43 when the Squadron converted to P-38s and newly promoted Capt Gladen took command of the squadron’s 6th flight. He flew 27 more missions with 10 to Rabaul before completing his combat tour in January 1944. When he returned to the states, he had flown 164 missions and received the Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross and 12 Air Medals. Cy later flew P-39s, P-63s and P-51s as a fighter tactics instructor with the 432nd Army Air Force Base Unit at Portland and Pendleton Air Bases. He had prepared to go back to the Pacific as a squadron commander replacement when the war ended.

He left the service but stayed active in the reserves retiring as a Lt. Col. He graduated from the Univ. of Oregon with a degree in Business and worked as an agent for Allstate Insurance until his retirement. An avid fisherman, hunter, craftsman Cy was always there for a friend. He was a longtime supporter and volunteer at the Boys & Girls Club. He passed away on Feb. 11, 1998 and rests in Willamette National Cemetery.

(This photo is of Cy Gladden standing on his P-40F-5, Two Airfield Guadalcanal in July, 1943)

(Photo and bio: Jack Cook)

I transferred at LAX for my flight to Vegas, and as we descended down thru the clouds in the plane I had the most serene feeling, I felt, “I’m coming home”, after a childhood of dreaming about the Pacific, there it was! And we saw the most amazing lilac sunset as we sat on our transfer flight… I was in love instantly. We flew off the coast and turned back around towards NV… it’s as clear as day in my mind. My fingers are tightly crossed that everything will work out and, almost two years later to the day, we’ll be back!!!

anonymous asked:

how do u feel about the us! would you/have you ever visit? if i want to where would u wanna go! (sorry if this is silly i just thought mayb ud want some asks on a different topic than ur cat! i donated $5 btw but it may not come out of my account for a couple days bc i have a weirs credit union! good luck!)

i’ve been to the us! it was only briefly because i was there for a transfer flight to europe but ive been to minnesota and new york but i especially liked new york!! i’d love to go there again! :~)

Take me home

I’m originally from fire flight, then transferred to plague, and now I’m in shadow. However, I miss being in the fire flight. That’s why I’m now buying gems. I’ll pay 1k treasure for one gem. Hit me up via Tumblr chat if you’re interested.

Reylo Modern AU idea: Rey and Ben are both unaccompanied minors at the airport.  Rey is on her way to another new foster home, Ben is coming back from visiting Han, who moved across the country after he and Leia split up.  Both of their flights out of the transferring airport get cancelled, and the flight attendants stick them both in the dreaded ‘unaccompanied minors’ room while they find new flights for them to get on.  They introduce the two, thinking that because they’re both the only unaccompanied minors stuck at the airport, they’ll get along.  Not so: almost as soon as they are left alone, Rey and Ben get into a fight, and the younger Rey runs off.  Ben then has to hunt through the airport to find Rey, who has all but disappeared.

Bonus: Once Ben finds Rey and they make up, they become fast friends, and spend most of the next twelve hours or so together until a flight becomes available for one of them.  When he gets home, he demands that Leia find and adopt a girl he met named Rey.  Leia is mostly very confused.

Does anyone else...

…get abnormally stressed by

booking flight tickets

making bank transfers

paying bills


that kind of thing?

Because it’s shit like this that makes me start daydreaming about my ‘break into Gringotts, striking a deal with the dragon (half of everything in the vaults) and taking over the entire wizard economy by brute force’ master plan…

…and then I remember that goddamn Galleon to Sickle to Knut conversion rate and that stresses me out even more.

[20140728 mydaily] Exo TAO injured during filming for the Laws of the Jungle

During the shooting for LotJ, Tao injured his right foot on the spikes of coral reefs. He received immediate treatment from the local doctors, as well as check-up and further treatment during his flight transfer in Singapore and after arriving in China.

