no offense guys but think about this for a second:

Kindergarten teacher Eric Bittle.

Kindergarten teacher Mr Bittle who is bright and energetic and loves children and taking care of “his kids”.

Kindergarten teacher Mr Bittle who calls his kids “Mr Bittle’s Bumblebees” and has a sign on his door that says “Welcome to the honey comb! We are busy bees but please come in!”

Kindergarten teacher Mr Bittle who has his friends volunteering in his classroom on a rotating weekly basis.

Kindergarten teacher Mr Bittle whose classroom is painted yellow and has red gingham curtains with pies on the borders.

Kindergarten teacher Mr Bittle who celebrates the 100th day of school by taking his bumblebees to meet the Falcs and learn to skate.

Kindergarten teacher Mr Bittle who talks about hockey a lot and who gives out “penalties” at the table next to his desk when someone needs a moment to cool down. “Joey you look upset. Here bud, do you need two minutes?” “Layla we have to share crayons with our friends! Come take two to remember that!” “Ben no throwing cars, kiddo! How about you take two?”

Kindergarten teacher Mr Bittle whose classroom always smells like fresh baked bread and who celebrates Friday with pie.

Kindergarten teacher Mr Bittle who sings and dances with his students and who joins in when his kids greet Jack with a rousing rendition of “The Hockey Song” when he come into for show and tell. Mr Bittle who brings Jack in after they watch inside out because he offers to talk about feelings to the little ones. Mr Bittle who is so touched by this that he brings in tiny maple apple pie bites for the class and for Jack because his husband is swawesome.

Kindergarten teacher Eric Bittle who teaches skating lessons for his kids in return for parents volunteering with classroom activities.

Kindergarten teacher Eric Bittle who takes his kids on a field trip to the high school home ec class so his kids can bake cupcakes and the high schoolers get some experience with the small ones.

Kindergarten teacher Eric Bittle who uses kindness to teach those early life lessons, who bakes cupcakes for birthdays and class parties and drags his hubby to chaperone field trips to the zoo and the beach and the aquarium.

Kindergarten teacher Eric Bittle who gets with the Falcs every year to get the kids and their families to a home game and give them “homework” of writing down as many jersey numbers as they can. Who spends the next Monday making each kid a paper jersey to hang up on the walls for art time.

Kindergarten teacher Eric Bittle who wears fun patterned bow ties on Wednesdays and can throw a football and play street hockey and fix the rip on one of the dress up clothes and teaches the little ones “the best mud pie recipe you’ll ever know. My moo maw taught me this y'all.” And then proceeds to get into the dirt to teach about bugs and worms and plants.

Kindergarten teacher Eric Bittle who cries on the last day of school during Kindergarten graduation because he loves his kids.
Kindergarten teacher Eric Bittle who cries and then smiles because year after year that he teaches, the back of the room at graduation is a mix of former Samwell hockey players and current Falcs who wear their game day best and hand out diplomas and fix tiny hats and curls and wipe away tears.

Just kindergarten teacher Eric Bittle who loves getting to build these foundations for his little ones and enjoys taking care of two dozen tiny people during their first year of school. Who loves seeing his kids when they come back to visit. Who encourages them to volunteer their time in his classroom when they get to high school.

Just kindergarten teacher Eric Bittle who has so much love to give the world, so he gives it by teaching tiny ones.

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AU + 5 headcanons: How does the "half feral fire bender" Zuko's story end in the events of S3?

Continued from here: [Link] and here: [Link]

1. As far as Book Three goes, by far the biggest change is that Zuko joins up with the Gaang in Book Two during “The Chase”, so he is already a well established member of the Gaang, the same way Toph is, since they joined at about the same time.  In part this means that when they sneak on board the Fire Nation ship and sail to the Fire Nation, he is there to share in the despair and fear they’re all feeling.  He is also able to smooth over some bits of Fire Nation culture clash for them, like explaining to Aang that the clothes he picked are a school uniform, and if he wears them, he’ll get dragged in for truancy.

2. Hama takes one look at the former Fire Nation soldier traveling with the Avatar and his friends and singles him out for kidnap.  He goes missing under the light of the full moon, and the gaang sets out to find him while Katara studies waterbending with Hama.  Afterwards, Hama’s story, and Hama’s rearrest, bring up Zuko’s past as a prison guard.  He opens up to the Gaang about the Boiling Rock and his experiences there.

3. On the Day of Black Sun, Zuko tells the Gaang how to get into the bunker, but other than that, not much changes.  Azula is still able to delay them for long enough for the eclipse to end, and they still have to escape by the skin of their teeth, leaving the adults behind.

