flight attempt


Pairing: Jared x Reader

Summary: Jared kisses you before he leaves for Vancouver. Can you make the distance work, or will he be just another fling like every other shoddy relationship you’ve ever had?

Word Count: 1,077

Warnings: self doubt, talk of past abuse, fluff

A/N: A very late submission for @iwriteaboutdean‘s challenge, and my song was Push by Matchbox Twenty. I swear I’ll get better at deadlines. This took forever to write, and I have about six different versions of it floating around in my empty headspace, but this is the one y’all get. Enjoy!

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“I don’t know if I’ve ever been good enough.” You looked at your feet as you scuffed them across the pavement. “It’s… been a long time, Jared. I just - I don’t know if any of them have ever really loved me.” You slumped against his side.

“Of course you’re good enough, [Y/N]. You deserve so much more than they could ever give you. You deserve someone who treats you like a queen. You deserve-” He wanted to keep going, but you stopped him.

“Someone like… you?” You dared to look him in the eyes.

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Fade in, start the scene
Enter beautiful girl
But things are not what they seem
As we stand at the edge of the world

“Excuse me, sir,
But I have plans to die tonight
Oh, and you are directly in my way
And I bet you’re gonna say it’s not right”
My reply:
“Excuse me, miss
But do you have the slightest clue
Of exactly what you just said to me
And exactly who you’re talking to?”

She said, “I don’t care, you don’t even know me”
I said, “I know but I’d like to change that soon, hopefully”
Yeah, we all flirt with the tiniest notion
Of self conclusion in one simplified motion
You see the trick is that you’re never supposed to act on it
No matter how unbearable this misery gets

“You make it sound so easy to be alive
But tell me, how am I supposed to seize this day
When everything inside me has died?”
My reply:
“Trust me, girl
I know your legs are pleading to leap
But I offer you this easy choice-
Instead of dying, living with me”

She said, “Are you crazy? You don’t even know me.”
I said, “I know, but I’d like to change that soon hopefully”
Yeah, we all flirt with the tiniest notion
Of self conclusion in one simplified motion
You see the trick is that you’re never supposed to act on it
No matter how unbearable this misery gets

I would be lying if I said that things would never get rough
And all this cliche motivation, it could never be enough
I could stand here all night trying to convince you
But what good would that do?
My offer stands, and you must choose

“All right, you win, but I only give you one night
To prove yourself to be better than my attempt at flight
I swear to god if you hurt me I will leap
I will toss myself from these very cliffs
And you’ll never see it coming”
“Settle, precious, I know what you’re going through
Just ten minutes before you got here I was gonna jump too”

Yeah we all flirt with the tiniest notion
Of self conclusion in one simplified motion
You see the trick is that you’re never supposed act on it
No matter how unbearable this misery gets

This started out as an ask because it seemed too amusing not to share and then kinda evolved into an almost proto-outline when I wasn’t looking so *drops on your doorstep and runs before it consumes my brain*

As an inversion of selkie!Tobirama, I’ve been thinking of Phoenix!Madara, whose flock nests in the forests not too far from the Senju compound. Madara meets Hashirama first when he tries to fly before his flight feathers have come in and falls out of the nest. Hashirama helps Madara back into the nest despite getting singed, and keeps coming back until Madara gives up trying to chase him off. Tobi eventually badgers Hashirama into taking him along (mainly to prove that Hashirama isn’t going to provoke the phoenix flock to descend in fury upon the Senju). Tobirama and Madara get off a bit on the wrong foot as Tobirama isn’t convinced Madara is an actual phoenix since he doesn’t have the majestic adult plumage yet and has his black-red juvenal plumage (including brand new flight feathers).

Madara attempts to prove himself a great and majestic phoenix through aerial maneuvers and promptly flies into a tree. Tobirama is unimpressed.

Fastforward a decade or two, and while Hashirama barely ever has time to visit the phoenix forest with his duties as clan head, Tobirama can be found there more often than not at the base of Madara’s tree with a book or jutsu scroll or mediating. Madara often brings Tobirama food because Tobirama never brings any with him, and occasionally shiny rocks or other objects Madara thinks Tobirama might find interesting (which includes pilfered books, katanas on two separate occasions, various scrolls, pieces of armor, a twig with cherry blossoms and silk). Madara also tends to engage in more aerial acrobatics when Tobirama’s around, even if Tobirama is never going to see Madara as particularly majestic (though he does privately acknowledge the beauty of Madara’s adult plumage in crimson, amber, and gold edged and spotted in places with black).

