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Part of the Weaponized Gembond Story

Genderfluid liaison from the Mysterious Shadow Organization™ here to corrupt innocent experiments into assassins for hire.

Sketchy as hell. 3rd highest source of stress for the Scientist. Flirty as hell and plays a lot of mind games with the Scientist while trying to act as the cool aunt/uncle™ with the kiddos.

Sits somewhere between true and chaotic neutral. Not really the evil sort, they just happen to work for a villainous organization and it pays well. Still sketchy as hell.

Somewhere down the line they get emotionally invested in the kids and become something of a second parental figure to them. This revelation is what you’d call an “Oh crap what have I done” kind of moment.

Despite having a well paying job, they are rather frugal regarding personal matters. It doesn’t really occur to them to spend money on lots of personal luxuries. Rather, they end up spending their disposable income on gifts for others (namely the kiddos). STOP SPOILING THEM YOU FUCKING ENABLER.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Next year I'm going to live in France for Erasmus and it will be my first experience living alone (without my parents) and abroad. Could you give me some tips about it, please??

Hi! Looks like we’re in the same boat - I’m going to the UK with Erasmus this September and I’ve never lived by myself either (though I have been on vacation alone before). I don’t know what will happen either but I’m very much looking forward to it! I’ll try my best to give you some advice :) I’ll do a masterpost about this in October, but I guess you don’t want to wait that long haha

First, remember that Europe is comparatively small. You’re not going to the end of the world, and your parents are max. a 5 hour flight away (depending on where you’re from). If absolutely everything fails and you want to go home for the weekend, you can. It doesn’t mean you should or that you’ll even want to, but I think it’s good to remember that if everything feels overwhelming. 

Second: Living alone is scary, but you won’t be alone! If you’re staying in dorms (which you might not in France), there’ll be other people, and otherwise you’ll probably live together with roommates who are in the same boat as you. You’ll learn together! If you want to prepare for the challenge (your roommates will love you), learn how to cook and clean beforehand (what supplies you need, some basic recipes etc). It’s what I’m doing too, and I already feel much more independent. I bought Martha Stewart’s Housekeeping Handbook (it’s a huge thing and everything you could possibly need to know is in it) and I’ll also bring that with me to the UK for emergencies. 

For the abroad part: Living alone is scary on its own, but you’ll also be in an unfamiliar environment which can make it even more of a challenge. But again: You’re not doing a complete 180 in cultural environment, because we’re in Europe and we more or less get along and agree on most cultural norms. Shopping, Netflix, amazon, restaurants etc etc are basically the same everywhere, just in French (which you probs already know really well). Apart from trying to not get run over in the UK’s weird left-side traffic and working out how self-service checkouts function, I don’t expect many big differences in the day-to-day life (based on the weeks I spent in Edinburgh plus several stays in London). Try to continue the hobbies you had at home so you won’t feel like you abandoned everything! 

Also, a tip from over-organiser yours truly: Plan as much as you can beforehand. Insurances, flights, bank cards are a given, but also think about getting a public transport card, a railcard, adapters if needed, a list of things you immediately need to buy there and a list of things you pack or send yourself via mail, a map of France where you can mark all the things you want to visit, a map of your campus/district where you mark a supermarket, pharmacy, bus stop, underground stop, hospital, doctors, library, police, the way to class, the nearest shopping centre, and other things you need to know. You can also look up if there are specialty shops in your area that sell stuff from your home country, or if there are restaurants serving food from there! That way, you won’t go to completely unknown territory and it will seem less scary! :) 

I hope this helped! I wish you an amazing time in France <3

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Where are you going to treatment? Somewhere new maybe to try something you haven't done before?

okay i get this so i’m really trying not to bc one off as rude in my response, and i’m also trying not to sound ~woe is me lol bc i have been incredibly fortunate to receive the amount of treatment i have. please don’t think i see ur question as rude bc i don’t

i just wish ppl would also acknowledged the limitations that exist. i would love to google ‘best treatment centers for a Full and ✨Different Than Last Time✨ Lasting recovery’ and just be able to be like ‘okay let’s go there! i’ve always wanted to ride some horses!’

my goal this entire time has been to try somewhere new – it was months ago now that i started looking into single case agreements, i committed to the idea of actually paying what i reasonably could if it meant a php with housing, a flight somewhere, etc

but insurance exists, and they don’t seem quite on board with the concept of 'a new approach that might cost us more in the long run but might also prevent this whole frequent flyer hospitalization thing this girl has going on’

and money is a Thing, money is always a Thing

so to actually answer ur question (sorry, obviously by the amnt i rambled u can i’m insecure about this lol i 10000% admit that brene brown would have a field day w my shame)
i am undecided still but if i did accept a bed it would be where i went before

if i waited to hear back about the scholarship, the treatment center isn’t set yet, nor is the level of treatment, but they have set places that work w them

(again sorry if this is hostile) (it’s a me issue)

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Gareth, when can we realistically (and I don't mean that to sound condescendingly if it does) expect to see full US tour dates in support of No Blues? Because I thought Hello Sadness ruined me when hearing most songs live, but I apparently was mistaken and need more.

It’s very difficult to see a way that we’ll be able to play in the States again. We all work day jobs, so realistically it’s very difficult to all be able to get the same stretch of time off work to travel abroad.

It’s also very difficult to plan an international tour when you’re working 9-5, Monday to Friday. On top of that, there’s the issue of cost. Touring North America is really expensive when you consider transport for 7 people and their instruments, plus insurance, flights and visas too! Hell, visas are really expensive, you need those to play a gig as a UK band in the States. I think not a lot of people realise the massive discrepancy between the cost of touring, and the amount of money your average band has.

I’m not complaining, because we’re lucky to be able to be a band in any form, and to have toured America so many times in the past. But you should know, if you’re disappointed we’re not coming to America, it’s 10 times more disappointing for us. Gx