4. Speaking of the Boiling Rock… Zuko’s story means that Sokka knows where his father and the other Southern Water Tribe warriors are probably being kept.  He takes Zuko with him to get them.  At the Boiling Rock, things have changed since Zuko was there last.  Mai’s uncle has been transferred away, and Mai herself is a prisoner, in a cell next to Suki’s actually, because that’s just the way Azula is.   Also at least half the guards know and recognize Zuko, and it’s not hard for him to spin a yarn about being transferred back.  It’s Sokka who gets caught and thrown into prison, and it’s his presence as one of the Avatar’s companions that causes Azula to come, only to find her brother there too, leading an escape.  In the end, Sokka and Zuko are able to rescue their girlfriends and Sokka’s dad, and it’s Ty Lee who fights to protect them and is thrown into prison for her betrayal.

5. After the Boiing Rock, when Azula attacks, the Gaang flies off and accidentally finds the Sun Warriors.  Aang and Zuko have their little dance with the dragons, Sokka makes fun of them, the Sun Warriors glare at him, Katara hits him in the head. Good times.

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*leans in close and whispers* Tony loves Steve. *flies off into the sun*

“Tony loves Steve,” Clint chanted in a sing-song voice as he ambled into the kitchen. He was dressed and wide-awake at six in the morning which meant he’d been up all night playing video games and was going to pass out as soon as he’d stuffed his face. Peter staggered in behind him, looking rumpled and nearly catatonic before nearly collapsing into the chair across from Bruce’s and laying his head down on the table which meant he’d let himself get talked into staying up all night playing video games with Clint.

Bruce pulled his plate closer to his chest and narrowed his eyes in warning.

Peter pouted.

Clint, as per usual, seemed unperturbed by the inherent threat of pissing him off and snatched a piece of toast off his place. “Tony and Steeeeeeve, sitting in a tree,” he sang, managing not to spew crumbs everywhere as he chewed. “F-U-C-K-I-N-G.”

“Make your own breakfast,” Bruce told him.

“First comes looooooove-”

“What is he doing?” Tony stood in the doorway, scowling fiercely at the empty coffeepot. His hair was sticking up like one of those troll dolls from the nineties and he was wearing a pair of silk pajama pants and one of Steve’s old Boston Marathon t-shirts. “Is he singing? Why is Clint singing before coffee? I thought we made a rule.”

Clint poured most of a box of Lucky Charms into a truly enormous bowl. “Then comes marriage-”

“Who is Clint marrying off in song and story?” Steve paused in the doorway long enough to drop a kiss on Tony’s head then stared digging through the fridge.

“You,” Clint said cheerfully. He reached around Steve for the container of chocolate milk and poured it liberally over his cereal. “I can’t figure out who’s in the baby carriage.”

Steve and Tony exchanged a glance and Bruce hid a grin behind his remaining piece of toast. “Peter,” they chorused in dual monotones.

“You guys all suck,” Peter mumbled into the table.

Clint clapped him on the back so hard he almost knocked him out of his chair. “Relax, Spider-Wimp, carriage comes after marriage and Mom and Dad are still living in sin.”

Steve put two sesame bagels in the toaster oven and handed Tony a glass of orange juice. “Marriage sounds good,” he said.

Bruce blinked. Clint paused with a heaping spoonful of cereal halfway to his open mouth. Peter picked his head up off the table.

Tony hummed as he drained the glass and handed it back. “Well, if the living in sin thing is bothering the kids.”

Steve took the glass and leaned in for a kiss. “Mmm. Tart. I’d want a priest.”

“I don’t have anything against priests.” Tony licked his lips. “I get to pick the honeymoon.”

The toaster dinged and Steve set the bagels on a couple of plates, handing one to Tony. “As long as you actually take time off from work, I don’t want to spend my honeymoon competing with your cell phone.”

“Deal.” Tony grabbed the cream cheese out of the fridge. “What are you thinking? Next summer?”

“Autumn,” Steve said. He hooked his foot around a kitchen chair and pulled it out from the table. “Autumn is a good time for an outdoor ceremony.”

“I’ll call Pepper after breakfast and we’ll figure out the best time for me to be gone for a few weeks.” Tony poured two more glasses of OJ and set them down as he took the seat next to Steve’s. “I’m not adopting Peter though.”

“I am an adult,” Peter said, his voice rising with each word.

“What just happened?” Clint asked Bruce, the chocolate milk from his cereal dripping on his pants. “Did I do that?”

“I think you did,” Bruce said. He slid his napkin across the table. 

“I want an amazing ring,” Tony said. He had his head on Steve’s shoulder and his eyes were drifting shut, his bagel untouched on its plate. “Huge. It has to be prettier than Pepper’s. I want to blind the paparazzi with it.”

Steve kissed the top of his head. “Eat your bagel and we’ll talk.”

Clint heaved a heavy sigh and shoved his cereal in his mouth. “Who are we kidding, you’re already married.”

“We’ve been together for six years,” Steve said. 

Bruce drained his tea and gathered his plate. “Just imagine. A honeymoon period six years in the making. And we have Clint to thank for it.”

