flies will come into your mouth

the most unrealistic thing in Supergirl is that she would ditch James Olsen even though she’s head over heels for him, for some basic white fratboy alien she met just 2 weeks ago

the second most unrealistic thing is that she fights with her hair down. honestly the wind would whip it in her face every time she flies, and it would keep coming into her eyes and mouth during fights. Kara stop suffering and put your hair in a ponytail when you’re Supergirl

little things I love about regional at best

the synth in old version holding onto you is sO goOD

the extra “ups” in the first verse of ode to sleep, they’re great

the lil “doo"s at the end of slowtown are adorable

the “hands held higher, we’ll be on fire” repeats at the end of forest are so beautiful oh my goD

tyler’s lil voice cracks in glowing eyes ++ josh on the backup vocals

the most iconic moment in kitchen sink: “leave me alone, don’T leave me alone” i could listen to it on repeat forever

the distant scream in the middle of the anathema rap

probably the best moment in lovely: you say things with your mouth cobwebs and flies come oUUUUUUUT

the desperate “tell our dad i’m sorry"s toward the end of ruby ouch

the beauty of the autotune in the original version of trees, tyler really makes it work

the lil “alright” before the last verse in be concerned

clear: imposter, been fostered, then my new father drained my dirty blOooooOooOoood

It’s Burlesque- Part 5

Hey guys!! Part 5 is finally here! I hope you enjoy, and feel free to request anything you would like! Thanks for reading!

Part 1/ Part 2/ Part 3/ Part 4

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word count: 3.1K

Warnings: Cursing, smut, angst

You enter the meeting room, Tony and Vision already there. Your hand flies to your mouth and your eyes shot open at what Tony is showing you on the screen. “Erik.” It comes out as a mumble and your hand drops to your side. A bunch of images are spread across the screen, Erik is in all of them. He is tied up in a chair, full of bruises and cuts. “There’s more.” Tony clicks some buttons and a video shows up. Erik is being beaten up, the groans of pain filling the room. You close your eyes and take a deep breath. You look back at the screen, Erik’s brown eyes are looking directly at the camera, directly at you.

“Please… (Y/N), save me.” The video stops and you stay still, feeling guilty for what happened to Erik.

“We need to go and save him.” You look at the rest of the team ready to make up a plan.

“You’re not coming. This is a bait, (Y/N). They want you.” Bucky looks at you trying to convince you.

“I don’t care Bucky. This is my fault.”

“Don’t put this on yourself, it’s not. No one could have known.” You look down while the words come out of Steve’s mouth. “Because, you didn’t know, right (Y/N)?” Steve is now looking at you with his arms crossed, waiting for your answer.

“Some nights ago, an e-mail came. It was kind of a threat. It said that if I wasn’t careful someone else might get hurt. Pictures of me and Erik were attached to the message. I thought they were just trying to scare me, so I decided not to bother you guys and I erased the e-mail.” You play with your fingers, knowing they are going to be pissed at you.

“(Y/N)! If something like this happens, you need to tell us about it! Someone could get seriously hurt, like Erik!” Tony rubs his eyes, trying to not scream at you but failing.

“Let’s just relax, she did it wrong, but screaming at her it’s not going to change anything, so let’s focus on save the kid and bring him home.” You look at Bucky and thank him silently.

All of you are on the jet flying to the Hydra base where Erik is. Steve is explaining the plan and you feel the adrenaline travel your body. “Okay guys, this is what we are going to do. Tony, you need to go to the basement, they keep all the technology there. Nat and Vision, you stay outside, no guard enters the building once we are in. Sam and Wanda, you go to the roof and stop the helicopters. Bucky and (Y/N) you’re with me. We are going to the second floor, Erik should be there. He is being held in the last room of the hallway. Everyone has the plan clear?” You all nod and FRIDAY announces that you arrived.

Before you can come out of the jet, Bucky grabs your waist and kisses you passionately. “What was that for, Soldier?” You smile widely at him.

“Just be careful, doll. Please.” You peck his lips one last time and wink at him.

