flies will come into your mouth

But what if the princess was in the tower because she was the dragon?

Like the queen gives birth and oops it’s this adorable little scaley lizard with tiny wings that she can never quite seem to fold right

None of the King’s advisors or doctors can explain it, no one can remember anyone who might have cursed the royal family, plus sire she’s clearly yours still I mean look at those eyes

They just kind of accept it and keep her in a tower so no one tries to slay her

The queen or castle servants reading bedtime stories to the toddler princess, who’s made a nest of her favorite toys and some jewelery she stole off her mother, and when she laughs little puffs of smoke come out of her mouth

The king being so proud when she flies across the room for the first time

And once the princess comes of age, confused knights breaking into the tower to find a twenty foot long dragon sitting at the vanity getting her horns polished by her handmaidens


oh wow, I was not expecting this to be popular at all @_@

Due to popular demand I am… going to attempt writing this. By all means, that doesn’t mean anyone else who said they wanted to or who might already be doing so has to stop, especially because I’m sure we’ll have different takes on it. Just, yes, I am going to write it, and yes it will probably take a while but you’ve all gotten me excited enough that I really want it to be a thing, one way or another.

Curls (Shawn Mendes Smut)

requested: eh… not really.

pairing: reader x Shawn

warnings: smut

a/n: this is based off of a conversation @starrynightshawn & I had over the personal offense we took upon learning that Shawn cut his hair. Let me know what you think!

(picture is not mine- credits go to owner)

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I Like It When You Do That (Isaac Lahey)

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Summary: However this ends, he’s a fool if he does nothing or a fool if he gives into the sweetness of temptation.

Author’s Note: I’m glad I’m finally done with this story. I had debated on a while on how far to take this. But I’m glad that I decided to push the envelope and go all the way with the smut. Enjoy!

Nights like this were always innocent.

They would curl up under the covers of her bed and watch movies until they both fell asleep. Suspicions never rose when they spent hours together behind her bedroom door; often times it wouldn’t open until the early hours of the morning and it was time for Isaac to leave so he could head home to get ready for school. It was entirely innocent…until it wasn’t. Her parents should have expected that it would turn out that way eventually.

The night starts out like every other one. They had watched two movies and thirty minutes into the third (some French film remake with an obscenely long title), she was sound asleep. The movie was a thriller; it was on the subtler side but the heroine was hot and that kept his attention mostly.

Then there was a sex scene. Of course there was a sex scene. Not that he was complaining too much. The guy okay looking, but seeing the actress naked, enjoying being eaten out, being thrust into from behind—the whole scene made his cock twinge with desire.

Isaac feels a shift beside him. Looking down, he sees [Name] burrowing herself further into the covers of her bed. Lying on her side with one arm tucked under the pillow and her legs pulled towards her stomach, she looked like an angel. She looked so peaceful (and not his girl) and there was a desire in his blood to touch her. It should never have been a thought that entered his mind. It was wrong. She was his friend and asleep, and he was turned on by a movie. He should have just gone to bathroom to jack off. Isaac licks his lips as his eyes travel across her sleeping form.

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A cute little fic where Baz gets a haircut and Simon just can’t hold his tongue anymore.


My hand automatically flies to my side to summon my sword when I open my bedroom door and see someone I don’t recognize.

His back is facing me, and when he hears me come in he whips around. “Woah there, Snow, no need for the sword.”

My eyes grow wide and my jaw drops. It’s Baz. Except he’s cut his long black locks short, that’s why I didn’t recognize him. I’m speechless. He was attractive before but now he’s..I don’t even have words for it.

Beautiful. Gorgeous. Perfect.

“Close your mouth before flies get in there, Snow.” His hands move up to tug at his newly short hair and I can’t stop staring. His eyes look bigger without hair falling in them and I never noticed before but his eyebrows are bloody perfect.

“You-You,” I don’t even know what I’m trying to say but whatever it is won’t come out anyway. “Yes?” He questions with a cock of one of his perfect eyebrows. “You cut your hair.” I manage to spurt out.

He smirks. Dear Merlin, he looks good. “Very observant aren’t you?” He says in a sarcastic tone. He walks from where he was standing in front of the wardrobe to sit on his bed. I go to sit on my own.

“When did you decide to do that?” I’m still staring at him. I cannot believe how good he looks, he’s got his short locks pushed up into a quiff. “Just today.” He touches his hair again self-consciously. This is a side of Baz I’ve never seen, he seems nervous.

I want so badly to tell him that it looks good but I don’t want it to come out the wrong way, so instead I just keep my mouth shut.

We’re just sitting on our beds staring at each other for what seems like an eternity. Baz scratches the back of his head and breaks our eye contact. “Well, I better get going, see you later Snow.”

He gets up and begins walking toward the door. I can’t let him leave without telling him, it’ll eat me alive. “Baz, wait.” He stops in front of the door and turns around with a curious look on his face. I don’t like how far away I am from him, so I get up and walk toward him.

“It looks good.” I say, shoving my hands in my pockets so I don’t reach up and touch his hair. He gives me a confused look. “Your hair, your hair looks good.” I pull a hand out of my pocket and point stupidly at his head.

He gives me a look and I can’t describe, it’s something between longing and hurt. And Merlin and Morgana, when a slight blush begins to form on the tops of his cheeks, I almost lose it.

“Thanks Snow, I have to go.” He turns but I don’t want him to leave. I reach out and grab his wrist. “Stay.” I whisper. I don’t know what exactly I mean by it, all I know is that I don’t want him to leave, not now.

