Ducktales Observation.

Studying the Ducktales animation, as I do by habit at this point, I’ve come up with some not-so-interesting observations.

Observe: Duck Children Hair Animation.

Most often in an episode, the animators cut time and energy spent on making every single movement fluid and pretty because it would obviously take too long. And they’ve got a fandom to feed.

So most often in scenes that don’t require much animation in general, the ducklings hair (exclusively. this post is about them) Tend to move only the amount necessary to see that
yes, that hair is moving. Yep. Not just a solid piece of white plaster. This isn’t South Park, people.

Dialogue scenes are the case majorly.

But in action scenes, fighting scenes, and scenes that are meant to give a more emotional impact the animators bump up the animation. And the hair is a big part of this. (I mean they only have so many distinguishing features. Which are… their clothes and their hair)

Observe again.

Look at that hair. All swooshy, jumping up and down… Moving around… And each ducklings hair moves differently.

(So do the rest of their bodies. I love this run cycle so much. I’m going to analyse it in full one day soon, you just wait.)

Examination throughout the release of new episodes (because I’m obsessive like that) shows that while there are some variations, each style of hair moves pretty consistently in its own unique way.

Webby’s hair, typically, is rather…. swishy.

While Louie’s is… flowy?

Dewey’s seems to be fl- flicky? (I guess it works descriptively, right?)

And Huey’s is nice and bouncy.

That… that’s a pretty extreme example of how bouncy it is.

And every one of these is mirrored in the run cycle at the beginning of this post.

And like I said, there are some variations. Instances where these apparent “rules”, for lack of a better word, aren’t followed. Though that can be said with any element of animation. 

There must be a boatload of animators working on this show. Tweeners to storyboarders, and different ones working on every new episode. But it’s still nice to have picked up on this one thing that seems to show up again and again with the kids. I love them.

(I’m gonna come back to that run cycle. Just you wait.)