Steve smirked. Peter whined at the table. Clint dropped his spoon and leaned around Peter to jab a finger in Steve’s face. “Oh no. No no no. Not again. Not an actual honeymoon. I’m not taking the fall for that. I quit. I’m joining the X-Men.”

“I already told Jan it was your idea,” Tony mumbled against Steve’s shoulder. He held up one hand to show his cell phone.

“Oh my god.” Clint stared at his cereal.

“This is why we have a rule against Clint singing before cereal,” Steve said.

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concept: prompto making todd howard jokes like the mcelroy bros. like, every time a daemon sinks back into the floor or an animal flies off into the fucking sun from the force of gladio's greatsword he mumbles "it belongs to todd now..."

true endgame: prompto becomes fully self-aware of the fact that he’s a video game and activates his god mode. 

you wander around at night, hear the creaking of something pulling itself from the darkness, limbs cracking, groaning. your party braces for battle.

then, from the abyss, you hear: kweh!

all daemons are chocobos now.

The Sheriff’s Son Part 2

Author: really-meg

Pairing: OFC X Stiles Stilinski

Warnings: Some mature themes, cursing, guns.

Word Count: 2,515

Series: “The Sheriff’s Son”    

A/N: Heres the second part of collab series I’m doing with the amazing @daddyobrienx you can read her part (Part 1) HERE. I hope you guys enjoy!

I look from the house to gauge Stiles’s reaction.

He nods before licking his lips anxiously.  “Lead the way.”

I sigh in relief as we walk up the pathway to the front door. Thank god, he bought it.

I look under the rock next to it and grab the key opening it and letting him walk first. I quickly look outside to see if anybody watching before slipping into the house and shutting the door.

“Nice place.”

“Just wait till you see the pool.”

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Hi, uh, so how about TimKon for Important (with Kon explaining why Tim is important to him?), and/or maybe Surprise with Batman finding out something surprising about Kyle Rayner? (I hope you're having a good day so far!)

They’re fighting.

It’s close to sunrise and the night has been hard– Tim’s nearly died at least twice tonight and though he can’t lift one of his arms above his head, torn something in his shoulder, he says he’s fine. He is ignoring Kon’s concerns and it’s been…it’s been a week.

“Can we do this in the morning?” Tim says, eyes not meeting Kon’s own and it’s irritating. It’s irritating because Tim always down plays what’s going on with him, thinks that no one will understand or no one will want to hear what’s happening with him and it’s been years now, years, and Kon’s starting to get sick of it.

“No,” he states, bluntly, standing tall with his shoulders squared, arms crossing over his chest. “No we can’t because you’re just going to push it aside and ignore it until shit like this happens again.”

Tim sighs. “Conner–”

“No, Tim.” He cuts him off, glaring. “Because you need to realize you going around attempting to kill yourself in the name of justice is getting to be too much.”

“They needed–”

“No, jesus, they didn’t!” Kon snaps and doesn’t want to, but he can feel his chest growing tight, feel his throat knotting up, and he needs to get this out. “We had it under control! You’re taking stupid risks and I get it, I fucking get it, but there’s some things you don’t need to hold so damned close to your chest.”

He takes a breath, Tim doesn’t fill in the silence, so Kon closes his eyes for just a moment before going for a low blow.

“I died. You remember that?” Tim snaps his head up, looks at him glaring, but Kon continues. “Yeah– and I’m sure you remember how you felt, right? And sure I didn’t see it, but I got enough from what Cassie’s said to me. And if that happened to you, fuck– Tim, you realize how that’d fuck me up? Christ, you don’t have to be a fucking martyr.”

“It’s different.” Tim finally speaks uo, his back now turned to Kon, his voice near stolen by the wind. “With you… you’re a lot more important to me than I am to you.”

Conner stills and, for just a second, doesn’t know what to do. His mind goes silent except for a high buzzing, watching Tim’s back, watching his cradle his bad arm. And then– and then his ribs feel like they’re bursting, his stomach flips, he shakes.

“Are you hearing yourself!?” He shouts, anger now wanting to take over. “You think you dying isn’t some big deal because I don’t love you enough?”

“That’s not–”

“It fucking is, jesus Tim, I wouldn’t be doing all this if you weren’t important to me! I wouldn’t stay up with you for hours and hours making sure you at some point sleep, I wouldn’t make you breakfast every damned day to make sure I know you’re eating–  and this isn’t even me complaining! Because I don’t care, I like doing it. I love living with you and watching you read the news every morning and the fact that you have a favorite coffee mug. And then you go and try to get yourself killed once a week out of moral guilt and apparently I’m important to you? If I was so damned important you would consider listening to me instead of ignoring me because you can’t talk about it!”


“No,” He runs a hand through his hair, voice feeling raw, body drained. “Just…I’ll see you at home. Finish whatever it is you think you still need to do.”

When he flies off, the sun is just peaking up over the skyline. Behind him, Tim disappears in the glare of the light.