flies away crying into the night


A/N: anon request ended up being a manipulative pan…. Oops. Sorry, I’ll do fluff I promise. Prompt: Can you do"i didn’t want you to see me cry,I’m fine" from the sentence prompts

You sit in peters thinking tree clutching your legs to your chest crying. For some reason you can’t shake this horrible feeling. After meals you slipped away from the camp needing some space. The thinking tree was the best bet, since it was banned of lost boys.
Unfortunately, this time of the night is when Peter normally goes up there. He hears the sounds of crying, but doesn’t think anything of it. Usually this is when some lost boys cry themselves to sleep.
He becomes on high alert when he sees a shadow moving from inside the tree house. He immediately becomes angry and flies up to it.
“This tree is off limits to any lost-” you standing up and wiping your eyes leaves him slightly off guard. He’s not used to comforting a girl, the island has been only boys for thousands of years.
You clear your throat and continue wiping your cheeks. “S-sorry… You weren’t supposed to see me cry” you sniffle and make your way towards the ladder. “W-wait” he swallows thickly wondering if he’s about to make the right choice. “You can stay here, this is the best place to be alone” with a wave of few fingers, appears a blanket and small cushion to sit on. You sit back down feeling uneasy, you’ve never seen him be this nice to you - or anyone- before. It was new. He sits on the other side and stares at you. Trying to figure you out, what your story was, who abandoned you, why you were upset. You feel a green gaze on you but you ignore it for a while just liking the leave and quiet. It’s not until Peter watches you wipe fresh tears away. “Why are you crying?” He asks cautiously. You look at him and frown. “Honestly? I’m not sure… I don’t miss anyone, im not scared, I don’t feel alone… I-I just have this horrible feeling… I can’t shake it” He nods slowly trying to understand. But years of no compassion isn’t making it easy. “When did it start?” You look at him and think back. You find it strange you can pin point the exact moment it started. “Three days ago, when that boy arrived, and then it got worse, yesterday” she sighs. Peters eyes widen slightly. “Yesterday is when Emma’s mom and her family arrived… (Y/N)? Do you have magic?” His question catches you off guard, since you never thought you had magic. Ever. You shake your head ever so slowly. Although it would make sense, whenever you were upset in any way, strange things seemed to happen. Peter does a small test to find the answer once and for all. He tells you to close your eyes, and once you open them you see your hand surrounded by dark red orbs. You watch you hand glow and come to the realization of what you were feeling. “Threatened… That was the horrible feeling. I don’t want anyone to take this island away” you swallow and glance back at peter. Peter smirks and realizes he can train you to use your magic to his advantage. “Don’t worry, when we’re done, no threat will ever stand a chance against us.”

What it would be like to date Jung Hoseok/ J-Hope;

**sorry this is late, i kind of got busy busy *

• Skinship
• Hand holding
• Nose kissing
• Butterfly kisses
• Resting your forehead on his
• Giant grins
• Grins
• High pitch laughter
• Screaming
• High pitch screaming
• He would be a great listener, always paying attention to you. Making you feel as if you are special, letting you cry on him because he knows that you won’t feel like talking yet. He will rub your back and whisper sweet, kinds to you and kissing your head so you know that he is there.
“Baby, I’m here, let it out, and just let it all out”
“Once you feel better, we will have a warm bath and go lay in bed, watch films and cuddle? What do you think about that?”
“Oh by the way Jagiyah, I got us matching jumpers today! They’re our favourite colours, I got them special for us!”
• Romantic baths together, candles, bubbles, chocolate, favourite beverages
• Sexy baths
• Showering together or hot ‘hot’ showers together
• Bed socks on your feet and racing down the hallway to see who can slide the fastest
• You fall on your face but he kisses it better for you.
“Hobi, if you touch me… It’s my turn tonight ;)”
*Hobi accidentally on PURPOSE touched you”
“What a shame Jagiya, looks like it’s your turn ;)”
• He cooks for you, it’s not fancy like jins but it ridiculously good for someone who isn’t known for cooking.
*you choke on your food so he pats you on your back and says…*
“You’re choking on the wrong thing”
• Really tight hugs
• Back hugs
• Side hugs where he can kiss you cheeks for five minutes straight.
• Brushed your cheek bone with his hand, then slowly tucks your hair behind you ear while staring you in the eyes.
• Takes you to dance practice to show you his choreography
• You often record it for him.
• With all his dancing and body locking, popping, his muscles tend to ache. It causes him pain and you hate it when your beautiful, boisterous hobi is in pain.
• Hot baths were you wash him so he doesn’t have to move his muscles for a while, you massage his muscles and look after him.
• Cake
• Snapchat
• Late night phone calls
• Constant text messages
• Running away from flies and screaming in your ear
• Crying when there is a spider across the room
• Dancing to got7
• Dancing to exo
• Dancing to sistar
• Sexy time
• Selcas
• Neck kisses
• Thigh touching in public
• Bashful hobi
• Shy hobi
• Hot AF hobi

