flight 64


after being without studio space for almost a year, i finally found and am a member at Flight 64 co-operative printmaking studio in the Alberta District.  Finally I can start getting some new images on screens after re-hashing the same old images for a year

which is not nearly as exciting as the fact that I can spit from the front door of the studio and hit the entrance to the nearest pizza place which means garlic knots every time i take a break



Here is my latest, a six layer screenprint i’ve titled Untangle Your Fears. It is also the first page from Jade to be turned into a print.

The first two photos show the rubylith I spent 16ish hours total cutting out before printing the last three layers tonight. These are drying as we speak, they should be up in my online store by the end of the week. (no rhyming intended.)

P.S. pardon the photobooth/dumb phone photos, i’ll get some better shots real soon!

Rogue Squadron for $15.

Not a super expensive game, but I don’t see it around often. When I do see it it’s often $15-25 so I’m glad I could get it on the cheaper end.

I’m happy to have a game that takes advantage of the expansion pack bringing the total number of games I own which do that to two. 

A really fun flight-combt game, if my childhood nostalgia is correct. I’m currently still playing through my other Sunday flea market finds so it’ll probably be a while until I get to this.