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“A poem needs understanding through the senses. The point of diving into a lake is not immediately to swim to the shore but to be in the lake, to luxuriate in the sensation of water. You do not work the lake out, it is a experience beyond thought. Poetry soothes and emboldens the soul to accept the mystery.”

Bright Star (2009)

dir. Jane Campion


\ A Q U A R I U S P L A Y L I S T //

• medicine- joji
• daydreaming- paramore
• awkward- FIDLAR
• little fang- avery tare’s slasher flicks
• european vegas- mac demarco
• twin size mattress- the front bottoms
• i’d love to change the world- ten years after
• rhinestone eyes- gorillaz
• all we know- the chainsmokers
• this is the last time- stars



Rian Johnson Recommendation Post

Since Rian Johnson is slated to direct Star Wars Episode VIII, I thought I’d make a post of the films he directed for anyone who would like to get an idea of his style and what we may see in the next Star Wars movie (directing wise of course):

Brick (2005):

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Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt (so you can’t go wrong), this movie follows a teenager who’s trying solve the murder of his ex-girlfriend.  What makes the movie interesting is that while it takes place during the modern day, the dialogue uses 20′s, 30′s, and 40′s lingo.  Fans of film noir and David Lynch would probably dig this.

The Brothers Bloom (2008):

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(my personal favorite of his movies) This movie’s about two brothers (Adrien Brody and Mark Ruffalo) who’ve ben conning throughout their lives.  The youngest of the two brothers, Bloom (played by Brody), leaves the business…only for his brother Steven (Ruffalo) to pull him back in on one last con in the form of a shut-in heiress, played by Rachel Weisz.  The movie’s just a lot of fun and also:

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Rinko Kikuchi. That is all.  She’s the best part of the movie.

Looper (2012):

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Also starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt (yay!), this is about an assassin (played by JGL) who’s known as a looper: someone ordered to kill a target that’s sent to him from the future.  Things get interesting when his future self (played by Bruce Willis) is sent to him, and his future self escapes him…Crap. Gets. Real.  

Besides the upcoming Star Wars movie and a short he did before making Brick, these are all the movies he’s made.  Bonus:  he directed three Breaking Bad episodes (”Fly”, “Fifty-One”, and “Ozymandias”).  

Happy movie watching!!!

Astrology is an art which uses the fabric of time and space as it’s medium. With a flick of a brush, stars, planets, and asteroids now lie everywhere in all sorts of different colors giving off all sorts of different energies. These energies then affect our energies as a part of the piece as a whole. 

The Revenant | UK Premiere (After party)
London, England - January 14, 2016.

Sharp-suited Tom Hardy offers a cheeky wink as he celebrates The Revenant’s Oscar prevalence on night out with coy co-star Leonardo DiCaprio in London

Their latest movie, The Revenant, is set to dominate the Oscars after receiving an impressive 12 nominations.

And Tom Hardy and Leonardo DiCaprio were clearly in the mood for celebrating as they enjoyed a night on the town at London’s Groucho club on Thursday evening.

Fresh from attending the UK premiere of their hard-hitting flick, the Hollywood stars proved the night was still young as they attended an aftershow dinner at Balthazar, Covent Garden, before hitting the exclusive nightspot.

Unsurprisingly, the duo also looked to be a hit with female fans, particularly Tom, whose cheek was brandished with a pink lipstick mark as he made his way along a street that was lined with fans, eager for autographs from the co-stars.

The Legend actor put on a stylish display in a sophisticated navy winter coat worn open over his grey Burberry suit and red tie.

Tom, 38, looked to have visited the barbers for the action-packed evening with his clean, short back and sides ensuring he appeared his best.

The star looked to have stepped up security as he was escorted out of the nightspot with a security guard who was harnessing a jack knife.  (+)


Tired of Doctor Strange movie hype?  Try 90′s direct-to-VHS Full Moon flick Doctor Mordrid, starring Jeffrey “Herbert West” Coombs as the titular Doctor Strange - with serial numbers filed off- err, Doctor Mordrid, the Sorcerer Supreme who defends the earth from other dimensions, mullets, and stop-motion dinosaurs.