I told this girl about God while I was drunk in her living room.
We were talking about love. She said, “Yeah… I see the love in you.”
I’m not saying that it was right, but I do think it’s true –
God uses some pretty foolish things to get inside of you.

We had the most sporadic, passionate conversation about God;
about what ails you, about the hallucinations that I had as a kid.
About the family that she always wanted, but never did.
About the marriage that she wanted for her parents
that spilt over into a broken childhood, and fearful relationships.

She said, “God! I can’t help it!”
She said, “It’s all that I’ve known.”
She said, “All I want is a hand to hold onto.”
She said, “And I’m scared of being alone.”

And I didn’t tell her it’s alright. I didn’t tell her it’d be fine.
I didn’t try to search for words or answers to questions that aren’t there to find…
I just sat with her inside the silence of the night,
and sparked up another cigarette, and offered her a light.
Because sometimes you don’t want the input – the wrong or right –
you just want someone to zip their lip and sit with you and sympathize.

I think it’s that thought – sitting in your car in the cold –
sharing winter coat pockets with the hand of a person you don’t know.
And if ever your eyes didn’t lie, I could look into your soul,
cause that sadness all comes out in the freezing truth of the snow…

A good friend once said, “It’s hard to live with the dead and not end up dead
and especially once you’ve shared the same bed…”
Well, mom, I didn’t mean to hurt you – I just left –
but you can rest assured, I’ve got a lot of regrets,
and there’s something deeper-seeded that I’m trying to protect,
but I have not found that, yet.

I’m returning to the arms of lesser love,
“nothing good ever happens after midnight”
god above,
she was right!

We packed away your past into boxes,
and all of the little foxes slipped through my grasp,
singing, “your heart beats so, so fast on top of me!”
Awkwardly, your forward behavior is shocking me and I wonder if this is meant to last.
But I found that dead rat in the parking lot, stapled it to the wall, singing
“he loves me, he loves me not.”
I’m lost! But if it turns out to be a battle not won, but fought,
then I’ll have left you with the scent of every hated failure you forgot.

Welcome to Albuquerque, where everybody’s lonely!
Where everybody needs to feel you out before it’s homely,
“but nobody’s willing to put forth the effort to get to know me!”
I’m learning to allow things to just happen slowly,
but I just want somebody here to hold me.
“All your words run together.”

But you know how we get in the winter -
once all of the leaves start falling, falling off of all of the trees.
(I swear you can see their colors changing in me…)
We strip bare like them, there, and if anybody cared they could see
we’re all stripped cold down to our souls, we’re vulnerable and lonely.

O! If I could, I would walk away from myself!
But I’ve lost all worth in the eyes of everybody else – and your eyes are bluer than any I’ve seen…
And your bluer eyes have found me completely wanting:
“Hey, if you fall any deeper, could you fall into me?”
(Honestly, there’s not a lot of honesty beneath
thin pieces of clothing between you and…) well,
you’ve see the best of me,
the worst is yet to come.
(But when I come,
you’ll find your monsters penetrating
deep inside and in-between,
the innocence you stole,
and the tip of my tongue.)

“Help me find my body – I’ve lost it in your hands…
but my worth cannot be measured in your eyes (because they’re dead).”
And if you magnify that death, well that is your eyes, and
such beautifully blue eyes are so sad inside.
And if you magnify that sadness, well that is your life.
(How can someone so dead be such a beautiful blue outside?)