He doesn’t turn around, just stands there with my fingers wrapped around his wrist. Suddenly I feel ridiculous and take my hand away.

“What do you want Snow?” He turns around and I realize his eyes are the color of the sky on a stormy day. “Nothing, I don’t want anything, I just-” I stop myself, I’ve never been good with words and right now is no exception.

“You what?” He grabs the wrist that I was holding and begins rubbing it, like I hurt him. I don’t ever want to hurt him. “I-” I start again, and fail again. “Spit it out, Snow.”

“I like looking at you.” I don’t want to see the look of disgust he’s about to give me so I look at the floor. For a while all I hear from him is shallow breathing.

“Simon.” He breathes rather than says. It sends shivers through my whole body, he’s never called me Simon before. “Yea?” I reply, keeping my eyes glued to the floor.

“Look at me.” he says quietly, it makes my heart fall to my feet. But I don’t want to, can’t, look at him. I can’t be looking into his eyes when he spits his venomous rejecting words at me. “No.” I say simply. The way I say it reminds me of a child on the verge of crying.

“Fine, I’ll just have to make you.” He says before taking my face in both his hands and kissing me so hard I forget who I am for a second. I never realized it before this moment, but I’ve wanted this for a long time. I wrap my arms around his middle and bring him closer.

He slowly leans out of the kiss, leans in close to my ear and whispers “I like looking at you too.”

anonymous asked:

do you ever just... think about waking harry up with a blowjob... because i think about that a lot and it's probably concerning how much that's on my mind

Okay, so this is something me and @nips-and-tats have talked about so many times.. Enough for it to be tattooed in my brain forever.

Harry would first be a little confused to see you under the covers, your head between his thighs, but the confusion would turn into a smirk on his lips. Harry’s hair all messy and curly from the shower he had the night before, leaving it smelling like fresh green apples. Knuckles lightly stroking your cheek and and his hand sliding in your hair, scratching your scalp right behind your ear.

He’s so sensitive, full of heavy touches and puffs of air coming from his mouth as you find a rhythm with your hand along his shaft. You can feel him hardening as his hips stutter under you. A moan leaves his lips as you wrap your lips around his raspberry tip and suckle him, flicking your tongue on his sensitive slit. 

His head tips back, but he still keeps eye contact with you, fighting to keep his own open when you go down on him, taking him fully in your mouth. You gag slightly, and Harry’s hand flies back into your hair, but he’s too tired to tug on it and keep you on him. 

Just to tease him, you kiss the insides of his strong thighs, nibbling the soft skin. Harry whimpers as his hips shift, when you place a few kisses on his balls, making his tummy jolt.

“Good morning, angel.”

Mistake (Tom Holland x Reader)

I know this is a big stretch but like can you write like an imagine where Tom invites the reader to the BAFTAS to finally make a move on her but she meets another dude and dances with him (not grinding or anything weird cuz the reader is a child of Jesus and does not participate in that shit 👌🏼😂)and stuff like that and he’s kinda heartbroken and stuff (some emotional tom would be nice cuz Ima sucker for men showing emotion ;) ) idk you can write the rest cuz you the shit fam lmao xoxo💋

Originally posted by spideycentral

This was his chance. If he invites you to the Baftas as his date, you’d get the hint. He’s been trying to get you on a date with him since he was sixteen and now, at twenty, his chance has finally come. He knocks on your front door hesitantly and stood waiting. He knocks again a few minutes later when there is no movement behind the door. 

You open the door to him while wearing your fuzzy sweatpants and a tank top tucked in. Hair all mussed like you’ve been sleeping. He chuckles, “It’s three p.m. you know. You should be up by now.” “Don’t you start,” you complain with a smile, “Mum called me this morning at eight and told me the same thing.” He closes the door behind him and follows you to the kitchen. “Coffee or tea?” you ask. He stares at you as if he’s confused why you’re asking. You begin to make some tea.

o“Will you come to the BAFTAS as my date next week?” he asks hopefully. You drop the spoon and hastily go to pick it up again. “Sure, Tom, but uh, why?”. He doesn’t answer verbally, just shoots you a small smile.


Your red dress flows around your ankles, a sliver of skin showing just above your waist. Hair, makeup, and wardrobe done, you walk downstairs to greet Tom. When he sees you, he can’t help but gawk. Your hand raised to his jaw and pressed his mouth closed. “Keep your mouth closed or you’ll catch flies,” you tease. He takes your hand in his and leads you to the car, opening the door when you go to get in.


At least I won an award, Tom thinks, I’d have rather won her. You aren’t by Tom, instead, you’re dancing with a new man he had never met. He’s seen his face in a few movies, sure, but never met him in person. You hadn’t introduced them. The unnamed face flew in minutes ago and wrapped an arm around your waist to whisper secrets Tom wishes he knows into your ear. He led you to the dance floor at a quarter to eleven. It’s ten past now. 

Tom isn’t angry. He’s glad that you’ve met someone here who you can dance with elegantly. He’s glad that you can smile and laugh with someone here, and that he doesn’t hold you too close or in an inappropriate manner. He is happy that this man is a gentleman. He isn’t happy, however, that the man who gets to twirl you around the dance floor isn’t him. He’s not happy that you’re laughing and smiling lovingly at another person. He’s sad that it’s not him.


“How was your night?” you asked the next day when Tom delivered your Sunday coffee. He hummed and responded with an ‘alright, I guess. You?’

