flight 6560

August 20, 2011.
The day my mom left me behind.
The day my whole damn world fell apart.
The day I lost my family, my sanity, hope.
She was a flight attendant on first air flight 6560. That day.. The horrid day will always be in my mind. I can’t forget it.
I talked with her for hours the night before .. The last thing she said was “ I should head to bed, love you Sweet Pea! I’ll call you as soon as I land. See you soon kiddo”
That call never came. Instead it was my frantic grandma. Telling me of the crash and how only three survived.
I had to wait to find out.. Seconds passed.. Then minutes passed.. Then hours .. I made myself sick with worry for the only woman who I will ever call mom, even though she’s my auntie by birth
I went to message my older sister/cousin on Facebook.. And instead I was greeted by the steady “ rip ” posts to my mom.
I fucking found out she died over Facebook.

August 20, 2012

I flew with family to resolute. I saw where moms last moments were. I heard the horror story from people who were there. Everyone knew who I was. And most of the flight attendants adored me and sat with me as I drew and talked with me. Then the Captain, a close family friend let me come to the cockpit. When we landed in resolute, I saw the darkened rock.. That’s where the plane crashed and burned. That’s where my mom died.
It was hard.
On the way home we were flying through the night. And the northern nights were out, and the captain again, let me come to the cockpit and see them and even sit on his chair.

The first air family is spectacular.

Today is March 25, 2014.

The TSB release comes out at 9am .. It’s 8:30.. And I’m anxiously waiting .. I need to know about my mom.
I miss her so much.