Well, Merry Christmas, darling! I wrote to tell you that
that concrete factory turns into a city of lights at night,
(and if you wait for it…
just wait for it – you can watch it happen right after the sun sets out of the sky).
I pray earnestly in the mornings, but at night,
my sight blurs as black as your eyes did the last time I tried to tell you I loved you,
and that I was happy that you were mine.

(I don’t tell you so soon), but I haven’t been kissed in so long
and this night altered the very course we walk on, and five years later, I’m still singing those songs…
listenin’ to Isis!
Well, it became my theme song for life because life didn’t used to be like this!
And December 25th, 2005 is the day that I died (started taping back my eyelids),
pumping my lungs with fake air and good highs and absorbing you night after night
smile like I believe you when you tell me I’m priceless – but you lie.
I can see it in your eyes,
I can see what you’re thinking as you pour me another shot of whiskey – keep drinking.
(There you go girl, it’s fine, I can buy your love for $14.95)


I GAVE YOU EVERYTHING! And now I’ve got letters marked “Virginia”
written on loose leaf sheets, lengthy paragraphs from my mother, written in red ink,
about how she’s so proud of me – her little bird with her big wings –
- her clipped wings – her newspaper clippings with pictures of butterflies, pretty things
that she’s been pasting to her journals to remind her that she’s not beyond saving.
“Don’t be the gold ring in the pig’s snout, and be sure to write if you ever need us to help you out.”

I put this journal away
for so long, and tried to wrap my head around those years,
those eggshells that I stomped on.
“Let’s get something perfectly clear…”
There’s nothing left to uncover – there’s nothing left to bury here.”

I write to stay alive.
Lust without love is brutality personified.
“Whatever you were looking for at that point and time in your life,
was never me, and you were never mine.”

See, it’s getting warmer back home, and I know you’re getting colder all alone,
but I can’t figure out if I’m lonelier when you’re here, or when I’m on my own.
It’s amazing how quickly a beating heart can turn to stone,
and out of the mouth, it’s overflow becomes…
well, what overflow? You know?

But now those years pass by as quickly as the pages I flip through,
and I’ll always deny it, but every now and then, I miss you.
“No one’s eyes speak to me like yours do.”
I don’t want the wrongs or rights, I used to adore you… now, it’s all I can do to forgive you.

So September sometime, two thousand and nine, this girl and I, we drank a little wine
and talked a lot about life.
and she said, “See, last July, I finished this diary of mine –
and I planned to keep all of it locked up behind
closed doors.
But I don’t know anymore, I just don’t want to bear this alone anymore.
Could I tell you what’s on my mind?”

It was a passionate conversation, a sporadic conversation,
a don’t-interrupt-and-I’ll-try-to-tell-you-what-happened conversation,
a look-I-don’t-want-the-answers conversation, it was a secret,
I’m-gonna-take-my-chances conversation.

And I didn’t tell her not to cry. I didn’t tell her it’d be fine,
I didn’t search for words to remedy the pains she kept inside,
I just sat with her, decided it was better to be quiet while she tried
to fight the silhouettes I see still clinging to her heart against the light.
And that’s alright.
Each word lifts it’s burden and flies away with the smoke into the night.

Sometimes, you just want somebody to be silent.

That little brown book carries a lot of weight, I regurgitated my heart to those pages,
and to me, they reverberate through time and space.

It is what it is. It is what it was.
Words are what remain.”

—  bluer eyes & the fall season

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Hey yamiga if you have a chance got any mom mika head cannons or yuumika family head cannons?

Sure why not! I headcanon that Mika and Yuu have three children. Two of them are girls the other is a boy so these are the children I’ll be using. No names, but just so you can know.