He regrets asking how your night was too. He regrets listening to it too intently. He can’t help it, though. He loves you, and you’re too enthralling to ignore. So what, you got his number. So what, you’ve got a date on Friday. He smiles at you because he knows that this is just a phase. He knows because you had to google his name.

Eyes On Me (Pt. I)

Title: Eyes On Me

Pairing: Josh/Reader/Tyler 

Rating: Mature

Warnings: Voyeurism, Light Cheating (or the prospect of that happening), Dirty Talk.

A/N: As I said earlier, I wrote this on an eight hour car ride.  There’s at least one more part coming, maybe more but I’m not sure yet.  It’s dramatic bitches, and things are just starting to heat up.  Hope you enjoy, as always, let me know what you think!!

(Upcoming Stories: There may be a drabble on the way! I found a FWB prompt and I’m low-key obsessed.)

You sigh softly, observing how your breath comes out and fogs up the glass of the bus window.  Shifting your body is difficult… it seems like every ligament is glued into place.  Tyler sees you trying to change positions and laughs quietly from his bunk.  You shoot him a side glance, brows furrowed at first, but soon soften your features to laugh with him.  You’d been on this damn tour bus for two days now and were beginning to lose your sanity.

You can hear Josh tapping away on his practice pad, hitting each beat with impeccable timing.  You laughed quietly to yourself at the familiar sound.  When dating a drummer, (especially Josh Dun), constant tapping and movement were to be expected, but you didn’t mind. 

When you finally manage to untangle your limbs, you stand up and stretch, lifting your arms above your head, and pushing out your chest.  You hear Tyler’s breath catch, and peek over at him, noticing his eyes and the look they contain.  They’re dark, and he’s staring at your exposed midriff.  As soon as he sees you looking, he shakes his head as if trying to get rid of a pesky thought.  You breathe out quietly and look down, pulling your t-shirt over the skin you’d unknowingly revealed.  When you look back up at Tyler, he’d rolled over in his bunk.  

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Oh, shameless, shameless girl. You are so bad, making him crave you with such a heinous intensity.

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Domestic!Au / Smut / Fluff (I guess?) / Drabble 

Rated M for mentions of mature themes

Word count: 815

Author’s note: when life’s a mess and I can’t write shit, smutty drabbles for the maknae are the only way to make my mood a bit better. Enjoy, I love you all <3


“On your stomach, love,” is quietly whispered, words dripping with need from Jeon’s lips despite the faint, timid blush still warming his cheeks. At that, a curled smile blooms on your face – oh, the way his skin grows hotter, redder under your glance so wonderfully makes your fingers twitch with anticipation; and thus you can only oblige, leaving a small peck under his jaw before turning on your stomach over the mattress. You fold your arms under the pillow, resting your tilted head above it, and just for a moment you watch him watching you with hazed eyes, bitten lips, messy hair. Cheeks flushed, but skin aching for more of his love – of his sin, of his lust.

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nips-and-tats  asked:

If you're still taking requests I'd like to send one in.. teaching you things, from cooking certain dishes to giving head. How fun. ;) xx

How fucking fun, indeed. Btw, love you and I hope you’re well babes! xx

“Go on, love. Show m’ wha’ yeh know.”

Your hand works quickly at the base of his shaft as you’re suckling his tip, tracing and flicking your tongue over his sensitive slit. You’re sitting between Harry’s legs, as he’s slumped on the sofa, his grey sweatpants down to his ankles as well as his boxers. You stop for a moment, but still continuing to jerk him off, to ask “Is this good, baby?” Harry bites his already bleeding lips.

“A little bi’ deeper” Harry pants, his hand gripping to the blanket, as the other one gently cups his balls. He’s right on the edge. You do as you’re told, you take your hand off of him and go down on him fully, making you gag around him. And that’s when he cums, his hot spurts hitting the back of your throat, his moans echoing in the living room.

“Fuck, fuck!” Harry curses loudly, his groans scraping his throat. With shaky hips, he tries to take himself out of your mouth, but you don’t let him, you want him to come completely undone in your mouth. His hands fly in your hair, tugging and pulling your roots, making you moan around him.

Once Harry has finally come down from his high, his head flies back at the couch, the veins on his neck popping up. His eyes are shut, and he’s trying his very best to try and sort out his breathing, as the cool air from your breathing hits the wet tip of his cock, making it twitch.

“As easy as makin’ tiramisu” Harry breathes out heavily and laughs, his tummy still jolting slightly.

You lick a bold stripe up his shaft to his tip, collecting every last drop of cum. “But you still taste sweeter” you say, looking up to him with a pleased smile.

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You're singing really loud in your apartment without realising the window was open and a stranger starts belting along with you from outside + Seungkwan or DK

I’m doing this with Seungkwan, my Boo, because I can and because @madame-le-fabulous voted for him 😘 ♥ thank you!!

I tried doing this as a scenario but it would’ve been really short (I say as if this isn’t) and I figured I couldn’t do the request justice that way, so I hope you’re fine with a bullet point scenario à la Scooter instead..!

