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To Hold Her

Lena’s heartbeat was racing. She was terrified. Another try on her life and then a flight up to her office with a Super she didn’t even trust.

Supergirl couldn’t blame her, not for her nearly throwing herself from Kara’s arms. Not for wrapping her arms around herself. Not for turning away.

But it broke Kara none the less. Lena tried so hard. To repress everything, her emotions, her reactions… Kara understood it and didn’t at the same time.

She remembered Lena freely offering her touches to Kara Danvers (after a time), how Lena seemed to relax in her arms. How her pulse felt on Kara’s skin.

She was moving before she could think, before she could stop herself. Supergirl wrapped her arms around Lena, turning her so Lena’s arms were pressed into her abdomen.

Lena tensed immediately and pulled against Kara’s hold. Kara held her a little tighter.

“Please, Lena, please. I can hear your heartbeat, you’re terrified. Please, just let me hold you.” Kara whispered into Lena’s hair.

She shouldn’t hold people against their will but Lena was breaking inside. Supergirl swore to protect her body, but Kara was Lena’s friend and she couldn’t be here, in Lena’s office in the middle of the night, as Kara Danvers.

So Supergirl was the only option. Kara couldn’t watch Lena go through this alone.

“Ka-Kara.” Lena’s voice was half an octave lower than usual, tinged with unshed tears. It wasn’t a question, it was a declaration.

To Kara, it sounded a whole hell of a lot like hope.

She stiffened. Kara tried to pull away, tried to distance herself, but she couldn’t. She just couldn’t pull away from Lena, not now.

“Lena, I-I.” Kara clenched her jaw. She’d just joined all the people who’d ever lied to Lena. But she couldn’t keep it up here, in the dimly lit office with Lena’s heartbeat still racing against her skin.

Lena’s arms shifted and slipped down to wrap back up to grip the back of Kara’s shoulders. She pressed herself against Kara and a choked noise preluded the sobs that Kara knew were coming.

When was the last time Lena Luthor had cried?

Kara tightened her hold again and rocked gently back and forth. For some reason an old lullaby from her mother came to mind and Kara began to hum.

Lena cried for quite some time and no time at all before she was pulling back from Kara to wipe at her eyes. She smiled a little half-smile and moved her hands to Kara’s elbows.

“So,” Lena cleared her throat and Kara smiled, a little worried, “You source yourself.”

It was an absurd comment and Kara couldn’t help the laugh that bubbled out of her. Her right hand came to cover her lips because Lena Luthor knew who Supergirl was and this situation shouldn’t be this funny, but it was.

Lena smiled, really smiled this time, and she was accepting Kara. Accepting this odd mixture of Kara Danvers and Supergirl that was Kara Zor-El. Kara couldn’t help it, she wanted to kiss Lena.

But this she would ask permission for, “Lena, can I kiss you?” Lena’d hinted that she would be interested in a date, but there were too many ‘what if’s for Kara to say yes.

What if Lena found out? What if Lena didn’t actually like her, Kara Danvers, and was just putting on a show? What if Lena couldn’t understand the need for secrecy? What if Lena really did hate all Supers?

Lena’s fingers slid up Kara’s arms, leaving goosebumps in their wake, a reaction Kara didn’t even think she could have. Kara’s hand fell from her lips and Lena leaned forward. Kara bent down and they met half way.

There wasn’t a spark, but when Lena closed her eyes and leaned bodily into Kara, it felt like coming home.

Kara slipped her arms back around Lena and squeezed lightly. There was no teeth, no tongue, in this kiss, just the hint of a promise.

Neither wanted to let go, to lean away from this.

Not until a knock came at Lena’s door and Jess walked in.

Walked in to see a Super pulling back from a Luthor with lipstick smeared across her lips. Jess was surprised that Supergirl blushed like a human.

Supergirl turned brought a hand to her lips to try and wipe off some of Lena’s lipstick. Lena turned toward Jess and rubbed her hands down her skirt.

“I just wanted to check on you Ms. Luthor, but I see you’re in good hands.” And maybe Jess would get fired or murdered exceptionally quietly and her body would never be found, but she couldn’t help making the comment anyway.

Because Lena Luthor could blush too.

Lena nodded, “Thank you, Jess.” It sounded pretty strained, even to Lena, so Jess turned without another word and they were alone together, again.

Lena took a breath and Kara turned back around, “So.” Kara blushed harder.

“Is this,” Lena motioned to Kara’s cape and suit, “why you turned down my advances before?”

Kara nodded and shuffled. “I wasn’t sure if you’d be okay with a part-time Super.”

Lena nodded at her words and took a step forward. Kara could see the questions in her eyes, but Lena when Lena opened her mouth, she just it again. With a shake of her head, Lena smiled that half-smile Kara was beginning to love.