  1. ·         Mika staying up late trying to rock their baby to sleep. He’s been crying all night because he’s teething and won’t stop, but Mika doesn’t mind.
  2. ·         Yuu eventually peers his head in the bedroom and starts making faces at the baby from behind Mika. Mika doesn’t see Yuu, but their son laughs and eventually falls asleep.
  3. ·         Mika tends to read to his daughters before they go to bed. It was something that he used to do for the orphans and he enjoys it. His daughters enjoy it to and always complain when he finishes the story.
  4. ·         When baby Yuu learns how to walk, he tends to waddle around at best. The family thought this was cute until he literally followed Yuu to work one day and waddled behind him the whole time. Mika was furious that Yuu didn’t notice until later.
  5. ·         Yuu tries to comb his daughter’s hair commonly, against Mika’s orders. Because they have Mika’s wavy texture, Yuu has no idea how to handle it but he tries every day. Their hair none the less looks terrible when he does it.
  6. ·         Luckily Mika is right behind him, ready to fix it. Strangely though, the girls like when Yuu does their hair.
  7. ·         Mika hates seeing Yuu train with his daughters. They want to be a part of JIDA just like their dad but Mika is highly against it. Still he won’t refrain from letting them join but he tends to keep a watchful eye.
  8. ·         The kids (all three of them) love being in the kitchen when Mika cooks. Their interested in seeing what he’s going to make and they love pressing their faces against the stove window to see the food cooking. Of course, Mika scolds them for it.
  9. ·         The baby is lowkey jealous of Yuu. He feels that Yuu takes all of Mika’s affection sometimes and he pouts because of it. However, Yuu makes it up to him by picking him up and spinning him around.
  10. ·         One of the things Yuu enjoys coming home to the most is seeing his small little family playing together, watching a movie or just asleep on the sofa after a long day.
  11. ·         Sometimes he catches them playing tag or hide-and-go-seek in the yard, other time they’re all laughing at a movie. But his favorite thing is seeing them all hugging on to Mika, passed out on the sofa.
  12. ·         During the summer, the family loves catching fireflies. They all run around in the yard with jars open, trying to get the flies. Yuu usually holds the little baby who also has a tiny jar in his hand.
  13. ·         The thing Yuu hates the most is getting his son to eat. He hates everything Yuu tries to put in his mouth and spits it out. It’s Mika who knows how to do the trick of getting him to eat.
  14. ·         Mika can literally “chase the monsters away”. When the girls are crying and scared at night because they think there’s a monster under their bed, Mika has to make it a point that he’s the strongest and scariest monster in the house and if any thing tries to hurt his girls he’ll eat it.
  15. ·         The girls are in love with Mika and Yuu’s relationship. They are always drooling over how much Mika and Yuu love each other and always tell each other that they want to be married and happy like their parents.
  16. ·         The eldest daughter sometimes gets into fights at school. It starts abruptly but she doesn’t tell Mika and Yuu why. So one day, after dinner both parents interrogate her and she ends up saying “A boy in my class said dad was a filthy blood sucker and I got upset.”
  17. ·         Yuu’s eyes open wide and he remarks “Well, I hope you punched her good!” And their little daughter lights up at that. Mika is so disappointed at Yuu he can’t even speak.
  18. ·         The kids sometimes want to know why Mika never eats dinner with them. They always say that Mika has the best food and wonder why he won’t eat his own food. He remarks that he’s allergic to it all and they find that interesting.
  19. ·         Whenever Yuu’s birthday rolls around, Mika has the two girls help him make a cake. Their son literally just sits there and eats all the icing. But the cake is always huge and filled with Yuu’s favorite flavors. He of course, always thanks his family afterwards.
  20. ·         Whenever the kids get sick, Mika is always the one who deals with them. At first, Yuu tried to take over and help them get better but then he got sick as well, so Mika had to take care of a house full of sick children and a sick husband.
  21. ·         Sometime when he has to give the kids medicine they end up running away from him and literally climbing up the walls, the trees or anything like little kittens. This makes Mika so upset.
  22. ·         Mika also has to break up fights between his daughters. They aren’t aware that they’re half vampire so they’re stronger than they think (they scare their poor baby brother who cries to Mika). He ends up splitting them apart and explaining to them why family is the most important aspect of their life, and that no matter what, family must love family. They understand and hug it out.
  23. ·         During thunderstorms, the two girls always jump in the bed with Mika and Yuu because their terrified. The baby is always sleeping with Mika by default but he gets angry when his sisters join in and starts fussing. In order to calm them all down during the storm, Yuu ends up telling them stories about he and Mika as children, resulting in Mika finding some embarrassing stories to tell which result in them all having a good laugh.
  24. ·         Yuu is very happy that he has his children and Mika by his side. At first, he didn’t know how it would work, but Mika has never looked so happy. This makes Yuu thankful.
  25. ·         Also, lol, all the kids are blond and look exactly like Mika and they all have Russian names! The little baby is very loyal to Mika!