Steve, Bucky and you are on the second floor. You carry two guns in both your hands, shooting at every guard that comes your way. You run to the last room, where Erik is supposed to be. Suddenly, you hear a loud sound and when you turn back, you can’t see Bucky or Steve anymore. You have a wall in front of you, a wall that wasn’t there before. You shot at it, but it does no harm. “(Y/N)! Are you okay?” You hear Steve’s voice.

“Yes I’m fine, guys. Are you okay?”

“We are doll. Keep your eyes open. This is a trap, they’re coming to get you.” You can feel the anger in Bucky’s voice and your heart starts to beat faster at his words.

You decide to go inside the last room, at least you can try and save Erik. When you open the door, you see it’s much bigger than what you saw in the video. It’s full of technology and you realize this is not the same room that Erik was in. You hear footsteps and you raise your guns, ready to shoot. When the person reveals itself, you aren’t able to shoot, the surprise hitting you.

“Erik?” He’s dressed in a black suit and he seems perfectly fine and healthy. No bruises or cuts can be seen and he has a devil smile on his face. “What the fuck are you doing in here? What’s this?”

“Hi, (Y/N). Welcome to my second house. You know, I’m disappointed on you, sweetheart.” Someone grabs your arms from behind and tie you on a chair.

“I thought you were better than this.” He chuckles at your words, and you try to let go of the rope holding your wrists together.

“And I thought you were smarter, clearly, we were both wrong. I see you are really surprised, so, as the gentleman I am, I’m going to explain you what is going on. I work for Hydra, obviously. I met Ubel, you know him right? I’m sure you do. Anyway, I met him some years ago in a trip I made to Russia. He recruited me to help him with his mutation program. We’ve been trying to get to you for months, and now we finally have you here. Ubel is not here to watch it, but I am. And oh, honey, the things I have prepared for you.” Erik cups your chin with his hand and smiles at you. “We’ll make a real weapon out of you.”

“Oh, c’mon! Does Hydra do anything else besides that? Maybe you should try and do something different, it would be more scary.”

“We like to stick to the basics. We’ll do with you the same we did with your little boyfriend.”

“I perceive some jealousy in your tone of voice, are you mad that you couldn’t get in my pants?” You tilt your head, and Erik’s smile drops. You grin proudly. He dangerously approaches you, resting his hands on your thighs. His face is inches from yours, but your grin doesn’t fade away. “Wow, the big great Erik is jealous of The Winter Soldier… How sad, huh? After all, he’s always the one who ends up winning and not Hydra.” Erik chuckles and goes back to the spot he was in before.

“I’m not entering your games, baby. And just for your information, this time The Winter Soldier, or the little team you call The Avengers, you’re not going to win.”

“Well… The thing is, you’re not going to kill me. Because you need me, and I am of no use dead. You can torture me all you want, but sooner or later, my team is going to enter this fucking room and someone of them all is going to put a bullet in the middle of your forehead.”

“You’re right, we don’t want you dead. But I’m not going to torture you, I’m going to win.” Erik grabs a syringe full of a purple liquid. “Because when they enter this room, it will be too late, sweetie.” Erik grips your hair roughly and tilts your head to the side, sinking the needle into your neck.

A sharp pain travels down your body and you let a loud scream fill the room. Your eyes are shut, and when you open them back, Erik is not there. No one is in the room. You can hear the voices of your teammates in your ear, but you aren’t able to respond, the only thing you can do is scream at the pain you’re suffering. Your eyes start to close and your vision becomes blurry. You can feel someone lifting you up of the floor and then it all becomes black.

You wake up in a white room. Your head hurts but you feel full of energy. The black suit you normally wear during your missions is no longer covering your body, instead you are wearing a white rope. The door opens revealing a man you know, Ubel. “Well, hello there, Agent 16.” You shiver at the name, remembering the times in which you used to work for the Russian government. “I’m glad you’re awake. Have you already tried your new abilities?” You raise a brow at him, wondering what he means. “I’ll take that as a no. Come on, do not be afraid. Stand up, let your new powers travel down your body. Feel them.” You obey him and as soon as your feet touch the ground, a weird feeling starts to build up inside of you. “That’s right.”