  • you would’ve had a great day behind you
  • you know, one of those rare ones where you wake up and it’s no problem and you just immediately feel good and positive and the sun is shining and all that!
  • nothing had been able to put you down that day, and while you didn’t know if it was because the day had simply been good to you or just that with you in such a good mood, nothing bothered you, you were extremely happy that it was that way
  • either way, you come home around 4pm or so, and just take it easy for a while, maybe work on something or enjoy a bit of your favorite book or TV show or just simply chill
  • and once your stomach starts grumbling, you decide it’s about time to get some food, whether it’s your actual dinner time or not
  • so you put your favorite song on
  • it’s probably one of the more upbeat favorites of yours, the kind that gets your body moving and just really make you wanna sing
  • which means that you end up cooking with your body really feeling the song, and you sing, loud and clear
  • especially when your favorite parts come on… you bet that even your neighbors can hear you
  • the song changes to another one of your favorites, and you sing along to it with just as much passion, the handle of the spatula you’re using working as your microphone every now and then
  • but then the chorus comes on
  • and you start singing it with all your might
  • but then
  • t h e n
  • you hear someone else start singing to it with you
  • it’s almost a reflex for you to frown even as you continue singing, and it’s all the way until the end of the song that you sing with the foreign voice, your voices harmonizing in a way that doesn’t even sound half bad
  • either way, as the song comes to an end, you put the spatula down while you try to hear where the voice - a beautiful, husky but strong male voice - is coming from
  • it’s not any of your neighbors, nor is it coming from the hallway, and you were home alone
  • the only option is…
  • your hand flies to your mouth when you see the open window, not too far from your kitchen corner
  • and it’s not even just slightly open - it’s open all the way
  • “I forgot I even had it open,” you whisper to yourself while facepalming, realizing that you tended to keep the window open whenever you cooked
  • you want to hide under a rock, and while you could just shut the window and indeed hide, you’re too curious about the person singing with you to do that
  • so you walk to the window
  • it’s one of those that reach down to your waist or so, so you place your arms on the bottom and look around the street, quite certain that your cheeks are as red as the tomatoes you had bought the previous day
  • “Were you the one singing?” you hear a voice coming from right under your window, bold and amused, and you turn your gaze there
  • what you’re met with is a brightly smiling young man, his hair dyed blond and a pastel pink coat wrapped around himself with a white turtle neck underneath it
  • “Maybe,” you say a bit shyly, still incredibly embarrassed, but it’s loud enough for the guy to hear
  • his smile widens, which you can’t see that well, living on the second floor and all that
  • “It sounded good,” the guy says and gives you a thumbs up
  • you feel like it would’ve been lame if it was anyone else, but somehow he makes the gesture sweet
  • “Thanks,” you say, whether or not you agree with him, and melt into a smile of your own. You lean your head on your hands a little. “You sounded good, too.”
  • at that, the guy’s smile changes into a full grin
  • “I know.”
  • you talk a little, and you learn that his name is Seungkwan, and based on your conversation with him, you conclude that he seems like a really nice guy
  • even if he’s just a random stranger that started singing with you when you had forgotten your window open
  • but then again, if he hadn’t been curious about you, too, wouldn’t he have left already?
  • you’re about to suggest that you go downstairs to talk some more with him when he interrupts you, audibly amused
  • “Is that your fire alarm?”
  • and it takes you a full three seconds to realize that yes indeed, your fire alarm has gone off and the frying pan on your stove is smoking
  • “Crap,” you hiss under your breath, yet somehow Seungkwan is able to catch it, at least judging by his giggle that he tries to hide with his hand. “I’ll take care of that and come down, okay?”
  • Seungkwan laughs and nods, aiming an amused, soft gaze at your window, which you have just left. “Alright. I’ll be here.”
  • you sort out the situation, sighing quietly when you notice that the food’s gotten so badly burnt that you wouldn’t want to eat it, and silence your fire alarm by taking it down for the time being
  • grabbing your wallet and putting something warm on, you then head downstairs, pleased to finally see Seungkwan up close
  • before he’s able to say anything, you let out a nervous laugh
  • “My dinner got burnt, so would you have enough time to grab something to eat?”
  • his eyebrows rise a little, and he gets a playful grin to his face as he teases you
  • “You really want to grab dinner with me? We just met; who knows what I’m like?”
  • you scan him, and with a smile spreading to your lips, you shrug
  • “Sorry to break it to you, but you don’t seem all that intimidating, on top of which I’m starving and you just literally belted out to my favorite song on the street. It says a lot.
  • he purses his lips and his cheeks gain a soft hue of pink as he averts his gaze, visibly embarrassed as he tries to fix his fringe by shaking his head a little, his mouth in a small pout as he speaks
  • “…I have time.”

Admin Scooter

Crazy Neighbors

Author: Deanthewarrior
Dean x Reader x Sam
Prompt: Imagine moving to a new new neighborhood, and have the Winchesters as your neighbors.
Words: 786 (just a small prompt)
Warnings: None, just stupidly adorkable Winchesters.

Originally posted by unnaturalsam

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Warnings: Smut!

Notes: I have a Kevin request coming up, so keep your eyes out. 

You came home from shopping one night, tired and exhausted. It had been a long day, especially when you bumped into paparazzi. After finally being official with dating Ezra Miller, the press has gone wild. Articles on him dating someone who isn’t famous, etc. Luckily, Ezra didn’t care. You met each other at a concert you both loved, and by the end of the night, you were inseparable.

You fiddled with the house keys, trying two of them before you could actually get the door open. You didn’t know, you never knew, if he was home yet because he has debuts, interviews, premieres, and more.

Walking in like you owned the place, you started singing, loudly, and very badly. “I’ve been there all night… Ariana
I’ve been there all day… Nicki Minaj
And boy, got me walkin’ side to side…
Let them hoes know…”

You took out the groceries from their paper bags and placed them on the bleached marble counter. You missed your baby, so to restore the empty feeling inside you, you texted.