I plan to write shorts for them soon!!!

Heartache and happiness go hand in hand

Lexa is three years old and she’s confused. She’s crying, making unintelligible sounds while her tiny hands uselessly grasp at the air, searching for some kind of contact. Her mom is on the ground, screaming and yelling and sobbing, holding the body of her dead father in her arms.

His eyes are open and his face is clean but there’s a red and gaping hole in the middle of his chest.  

She’s three, and she learns that everything is bound to die.

Time flies and then she’s five years old, training with other children whose blood is black in Polis. She lives in a tower where the maids are nice but the guards are mean. She wears dark colors, so that the blood on her clothes doesn’t show.

Sometimes, when her mother’s soft and gentle fingers stroke her hair late in the night, she starts to cry, because life is hard and she’s still so confused, but her mother hugs her each time, before kissing the tears away and tucking her in bed.

Lexa learns that life is hard, but everything is easier when someone loves you.

Lexa is now seven years old and she has callous hands and tanned skin. She’s good at fighting, better than the  other children, and she speaks english really well. She has a new mentor called Anya. The older woman is strict, hard and rough but she always looks at Lexa with a certain fondness and sympathy in her eyes, and Lexa likes her better than the old mentors. She kills for the first time with Anya, while learning how to hunt. The lifeless rabbit and its broken neck makes her want to cry, but she bites her lips and stops the tears from falling. Anya congratulates her before kneeling down and whispering a soft prayer to the dead animal.

Lexa learns that a warrior doesn’t shy away from death.

She’s now eight years old and her life is crumbling before her. 

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1971. It was Halloween. James Potter ran the Hogwarts halls with his new mates, excitement all over his face as he saw the Great Hall decorated for the first time.

1972. It was Halloween. James Potter laid exasperatedly on his bed after an unproductive search session with the boys in the library, but he wasn’t giving up on help Remus yet.

1973. It was Halloween. James Potter stared at his reflection in the mirror, the effect of Sleekeazy’s Hair Potion making him unrecognizable. With a sigh, he ruffled his hair back to normal.

1974. It was Halloween. James Potter giggled at the insulting words that magically appeared on the piece of parchment, handing it to his fellas to check the produce of their work.

1975. It was Halloween. James Potter chased the three familiar forms, a wolf, a dog and a rat into the Forbidden Forest, welcoming the night wind on his face.

1976. It was Halloween. James Potter sang in the shower, the perception that he and Lily Evans were now friends making impossible to contain the happiness to himself.

1977. It was Halloween. James Potter drank one more shot as he watched the starry sky from the Astronomy Tower, surrounded by his favorite people in the world.

1978. It was Halloween. James Potter laughed while the motorcycle flied away, remembering how he and his best friend had just made three death eaters slam face first into a car.

1979. It was Halloween. James Potter danced with his wife all night, kissing her intensely, knowing every second between an Order mission and another was too precious to waste.

1980. It was Halloween. James Potter grinned at the sensation of his son’s little hand grabbing his forefinger, forgetting the war outside for the briefest of moments.

1981. It was Halloween. James Potter fell like a marionette whose strings were cut.

Living Story inspired adaptation

Living Story adaptation of “Fear Not This Night”

As sung by Eccathea of Dawn:

Screams fill the night

The peace flies away

Our Mother falls

Still we’ll win the day


Dragon brought his sharpened claws

And his roaring hate, on the winds

United, we stand as one

No more solitude, this is war.

Shouting blasts across the Grove

and our armored feet marching blatantly

Weapons sharp,  before us all

War on the horizon


My sister made this shadow grow

Love for her will always show.


Screams fill the night

The peace flies away

Our Mother falls

Still we’ll win the day


And we will always be strong

Come, let us gather for dawn.