SM expresses:‘it was fortunate that he wasn’t injured too badly, but after we arrived at Changsha we still insisted that Tao should visit the hospital to receive examination and treatments.’ On the topic of Changsha Exo’s Concert on the 27th of July, SM staff says, 'Tao felt that the concert was a promise between him and the fans, so he wanted to be on stage. So we did our best to accomodate him and tried to not put more stress on his conditions. We were able to carry out the concert successfully.’

cr: 韩国me2day

Sarla Thakral (1914-2009)

Art by Anya Baker (tumblr)

In 1936, Sarla became the first Indian woman to earn her pilot’s license. She soon accumulated over 1000 hours of flight time, earning both her class A pilot’s license and her airmail pilot’s license.

World War II ended civil flight training and Sarla transferred her aspirations from flying to art.  After her first husband’s death in 1939, Sarla enrolled in Lahore’s Mayo School of Arts (today the National School of Arts).

After the Partition, Sarla moved to Delhi.  There she remarried and built her own clothing and jewelry company.  

Hartoficathon X: Delays

Swarto, SFW, SFF, 1.198 words.



‘Flight 942 to London has been cancelled due to severe weather conditions. Please talk to airport personnel for further options.’

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Hannah groans, as the rest of the passengers in the departure hall seem to go through a similar kind of reaction, “Sorry, excuse me, I’m sorry,” She mumbles as she starts pushing through crowds of people, “Sorry, can I just -”

“Oh shit, sorry.” A blonde girl apologises as she nearly knocks Hannah over with a large black rucksack, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you there.”

“Happens, I’m kind of short, don’t worry about it.” Hannah dismisses the apology, “Sorry, I’m kind of in a rush, could I just -”

“Yeah, of course, sorry.”

This is a lot of apologising. Hannah thinks to herself as she gives the stranger a last smile before continuing to push her way through the mass of people.

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He's out.

They just came in his room and told him he can go home.

Now he has to get to the airport and make sure they remain true to their word about transferring his flight home.

But he’s out!

Definitely Unexpected (12/13)

Definitely Unexpected, a CS/Frozen Jewel AU

A/N: Here it is, the final proper chapter! It’s come time for Emma to depart and our OTP to be torn asunder. But fear not! *insert Snow-style hope speech here*. Only an epilogue to go, just to wrap up this labor of love in all neat and tidy. Enjoy, my darlings, all you loyal readers, commenters and rebloggers, especially @liamjcnes, @initiala, @kat2609,@clockadile, @lifeinahole27, @spartanguard, @lenfaz. Eternal thanks to my betas,@the-captains-ayebrows and @lovemelikeapirate.

Cover art by the perfect sunflower @liamjcnes

Definitely Unexpected

Summary:  Emma Swan, self-described “loner, loser, and complicated wreck” takes a much needed vacation from her New York City life by doing a home exchange with Liam Jones, a charming bartender from Brighton, England.  She could have never anticipated that what, or whom, she would find on her summer vacation was exactly what she had always been missing. (The Holiday AU, summer style)

Ch. 1, Ch.2, Ch. 3, Ch. 4, Ch. 5, Ch. 6, Ch. 7, Ch. 8, Ch. 9, Ch. 10, Ch. 11| Also on Ao3

Chapter 12:

The walk to the train station was long, especially dragging her suitcase, but Emma didn’t mind. Killian’s hand was tightly clasping hers, a conduit through which she was drawing strength. She didn’t even argue when he insisted on walking her to the train. If she protested out of pride she knew he would immediately see through her.

They approached the turnstiles that signalled where they would part and Emma turned to Killian, unsure of how to even begin the goodbye process. Before she could stumble out her best feeble attempt, Killian looked at the monitors to check the train times.

“Your train doesn’t leave for 15 minutes yet. At least let me come wait with you,” Killian urged with insistence.

“They won’t let you through unless you buy a ticket,” Emma reminded him.

“A small price to pay,” Killian replied sweetly as he fished his smartcard out of his wallet. He tapped his card on the electronic reader, opening the gate. He passed through before Emma could argue.

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This Week in Pictures: July 19-25

As the bodies of the victims of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 were transferred to the Netherlands this week for identification and repatriation, shock turned to grief and mourning for the 298 people who lost their lives when the aircraft was shot down over eastern Ukraine. Israeli and Palestinian casualties mounted and efforts to instill a ceasefire failed in the third week of intense fighting in Gaza. 

(Photo: Marcel Van Horn/EPA)