• Me:Why do you still have that dragon? You got rid of their mate, you don't breed them anymore, they literally serve no purpose except to take up space and eat food.
  • Also Me:But they're prettyyyyy
  • Me:So? You have lots of pretty dragons that aren't a waste of resources. You should exalt them.
  • Also Me:*hisses and clutches useless pretty dragons to me*

Hey guys, it’s been brought to my attention that some of my art and designs for FR gijinkas are being sold on other petsites, like Furvilla. I would like to request that you not do that, since I’m not active at all on those sites. I’m not really comfortable with my stuff being separated from their original intended purpose as gijinkas for FR originated content, and I’m also worried that designs will be sold multiple times across petsite platforms without the buyers knowledge.

If I become active on Furvilla or other sites I will gladly allow cross selling, but at this time I would like my FR designs to stay relatively tied to FR as it were. I apologize if this inconveniences anyone!