flight '89

A Swiss Messerschmitt in flight. 89 Bf 109-Es and a handful of -Ds made up the core of the Swiss Air Force’s fighter complement, purchased from Germany before the war and delivered through the first months of 1940. It irked Hitler to no end during 1940 when the Swiss’ German made aircraft were trouncing the Luftwaffe, and no further purchases were allowed after delivery of the order had been completed - although several fell into Swiss hands after being forced to land when violating airspace.

In 1944 though, the Swiss were given a golden opportunity. An Me 110 testing out new night-fighting radar, and armed with the new fangled, upward firing cannons called “Slanted Music” was forced to land in Switzerland. Fearful the Allies might get their hands on the technology, German planners even considered a bombing raid on the airfield to destroy the plane, but in the end, negotiated with the Swiss to have the plane destroyed in exchange for a dozen 109-Gs, as well as a license to manufacture more domestically.


Taylor was talking about how she had to catch a flight right after Loft 89 to set up Jaime’s baby shower and like homegirl needs some sleep like RIP