The December #conservationlands15 Social Media Takeover Ends with the Top 15 Film Locations on National Conservation Lands.

1. Pacific Crest Trail, CA-OR. Wild (2014) chronicles Cheryl Strayed’s (Reese Witherspoon) 1,000 mile journey on the trail that challenges, strengthens and ultimately heals her. The 2,650 mile trail includes segments on BLM lands in California and Oregon.

2. Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area, OR. In The Ring (2002), the lighthouse takes on an eerie glow for scenes from this supernatural horror flick starring Naomi Watts.  

3. Paria Canyon Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, AZ. The deep canyons, tall cliffs and pinon covered uplands were backdrops for scenes from Billy the Kid (1941) and later the Outlaw Josie Wales with Clint Eastwood (1976).

4. Unaweep Canyon Wilderness Study Area, CO. Follow Thelma and Louise – the famous roadtrip duo– along a scenic byway backed by several Wilderness Study Areas (Sewemup Mesa and Palisade) with towering cliffs.

5. Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument, NM. Terminator Salvation (2009), Natural Born Killers (1994) and Wild Hogs (2007) are among the films that used the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge to film dramatic scenes above the canyon and churning river almost 600 feet below.

6. Fort Ord National Monument, CA. The Bugle Sounds (1942) stars Wallace Beery as a cavalry sergeant reluctant to replacing horses with modern equipment.

7. The San Juan Islands National Monument, WA. The film location for Free Willy II (1992) included the islands and surrounding rocks and islets of this national monument.

8. Rogue Wild and Scenic River, OR. Meryl Streep and Kevin Bacon floated the river during the River Wild (1994), preceded by John Wayne and Katherine Hepburn who were filmed on the river in the 1975 film Rooster Cogburn.

9. Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, UT.  The Pariah townsite in the southern part of the monument included a movie set which was built in the early 1960s for Sergeants Three, a Western featuring Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. It also provided settings for the television series Death Valley Days and Gunsmoke. The last movie filmed there was The Outlaw Josie Wales in 1976.

10. California Coastal National Monument Point Arena, CA. This spectacular coastal landscape capped by California’s tallest lighthouse provided a dramatic setting for the ending scenes of Forever Young starring Mel Gibson (1992) and Need for Speed (2014).

11. Valley of the Gods and Road Canyon Wilderness Study Area, UT. This iconic red-rock landscape was the backdrop for Forrest Gump (1994) when Forrest, played by Tom Hanks, ended his cross-country run.

12. Red Rock National Conservation Area, NV.  Red Rocks featured Roy Rogers and his horse Trigger in Bells of San Angelo (1947) and was a location for The Stalking Moon with Gregory Peck in 1968.

13. Organ Mountains National Monument, NM. In Due Date (2009) with Robert Downey, Jr.,  the Organ Mountains were used extensively as a backdrop for the movie, once being cited in the film as mountains in Dallas, Texas, which is actually quite flat!

14. Saint Anthony’s Dunes Wilderness Study Area, ID.  Although Napoleon Dynamite (2004) was not actually filmed here, St. Anthony’s gets a prominent mention when Napoleon’s grandma breaks her coccyx riding a bike in the dunes and leaves him in the care of his uncle.  A proclamation by the Idaho State Legislature commending the movie’s portrayal of the state calls out Saint Anthony’s as a “long honored Idaho vacation destination”

15. Blackfoot River, Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail, MT. Flowing just east of Missoula Montana, the Blackfoot was made famous by Norman Macleans novel “A River Runs Through It” and a movie of the same name starring Brad Pitt (1992). Filming was conducted on several other river segments, as fishing on the Blackfoot had declined since the Macleans fished there.  However, the movie sparked a restoration effort and the Blackfoot is once again a popular flyfishing destination.

Thanks for following the #conservationlands15 posts all year.  Check back on Dec. 20th for the 12 Days of National Conservation Lands, an end-of-year recap of our monthly Top 15 posts!


Mr. Happy (Starring Chance The Rapper)

Directed by Colin Tilley.