Ubel is looking at you smiling. Something feels off. It’s like your muscles are being tickled. You hear a snap and look at your hands. Little sparks are coming of your fingers. Your eyes grow wide at the sight. “What the hell did you do to me?”

“We improved you. Once you learn to control these powers, you will be much more useful to us.” He’s grinning at you proudly. Your anger starts to control you, and you try to punch him but instead of your fist hitting his jaw, a light purple ray shoot out of your hand and hits Ubel, electrocuting him and making him fall to the floor. Your mouth is hanging open. What the hell just happened? At the same moment, the lights go off and a siren starts to sound. Suddenly, the door of your room opens roughly revealing Bucky. “(Y/N)!” You run to him and hug him, feeling like it’s been years since you last saw him. “Let’s get you out of here, doll.” He picks you up and starts to run.

Once you’re back at the tower with everyone, you feel much safer. “How many time did they have me?” You are all in the living room sitting in the sofas.

“One week.” Bucky looks at you and grabs your waist, pulling you closer to him.

“What did they do to you, (Y/N)?” Steve looks at you not really wanting to know the answer.

“Not much, I think. I’ve been asleep during the whole week.” Everyone give you weird looks. “Although there’s something…” You don’t really know how to tell them about it.

You stand up, leaving Bucky, and go to the middle of the living room. “I don’t have any idea how to control this stuff, so stick with me, please.” You raise your hands, your palms up, and close your eyes. You feel the tickling sensation once again and little purple sparks start to come out of your hands. You open your eyes and smile at the sight. Suddenly, a loud sound snaps and all the lights of the room explode. Your hands now covering your mouth, you look at everyone else with wide eyes. “I’m really sorry I just- I don’t know how to control this.”

“That’s awesome.” Sam smiles at you and stands up, grabbing your hands. “How do you do it?”

“I don’t know, I just do it, I guess? I found out today, before you guys got to me.”

“Well, they certainly made you powerful. You didn’t explode the lights of the living room, you explode all the lights in this tower.”

“I’m really sorry, Tony.” You look at him feeling guilty.

“It’s okay, kid. You just need to learn to control it. Come with me to the lab, it’s better if we have a look at your new body. I want to know what Hydra put in there.”

“Okay.” You follow Tony to the lab, Bucky, Steve and Nat following you.

Tony starts to do some tests to you and writes things on his computer, trying to find out what happened to you during this week.

“Okay, kid. I am done with you today. Apparently they injected you some kind of serum. Now, this is a serum I have never seen. It’s similar to Steve and Bucky’s super soldier serum, giving you some similar abilities, basically you are faster and I don’t think you are going to age, at least if you do, you are going to age really slowly. But, there are this different molecules in the serum. Probably they gave you the electric powers. But other than that, you are fine and healthy.” Tony smiles at you and you return the smile.

“You need to practice this, (Y/N).” Steve has a warning look on his eyes.

“I know, Steve. Don’t worry.”

“Wanda can help her, their powers are kinda similar.” Nat smiles at you.

“We will discuss this tomorrow.” Bucky approaches you and grabs your hand. “But now, if you excuse us, my girlfriend has been missing for a whole week, so I would love to be alone with her.” You chuckle at Bucky’s words and leave the lab.