The entire flock watches and are either laughing or despairing over all of Madara’s courtship displays as they go right over Tobirama’s head.

Then Madara decides that his best chance of success in wooing Tobirama is to find a legendary gem rumored to have the power to turn a phoenix human. Madara spends years searching before giving up, and returning to his home forest. He stops by the Senju compound on the way, and finds that Tobirama has had the stone sitting in his office as a paperweight the entire time. (Tobirama never tells Madara the gem was one of the first treasures Madara ever gave him.)

tbh snowbaz is such relationship goals 👌👌👏👏👍 i want a someone to treat me like baz treats simon 😩😉😝😏 i want someone to kiss my moles and feed me scones and try to steal my voice and flirt with my girlfriend and push me down a flight of stairs and attempt to feed me to a chimera!! 💕❤️👌💞👏 too bad baz isnt real 😫😩😡😡😭

I tried drawing Cin in a cleaner style. Ehhh… I’m just very :/// about it. I just don’t really have the head for cel-shaded/clean type styles yanno? Especially with fuzzy bun-snakes.

Cin is an alien being that crash landed into Sornieth. They’re supes friendly and harmless (actually.. a little on the defenseless side). They just wanna fit in with the dragon folks (beast folks, and all folks for that matter) and make friends, however there’s a bit of a cultural barrier in the way which lands them in all kinds of shenanigans. (Most peeps think they’re a very odd variety of Coatl and not.. clueless alien lol.)

how to make The Chosen One choose YOU: flirting, baz pitch style

(honestly im basically shitposting at this point, but i just love carry on so much. leave me be)


“I like this better than fighting,”  - Simon Snow (The Chosen One) 

  • threaten him with a viking’s funeral
  • (“do you know what that is, snow? A flaming pyre, set adrift on the sea. We could do yours in blackpool, so all your chavvy Normal friends can come,”)
  • make him cry, then drop your handkerchief sarcastically on his bed
  • call him a disgrace to magic
  • make sure it’s first thing in the morning, too, for added effect
  • turn on the charm. Woo him with your best lines
  • example, (what if I took your magic, cast it against you, and settled baz versus simon once and for all?)
  • don’t just rely on words. Act on your feelings too
  • example, push him down a flight of stairs, attempt to feed him to a chimera, etc.
  • cavort with his gf in the woods
  • bonus points if he sees it (hell, hold her hands too while you’re at it)
  • cant accept your own feelings? Conspire with your aunt to take him down
  • no chosen one, no problem
  • hopeless love? Have a backup plan
  • example: marry his ex and find a thousand different men who look like him and break each of their hearts a different way
  • just try to be honest with your feelings. Tell him you want him by your side
  • (“what if I accidentally Turned you? Then i’d be stuck with your pious face forever,”)
  • oh baz. Im swooning
  • invite him to your victorian mansion for christmas under the guise of “truce”
  • first date ideas!
  • – bring him to the british museum, steal a few books, take a walk around the park and find a place where he can eat curry while you read your stolen goods
  • dont forget to be a good conversationalist
  • (“you should eat something,”)
  • (“piss off,”)
  • confused? Lost? Failed at something important?
  • Hell, set a few trees on fire and wait for the flames to consume you
  • bonus points if you’re flammable
  • (hint! Hint! This is a good chance for a >>>KISS<<<!!!)
  • if you do it right, HE’LL kiss YOU
  • sulk and stomp away if he doesnt pull you into his arms and say “good morning, darling” when he opens his eyes first thing in the morning
  • respond to his feelings properly
  • (“you slept in my arms,”)
  • (“fitfully”)
  • accept him for who he is
  • found out your bf literally couldn’t be a bigger mess/supervillian/insiduous humdrum?
  • Kiss him, anyway (because you match)
  • (“i’m not the humdrum! But why does thinking so make you want to kiss me?”)
  • (“Everything makes me want to kiss you”)
  • seriously, I was swooning when I got to this part. Like. Seriously. Swooning. (I think I was crying a little too)

cute nicknames:

  • you courageous fuck
  • you absolute nightmare
  • love

say I love you. like, a lot 

  • I was eleven years old, and I’d lost my mother, and my soul, and the crucible gave me you
  • You were the centre of my universe. Everything else spun around you
  • looking at you was like looking directly into the sun
  • I choose you


  • who needs magic? I’m going to turn you into a vampire and make you live with me forever

no, no im not crying. i just have a bit of snowbaz in my eye 

Fic 464: Go Ask Your...