“I’m talkin’ to ya,
See you standing over there with your body,
Feeling like I wanna rock with your body…”
You belted from your gut, nodding your head to the beat as if you were listening to the song.

“Are you singing about me?” I heard a familiar voice from behind me, making you jump to a stop. A small shriek escaped your throat, who would’ve expected it. “Ezra…” You could feel your cheeks burn with an embarrassed scarlet blush. He begins to close the space between you and him, and you notice how pretty and beautiful he was.

His bone structure was fine and perfectly symmetrical, his rich chocolate locks curled into his eyes, and you can tell he hasn’t showered yet, but you didn’t care. The way he strode over to you made your heart drop down to your stomach, his head faintly cocked to the right, teeny smirk splayed on his lips.

He wrapped his arms around your waist and lightly pressed his lips upon yours, your fingers tugging on his hair. You pulled away, “Let me put,” Ezra kissed you again, not letting you finish. “the food away.”

Ezra gave you a friendly eye roll before turning to help out. “What’d you do today?” You questioned, taking the gallon of milk and placing it on the top shelf of the fridge. When you spun around to look at him, he was studying you, like the way you did when he walked to you. “Thought about you.” You saw the half smile pulling on Ezra’s lips, it was sincere. God, you love him.

After finishing up the groceries, you both had a moment of staring at each other. He raised an eyebrow in response to you biting your lip as sexily as you could. He prowled towards you, grabbing your ass and lifting you up to carry you. He brought you over to the bed, where he lay you down. You let out a satisfied gasp. Ezra unbuttoned and unzipped your denim shorts, leaving love bites on your neck. Your hands traveled down his back, and to the end of his shirt, pulling it over his head. He groaned, excited.

He pulls your shorts down a bit and sticks his index and middle finger in your panties. You’re already wet, which gets him hard. “Fuck.” He exhales, beginning to rub your clit in slow circular patterns, teasing you. Your chest expands, the fact that you were dating a celebrity was pure delirium, but the sex was blissful.

You drag your hands down his back, to his stomach, and to his bulge. You begin to palm him, slow at first, but progressively picked up speed. Ezra’s hips start to thrust against my hands, his erection hardening. He can’t take it anymore and undoes his jeans. He flips you over onto your stomach, kissing the back of your neck in the process.

He takes his hardened cock and slips into your slit, a hard swallow coming from him. “You’re so tight, baby.” A loud gasp flies from your mouth. Your head rolls back, eyes shut from the heavenly feeling of him inside you. He pressed deeper into you, a moan now trailing off your lips. “Ez.. Ezra.” You begged for him, “More… please.”

The whines that you wailed caused Miller to fasten the speed he pushed his cock inside you, so reckless that he fell out of your flower once or twice. You were both so into it, you had small beads of sweat falling down your cheek, his fingers were pressed hard into your sides, and you could feel the bruises already forming. You rolled your hips on his, the sensation becoming even more rapturous.

You could tell he was going to cum when his breathing started getting loud, and his thrusts were slowing down. “Y/N…” He moaned into your neck, keeping his girth inside you after his climax.

The two of you laid down for hours after that, naked, unaware of the world outside of the bedroom. You knew dating a celebrity would be wild, but nothing as unpredictable.

Millionaire Mentor-Peter Parker x Reader One Shot

Summary: (Y/N) has known about Peter’s powers since the beginning. He trusts his girlfriend with the secret and tells her almost everything; the one thing he is keeping from her is the identity of his new mentor.

Characters: Peter Parker x Reader, Tony Stark x Reader (acquaintances)

Meanings: (Y/N)= Your name
(Y/L/N)= Your last name


“Are you ready?” Peter called out from his bathroom.

I giggled.“Yes! Come on, I want to see it.”

He emerged from the door, posing in his new super suit. I was in shock at the detail of it, he looked like a real superhero. My mouth was gaping open as my eyes roamed over him, he looked amazing….and hot.

“Close your mouth babe, you’ll catch flies.” he mocked, placing a hand on his hip.

“I just can’t believe it, your mentor made this for you!?”

Peter pulled the mask off, his disheveled hair looking flawless.“Yep. Pretty sweet right?”

Standing up from the bed, I circled around him, running my fingers down his chest. The spider symbol stood out proudly, stating who he was. I couldn’t believe it, my boyfriend was Spiderman, he saved people’s lives. We had met at highschool, a typical love story had grown from there and now this. My life was never going to be the same again and I loved that.

“I’m so proud of you.” I mumbled before grabbing his face and kissing him.

His cheeks grew red.“Thanks. It’s nice to hear that.”

“Doesn’t your mentor tell you this?”

“Uh, not really.”

“But didn’t you fight with him? For him even?”

“He’s a busy guy.” he pulled away from my embrace, starting to take off the suit.

Whenever I brought up the topic of his tutor he would go all quiet, wanting to leave the conversation immediately. It annoyed me slightly, this was my boyfriend, whoever this mentor was, was looking after the guy I loved. I still wasn’t sure how to feel about it. May had called me about Peter getting into a fight with a bunch of guys (obviously a lie to her), wanting me to come see him, thinking it would make him feel a little better; he explained that someone with powers was there too, taking him under his wing. That’s all I got. I had to trust him though.

I sighed.“Peter, why won’t you tell me about this mentor?”

“He doesn’t really want to be talked about.” he started to shimmy out of the top half of his suit, his torso on show.

I wrapped my arms around him, my chest against his back.“I just want to know that you’re safe, that they aren’t just using you.”

He suddenly raised his voice.“He’s not!”

