flight transfer

Reylo Modern AU idea: Rey and Ben are both unaccompanied minors at the airport.  Rey is on her way to another new foster home, Ben is coming back from visiting Han, who moved across the country after he and Leia split up.  Both of their flights out of the transferring airport get cancelled, and the flight attendants stick them both in the dreaded ‘unaccompanied minors’ room while they find new flights for them to get on.  They introduce the two, thinking that because they’re both the only unaccompanied minors stuck at the airport, they’ll get along.  Not so: almost as soon as they are left alone, Rey and Ben get into a fight, and the younger Rey runs off.  Ben then has to hunt through the airport to find Rey, who has all but disappeared.

Bonus: Once Ben finds Rey and they make up, they become fast friends, and spend most of the next twelve hours or so together until a flight becomes available for one of them.  When he gets home, he demands that Leia find and adopt a girl he met named Rey.  Leia is mostly very confused.

Sarla Thakral (1914-2009)

Art by Anya Baker (tumblr)

In 1936, Sarla became the first Indian woman to earn her pilot’s license. She soon accumulated over 1000 hours of flight time, earning both her class A pilot’s license and her airmail pilot’s license.

World War II ended civil flight training and Sarla transferred her aspirations from flying to art.  After her first husband’s death in 1939, Sarla enrolled in Lahore’s Mayo School of Arts (today the National School of Arts).

After the Partition, Sarla moved to Delhi.  There she remarried and built her own clothing and jewelry company.