I saw the daughter of the sun by Des Cannon
Via Flickr:
I saw the daughter of the sun; she stood Under the north rise of the copse, where now The shade-hoar faded, where began to show Pale primrose heads, fresh as her own pale hood Of straight hair, groups of early mercury No greener than her own plain sheeny gown - Long had I wandered in the winter-town Of smoke-grey fog, of stone grey field and tree Nor girl she seemed, nor goddess; her grave face’ Soft as a child’s, yet wise, brighter than spring, More warm than summer, had strange shadowing, Then mundane lustre held both more and less; No mirth was there, no glee, no eagerness, No love, save love for every living thing. Elizabeth Daryush (1887-1977) This image is from my Flickr Set entitled Jane’s Angel