I flinched away from him but tried to stay close. He was probably annoyed with all the questions.

“Sorry, it’s just….he has rules, you know?” he turned around.

“It’s alright. You know how worried I get. If this guy is helping you with your powers I don’t want him screwing you over.”

“He won’t, I know he won’t.”

We just stared at each other for a few seconds.

“Actually….I’m supposed to see him later, to talk about the suit. Perhaps I could take you with me?”

“Now I feel like I’m forcing you to take me.”

“If it will make you feel more relaxed, I’m going to take you with me.”

I smiled.“Thanks babe.”

Later in the evening Peter guided me towards the bus. We caught one that took us right into New York, it took over an hour. Couldn’t this mentor arrange some sort of transport for him? This was costing so much. When I asked Peter, he explained that the mentor wanted to keep a low profile. That didn’t get him any Brownie points. The bus was empty by the time we made it to our stop. As Peter took my hand in his I was expecting another long journey in foot. Mentally preparing myself, I put on a smile, knowing that Peter had to do this on a daily basis. I got closer to him, clutching onto his arm. This mentor better live up to the stories I had been told about him, he was looking after my boyfriend.

“Ok, now we wait.” Peter suddenly stopped.

“What? Wait? Wait for what?” I asked, bewildered by the journey we are on.

“Wait for my mentor. He picks me up.”

I just groaned becoming impatient. I was never one to wait around. We sat on a bench, talking to pass the time away. He wrapped an arm around me, playing with my fingers, trying to keep me interested. This was ridiculous. There was literally no one driving down this particular street at this time, we looked like losers sat here. Just as I was about to stand up out of frustration, a car engine could be heard in the distance. It revved as it came speeding down the road, stopping right in front of us.It was an Audi, a very expensive looking Audi. Peter pulled me to my feet, acting as if there wasn’t a beautiful car beside us. The driver window rolled down and I almost screamed when I saw who was sitting there.

“Hey kid, glad you called me before you came. We wouldn’t be able to fit everyone in.” Tony Stark said.

Tony Stark.

Tony. Stark.


“I really appreciate you letting me do this Mr Stark, this is (Y/N) (Y/L/N) my girlfriend.” Peter introduced me.

“H-hi, it’s great to meet you.” I was in shock, Tony Stark, Iron Man was my boyfriend’s mentor.

“You, with me in the front,” Tony Stark said to me; to ME,“Peter you’re in the back.”

Without meaning to I leapt into the car, not quite believing what was happening. Iron Man was driving my boyfriend and me to….well I assumed the Avengers HQ? It had to be. The engine purred along the road, it was a suitable car for a super millionaire.

“So, (Y/N), I don’t mean to bring the mood down or anything, but why exactly don’t you trust me?” Tony asked.

“Sorry, what?” I was confused.

“Mr Stark, I never said it like that-”

I turned around the face Peter.“You told him why I wanted to come?!”

“I had to! He wouldn’t let you otherwise.”

Tony directed the attention back to him.“Ok, so he suggested that you weren’t too happy about this whole thing. Please explain that.”

My mouth opened and closed for a few seconds, not quite sure how to word it.“Well I’ve always been worried about him, especially when he revealed he was a vigilante. Peter explained he has a mentor after some sort of fight-”

Tony scoffed looking in the rearview mirror at Peter.“Some fight? That’s what we’re calling it now?”

“Mr Stark I dodnt want to tell her.”

“Tell me what-”

“Your boyfriend fought alongside me against Captain America.”

“You fought Captain America and didn’t tell me!?”

Peter started to stutter.“You would ask questions and get mad-”

“Yeah and with good reason!”

“Ok, um, I didn’t want to initiate a fight between you two, I was just speaking to (Y/N).”

I let out a little sigh, knowing he was right. Reaching for Peter’s hand, I gave it a little squeeze.“Sorry babe, just don’t want you hurt.”

“And we’re back to square one.” Tony stated.“So please answer my question.”

“Well he never said who you were or what powers you had so that set me off. All of this new tech came in, he was getting upgrades left and right for free; it just seemed like a little bit of a scam or something like that. The fact that he never spoke about you made it look like something it wasn’t.”

“I must say I did have a part in that. You have to understand that his identity can’t be revealed. I know mine is but look where that got me.”

“Yeah I guess you’re right. Obviously you can’t trust someone you don’t know.”

“Even then, sometimes you’re wrong.”

“I really didn’t mean any offence, he’s my boyfriend, who is also a superhero.”

I had been distracted by the whole conversation that I didn’t realise we were pulling into the garage of the Avengers Tower. My heart was beating rapidly. The Avengers lived here. They trained here, ate here, showered here; my mind was going too far with this. Tony parked the car before killing the engine. Whereas Peter was quick to get out I was still in a little bit of shock. As I climbed out, Tony walked round to my side.

“Look kid, I don’t want any bad thing between us. I’m training your boyfriend, I know this whole superhero thing puts you in edge.”

“Yeah it does. But I can trust you right? You won’t get him in too much trouble? Like….getting him killed?”

“He has a long way to go before he gets put into situations like that.”

“I don’t want him in situations like that.”

“If he listens to me, he won’t. I promise.”

CYOSTODA - Y/N Picks Truth

Characters: Dean, Leah, Sam and Reader
Location: Motel room, Crappsville, USA.
Word Count: 
2200ish (wordy4lyfe! It goes quick)

Summary:  Sam hits you with an easy truth, but Leah wants to know more, and Y/N ends up daring Dean 

Warnings: None really, sexual innuendos, and being in Dean’s lap ;)

See @littlegreenplasticsoldier‘s Master Mess

The road so far..