Love’s what I want you to say

Joy, cuz we all live today.


Scarlet caused this tragedy

Seeking for the evil in her heart

Golems and minions danced

In the mad drumbeat of her life.


Sighing, dying all around

Gently reaching for gifted memory

Brothers cry a heartbreak song

Cuz our Mother will rise up


My sister made this shadow grow

Raise your hand, raise your love

Screams fill the night

The peace flies away

Our Mother falls

Still we’ll win the day


And though the night sky’s filled with blackness

Fear not, rise up, call out and take my hand


Screams fill the night

The peace flies away

Our Mother falls

Still we’ll win the day


Screams fill the night

The peace flies away

Our Mother falls

Still we’ll win the day


And we will always be strong

Come, let us gather for dawn.


Love’s what I want you to say

Joy, cuz we all live today.

#4: Beach Bonfire

Luke: “What are we doing today, babe?” you ask Luke as you come into the living room where he sits and watches TV. “Ash is having a bonfire party at the beach later tonight; I thought we’d go to that?” “Sounds awesome!” you exclaim, bouncing upstairs to change and get everything ready. When you and Luke get to the beach, the sun is making its way towards the horizon and pink and gold splatters across the sky. You take Luke’s hand and pull him towards Ashton, Calum, Michael, and everyone else, joining the circle everyone sits in around the massive fire. You smile as you feel the sand between your toes and lean your head on Luke’s shoulder. Calum strums his guitar and Luke sings along with it, encouraging everyone to join in. The rest of the night is spent singing, laughing, roasting marshmallows, and watching the sun go down with the people that matter most. “I love you,” Luke says and he kisses your nose. “I love you too, Luke.”

Ashton: “Y/N, catch!” Ashton shouts, tossing a can of beer over to you. You look up and snatch it out of the air, popping the lid as Ashton comes to sit next to you. Everyone sits around the fire, talking, laughing, and having fun with their friends. It’s getting late, and the sun is about to set. Soon the fire will be the only light on the beach. You lie down and curl up to Ashton, your bodies still wet from your recent swim, and he nuzzles his face into your hair. “We should do this more often,” he murmurs. You tune out the rest of the group and focus on watching the sun go down with Ash. “It’s gorgeous, isn’t it?” you ask, turning to face him. “Not as gorgeous as you.” You laugh out loud at his predicable response. “Smooth, Irwin. Smooth.”

Calum: You and Calum were staying at a beach house for the weekend for his birthday, and you couldn’t be more excited. “Hey, babe?” Calum calls, appearing in front of where you sit in the kitchen, making lunch. You look up at him and give him your attention. “I invited the boys and some other friends over, is that okay? We’re going to light a fire out back and just hang out, listen to music, whatever.” You smile and kiss him. “Sounds great!” When everyone arrives a few hours later, time flies past. There’s singing, laughing, drinking games, late-night swimming, the lot. When everyone’s out by the fire roasting marshmallows around two in the morning, you feel yourself start to get sleepy. You lean your head on Cal’s shoulder, but then you feel something hot and sticky on your cheek. Your eyes pop open just in time to see Calum running away, giggling. “You did not!” you cry, chasing after him, all thoughts of sleep abandoned.

Michael: “Get out of the water, guys! Come here!” Luke calls to you and Michael. You two stop splashing around like children and walk up the beach, hand in hand, over to where all your friends stand, dropping firewood into the pit. “Are we lighting the fire?” you question. “Do you want to do it?” Ashton asks you. You nod eagerly as Ashton hands you the matchbox and you scrape one along the side and watch it draw out a flame, tossing it into the pile of wood. Everyone cheers as the wood goes up into flames and Michael kisses you. You feel the heat from the fire on the side of your face. “Who wants marshmallows?” Calum calls eagerly, tossing the fluffy white treats and sticks around. Michael catches one and puts it on a stick, handing it to you. You smile at him. “Love you,” you say, and he kisses you.  

A/N: So sorry this took so long! I’ve got an inbox absolutely FULL of requests, and it doesn’t help that I’ve been super busy lately! I’ll try to crank out a few more for you guys while I can. Thanks to the anon who requested it(: xx