“Would you like to go out some time? With me?”

Kara beamed and stepped back over to place another kiss on Lena’s lips. She’d probably never get the lipstick off of herself, “I’d love to.”

I really just needed someone to hug Lena, holy shit.


I am so in love with this post by @yaoi-prince I just couldn’t help but write out a few of the kisses they had drawn! 

  • Brian

The day Dan and Brian get home from their Magfest trip, Arin is hanging around the office. He’s trying to work, trying to pretend that he isn’t anxiously watching the clock waiting for when one of them inevitably comes to check in at the office. Arin had texted them both that he was working, but he also understood if they needed time to decompress after their flight.

Arin hears the office door bang opened and then closed again and he perks up, rolling his chair backwards so he can try to see who came in. He doesn’t spot anyone right away and he pushes out of his chair, padding barefoot across the wood floor of the office.

“Hello?” He asks, knowing that he had definitely heard the door.

Then Brian is rounding a corner, a grin on his face as he spots Arin.

“I checked the recording room first,” Brian says, his voice thick. He looks sleepy, worn down, but oh, is Arin glad to see him.

Arin smiles at Brian, tucks a strand of hair behind his ear and then, Brian’s eyes glint with a hunger that Arin is familiar with. Without even a word, Brian launches himself at Arin, moving in, one arm winding around Arin’s middle, the other cupping the back of his head, fingers twining in Arin’s hair. Brian’s mouth seeks out Arin’s instantly, catching him in a rough and intense kiss.

Brian backs the two of them up until Arin bumps into one of the thick support beams of the office. Arin has an arm around Brian’s neck, fingers scratching into Brian’s short salt and pepper hair. Brian’s kissing him like he hasn’t kissed Arin in months when in reality it’s been about a week and a half. Even when they kiss every day, Brian has an intensity to him, an eagerness that Arin fucking loves. Like, he can never get enough of Arin, of tasting him.

“Fuck,” Brian says as he breaks their kiss, moving his mouth to press soft damp pecks against Arin’s cheeks, his jaw, “Missed you so much.” Brian’s mouth sinks lower, sliding to Arin’s neck and Arin gasps as Brian begins nipping at the pale skin there, biting lightly, sucking at the skin, alternately between soft and hard. Arin tips his head back against the beam, allowing Brian access. Brian’s hands hold Arin’s hips and Arin’s fingers smooth up and down Brian’s back through the thin fabric of his t-shirt.

Arin gasps, mind going numb over Brian’s mouth, how he always verges on the side of just a little too rough, but Arin likes that, knows he can handle what Brian will throw at him, even if by the end of their make out sessions he’s covered in love-bites, and hickies and if he has to film something in person then he has to have Suzy cover those marks with make-up, hiding the indent of Brian’s teeth as she clicks her tongue and says, “Can’t he control himself?”

Arin rarely answers, but he’s not really sure he wants Brian to find control. As much of a pain as it is to hide the marks Brian leaves behind, Arin likes them, likes looking at them, loves the feeling of Brian sucking and biting those marks into his skin. He wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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Wernher von Braun’s office in Alabama (1965)
Wernher von Braun (1912-1977), director of NASA’s MarchallSpace Flight Center, at his office in Huntsville, Alabama. On a shelf behind is a row of his rocket models. You also can see the first rocket in history which reached space which is the V2/A4 rocket (second on the left). Wernher von Braun rocket scientist (ALL VIDEOS): www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-HsE-FedVRg3kVyyhy5ohjoNV… ( ALL PHOTOS ) : www.flickr.com/photos/mrdanbeaumont/albums/72157630355100616

IWM@(FRE282) Flyboys catching a ride. From left to right: Captain Walker L Boone; Flight Officer Manuel S Martinez; and Flight Officer Jerry E Brasher, pilots of the 82nd Fighter Squadron, 78th Fighter Group, sit on the bonnet of a Dodge WC (weapons carrier) at Duxford air base in October 1943. Duxford’s control tower can be seen in the background. Fighter pilots flew escort missions to protect the bombers from enemy aircraft. Flying on 11 February 1944, they received word that a lone B-17 Flying Fortress had fallen behind its formation and was under attack. Jerry E Brasher was part of the flight that responded. He reported bringing down one of the German Me 109s seeking out the stranded bomber: ‘Using water injection I gained on him, firing all the time, seeing strikes at the wing roots and behind the cockpit. The enemy aircraft lost speed and chandelled up to the left. I followed firing intermittently and saw him jettison his canopy. I fired another burst and he rolled over on his back at about 1,000 feet. I was about 800 yards behind at this time. I continued my turn and saw him floating down in a parachute and his ship hit and burn in a wooded section. I climbed back to 18,000 feet with my wingman and proceeded home.’