@littlegreenplasticsoldierPart 1

@gemini75eeyorePart 2

@deandoesthingstomePart 3

@rizlowwritessortof​  Part 4

You’re blushing, and you’re all getting giggly, and this suddenly seems like the best idea anyone’s ever had. “So, whose turn is it? Is it my turn?”

Sam gets that evil, seductive smirk on his face again as he nods. “Oh, yeah, Y/N. It’s your turn. So, what’s it gonna be? Truth or dare?”

With the whiskey making a nice, warm run through your body, combined with the revelation you’ve been a possible source of a few Winchester wet dreams, you hold tightly to the extra courage it’s given you and mirror his evil, seductive smirk back at him as you mull it over. “Well, as tempted as I am to want your dare, after those barefaced admissions, I’m gonna bet you…” pausing briefly, you glance at Dean making sure you’ve got his full attention before looking back to Sam, “…are curious to know, do I give the two finger salute to you? Or do I think of Dean over there when I need to check my oil?” Looking over to Dean again, his eyebrows lift in interest, lips pulling into a smirk when you throw him a playful little wink for your play on words. “Or maybe, I’m finger dippin’ to the two of you at the same time? So hit me with it, truth. What do ya wanna to know?” You internally high five yourself for the choice of words and slide the smirk back into place.

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Natan and “I thought you were dead.” “So did I” because I have no soul.

yeah you clearly have no soul you goddamn heathen why would you send this in

this isn’t gonna go the way you think this is

The first thing that comes out of her mouth is, “Your hair got longer.”

Lucifer’s blank expression cracks only long enough that she can see that ever so familiar glint of ‘are you crazy, girl?’ in his eyes before it’s smoothed over.  His hand flies up to tug at the strands of inky blank hair that brush against his shoulders.  “Yeah.  No time to cut it,” he replies.

Natalie slides her thumb under the clip of her pen, pressing her nail up against it.  It keeps her from moving her hands around - her tell, according to Lucifer - and doing something she’ll regret, like throwing her book at his head and screaming at him until her throat is raw.  It will not be the first time she’s done it over him.

(Her nails bleed and chip as she digs through rubble for his broken body, screamingscreamingscreaming until Michael pulls her away.

“Nononono! Lucifer, Michael, I need to find him! Luci-Lucifer! Lucifer! No! Lucifer!”)

The clip snaps off and jerks her out of her reverie.  She stares at the broken metal and clears her throat.  “I thought you were dead.”

“So did I,” he says.  There’s something about the way he says it that has Natalie wondering who he’s talking about - him or her.  Will this have been the second time she’s died for him, or is he thinking about Vegas?

Natalie stands up, wincing.  Her back still aches months after the incident, but less so since she’s started her rounds of physiotherapy.  Weight lifting accident is her excuse.  It’s only half a lie.

“What took you so long?”

“Complications with dad,” Lucifer says.  Natalie watches him shift his weight to his other hip and roll his shoulders back.  His tell, not that she’ll ever let him know about it.  

Six months ago, his hair was short.  Six months ago, he would have probably stolen her book from her and plopped down on her bed like it was his own upon coming home.  Six months ago, she would have knocked his knees apart and cradled herself between his legs.  Six months ago, she would have rambled on about everything and anything until he gave up reading because there’s no point in trying to read when you won’t shut up, girl.

(Six months ago, she would have challenged him to shut her up.)

But this isn’t six months ago and there’s a weight in the air and a distance between them that can’t be breached no matter how tightly she presses her body to him, so she stops just short of their toes touching and finally looks him in the eye.

Did you miss me? Did you think of me? You could have sent MichaelRaphaelGabrielUrielPaxFelixaletteranything.  Why did it take six months? Are you still hurt? I missed you, did you miss me? What happened? 


“We should get your hair cut,” she says quietly, a smile settling on her face.  It doesn’t feel forced, for once.  

“…so long as you don’t make me get a mullet,” Lucifer agrees.  “And you get one, too.” His hand lifts up to hover near the side of her face before dropping. 

It’s a start.

Stop Lying To Yourself (Spencer Reid x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys! I’m so very sorry I’ve been behind on writing. I’ve had lots of tests and studying for finals and it sucks but I am trying my best to find time to write for you guys! I just want to let you know, that no matter who you are, what you look like, what weight, race, gender, I don’t care; you are beautiful the way you are okay? Say it with me: I am beautiful. Okay I know you didn’t say it out loud but do it this time or I will find you.
Warnings: insecure reader
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Prompt: the reader struggles with body image issues and spencer helps her and it’s based off the song Lovely by Twenty One Pilots
Request: ✅
Upcoming Imagine: Kids walk in on Spencer and reader
You say things with your mouth
Cobwebs and flies come out
I hear a second voice behind your tongue somehow
Luckily I can read your mind

“This dress makes me look fat.” You said disappointedly as you looked at your body in the mirror.
“You do not. You look stunning.” Spencer said buttoning up his shirt.
You and Spencer have been best friends ever since you joined the BAU and he’s always been your number one supporter.
You and Spencer were supposed to go to JJ’s get together but you were having second thoughts.
“You know what Spencer, I think I’m going to stay here. I’ll watch Dr. Who so don’t feel bad leaving me.” You said turning your back towards the mirror.
“Hey…” Spencer said grabbing your shoulders, holding you in front of him. “I don’t want to just leave you here.”