Bucky walks you to his room and once you are in there, he locks the door. He gives you a boyish grin and you laugh at him. Bucky grabs your hips and with a quick move he rips out your shirt. He kisses your neck, sucking hard below your jawline. You moan and grab the hem of his shirt. He breaks the kiss and you help him get rid of the piece of cloth. He throws you in the bed and takes off his jeans, while you unclasp your bra. He positions himself above you and kisses you passionately. You can feel his already hard member rubbing against your jeans. Bucky starts to go down, kissing your body and sucking at your breasts, making sure you feel good. He kisses your stomach and sucks at your hip bone, leaving a dark purple mark. He unbuttons your jeans and takes them off. He runs his hand over the fabric of your panties, making you bite your bottom lip. “Tonight it’s all about you, doll.” Bucky takes off your panties painfully slowly. He kisses his way up from your knees to the inside of your thighs. “Soaking wet.” He kisses your labia and you grip his hair. His tongue starts to move slowly against your clit. You moan his name out loud, not being able to contain yourself. You tug at his hair when one of his fingers enters you. Bucky starts to go faster, making you scream his name in pleasure. His free arm is placed firmly across your hips, pinning you down to the bed. You can feel the familiar know start to build in your stomach and you grip his hair tighter. Bucky moans at your actions, the vibrations of his voice hitting you hard and making you whimper. You look down at him, his icy blue eyes meeting yours and sending you over the edge. You cum in Bucky’s mouth and he licks you clean, taking in all you have to offer. He puts himself above you, kissing your mouth. He grips your hips and turns you over, your tummy meeting the mattress. “On your knees, doll.” You do as he tells you, your ass rubbing into his hard throbbing member. He positions himself at your entrance and thrust into you roughly. You moan at the sudden feeling. Bucky grabs your hips and you know there will be bruises there. He spanks you and you yelp, making him groan. Bucky slams into you even faster and you know he is close. One of his hands travels down your stomach and to your center, his finger caressing your clit. You grip the sheets tighter and close your eyes, feeling your second orgasm hitting you hard. You feel sparkles coming out of your body and tickling both of your bodies. “James!” Bucky orgasms nearly at the same time as you, a low groan escaping his throat.

Your body falls to the bed. Bucky pulls the sheets above your bodies and hugs your waist. You can feel his breath in your shoulder and you smile, knowing that you’re back at home. “I love you, doll.”

“I love you too, Bucky.”

It’s early in the morning and you are already in the gym, training with Wanda and Steve. “Focus on your power, do not let it control you. Think of what do you want to do.” You close your eyes and try to focus on what Wanda just said.

You raise your hands, the electricity coming out of them. You breath deeply, trying not to hurt or break anything. You look at the punching bag in front of you. With a sharp movement of your hands, you throw a purple light ray at it, tearing the bag in two. “That was really good, (Y/N).” Wanda smiles at you and pats your shoulder. You spent all morning practicing. When you are leaving, you call Wanda.

“Wanda, how do you manage to do it? I mean all the advice you gave me, that’s cool, but how do you do it in real persons? Without being scared?” Wanda smiles at you knowing what you’re feeling.

“Well, I ended up learning that I couldn’t control the fear of everyone else, but only my own. You need to convince yourself that your powers can be used to do good things. You were created to be a killing machine, but you are not. Your powers can take lives, but can also save a lot of people. Do not be scared of what you can do, you have to admire it, to respect it. Only then you will be able to fully control your actions.”

“Thank you, Wanda.” You hug her and go to your room.

Two weeks have passed since Bucky rescued you from Hydra and you are much better at controlling your powers. Steve thinks that with one more week of training, you can go back to the missions with them. You are excited and think about his words while you leave the gym, when you feel something nailing on your neck. You grab it and see it’s a dart. Before you can react, you feel yourself falling asleep.

The bright lights wake you up and you squint your eyes. Looking around the room, your eyes meet with a really familiar man. “Hello, sweetheart. Long time no see.” Erik smiles at you and you try to punch him, only to realize your hands are tied up to a big chair. The rest of your body is also tied up, making it for you impossible to move. “You got away the last time, you are definitely not getting away this time.” Erik grabs your chin and his thumb strokes your bottom lip. You shiver at his touch and try to use your new powers, but it’s impossible. “I hope you are ready to comply, Agent.”

Can’t Go Back (Part 3)

Word Count: 2,284


Warnings: Uhhh if you find any let me know :)

Request: Can you write a one shot where Dean and the reader have hooked up numerous times in the past. Then Dean tries to meet up with the reader and she keeps blowing him off and finally he finds her only to find she has a growing baby bump?

