flight harness


Jeffrey went outside in her harness today. First we took her to the pet store, where she found quite a few admirers- most people have never seen a bird on a leash! She was well behaved the whole time and even seems to have figured out how to “step up” without tripping over the leash. These pictures were from us playing in the grass in front of our apartment.


Two-Tails- They have a incurable weakness for tea and cake.

Moss Spirit- These tricksy cat-like creatures hunt in family groups by weaving illusions of luxurious feasts, and surrounding the area, sleeping still as stone. The moment a creature is lured in to taking a bite of the fake food, the spell is broke, and their eyes open as they leap onto their quarry without mercy.

New Moon Two-Tails- It is said that the very first Two-Tails were crafted from the primal magics within the Thornfens by the first Swarm Queen, the revered Cocoon Mother, as her personal companions.


So ary had the idea of the third one being a swip swap using drops from the other two. I likes it~! 

Also bonus (from talks with ary, who could not get over her worry on how they would walk on the ground):

((ps I adore my roommate))

Thought of the Day

First powered flight by the Wright Brothers was in 1903.  The first time man walked on the moon was 1969.  Just think, we went from wood and fabric, very short and rickety flight to harnessing the power of a rocket, speeding outside the orbit of the earth, and landing on the moon.  Then having to get back from the moon back to the earth.  All in approximately 63 years.  

It’s been close 43 years and counting since the Apollo 17 mission.  I don’t know, but I found that to be an interesting thought.  Interesting…yes.  Depressing…yes. 


Big emotion some days ago : my two little conures, Sigrinn (yellow sided) and Luciole (turquoise yellow sided) where ready to begin free flight. Without harness, cages, nothing but freedom. A controled one, and after a lot of training of course. Sigrinn was quite shy and mostly stayed with the humans. Luciole was more fearless and try the pine tree before to come to us. Honey (turquoise) is a really good free flighter, used to fly free (you just see him between my two).
The professionnal who help us to do “secure” free flight (there is ever risks) is Margaux Deman, a great person.

(Beware, don’t practice free flight without a professional and a real training.)


Since it’s getting warmer we’ll be heading out a lot more often that means its time to polish up her harnessed flight recall and control!