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Could you do one on peter etc and the guardians wanting tony to join them in space but he is still scarred from the battle of New York and peter is the one to help him decide to go.

Tony stands on his roof and looks at the spaceship. The milano looks wonderful but Tony can’t help himself. He shivers.

“Rocket? I need you to check the turbine again. Then we can leave.” says Peter and Tony looks up to him. Peter stands on the ladder and Rocket is somewhere under the ship.

Gamora said she would bring Groot on his seat and even Drax is already inside.

“Tony?” says Peter, because Tony still stands there. Frozen.

“Hm?” is the only thing Tony can say without starting to puke.

Peter looks really worried now. But Tony can’t help it. He is scared.

“Are you nervous?” asks Peter when he comes down and stands in front of Tony.

“Hm.” Tony says again. He doesn’t have to open his mouth for that.

“Hey it’s gonna be okay.” says Peter and he slowly reaches for Tonys shoulder to pat him there. Tony jerks away.

“I- i d-don’t know.” answers Tony finally and he can’t help his scared look. What if he sees those aliens again?

What if he falls from space and this time there is no Hulk to catch him.


“It’s n-nothing.” chokes Tony and nods firmly. He can do this. He promised he would go with them.

And here is nothing left for Tony.

On earth? Yes Pepper, Rhodey and the Spiderkid. And Tony promised them he would visited every two months. And he will miss them. But he knows they love him and he loves them. So it’s okay.

But at his tower? Not really.

Well. He did cry when he said goodbye to Dummy, U and Butterfinger. And Jarvis will now only be in his suit. But they are gonna be okay. Pepper promised to look after them. Peter, too.

“You sure?” asks Peter again and Tony goes toward the ship. He takes the steps carefully and manages to go trough the door. So far so fine.

“Turbine is ready.” says Rocket and when Tony hears the loud sound its almost like the hellicarrier.

And that brings back those memories of Loki and the Chitauri. And a moment later Tony is falling. He is falling from space and no one is there…

Oh god he is going to die, isn’t he?


Tony can’t breathe. He has no oxygen. And the suit is too heavy and…

“Please say something Tony!” says that voice again and Tony opens his eyes again.

“I’m here sweetheart. Everything is okay. I’ve got you.”

“P-peter?” croaks Tony and he tries to breath again. This time it goes a lot better. His vision isn’t swimming anymore and now he sees Peter right above him.

“Yeah I’m here. You scared me pretty bad, darling.”

Tony wants to ask what is going on with those nicknames. But he tries to focus on breathing.

“N-nothing.” he manages to get out and Peter shakes his head.

“Doesn’t looked like nothing.” answers Peter and Tony realizes that he lays in Peters lap. He can feel the heat in his cheeks.

“Mr. Quill. It appears that Sir had a panic attack due to his flight in space 2012. His suit shut down after he managed to throw the nuke into the chitauri spaceship. Apparently Sir thought he was back to fallen on earth and dying.” summarizes Jarvis up.

“J?” asks Tony breathless, because he isn’t wearing his suit. So why can he hear him? He isn’t even wearing his watch.

“Thats right, Sir. I’m here.” says Jarvis again and Tony frowns.

“Rocket installed him, when you said you wanted to join us. He said you needed your best friend with you.” says Peter, because he knows what Tony wants to ask.

“Really?” Tony asks because that was…nice. He didn’t want to pressure the guardians into having Jarvis around. Cap and the other didn’t like him very much.

“Course. We don’t leave anyone behind, hm.” says Peter and he strokes Tonys hair. Tony realizes that they are alone. Looks like the others gave them some time alone.

“Also i’m sure there are a few … uhm people you like to meet.” says Peter and a familiar beep echoes trough the room. Tony looks around. They are in his new bedroom, that Rocket made him. It’s next to Peters and Tony liked it the first second he saw it.

And there in the corner are Dummy, U and Butterfingers. Tony grins so wide, but he can’t help and tears up.

“They are coming with us?” Tony asks and Dummy beeps again.

“Yeah thought you like the surprise. But i’m not sure if its a good idea to leave… i mean you just had a pretty bad panic attack about space.” says Peter and he lays his hand on Tonys cheek.

“No! I wanna go!” says Tony and sits up. He is still in Peters lap.

“Tony we are still on earth and you just blacked out:” says Peter and he looks so worried. Tony looks down.

“I really wanna go with you.” mumbles Tony and Peter sighs.

“I’m gonna regret this, but fine. But you aren’t leaving my side, yes? And i want Jarvis to report me your vitals all the time.” says Peter and Jarvis confirms that.

Tony smiles.

“I promise. And now that i have my friends with me, its going to be alright.” whispers Tony and Peter chuckles.

“Oh wow. So i’m not your friend.” says Peter fake hurt and Tony smiles.

“I hope you would be more.”

15 Years of Station Told in 15 Gifs

1. International Space Station Assembly Animation

From 1998 to 2011, five different space agencies representing 15 countries assembled the International Space Station, the largest structure ever built in space.  Today humans are still living and work in the orbital laboratory. November 2, 2015 marks the 15th anniversary of continuous human presence onboard.

2. Entry of Expedition 1

Expedition 1 crew members including, Commander William Shepherd and Cosmonauts Sergei Krikalev and Yuri Gidzenko arrive to the International Space Station for the first time on November 2, 2000.

3. September 11, 2001

Expedition 3 Commander Frank Culbertson was the only American living off the planet on September 11, 2001. He captured his view of the fateful day from the space station. 

4. Kibo

The Japanese Experiment Module, or Kibo, is installed to the space station on June 3, 2008. Kibo means “hope” in Japanese, and it is the largest single space station module.

5. First 6-person Crew

The first 6 person crew on the space station gathers for a press conference in May 29, 2009.  Because it was comprised of astronauts from NASA, CSA, ESA, JAXA, and Russia, this was the first and only time all international partners were represented on the space station at the same time. 

6. SpaceX Dragon

The space station’s robotic arm captures the SpaceX Dragon during its demonstration flight on May 25, 2012, making it the first commercial vehicle ever to dock with the space station.

7. Olympic Torch

Russian Cosmonauts Sergey Ryanzanskiy and Oleg Kotov bring the Olympic torch outside the space station during a spacewalk on November 9, 2013. The torch traveled to the station as part of the Olympic torch relay ahead of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. 

8. Testing Fire in Space

Astronaut Reid Weisman captured a floating sphere of fire observed during the Flex-2 experiment on space station on July 18, 2014. The findings may lead to better engines here on Earth. 

9. Aurora

Astronaut Reid Weisman’s timelapse of a flickering aurora seen from space station on August 28, 2014.

10. Sunrise

Astronaut Reid Weisman’s timelapse of what a sunrise looks like from the space station on September 23, 2014.

11. Water Bubbles

Astronaut Reid Weisman experiments with water bubbles in space on November 8, 2014.

12. GoPro

Astronauts Terry Virts and Barry “Butch” Wilmore capture the first GoPro footage of a spacewalk on February 25, 2015.

13. Lightning

Astronaut Terry Virts filmed a massive lightning storm over India from the space station on May 9, 2015.

14. Milky Way

Astronaut Terry Virts captured a stunning view of the Milky Way from space station on May 15, 2015.

15. Veggie

Astronauts Scott Kelly, Kjell Lindgren, and Kimiya Yui taste lettuce that had been grown and harvested in space for the very first time on August 10, 2015.

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