We’ve all seen the jokes about the “team mom” and “team dad”. Here’s just one take on it.

“I am not certain what the two of you hoped to accomplish with this.” Medic shook his head as he flipped the switch of the infirmary’s Medi-gun. “No matter how often Soldier insists upon it, man is not capable of unassisted flight.”

“Hum muh…”

“And no, a pair of fabric wings attached to a bicycle does not qualify for assisted flight.” He added as Pyro sheepishly set down the smashed remnants of what looked to be dragon wings made from a pair of standard Mann Co. issued blankets.

Scout harrumphed from the gurney he’d been wheeled in on as he watched his femur slowly retract back into his leg under the pale light of the Medi-gun’s beam. “I donno. I think we almost had it that time. I almost cleared the electric perimeter fence!”

“And you are lucky you decided to take off from my infirmary roof. Respawn is not on right now. If I had not heard the crash…”

“Aw, Doc, it ain’t that ba-YEOW!”

“It is not that bad?” Medic’s eyebrow arched behind his glasses as he shoved the wayward femur back in the rest of the way. “I did not sign on to this assignment to play nursemaid to children.”

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Give My Love to Huckleberry Finn (Part One)

A few days ago @finding–cat tagged me to share a piece of my favorite writing. This is the prologue to a story I wrote in the fall. I’m not sure it’s my best work but it was my first attempt at magical realism and I had a really good time writing it, which for me matters more than the final product. Since it’s completed and edited and just sitting on my hard drive, I figure why not share it?

Synopsis: Once schoolmates, Harry and Cece haven’t seen each other in ten years. That is until one Autumn afternoon when Cece stumbles onto the strawberry farm where Harry lives and works. After seeing his meager life conditions, she offers to teach him how to read in the hopes that he will make a better life for himself. Only, that’s easier said than done considering the fact that Harry has a pair of wings. 

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Draw yourself meme...20??? It's okay if you don't want to though!! Good luck with your art block! Hope you're having a nice day!

  • 20. Draw yourself as a magical girl/guy/other 



E  X  P  A  N  D


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Can I prompt you for a clean ficlet? Sith Obi-Wan or Sith Qui-Gon, moral dilemma, learning more about their code, or flouting their code, if you have the time. Thank you in advance! Good luck with your studies.

@poplitealqueen u wanted to see more Sith!Qui in the world :D

Okay, sooooooo…… *nervous laughter* this one still treads a little close to the Mirror ‘Verse by @norcumi, @dogmatix, and @deadcatwithaflamethrower, even for my comfort. But I honestly … don’t know what else to do with it? sorry? *squeaks and hides under couch*
Dooku has been training Qui-Gon as a Sith since the beginning, and Qui-Gon always thought something was not quite right, but this was his Master, how could he question him? (Probably should list warning for mention/hint of emotional abuse.) Most obvious point of divergence is after his Knighting somewhere. And a slightly different take on the historic conflict between Mandalorians and Jedi, at that. Sith Temple concept close to @letslipthehounds’, actually. 
also tagging @obaewankenope, @eclipsemidnight, @lilyrose225writes, @maawi, @meabhair, and @kyberpunk

For a long time, the Temple had been near dormant. Honest to gods, it was patently bored. The labyrinthine innards found new permutations to rearrange themselves and wrought havoc with indigenous rodents’ routes. The little monsters found their way anyhow - the smartest ones even knew where their tunnels changed the least. The Temple amused itself that way, at least once with every new generation, but it wasn’t enough.

The dust at the entrance had sat undisturbed for many years before he arrived - a lost child searching for guidance, when his previous mentor had betrayed him. Had spent years betraying him, in fact.

The Temple knew and loved its own. It recognised this one, wanted to claim him. He’d been manipulated by a hand that worked the Dark Side crudely, but he’d kept something good and warm and precious alive, even through the pain and hate. And so the Temple wrapped him in its welcoming voices, nudged him along to its very heart, lighting the way for the bright little flame.

The visions were never a pleasant thing. They were designed for the purpose of facing one’s greatest demons and perceived failures. But the lost child fared well, and bit by bit the Temple worked to unravel the web of deceit that had been laid in his mind.

In truth, that might have taken years to achieve, and one’s greatest fears are never faced in a Darkened cavern. Reality is where real Darkness reigns, and must truly be faced, but a half-sentient mass of moving stone is hardly the best instructor. So, eventually, the Temple let him turn and go, whispering the need for another student in his ear and hoping that someday he would return with a worthy successor.

