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Please do not post my art on other sites without asking.

Sorry that this was late, life kinda got in the way.

Also I chose to do Gakuen because September is the first full month back in school for a lot of you. I hope this year is good to you and I’m sorry for not being particularly social over the summer. Not that I’m every really social.


Please do not post my art on other sites without asking.

I haven’t used Prismacolor markers in a long time and never for something like this so I’m impressed that it turned out so well.

And here is the irritating truth; this is just a doodle. I really did not think that it would turn out well at all.


Remember that Fantasy AU I have? The one I had some doodles for a while back. I still think about it and I want to write it, but for now I will still doodle it and write blurbs for it.

This is Sam and Gabriel’s first meeting and I did end up writing a bit. I do surprisingly like the writing better than the art…

Pardon any errors…

Sam was led down a long corridor decorated with tapestries and banners baring the royal family crest hanging on the walls. Torches were lit every few feet. The servant guiding him stopped at a pair of massive oak doors at the end of the corridor. He rapped on them three times before and answer came from the other side.

 “Come in.” A young man’s voice called and the doors swung open without being so much as touched.

Sam followed the servant in to the large room; he couldn’t help but gaze around the room taking in all of it. The room was filled with numerous boxes, crates, and chests. Every wall had book shelves on them, but many of the shelves remained empty. Those that weren’t held instruments and vials filled with all kinds of liquids, as well as jars filled with things Sam had never seen. As his eyes moved around the room he came to realize that he could not see the occupant of the room who had beckoned them in.

The servant addressed the seemingly unoccupied room, “Your majesty, Prince Gabriel, I have brought to you your guest Samuel Winchester.”

After a moment of silence a loud surprised sound erupted from the far corner of the room, then a diminutive man wearing a sorcerer’s hood with a set of golden wings that sprouted out from his back, bounded out from behind a stack of boxes. He came to stand before Sam and looked the taller man up and down before offering out his hand to him.

“It’s nice to meet you Sammy.” He said.

Sam would have complained about the nick name if the prince was anyone else, or he wasn’t so confused by the fact that Gabriel had offer out his left hand instead of his right. Not sure whether to correct him or not he took his hand and gave it a firm shake.

Gabriel chuckled and Sam had to stop his features from looking as offended as he felt.

“You still have a lot to learn.” Gabriel told him drawing back his hand. “A sorcerer never shakes hands with their casting hand. Seeing as most people are right handed we often greet will the left.”  He explained.

“Oh, understood.” Sam replied taking in the new bit of information, eager to learn everything he could from his new teacher.

Gabriel burst in to laughter again and Sam watched him with uncertainty.

“I’m just kidding!” Gabriel shouted between fits of giggles. “Sometimes I just forget witch one is left or right.” He said holding both hands out in front of him and flexing his fingers.

Sam couldn’t stifle the glare he shot down at the smaller man.          

Once calm, Gabriel straightened to his full height -which was a whole head shorter then Sam- and addressed him with a serious tone.

“As you are well aware I’m going to teach you an assortment of magic, but first I want you to help me unpack all this.” He told Sam and turned on his heal and stretched out his arms to gesture to all the boxes stacked about in the room.

Sam accepted this first task and set about doing it. Gabriel occasionally asked him if he knew what the things in the containers were, and explained a few of them as they went. For a first lesson it was a bit odd, but educational. Yet at the same time, Sam felt that the prince was only using him to put things on higher shelves that the shorter man could not reach.

Sam had asked vary early on why he didn’t simply use magic to put everything away. Gabriel explained to him that many ingredients used in magic could not be touched by another type of magic or they may become contaminated and unusable.

After a few hours of work Gabriel announced that they were done, and that that would be the end of their first lesson.  Sam was a bit disappointed that he had not learned any new spells or how to make any kind of potions. After admitting this Gabriel stacked a few useful books in his arms and then declared that they were to have supper before Sam departed.


I’m learning how to draw mer creature, so obviously supernatural characters are my victims of chose.

Thank you Mermaid! AU for existing!

Seeing as I am still learning, I will draw them all in like a hundred ways before I’m satisfied.

They are all super fun to draw and it has been a while sense I draw anything with marker.

The two are drawn on shrink dink plastic and somewhere I have itty bitty charms of them.

My favorite is the chubby shark Benny.

Now I’m going to go spend a long time with photos of fish and octopi.

About your paints there Scotty…

Well how do I some this up?

This is my Fan Character for Scotland for Hetalia. (Witch I feel looks a lot like  a few other’s versions.)

At first I just drew the pixiv Scotland like everyone else, but the more I learned about the country of Scotland and about the opinions of the Scottish fans of Hetalia the more I felt that that character didn’t fit at all.

When I drew him I wanted him to fit the stereotype of a Scotsmen more. Y’know, more manly and harry. I also wanted him to fit the little bit of information that Hemaruya gave about Scotland. For one he said that he wanted the character to actually be more cheery and friendly and not as malicious as every on makes him.

I also don’t understand the name that everyone has given him, Alasdair or something like that. Anyone want to tell me why they all picked that?

I have yet to decide on a name for him other than just calling him Scotty, but I think something like Robert or James makes way more sense because they have reference his history.

Anyways… I suppose that is all for now, I haven’t slept in 24 hours so I doubt I’m making much sense any more.

Ugh, this drawing looks better at every angle other than right side up… And my camera still hates me.

Somehow Castiel (Misha Collins) is the easiest one of them to draw in a realistic style.

So you were all probably expecting me to draw them in an anime/graphic novel style and I know how little you youngsters appreciate realism, but I’ve needed and excuse to draw real people for some time now and this was it.

No worries I’ll draw them some in my normal style too.


Please do not post my art on other sites without asking.

He thinks he’s king. Nobody tell him Abaddon’s the new Queen.

You guys remember this art work -> “Dean, can we keep them?”

So I realize out of the characters that I adore in Supernatural I never did Crowley as a cat, so here he is. I couldn’t help but make him a Munchkin Cat because seriously look at him he’s perfect.  No one would ever be able to take him series with his cute, short lil legs.



Friedrich David Jones For the lovely cookieprusiana.

He’s such a cutie. When he was still in line art he looked like Alfred and it bugged me, but then I gave him color and now I definitely think he looks like Prussia and America’s kid. I hope you like the way I dressed him. I feel he looks like a Texas boy. :P

I also got AmePru as a request but I’m going to do the non-anon ones first so that will have to wait. :)