Dear friend, here we are again pretending
To understand how you think your world is ending

“Spencer just leave okay? I don’t feel like going anywhere anymore.” You said avoiding eye contact.
“Why? It will be fun come on.” He said checking his tie in the mirror.
You couldn’t fight the tears back from spilling from your eyelids.
“You know why.” You murmured, getting his attention when your voice cracked from the lump in your throat.
“Y/N I’m sorry is it something i said?” He asked worried as he kept his distance.
“Spencer I can’t help feel anything but useless. I’m not pretty, I’m not skinny, I’m- I don’t belong in the BAU for god-sakes! I’m not even close to as smart as you are. I’m not strong enough to kick down doors like Morgan and I’m not comforting like JJ. I’m just an outcast and I’m tired of it. That’s why I don’t want to go out. I don’t want to look at everyone and just prove how much more of a…”
You were interrupted by Spencer’s lips on yours.
He held your face in both of his hands as he pressed his lips to yours.
He quickly pulled away, heat rising to his cheeks.

The only difference between life and dying
Is one is trying, that’s all we’re going to do
So try to love me and I’ll try to save you.

“I-I’m sorry I just… I needed you to stop… to stop lying to yourself. Y/N, you are so so beautiful and I couldn’t take hearing those words come out of your mouth. You know why? I’ve been in love with you for who you are; not because your beautiful, not because of your weight but because I love who you are. You are so worth it I’m telling you. And I don’t understand why it matters to be skinny or a little chubby, because whatever category you fall under, I will still love you.” He ranted making more tears fill your eyes, but this time of joy.
“You… you really think so?” You asked bashfully.
“Do I need to kiss you again to prove it?” He said quietly with a small smile.
You nodded and your lips collided once more in a sweet and passionate kiss.

☀ ——— Phineas and Ferb Sentence Starters.

’ We’re gonna build a rollercoaster! ’
’ Wow! Isn’t that kinda impossible? ’
’ We’re gonna need a blowtorch and some more peanut butter. ’
’ Oh-ho-ho MAN!! I can smell the peanut butter! ’
’ There’s a world of possibilities… Maybe we should make a list! ’
’ Hub is overheating… Hub is overheating. ’
’ Well, it was definitely better than the gorilla in the cake. ’
’ Why, it’s… it’s… It’s beautiful! ’
’ Would that be electronically fuel-injected? ’
’ Why have snow when it’s too cold to enjoy it? ’
’ You guys are gonna need some help. ’
’ You know, mummies had their brains pulled out through their nose. ’
’ We must be going the right way. ’
’ And by incredible, of course, I mean completely credible! ’
’ Is my nose really that pointy? ’
’ Aren’t you a little old to be a professional boxer? ’
’ It all began on the day of my actual birth. ’
’ Nonsense, kid! Go for the gold! Fight fire with fire! ’
’ You mess with the bull, you get the horns, buddy! ’
’ With 176 million hits, they can be in diapers for all I care. ’
’ Wow! Is this banana hat for some cool tropical dance number? ’
’ The curse has been lifted, and you’re no longer a monster. ’
’ I really mean unexpected–what are you doing here? ’
’ Then I guess I’ll just find a nerd and take his underpants. ’
’ That sounded like screaming children. ’
’ We beat ya! You’re big old purple pickled eggs! ’
’ Yeah, now they’re gonna fatten you up so they can eat ya. ’
’ Wow, look at all the bells and whistles! ’
’ The last one home is a big ol’ purple pickled egg! ’
’ Oohhh! I can’t believe I am just stuck here. ’
’ How long are we supposed to just sit here? ’
’ Well, I suppose things can’t get any worse. ’
’ Well, I hope that’s not going to be an issue.
’ I fly into mud, with a paper bag on my head. ’
’ How did this chocolate river get here? ’
’ We will now lay waste to the surface dwellers! ’
’ Fantastic! You look like number one! ’
’ You guys heard that, right? It wasn’t just me? ’
’ Heh, heh. I know, I’m just messing with ya. ’
’ That’s creepy on so many levels. ’
’ Doctor? Since when are you a doctor? ’
’ Well, It’s a body of fresh water surrounded by land. ’
’ That, my friend, was a past life. ’
’ Don’t just stand there! Kiss her/him! ’
’ No! It’s going to blow the roof off this place! ’
’ No way! We are not your personal slaves! ’
’ Now you can go clean the toilet. ’
’ The real shock is you’re just noticing this now. ’
’ That would explain the talking zebra. ’
’ No rules? Well, if those are the rules. ’
’ Well, you know, they must be done by now anyway. ’
’ That was completely out of character. ’
’ Come on. Be a good sport. ’
’ What? I thought you said it was a roller rink. ’
’ Come on, come on! See? ’
’ Let’s see, what do I usually do? ’
’ They say if you love something, let it go. ’
’ Are you…sweating through your eyes? ’
’ Just turn off the home movies! ’
’ These are so much nicer than the ones I lost! ’
’ Close your mouth, honey. You’ll catch flies.  ’
’ And just to express how sorry we are, here’s my credit card. ’
’ You have our permission to ruin us financially. ’
’ I mean, uh… I’d love to give it a try. ’
’ It’s even worse than I thought… ’
’ No more annoying songs about moons! ’
’ Oh, but I like a good toe-tapping dam song. ’
’ Actually, I’ve been trying to avoid you. ’
’ Can I get you to sign some liability waivers? ’
’ Why don’t you come by and we’ll all walk over together. ’
’ Like I said before, losing to a girl/boy doesn’t count. ’