A/N: Well it looks like instead of Sam it’s gonna be part 3 cause I got some inspiration for it and just couldn’t stop writing.I’m completely overjoyed that you guys wanted a part 3….so here it goes! Don’t get too mad at me ;)

Part 1

Part 2

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IMAGINE jungkook noticing you through the crowd and getting lost in your overwhelming eyes so badly that his mouth is agape from the beautiful sight of you.

“Jeon jungkook, close your mouth or else flies might come in”, jhope nudged the latter

But jungkook still doesn’t move and inch and keeps his dark orbs focused on you as if you’re the most precious jewel

Cr picture : owner

  • Armin & Eren During a Cuddling Session

Good morning! This request comes from @skymiin“Ayeee Shawn~! Can you please do an audio with Eremin cuddles? :D Like, they just chat while chillin out?”

*Laughing* Eren, you know to me, you’re absolutely perfect, right?

I mean I don’t know why. Look at this zit on my nose. It’s like mount zitmore.

Okay, I take that back. You’re perfect, apart from your horrible humor.

Hey, my humor is so great. It’s just over your head, that’s all.

What does that even mean?

Well, you’re super smol, and it comes out of  my mouth and flies right over your head.

…You know I can stop cuddling with you at any time right, Eren?

Babe, you wouldn’t do that…

Are you really trying to test me?

I mean, you’re about the size of my arm, so I could just hold you here…

And I mean…next time I’m sucking your dick I could just bite down a little bit…

…point taken babe.

Exo reaction when you two are friends and he is in love with you and you dress up for a date and you ask him how you look

Sehun:*teases you while you are getting ready*Oh come on get out of the bathroom I’m sure there’s nothing we can do for you to look pretty so you can……..*loses all of his wit* come out

Kai: *gets worried over you*This dress is kind of revealing , are you sure that you wanna wear it? you look pretty in it but…..its to short?

Tao: Y/N:So do you think that my boyfriend will like it? I want to look pretty for him

*gif talks for himself*

Kyungsoo:*ends up blushing as soon as he sees you* 

Y/N: Are you okay soo? you look kind of red? is it to hot in here?

Chanyeol:Y/N:Yeol you can close your mouth now, you will catch flies

  I was not expecting this when you went to change

Chen: Y/N:So what do you think?

*tries to joke about his real feelings*I think that my heart stopped for a second when I saw you, I’m not kidding

Baekhyun: You never dress this nice when you go out with me, now I’m sad cause you look so pretty now

Lay:*when you went back into the bathroom* Should I tell her something about the fact that I like her or that will scare her out? but she was looking so pretty in that dress and I wish she was dressed like that for me

Suho:*gif is enough*

Kris: That guy of hers is one lucky bastard 

Luhan:*struggles to find the right words* Oh wow…that’s…you look wow.Can you date me please?

Xiumin:*joking tells the truth* How about you leave that boyfriend of yours and date me? what do you say?


The vampire fad disappeared a while ago, but that doesn’t mean they disappeared with the books on the shelves. Quietly standing to the side as the rest of the world flies by, his youthful looks are joked about by the fans, but you know better. Being his blood source comes with perks, along with his unfading appreciation. His mouth on your throat, hands on your hips as he jerks his hips up harshly into yours… The blood running over his tongue intensifies the lust that courses between the two of you, wrapped tightly around each other in the dark.

- Admin J

Sebastian Stan Imagine

Imagine Sebastian responding to your breakup on TV. And you soon realize of how much you miss him. And love him, you get back together with him.

Interviewer: Are you over Y/N yet?


Interviewer: Do you miss being with her?


Interviewer: Would you say she misses you now?



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ok so i wanna talk about the line “you say things with your mouth cobwebs and flies come out” ok so for a while ive always thought that it meant that when you say things youre saying stuff that so one wants to hear (aka cobwebs and flies) but like i started thinking about it and cobwebs grow in places that are old and havent been touched in a long time so what if instead its saying that youre saying things and the words are coming out of your mouth but the ideas are so old and overdone but they havent had any effect on anyone- they havent “touched” anyone because they dont actually do anything