Until then, the Temple would be content to sleep again. After all, it had finally found what had long been missing - there was still someone in the universe who felt like the Old Ones. The Temple missed its Masters.

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Oh, if only they’d held this angle for what we actually saw on screen; my kingdom for Combeferre’s little long-suffering warning Marius … when the penguin grabs Enjolras’ arm, and all the kingdoms for this moment when Combeferre just gives up and goes back to his papers and Grantaire determines that this conversation between Marius and Enjolras is the funniest thing he has ever heard in his life.

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if it's not getting really (really) old, sparktimus?

Ratchet’s not sure who he’s more worried for; Optimus (he has no shell no body nothing to keep him safe) or the children (who are quickly outgrowing the name but there’s still no telling what an unshielded spark could do to their fragile organic natures).

It would turn out he needn’t have worried. Whatever granted Optimus the ability to wander without a body also shielded any averse affects he may have had on their organic companions.

But that didn’t stop him from worrying.


     On January 23, 2015, after decades of storage, the M2-F1 finally went on display in a museum. She found her new home at the Air Force Flight Test Museum on Edwards Air Force Base, California. Before that, she was stored in a hangar at NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center, only seen by the occasional tour group. I was fortunate enough to photograph her at this previous location before the big move. The first four photos show the aircraft in its former storage area. The final six photos show the aircraft on display at its new location.

     When she arrived, I had the privilege of dusting her off, working as a volunteer for the Flight Test Museum. My first job was cleaning planes at the local airport as a young teenager. At my former job, I never cleaned anything as interesting as this and nothing gave me as much pride. For a brief moment, I felt like I was part of the lifting body story. I felt a connection to the NASA engineers who volunteered their time during construction to keep costs down. Volunteers worked to restore the aircraft in the 1990’s. We all volunteer for the same, simple reason; because we care about aviation.

     The story of the lifting body research vehicle had humble beginnings, starting with the M2-F1. NASA wanted a reusable spacecraft that could glide to and land on a conventional runway once it reentered the atmosphere, rather than splashing down in the ocean directly under its point of reentry like the Mercury spacecraft of the day. Wings are vulnerable to the intense heating and structural loads of launch and reentry. Additionally, wings are heavy; it seems a shame to drag them through an entire spaceflight, sacrificing cargo weight, only to use them for a few minutes at the end of the mission. Given the right shape, the fuselage alone could create enough lift to glide to a safe landing, or so they thought.

     Before a lifting body could fly in space, NASA had to figure out how to fly it in the atmosphere. Only $30,000 of discretionary funds were allocated for the construction of the vehicle. An additional $10,000 would later be spent on a crew ejection system. The Briegleb Glider Company constructed the bird of aluminium and wood in an area nicknamed the “Wright Bicycle Shop” at El Mirage Airport. In this shop, NASA engineers and technicians volunteered their time to construct the low budget aircraft.

     Starting on March 1, 1963, the M2-F1 began flight attempts while towed behind a brand new Pontiac Catalina convertible. When the car was hot-rodded, it reached speeds of 110 mph which was fast enough to lift the M2-F1 into the air. On August 16, 1963, the aircraft would be towed aloft by a C-47. Before air tows began, the aircraft was outfitted with an ejection seat and a small solid rocket motor that could offer up to five seconds of thrust. This rocket could be fired if landing sink rate was too high just before touchdown. The system was dubbed “Instant L/D”.

     Ten individuals piloted the M2-F1 during its research program. Fred Haise and Joe Engle each had one flight towed behind the Pontiac. They both would later become astronauts and fly the Space Shuttle. Air Force test pilot Brigadier General Chuck Yeager flew the M2-F1 five times, towed by the C-47 aircraft.

     Knowledge gained in this program was applied to the design of the Space Shuttle. Although the Shuttle had wings (added for extended cross range capability), its fuselage is a lifting body. The goal of the program was to put a lifting body shape on a spacefaring vehicle and this dream was realized. Now she’ll remain at the Air Force Flight Test Museum as an example of a humble vehicle that would ultimately change the world.

Fic: Caboose Time.


Based of @renaroo‘s fantastic Hero Time fic where the Freelancers are superheroes and everything is weird. This is my take on it, with her permission. 

Caboose, his powers, and why capes and cowls looked more fun on television. 

Characters: Caboose, his sisters in passing and a surprise. 

Warnings: Hints of ableism off screen. 

AO3: X

Rena’s Hero Time: X

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